YouTuber EDP445 caught on camera

Publicado el 26 abr 2021
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  • “attention whore” tf does that mean? smh... these girls aren’t “attention whores.” they’re victims of internet sexual assault and a pedophile. they’re being hurt like this and possibly having their lives messed up. they’re kids, for gods sake. leave them alone.

  • I don't understand how he wouldn't know he wasn't talking to a child. What young teen would be interested in a 500 pound dude in their 50's? He's gross and dumb.

  • This dude needs serious help, it’s almost like he’s being honest because he knows he’s sick. I seriously hope he gets arrested or admitted to a facility so he can get the help he needs and to get him out of society.

  • Came for the tea, stayed for the quality ☕️

  • how is he just saying all of this shit and still not in prison?

  • I know one of the Predator Poachers in Ohio (they are affiliated with that guy in the video/the main guy who started Predator Poachers.) They all work with their local police departments with each investigation. They do all the work and then once they get the pred to meet them in person, they turn them into the police. The poachers can’t detain anyone, they have to record the entire interaction to protect themselves and the pred (for example if the pred lies and says they were attacked, etc.) They try to expose them and their face and keep them on camera so people locally are aware of them and can recognize them. This is the only time I have ever seen them catch a ‘famous’ person. It’s usually just normal people they are trying to expose in their community. They do have good intentions.

  • I'm so ashamed, I know exactly where this is. That getbus that went by is the one I take to get up the college. EDP just showing how disgusting my city is. T-T

  • Can the ""interviewers"" stop calling the women and girls 'females' like 😐

  • I've never seen 2 dumpster fires arguing before. They're both shitty people

  • why the people who recorded that video didn't call the police before he even arrived? reason 1#:because they're dumb as fuck reason 2#:they did for views and they didn't care about the girls who came out and said he was doing this reason 3#:both reasons

  • the predator poachers guy is actually racist, he said the n word multiple times and he also used pictures of real minors on some of his catches (not cp but pictures of minors)

  • Okay this man is gross but these “predator poachers” are talking to him like they have any level of authority.

  • Police not called because they dont care its for their content v.v mad annoying

  • It's the fact that he's blaming minors for me. Like he's a whole adult. He shouldn't have let it get to that point. He, as an adult, needs to maintain his own boundaries. That's his ADULT JOB on the internet.

  • someone needs to tell them that female is an adjective not a noun, unless you are talking about plants or animals and it's offensive used as a noun to talk about women we don't go around calling men 'males' so stop

  • Granted this was a trio of idiots. 4 counting camera guy. However saying that the authorities are better well equipped is retarded!

  • Wow! This guy shot himself in the foot repeatedly! Any updates?

  • I can see why people do those undercover exposures, because police most of the time doesn't do jacksh1t even if the criminal is well known and lots of evidences are there.

  • He genuinely thinks there’s nothing wrong with what he’s doing and that’s the most dangerous thing, he’s a threat to our society.

  • Why did h3 go in on james charles and not this guy? Hmmm I think it's bc Ethan loves punching up and taking out bigger creators than him

  • Another ESmainr called ColdRaven catfished him 8 times pretending to be little children and each time when EDP445 started getting scared he threatened to kill the children and their families if they told the police or their parents...

  • EDP is a pretty shit human being, his demeanor is of someone entitled to be above the law, he doesn't seem to grasp the horribleness of his responses. This poacher group though seems to be doing things wrong as well, these guys could get slapped with attempted solicitation of a minor, they need to get training and work in tandem with watchdog groups who use decoys that are of age and have police intervention.

  • Why is he so sure that all men want to sleep with children????

  • This gives me “oops” predator vibes. No remorse and no understanding of what he did

  • Why is he so f****** stupid as to actually give the interview. I'm not advocating for anything he's done, but what I am saying is, it's incredibly stupid to confess to a f****** crime to someone who's not the police on camera. That is the dumbest thing I've ever seen a person do

  • What could the police arrest him for? He didn't act on it. If I show up to bank because I think there's going to be a robbery, but there isn't, I don't get arrested for having that thought. He didn't send pics to a minor, it was grown men. In this specific instance there's nothing the police can charge him with. All these guys can do is turn the info over.

