Zac Efron is "ugly" now

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  • Ok but if people saw his show and saw that genuine joy of eating carbs, and then still made fun of him, they're inhuman istg

  • I could never stand him but he does not look ugly now. What is with these people? 🤨

  • One plastic surgeon I watch on Facebook thinks he had dental work done! That his face is swollen from that!

  • He does look a bit different, but it's normal because he became more mature looking. I actually don't get what the fuzz is about, because you could still recognize that it's him. But well, I hope he doesn't let these negativity get to him.

  • No the true bottom line is this. Its none of your buisness

  • Ok. So it has now come out that he was wearing prosthetics for the "Save Your Tears" music video he was filming.

  • The body positivity movement is trash... on tik tok they are literally calling people with restrictive eating disorders fatphobic.... when its rooted in body dysmorphia and depression. That is why I will never support that movement.

  • Eating disorders are very serious. You are exactly 💯 correct about the complexity of the relationship with food, it takes a mental,physical and emotional toll on the body and mind. People on line are just mean and heartless. I come from a time that if you couldn't say it to someone's face, then just keep your mouth shut. Adage "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all".

  • 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • I could almost hear your blood pressure rising lol. Yes this is fucking stupid. I saw that picture where his face looked different and I was like oh. Ok. He looks kinda different. Then I moved on. and enjoyed his show!!!! It’s really good!!!!

  • ahhh its refreshing to hear someone use the word "narrative" other than gabbie hanna. thats her favorite word. but of course she always has to add the word "false" in front of it. "false narrative" is her FAV thing to say. hearin someone use it correctly is nice... lol

  • What were these folks thinking...

  • he still looks fine!!!!!!!!!!!! i absolutely hate it on this bitch of an earth

  • I hate that people have this appearance shaming double standard thinking their like 'fighting the patriarchy'. But really you're upholding sexist norms that women are naturally more sensitive and more concerned with beauty or physical appearance so we have to prop them up with body positivity but men are beyond superficial concerns about appearance so who gives a shit, it's ok to just publicly shame their looks. Not to mention Zac Efron specifically has spoken out about his struggles with addiction, ed, intense self-consciousness, and anxiety so this mistreatment is especially disappointing and frankly heart breaking, I worry for his mental health.

  • He looks more attractive in my opinion, am I the only one? Adults should not call a man ugly because he doesn't look like a teenage boy anymore, that's weird af.

  • He is still hot. I love him as an actor. I hope he gets some more really great roles in movies or on tv...I wish him the best of luck and I hope he is happy with his appearances.

    • He just looks more mature. Nothing wrong with that at all.

  • expert on ugliness .... while wearing a circus freak disguise. Hmmmmm

  • Beforehand, he looked like a young pretty boy. Now, he looks like an older manlier man. I won't lie and say he wasn't more my type beforehand, but it's totally possible for someone to have an image of what they want to look like that is still conventionally attractive (which he looks still) and just isn't what most people liked. Although his more manly look now isn't very popular anymore, it's still conventionally attractive for sure, there might just be more older folk who like his look better than younger people. or people who have a different culture. :< I hope none of this is offensive, I'm just stopping by to comment I'm too tired to watch the video.

  • I agree with this video but mom bods are definitely considered hot too. At least for most people I know! That’s why Pixar moms are so sexualized. 😂

  • But in his last movie which was recent, he didn't look anything like that. It's fine if he got work done, no shame, but he clearly got work done. I am not comparing him to himself at 17 (he was 25 in hsm) but still, I'm comparing him to his most recent movies.

  • As a woman, I hate the hypocrisy that it’s apparently okay to body shame men

  • I love her necklace. Does anyone know where it's from?

  • I think he looks great still. So confused.

  • Imagine telling Zac Efron that he is ugly. He is better looking than all of us hahaha

  • Also, the reason people are mean on the internet is Keyboard courage, they would never do that face to face.

