Zoe Laverne may be pregnant...

Publicado el 11 ene 2021
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  • God, I wish the worst for her

  • This video aged like milk...

  • Well she is now.

  • If she is in fact pregnant by the 13 yr old boy then...well let me just say this, If I was the 13 yr olds Mother, Her A$$ Would Most Definitely BE IN JAIL in 2 seconds flat!🤬

  • i’m 15 almost 16 and even at my age thinking about dating someone that’s 13 is just weird and i’m only 2-3 years older. Like thinking back to when i was 13 my mindset and how i was and acted is completely different and now i am much more mature and have grown so much in just 2-3 years. p.s. from just how she has acted about past “scandals” gives me the feel that her mindset is “any publicity is good” even negative

  • who’s here after zoe confirmed being pregnant?

  • Me here after she confirmed she was pregnant: 👁👄👁

  • welp she’s pregnant now sooo

  • umm update SHE IS PREGNANT


  • She could be lying because that’s what she’s mostly good at. If it’s not then Welp I don’t know.

  • I’ve been curious for so long... is that a green screen or an actual wallpaper in your room?

  • This is terrifying for so many reasons

  • My mom is a teacher and she used to have a student named Connor- He looks pretty similar.

  • That would be like me dating a five year old- ??? 🤢

  • This is giving me Mary Kay Laturno vibes... ewwww!

  • The fact that some people think being a female predator is not a big deal/quirky is scary. When that 13 year old grows up, he'll understand and be disgusted. I pray for him.

  • If my son is molested by a cute nineteen year old I wanna high five the other dads at my local pub. If my daughter is molested by a nineteen year old boy my hands turn more from a high five position to a strangle position.

  • Truly strange people. If someone who's 19 got pregnant by our teenaged son I'd make sure she never got custody.

  • I remember when I was 13 that it was a status symbol at my school to date someone in college or a h/s senior -- gross, weird, but it's a thing -

  • Why is she not getting arrested? I thought pedophilia is illegal🙄

  • He looks like a goth Sandra bullock 😊

  • The planned parenthood ad i got at the beginning of this video lol...

  • I hate that the internet cherry picks who the with hunt and cancel. They ignored people who are preditors with evidence but attack people who have had only alligations made about them with absolutely no evidence. Amber heard is a good reason not to jump on the bandwagon of alligations. I dont understand what's wrong with people in the internet not holding actual preditors accountable

  • A promise ring? What does that mean? I promise to get engaged to you when I grow up? Promise rings are kind of ridiculous in my opinion. You’re either dating, engaged or married. But then I’m old. What do I know. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • I’m getting Mary Kay L vibes.

  • Does she just like not understand that it doesn't matter if he even consented cuz the legal age of consent is 16 and he is literally 13

  • being 20, thinking back to me as a 13 year old girl even flirting with boys my age gives me spins.

  • where's the link?

  • This is going to sound weird but I’m going to say it anyway. There should be a law which ensures that if a male child is raped and the female offender becomes pregnant, the male child should be granted the option to get the child aborted. I usually fully stand behind womens’ bodies, womens’ choice BUT in these cases they didn’t care enough to respect others’ bodies. It’s just an idea to protect the victim from having to live with the fact that they’re going to have a kid without consent...

  • sad how she still have a career

  • I thought a promise ring was something evangelicals wore to promiss they will remain virgins?

  • My husband and I are 6 years apart in age. I was 22 when we met, but imagine if he were interested in me when he was 16 and I was 10. Age is really just a number when you’re BOTH consenting adults, not when either party is a minor. This shouldn’t have to be explained.

  • Is Shudder international? I’m going to get it soon cause I am a horror nut like you but recently I haven’t been finding any good ones, so I definitely need this!

  • Also, if shes just finding out about this, it means they did this recently.

  • I'm almost 21. I'm not an influencer. I make goddamn winx club content. If I dated a 13 year old, I would be arrested. Without a doubt.

  • as a 19, almost 20, year old thinking back on when i was 13 (what little i remember, anyways), i remember my parents convinced me that i would get more republican the older i got, and now i’m here. a nonbinary lesbian communist. . . oh how the times change

    • plus i thought i’d be going to veterinary school at cornell and now i’m getting my bachelor’s in fine arts to be a teacher. my family sure is proud of me lmao

  • So her new bf doesn't think it's weird that she's a predator???

