Zoe Laverne is pregnant & things are weird

Publicado el 24 feb 2021
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  • Depending on the laws of the state if Conor is the father & she decides to keep the child Conor may be compelled to pat child support.

  • You look good boo

  • “Let me put you on some facts.” She seems mature enough to care for a child for sure, everything is fine and I have no concerns here. 🙄

  • I wanna vom

  • imagine not knowing that since and sense are two different words

  • Not gonna lie or sound petty but I believe this woman is totally nuts.😐

  • I’m 19 and I can’t even conceptualize being friends with let alone being attracted too????? A 13 yr old! Absolutely no excuse for her.

  • I'm this girl's age and I could never imagine being with someone my brother's age, 15, let alone a *13* year old. Jesus

  • Agreed with the not wanting a baby post. I’m 44 & have no desire to have children. My husband & I have a great life. For me it is a huge responsibility that I don’t want. I realize that I wouldn’t be a good mom & that’s ok. I’m a great dog mom. I have dachshund and that’s enough for us. Stop forcing people to live a life they don’t want because u maybe feel like your envious of their child free life.

  • i mean even if someone told you to fake a relationship with a 13 year old for publicity, and you agree, to some degree you were already cool with being with the 13 year old

  • In a work where people break the law for klout is anyone really safe?

  • Really like your outfit, you're very beautiful. And of course, love your videos, but I really just noticed. Also your intro from Bladerunner is my favorite line from any film ever... 'Like tears in rain'. But yeah, beautiful shapes. Love and Cheers!

  • The way she talks is super cringy. Theres no way she can raise that baby. Her mother has been backing up every fucked up thing she's done and hasn't even tried to explain to her why what she's doing is wrong. I genuinely don't see her raising that child very well but hopefully I'm wrong .

  • The only 19 year old friends I have are my sister's friends. They view me as their younger sister.

  • I'm genuinely worried for that baby

  • My question is, where the hell are the parents of this boy?!

  • I'm so ignorant of tiktokers I read the title at a glance and thought of Laverne Cox and went like WHAT HOW ? Until I realized who it was actually about ^^'

  • My theory is that she got pregnant on purpose so she can tell people to stop stressing her out by calling her a pedophile. At first I really didn’t think she was but 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • I hope she takes a break from the social media crap that is obviously bothering her..which in return can cause issues during the pregnancy, and to the baby. I don't really have ANY idea who she is, but hopefully she can stop worrying about what other people are saying and focus on her unborn child, and staying healthy. And be able to become a loving caring parent that gives her child positive attention, and not turn her pregnancy and baby into a money making opportunity.

  • regardless of a mothers actions, if she will be a good mother, there is NO reason to hurt her like that. stress is so bad for pregnant women. people are so gross

    • @binx my honest opinion is just to abort the child, it sounds bad but it might be best

    • @Kalyb gaming Summers regardless that child didnt do anything. why put that life at risk?

    • honestly, it doesn't matter if she's pregnant or not, she's a honest to god horrible person and deserves all the hate

  • If the kid is the father, he would graduate high school the same year the the baby starts kindergarten....

  • I wonder how long she had those first tests that she showed in the debunking video because pregnancy tests don't show the result for a long time

  • i’m shocked i’m the only one who thought you gave “bride of chucky” vibes

  • Zoe Laverne speaking ebonics makes me want to puke. Also, "any kind of since?" ??????

  • I'm having trouble paying attention

  • Joe Biden should sign an Executive Order that makes her get an abortion

  • I'll agree it is weird to have friends who are older than you significantly but if it's like a wholesome little sister big sister (for example) thing then that's perfectly fine being a role model to them but this situation is just fucked up don't normalize pedophilia please ✨

  • I’m 12 and I’m uncomfortable with a person one month away from being 12 because they are still younger than me Zoe is discusting

  • Yass heard Zoe Laverne pee! I now know why Jesus hasn't come to earth again, this monstrosity.

  • As someone who is 19, I think its okay to have friends who are 13/14. That being said, the way I treat a friend who is 13 or 14 vs someone closer to my age is very different. The things we would talk about and things we would do together would be very different. This situation is very serious and I'm not trying to take away from that, but healthy friendships with age gaps can exist and I feel like that wasn't talked about, but rather shamed as if it couldn't happen or that its creepy. Friendships with age gaps need to have boundaries (something Zoe clearly didn't have), especially set by the older party. The younger person looks up to us in a way, which means we are responsible for making sure our interactions are appropriate. I know it wasn't meant to come off as shaming people who have age gap friendships while being teenagers, but it came off that way and I felt that someone needed to address it.