  • When you body shame, you really tell more about yourself then the person you are shaming. #bodyshaming=chump

  • You should watch season 1 of Down to Earth with Zac Efron. If you’re interested in his environmentalist work. He’s currently working on the second season.

  • sheesh🥵 love this look on you

  • I want to see what the people who are saying these things about him look like

  • This isnt a matter of him not looking like a teenager anymore, he stopped looking like a teenager after HSM....he literally looks likes the crimson chin right now. Thats no bueno.

  • Dear god, poor Zac. Humans should be allowed to age!

  • . .

  • He looks the same to me, just older. I don't get this at all.

  • He's fucking gorgeous dude

  • Who else thinks these shamers wish they looked half as good as Zac? There's no way you look at him and say he's not good looking unless you're not dealing with your own shame and inferiority complex

  • I didn't know Zac Efron that well . It seemed Like He was targeted by anti s ' , about a decade ago . I thought He was Good , n He was targeted because of a horrible picture of Him by the paparazzi I had seen ... And the ehp (e*** , sra ) machine factory - don't Like Nice , NormaL And Natural People's . Even though He protrayed a Vampire . He doesnt Look Anyway at all Like He used to . Morphed into a totally different Look . Of His OWN Natural sources ' of Natural SeLf ?? For a Protection measure , as A Genuine Authentic SuperNature Being . Withe serving The Purpose of Humanity Providence Firmament And Thanksgiving ~ Humanity Nuclear FamiLy and Friends Platform , The Real Gods Kingdom ⚪➕🇬🇷🌌🌼💗 I think is More than just Okay , probably necessary for those who have to be " Adults " And Do The : What is Right is Right because We ALLL Are in Perils Beyond beliefs and Normal scope , scale of the Spectrum of Natural Life And Living , Existence Is in Trouble . ⚪➕🇬🇷🙏💗🌌🌼

  • This is such a good video!!! Wow well done and this is just the best take 🙌🏻

  • he looks like rob lowe now.

  • I was seriously in love with him at one point in my life. Our society is too obsessed with youth. He is still handsome. Whoever is making fun of him is really a narcissist.

  • This reminds me of Ray Park and the Darth Maul incident with Solo. Everyone called him fat and old. 1) He's not fat, he's buff. 2) No shit, people age and at that point the character Darth Maul was cut in half and send down a shaft where he cut up his face and got beat by the walls, survived on a waste planet with robotic spider legs for 12 years in mental turmoil, little food, and this same planet rained fucking acid, then when he was found and cured he was around 34 years old at that point. They didn't just use Ray Park as the rightful actor to play him again, but they even made his skin and tattoos look older to really put pressure on those facts. So yeah, you don't say! Poor Zac. He isn't ugly at all, guy looks great.

  • I was surprised people were saying Zac Efron looked different... To me he still looks the same. Like I can tell he's the same person... And I still think he's attractive.

  • I have a quite severe case of IBS so everything about food and restaurants gives me anxiety :/ I have a couple "safe" food options but I hate eating at friends houses cause there are so many basic things that cause a bad reaction :( I always bring my own meal. I think ppl should just mind their own damn business!

  • People are fuckin vapid.

  • Imagine looking at a man who is an accomplished actor, a philanthropist, a World traveller, an Environmentalist, is driven, has purpose, and saying "You used to be hotter."

  • I think he's more attractive now than he was back then, lol

  • Ok but personally I never found him attractive, but the point is u don’t get to judge someone because they aged

  • He’s in his 30’s, let him have a dadbod and be happy. Same with women, stop telling us we absolutely can’t have a muffin top or anything. And on that note, how come it’s more acceptable for men with potbellies to walk around shirtless, but women can’t wear a crop top unless they’re super thin?! And that’s not an attack on the men, but a complain that women can’t ever show their stomachs if they’re fat or even chubby. Either all get to show their stomachs when it’s hot, or no one does.