  • I know this isn't the point of the video but why the heck are these idiots blatantly ripping off TCAP & Chris Hanson?

  • I am a fan of Predator Poachers and the thing is alot of the time the police can't do anything right away. Different groups have explained it before that do the same thing.

  • I think the intention of the “hunters” when they seemed sympathetic to the predator, was what interrogators do. They pretend to sympathise with the suspect in order to gain trust and rapport to gain more information.

  • We need Chris Hansen back

  • Ewww. Gross.

  • “Let this be known... I’m not a pedophile.” Oh!!!! Okay he said he’s not a pedophile so we should all let him off the hook, right?

  • these people need to go to jail

  • Is this a parody or smt

  • "They engaged it first." So if someone pokes me in the shoulder I can punch them in the throat with a cannonball? Yeah that makes sense

  • "What goes through your head? What makes this ok for you? Because this is disgusting."

  • I couldnt watch their video becaue I found it super unproffesional

  • he said "you can have a seat if you want" 😂 what a unnoticed diss

  • using loneliness as an excuse is so disgusting it made my skin crawl off my body

  • It seems like their intentions are good, they just don’t know better cause they just aren’t professionals at it. It seems like they’re aspiring to be like To Catch a Predator or something. I do think they’re hearts are in the right place.

  • Disgusting

  • Theres a channel like this called Anxiety War. He actually got in legal trouble for doing this. He still does it though.

  • They didn't call the cops cus most of time when they do, the police does nothing.

    • They actually did call the cops... but they were such idiots that EDP got away before the police could arrive. These guys weren't ven collaborating with the police, they are unprofessional and their actions actually make it more difficult for authorities to apprehend these people. I actually believe EDP is currently on the run

  • I never realized how many pedophiles were on this planet until I turned 20 and took a good look at my surroundings and just 🤮 purge the whole planet

  • Police is full of pedophiles too.

  • Yay! Another controversy involving a supposedly famous youtuber that I've never heard of!

  • He’s a celebrity? Is he an actor or musician?

  • supposedly he was terminated by ESmain, as well as the leader of the poachers gang.

  • Why’s he so fucking lax about it??? It’s like he’s talking about his favorite type of sandwich. These ESmainrs might not have done it perfect... but they’re still better than the police force. See how easy it is?? At least these guys actually try.

  • This just feels weirdly like they wanna try too hard to be the next luxury pranks, except maybe less fake. I dunno, like outting him is great and all but something about them bothers me.

  • It's amazing how big ESmain is nowadays! Somebody could have 2 million subscribers, but most of us don't know them!

  • by the way, the pink blush is EVERYTHING. love it

  • "This happened around April 16th" bad shit always happens on my birthday ofc....

  • The whole "they used to be fans" is an interrogation tactic. You need to have the criminal believe you're at least a bit on their side if you want them to confess. They already think of themselves as filthy scum (justifiably), and they've kept this as a secret for so long,, so if someone offers them feigned empathy they'll swallow it right up.

  • Jesus, EDP445, James Charles too, and didn't Jake Paul have a thing too with assaulting someone? Christ feels like every big big ESmainr is being outed for something tremendously terrible. EDP doesn't surprise me though. He was always a fucking weirdo and kind of a creep towards women.

  • Girl I been waiting on your response to this. So many people, particularly men, have made reaction videos to the edp situation and they seem to downplay the p3dophilia and focus more on how sad they are they can't watch him anymore... To me that feels off as fuck

  • Just like TCAP all the p*dophiles say they same shit

  • Side note: your hair is sooooo cute like this!!!!!

  • “she messaged first” as the adult, he needs to be able to realize that he is still the only one in the wrong and should know what is right or wrong

  • you can’t even tell if someone’s 11 12 or 13 they all look basically the same. and it doesn’t make a difference, preteen or teen both are illegal and gross

  • People keep talking about how the poaches said certain things that made it worse etc. Ever think the one guy was talking a certain way to make the pedo feel some sort of comfort ... So he would blab. Which he did ! Just a thought. Good cop Bad cop is what it looked like to me for the most part

  • completely unrelated: you are STUNNING!!!!