  • It should not matter what our meat suit looks like, it is just a vessel. In her case she is filling it with shit, like a chamber pot.

  • I'm gonna be honest, if I was the bf I would ask for a paternity test. Just to be sure.

  • I cannot get over how fucking good you look in this hair and makeup

  • I never needed to hear Zoe fucking Laverne pee

  • Hey, have you ever watched House MD? And if you have and have seen this episode, I’m curious on your opinion on the episode in which Dr. Chase kissed a young girl on the lips before her surgery bc she expressed to him that was she wanted to have her first kiss before she died. I know this is fiction, and I also told you what happened in this comment, but I think seeing how the clip is portrayed would be better for context. I don’t expect you to get back to this, but I’m just expressing here that I’m curious what others here might think about that scene as I see it as something that definitely is a circumstance that could happen in real life. Have a good day tho

  • omgggg you are a new girl everytime! love how it looks like you bleached your brows! you look so good!!

  • Where did you get this wig it’s bomb 😳

  • It’s just so sick cause if we even try to ignore her she’s going to do more and probably worse things to make herself known.

  • I'm 15... I wouldn't date a 13yr old and that's a 2 yr difference

  • This whole thing reminds me of that teacher from the late 90s, Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Fualaau, only Mary Kay was 34 while Vili was 12-13.

  • I mean i hope the baby is happy and healthy but I hope she goes to jail if the baby is Connors

  • Pedophiles are way too comfortable just flaunting their attraction to LITERAL CHILDREN AND IT IS SO SO DISGUSTING.

  • I’m 25 and due this month and I still don’t even feel ready. My baby was planned after years of making sure this is what I wanted and I was ready not just because society told me I was. It blows my mind that young kids are out here having babies. Even 18-19 year old me was so far from being ready to have a baby.

  • Pretty convenient to come out as pregnant right after introducing the guy. Just as an outsider it seems like a cover for raping the teen. This is just a speculation. I think there should be a court ordered paternity test to make sure.

  • looking gorgeous x

  • I'm 18 almost 19 and you wouldn't catch me DEAD with a 13 year old

  • Timeline wise, it’s impossible for the 13 year old to be the father unless she were seeing him at the same time as the other guy and lied about it?

  • Living for this new look!

  • i'm 19 and the idea of being attracted to ANYONE who is a minor is so strange and gross to me. ESPECIALLY a 13 year old?? he is a CHILD and if an adult sees a child as anything more than that, they are a predator. she shouldn't get a pass because she is pretty, a girl, and has a large following. it's disgusting.

  • tik tok feels like an alternate universe... if only it actually was 💀

  • tik tok feels like an alternate universe... if only it actually was 💀

  • once again absent parenting like where the hell are her parents and where the hell are the 13 yo parents like who is like “oh youre 13 yeah its cool if you get predated by a 16 yo thats fine”????

  • You know we guna see her on DR Phil with both boys claiming paternity. ..

  • Girl, I had to do a double take. This is such a different look for you, and I normally especially love your darker hair styles, but this looks great!

  • It possible that its all on the up and up because there is always the chance that Zoe is just stupid and irresponsible.

  • When I was a kid I was kinda friends with a 19 year old. She was just one more of the neighbours kids to me, just not an asshole. She was nice. She acted more like a teacher though in hindsight

  • omg the theory about her saying she thinks she's pregnant before she actually was and then getting pregnant makes SO MUCH SENSE bc people were asking her to take a test when she first said she thought she was pregnant and she said she would "eventually", which would make sense because she wasn't pregnant yet 🤯

  • I clicked on your video and was like “damn you look the f*ck good”. Loving this whole look.

  • i believe that a parent can be childlike or like a friend with their children. but, they need to be able to put on their parent pants with serious situations and not only act like their child's best friend.

  • This is just so gross and she is too immature to even be a mother really. I feel so bad for her baby. If she had to say that the 13 year old boy is not the father, that's just bad in itself and should tell her that her relation with the 13 year is wrong and inappropriate. I also wouldn't be surprised if she purposely gotten pregnant.

  • 1) I love this look. You look great Yas! 2) I can’t stand Zoe. She literally gets worse and worse. And now this girl [cause she is in no way a woman, just look at her tiktoks] is going to bring a child into this world.... just wonderful. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Can I imagine a friendship between a 13 and 14 year old or a 13 and 15 year old yes 13 and 19 year old NOOO

  • But like, your nails are absolutely gorgeous

  • im gay again

  • imagine throwing tantrums about being caught kissing a minor and another tantrum because a minor is going to pass you in followers -_-

  • 🤮🤮

  • I feel like she could have found out, gotten a boyfriend of the same age or someone to pretend to be her new boyfriend, and then said that she's pregnant. To make some people think like "oh the guy of same age got her pregnant".