  • Stop. Worshipping. Youth. Society is stupid enough.

  • He did not get plastic surgery, HE GREW UP. Do they want him to look the same way he did at 17??? Please!

  • Zac Efron is gorgeous. And I think he looks the exacr same, just older. I'm so confused as to how ppl think he looks different lol?

  • It was the same with Eminem. People said he's a clone now. No, he got off drugs and got older. Ugh.

  • I think the most annoying thing is that whenever someone tries to bring up that men are held to toxic standards too they're called "apologists" or told that they're "discounting women's experiences" or even that men's issues "are less important" because they're "not oppressed" whatever that means. The double standard makes me so mad and it's even more infuriating that no one wants to talk about it.

  • I 100% agree with everything you said. Fuck the double standard!

  • People age. O wow. Be kind to others. Let bad things provoke kindness and love in you so that you dont suffer.

  • We are in 2021, people who body shame should be put in a trash bag and be sent to space.

  • Jeffery star face asss 😂😂😂

  • Positive side note Zach on snl back in like 2009 is fucking gold !! Go watch the hsm 4 sketch and trust me it will kill you 😂😂

  • You know, a plastic surgeon looked at the picture and said that he probably had dental surgery. Most likely had his wisdom teeth pulled. The swelling from that can last for months. People are freaking out over common swelling. It's like they are shaming him for taking care of his health and hygiene!!! Heaven forbid he gets his tonsils removed! Or worse, his appendix!!!

  • He looks like a very beautiful very normal guy to me!

  • Idk, saying he could play Human Shrek is like the highest form of a compliment in my book

  • The double standard is real, who knows what body issues he has, people shouldn't shame each other.

  • He looks great and of his age. And even if he didn't no one should feel like they can poke fun of someone's appearance. He's doing awesome work with films and awareness to the environment, what he looks like is not important. People age. And the people who watched High School Musical aren't kids anymore either, it's gross to want him to look the same as then.

  • Oh my god, the blonde hair with the “bleached” eyebrow look is absolutely beautiful on you. I’m seriously swooning over this look. Oh, and people need to leave Zac alone, let the man live his life.

  • Wait. I’ve never paid attention to Zac Efron. Trying to look up recent pictures online. I think he looks better with a beard, and I’m not a fan of some of his hair styles. Haven’t found the ugly ones yet. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • This just makes me sad. Humans are so hard on each other.

  • It's refreshing to see a ESmainr being kind and respectful towards Zac about this issue. I've seen so many cruel posts about his appearance it's no wonder why a lot of celebrities are insecure about their looks. I hope Zac is okay and finds happiness.

  • You make a f^ck ton of great points here but you forgot one thing. Zac Efron's fan base, almost all of them, were formed by those who loved him for his looks and his looks alone. That same toxic fan base transfomred Pamella Anderson from a gorgeous woman to... her more mainstream look to keep them and replace those she loses over time. The shallow fans don't keep track of anything aside from looks and the fleeting.

  • The hilarious part is that it’s not even plastic surgery. There was a surgeon that was asked about this on UK news and he said it was most likely just swelling from dental surgery

  • Zac Efron has always, will always be hot.

  • Who cares what someone looks like? They can't really help it and as long as they're taking care of themself as much as possible, especially now during the pandemic, and not being a crappy person that's all that should matter. Please just be nice

  • I think he still looks great

  • He's still handsome. People can just be mean and awful sometimes

  • He just looks like a grown man instead of like, yknow, a fuckin child

  • I'd like to see what all of these people posting these mean about him things look like.

  • Personally I find him more attractive now. He looks so manly. I love it.

  • I don’t really think he looks different, he just looks older. He’s in his 30’s, he shouldn’t look like a teenager anymore! And he’s still a beautiful man. I’m in my 30’s and I don’t look at all like I did when I was 17. That would be weird. Our bodies, including our faces change as we age, that’s just how it works.

  • Girl your eyeshadow is stunning oh my god.