    • Yeah, is the new dude desperate? ffs

  • ummm I'm not even a fan of hers but have seen that she has had a new boyfriend for like a month and half... trying to spin it that she "COULD" be pregnant by the 13 year old seems like a shady stretch.

  • He also just looks... 8.

  • At 19 I was reading Shakespeare’s Winter’s Tale and writing dissertations about how the counter-stereotypical behavior of the male and female characters presents an argument of the validity of women rulers. At 13, I was reading Nancy Drew books. That’s why this is so wrong.

  • i fill you now he is so yong

  • Yall are acting like any of this shit is true tho...

  • Zoe thrives off controversy. She’s disgusting.

  • i gotta issue with the whole "age gap" thing, from my own personal experiences.. (labeled "the age gap - Zoe & Connor, WHERE ARE YOUR PARENTS?!") i had to share my opinions on it... &then i went even deeper.... yeah... i got some stories, yo...

  • u should cut some bangs into some of those wigs 💇🏼‍♀️

  • if your levels are below .5 you are not seen as pregnant nor do some of these home tests show a positive result. I took 11 tests while pregnant on my first daughter and they were all negative, best to just go to your doctors

  • Ah yes Zoe , a fellow virgin Mary. I too, have become pregnant by kissing.

  • When I was 14 I dated a guy who was 25. I thought I was grown up & beautiful. But looking bad it just grosses me out

  • I’m almost 16 and even looking back on 13yo me from this standpoint- jeez. I would never be with a thirteen year old even as a 15yo

  • yes but what would the time line on this? If she is indeed pregnant right now, it would be incredibly early a long. So, that would mean they would have had to have had intercourse within the last month. Have the boys family not ensured he is no longer having contact with her since the grooming was exposed?

  • zoe’s boyfriend is a trump supporter i can confirm 😔 i wish we didnt live so close

  • This girl is my age. It makes me absolutely sick to think someone MY age would "date" some unsuspecting 13 year old.

  • I really hope that if she is pregnant it's by her new boyfriend. She said that she had symptoms of pregnancy and doesn't know yet but you can do an accurate test as early as 28 days in and since she's public with this boyfriend since early December it would fit. I really hope that the 13 year old isn't the father

  • honestly this is THE Look

  • Not to "completely miss the point" but I am absolutely busting a gut over all the Dawsons on TikTok and how they all look the same. 🤣 Thanks for always showing up and entertaining us. 💜

  • When I was and even younger I hated the idea of dating anyone older or younger. Same today for me also. Don’t judge anyone for it but when it’s like this ? It’s actually gross and creeps me out

  • Also like what can a 13yo baby daddy do ...... like gurlllll get it together date people you’re own age😂

  • I don't think she is... She has "symptoms" etc nah not confirmed I doubt it

  • Personally, I think she's just saying this for the views... The fact that she hasn't even missed a period... Seems like she's a little early to make that kind of claim.

  • i genuinely think the pregnancy comment was a lie and an attempt to bring attention to her for something other than the fact that she's a groomer, but she's clearly extremely immature and seemingly doesn't have the intelligence to realize that it would immediately backfire because now most people believe that, if she is pregnant, that it's from the child she groomed.

  • even if conor isn't the father and the gr00mer isn't pregnant, the whole argument that the relationship wasn't strongly emotional then physical and 'not pedophilic' will still be more invalidated

  • I'm sorry this is off topic, but I LOVE the fire🔥 hair!!!

  • When I was thirteen I was thinking about how early to get up so I could play Minecraft with my friends before school. Not parenthood.

  • Even 16 and 13 sounds gross lmaooo💀

  • Super dark times is currently on Netflix, I watched it with my best friend and holy sh!t, it was so good and veryyy creepy

  • I don’t think she’s pregnant. I think this is her way of getting back on the internet again tbh. this is probably one of the only ways she can do it. but if she is pregnant, yikes. you’ve got even more explaining to do; in court 😳

  • I don’t think the 13 year old is the father, I’ve seen photos of him and he looks prepubescent, he looks so much younger than he actually is. He doesn’t have any of the male secondary sex characteristics.