  • This blonde wig is giving me Kerli vibes. Love it.

  • Perfect example of the saying “some people just shouldn’t have children”

  • the pee sounds clumpy

  • Wonder who her parents are and how she was raised.

  • She’s right about one thing- sh*! Just don’t add up! I hope she has lost her following. These predators need consequences for their actions.

  • Makeup on point, wig on point. You look good always but I’m loving this blonde goth look 😍

  • “This kid didn’t ask to be born” Excuse me I didn’t expect a callout today

  • I'd title this look- The Elf &The Lumberjack! ❤️

  • I think it's interesting that no one has brought up the fact that zoe herself could be one of those "it's ok if an attractive woman does it" people. Even though she's an adult, her upbringing could have factored into the decisions she made if she was taught this disgusting opinion. This doesn't mean she should be free from consequences, it's just interesting to think about.

  • I hung out with ppl in their 20s every day when I was 14 but they didn't try to kiss me so...yeeeeah...this is one of my favorite looks on you btw

  • Honestly I think kids and adults can learn a lot from each other, obviously it can be very dangerous but I think if the adult is part of a friend group it's probably fine especially if it's someone's older sibling. I'm in a 14-17 friend group and ik that's not exactly 13-19 but most of the people in the group can relate to each other's problems and in some ways the 14 year old has more life experience than the 17 year old. My sister is 13 and honestly she and her friends seem more mature in some ways than me, 16, probably because my sister has bad anxiety and I tend to associate a poor mental state with being an adult for some reason, but I've had conversations with some of her friends and most of them seem quite mature. Also my cousin is 19 and she and my sister get along great. It seems in this situation that the friend group wasn't enough, they saw a problem and were unable to fix it. But honestly, this is a case-by-case scenario and I don't think we should make an entire stereotype about teen-adult friendships just based on this one situation.

  • Z*e peeing on a pregnancy test isn't something that I wanted to see today 😃🖐️

  • Fuck Zoe but also youre so pretty

  • Ughh why aren’t we talking about this 19 year old ok with being pregnant. yeah she was with a little boy, that’s super messed up, she’s obviously not mature enough to be pregnant. This story is crazy. Kid’s wait until you are out of your older, have a career, because this isn’t cute.

  • you look like the countess!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  • People need to leave the 13yo alone. People keep asking him about it and thats not fair

  • i actually hate the way she talks

  • I’m 19 and I can’t even imagine "dating" a 13 year old. I didn’t even wanna date high school guys before I graduated last year because they suck... 13 year olds are CHILDREN... just wtf

  • Zoe makes me sick to my stomach... I fear for that baby 💀... someone PLEASE make this a joke PLEASE please please- she needs to get her life tf together before coming for us?! Tf your audience Zoe cares about the baby which is fair considering how you were in a relationship with a minor...

  • Fuckeroo? I think fuckeroo works quite nicely

  • i’m 18 and i don’t even like dating anyone even a year younger than me 😐

  • I am sad that she has the same first name has me :C has a zoe we do not claim her

  • I feel bad for Connor he probably thought she actually loved him and he was special to her but then two seconds later she’s with another guy and pregnant.

  • Looking like a blood elf 🧝‍♀️

  • Why does she sound so happy to be pregnant especially with all the weird stuff being said about her being into kids ...

  • I don't know if it was planned but I'm getting major Slytherin vibes from this and I love it

  • I genuinely can’t believe that she’s 19. The way she talks , acts , and carries herself makes her seem as though she is 13 at the oldest

  • They prolly feel bad for this kid already, this lil girl kinda horrid.

  • what a werido trying to prove something about her body and spending money to do it too

  • i love this look... 😍

  • On another note.... Can we take in how good she looks 😩 The flannel with the corset, the hand jewelry and the hair + matching green lip! Wheeew mesmerizing 😌

  • Ok I know that this unrelated to the video but can we please get an eye brow tutorial . I bleached my hair recently and I've tried to make my brows lighter with makeup but yours look much better .

  • I'm 13 and have been groomed by 16 y/os before. For some reason it feels.... embarrassing even on my end. I don't believe in shame but those typpa ppl have no guilt so we should shame them. Knowing what ik I'm iffy abt dating even 15 year olds but it depends their grade and where we met so I can't imagine how fucked up she is