  • If you look closely at the recent interview he did, one side of his jaw is swollen, which would be consistent with dental surgery. I think he must’ve had teeth pulled or something. He doesn’t look bad. At all.

  • Honestly Zac looks healthy and happier in his Netflix show like his skin is glowing, his eyes are brighter, he's constantly catching the giggles which is freaking adorable BTW! This man will always be beautiful inside and out.

  • It’s a screenshot of a video!! Nobody looks good if you pause a video when you are talking

  • He looks like he’s had dental surgery or something, but even if it’s not that, who tf cares???? Doesn’t actually affect anything in anyone else’s life 🙄

  • This really highlights to me the point everyone misses with the Demi Lavato incident at that bakery. Her ED really took over that day. She also apologized and said she was triggered, and people doubled down. That's saying ED/ emotional/mental issues aren't as important as physical disorders, and we should also have no empathy for her because she's rich and famous. She genuinely thought, as did i, that the packaging and display said "guilt free". That can be an intense thing to read if you've given yourself permission that day to eat something. That can create a traumatic cycle of negative self talk. And when the internet is at the palm of your hands in that moment, it can be disastrous. Punching down on her in that moment was just slimey. Too easy and bandwagony. She needed us. That could have been a fantastic moment for everyone.

  • Am I the only one who finds it creepy that they are attracted to him as a literal child but not a grown man. That's a creepy take to have. Zach will always be a snack.

  • I love how when she plays the sexy music at the sponsor section it's all slow and dead because she's so done with everything I love her 😔

  • I’m so confused by this. Zac efron is so handsome. It’s not even logical to say “you looked hotter whatever years ago” Why are people SO obsessed with youth and shocked that a man whose lives a life looks older than one that has only begun to live?

  • The people calling zac effron ugly are all jealous and insecure 100%. Sitting there potato lookin tryna call anyone ugly I'm dead

  • One of the MANY reasons I can't stand feminists

  • bruh he looks fine....its called aging?

  • "You can only say you're body positive if it includes everyone." Ready keeping it 100 as usual.

  • Men grow up and mature. This is what happens. No one looks the same as a teenager. This is the dumbest shit I have ever heard. Just like people are putting down Axl Rose of Guns and Roses. The man is almost 60. He isn't going to look like the same axl from the late 80's and early 90's. It's been 30 years so people need to move on.

  • I also wanna point out that it's like that with John Travolta. At the time of filming Grease he had a narrowish face and as he aged his face got wider

  • If not after a global pandemic, when will we understand what is truly important ?

  • I'm going to need everyone who said Zac looked bad to sit in the fucking corner and take a good long look in the mirror, yall probably look like orgers, it's easy to hide behind a computer screen.

  • So sad, he seems like such a good person too. I just hope he’s alright! No one deserves to be bullied on their appearance

  • oh hey, zac Efron is turning out to be a duplicate of Kavan Smith! I don't see how either of them would be particularly unattractive, though. Neither of them would ever be my type but they still got charm.

  • I know it’s definitely supposed to be ironic and that’s why it’s got quotes around the title, but maybe videos circulating that are titled ‘so and so is ugly now’ may not be the best way to present them? I’m just thinking from the perspective of people who won’t click on the video and see you are actually defending him, it just kind of looks like more fuel to the hate fire

  • Are people blind??? He's still gorgeous. Not my cup of tea but he's a very good looking man.

  • They have been excessively mean to him which is wrong . But let’s also be real , his plastic surgeon did a horrible job , if he needed a touch up a tiny bit of filler where he gets lines would be fine but his cheeks and eyes look hard core frozen because of Botox. This could seriously also affect his roles and how he is cast .

  • Huh? Nevermind "mom bods"... the morbidly obese bods of women are celebrated these days.

  • I know this has nothing to do with the video, but you look great with light brows, I think IMO you should try light brow pomade like that light brown made for blondes