  • That TikTok creep should not be anywhere near a child tf

  • I can’t believe this girl came from my high school, she’s was a grade above me, so glad I never interacted. She seemed disappointed when no one cared that she was at homecoming lol kinda pathetic.

  • I just turned 20, thinking about dating a 14 year old? Disgusting

  • Being republican isn’t accepted anymore?

    • It's not ♥️

  • Ovulation and pregnancy symptoms are super similar, what a weird thing for her to say when she isn’t sure... probably just trying to get attention

  • Zoe got issues

  • If she is pregnant, the timing in which she stopped having contact with the 13 year old, and the fact that people don't generally go public with a relationship the moment it starts, my first thought wasn't that the 13 year old was the father or she would have already missed a period, done a test, and known if she was pregnant. My first thought is the new person would be the father.

  • Girl what’s happening to your eyelash hahah

  • Damn. Been in a relationship for almost 2 years and I ain't seen no ring 🤷‍♀️

  • I just found out she lives an hour away from me what 😭

  • A 13 year old is still very much a child, its so gross that a 19 year old would even want to be interested. Even if this is just pathetically begging for attention by saying something controversial, it shouldn't be ok as a joke. It wouldn't be if the genders were reversed

  • Unrelated: a really cool bra ad came up and I missed the name of it and now I’m sad.

  • I’m eighteen and I barely remember how I was when I was thirteen, but my cousin brother I ‘grew up with’/ watched grow up is twelve and this situation disgusts me. Like it would disgust me either way, but having an image with age reference for both parties (Zoe and my age and my cousin’s and the kid’s age) is extra disgusting.

  • Just wanna say in response to your saying since she's an adult she'd want to do more than just kiss, not all adults want sexual/sensual touch or whatever in relationships. Speaking as a 25 year old asexual person. Not defending her, what she did is beyond wrong and awful and she deserves to face consequences for it, but just in a general sense. Being an adult doesn't mean you want more physically out of a relationship. (Realize that isn't the case here specifically, obviously, since she's stating that she thinks she might be pregnant. Am just speaking generally, as I said.)

  • I’m pregnant with #3 right now. Early pregnancy symptoms and period symptoms are exactly the same so often. I truly hope she isn’t pregnant. She’s not responsible enough to raise a child well. But I really, really hope it’s not that literal child’s baby.

  • Who celebrates a 1 month "anniversary" ?

  • I guess Connor is gonna get child support? How tf does that even work LMAO. I think she's gonna get arrested when the baby is born is Connor is put on the birth certificate

  • No

    • I.... I don’t think I can do this anymore...

  • I adore you but if me, simple me, can figure out the timing is way too far off for the 13 yo to even be considered a part of her latest scandal then I know you can as well. When that happened(the grooming)it was clear it was past tense. While I don’t doubt she’s not capable of having sexual contact with another minor, you do it once you can do it again, I find it far fetched to believe Connor is involved.

  • being 16, it's hard for me to imagine even being friends with anyone younger than 15

  • PERGONAT?1.?!

  • Does she not know you have to have sex to be pregnant or is this a call for attention? 🤔

  • as someone who had a pregnancy scare, i showed all the symptoms of pregnancy, but i still didnt know for sure and i was going to wait 3 weeks for a test, on the final week i finally had my period, i was never more thankful for a period;;

  • im 18 and i can't even imagine dating a 17 year old. yikes

  • P o Thank On

  • She sure is problematic.

  • Nooooooo. She is going to further destroy this 13 year old's life and future baby's life as well, this is seriously awful.

  • Say sike rn

  • Just the title and news alone made me cringe in fear. No....

  • I’m 22 I can’t even imagine dating someone 18-19 🤢

  • I'm a 22 yo girl and I cant even date someone around my age like a 18 years old man so how can that woman in age to have a job, her appart etc can date a baby? Who must have a kid voice, baby fat and watching pokemon? What is their conversation? You dont have the same conversations or interests when you are 13 or 18-25 years old!

  • Choccy milk doesn't approve of Clowne Lagr00mer