  • if the predator poachers were women than edp would be in prison

  • Who is this and why is he still out in the free?

  • What did I just watch?! If this happened in Ireland it would be nationwide news.....

  • p3dos will come up with any type of excuse. if you’re lonely that doesn’t mean you go find a child online to be in a relationship with like wtf is wrong with you???!! what’s pissing me off sm is the fact that there’s still people that like him even after he admitted to everything on camera. if this was anyone else where would that energy be for them??

  • Isn't it possible that they were acting non confrontational and pretending to be empathetic with him so that he'd trust them and reveal more?

  • How is he so open and OK with it!?

  • This is so disgusting, reading the screenshots of how he messaged was so triggering for me. I was groomed online for a year and a half from when I was 14 to when I was 16 and it only ended when someone got involved and looked through my phone. But the way he messaged reminded me so much of that abuser it was alarming. 6 times oh my god and he even explained one of those times. This man should be put in jail and never allowed to contact any child again. No one should talk to little kids like that. It is so wrong. How could he not even be ashamed and say that he said all those things and try to say to the people idk 'interviewing him that they thought that way as well, loved how the dude in the mask said: "no bro we don't think ab children like that". They totally should have called the police the moment he came like we all know why he was there and it was for sure not for a cupcake.

    • Other than that one thing they said I don't like the interviewers they could have called the cops when they saw him pull up and stalled for time with the interview or have been working with the police when they set a meet-up so that they can arrest this guy. And waiting a week to post it is crazy. I wish they actually wanted to catch them as in putting them in jail bc that would do so much to help so many past and potential victims instead of doing this just to get clout or something.

  • One of his victims who came forward I actually talked to in the dm’s, saw all her proof. I hope he gets locked away.

  • Two predators exposing each other’. You can’t make this up

  • 3:08 Why I start to recall James Charles “I’m desperate “?

  • I cannot believe he didn’t dip out soon as he realized they aren’t the police. Not that the evidence wasn’t still there, but to entertain the rest of this “interview” is just furthering incriminating himself! At the same time (and I am NOT a sympathizer) but is being a P. an addiction? Or illness? Bc I doubt highly that having these run-ins or even arrest can stop the fantasies or desires and THAT is what I think is the most real and threatening problem for society. They’re out there and they think differently. I am sure most of them WISH they were normal and would prefer a drug addiction instead since that’s a bit more acceptable. I’m wondering WHY and what causes this. It is very troubling and as long as ppl still have these desires our children aren’t safe. I have 4. I would prefer that these very sick individuals be comfortable going to therapy or psych drs to try and get to the root and change it so that it lowers the risk for our kids. I’m just not sure that it could work or if it could ever happen. I’m speaking of the ones who hate who they are and want to change. Not the pure evil who wants to be like this.

  • of course he doesn't have any regret or guilt for what he's done, istg these people seriously need their own damn institute to live out the rest of their lives in away from any and all kids and get some fucking therapy edit: not only this dude but the two interrogating him too, they don't seem like good people either

  • The people behind this aren't good people either. Their motives are bad. They didn't release any of this until it was fully monetized, so they are just here for the clicks and money that predators cause. The dude with the blue shirt is a racist and took advantage of a decoy asking her to strip "because the predator would make her do that". So yeah, even if they did something good catching EDP it doesn't make them good people.

  • I think his ESmain account got deleted

  • Never heard of EDP445 and he is obviously garbage. The guys interviewing him suck too though. They act dumb and just wanted to make a video, not actually help anyone.

  • This is disgusting. I hate people like him. It's not a sexual preference. He needs to go to prison.

  • I stopped thinking that these people‘s intentions were good when the interviewer admitted that he thought the girls were “attention whores” at first. Like if your intentions are to save children from predators why is that ever your first thought???

  • You know (all creepy stuff aside) the guys who caught him are a little dumb and small minded honestly The comment about “you have so many followers how could you be lonely”.. paired with talking so slowly and everything they’re saying is so predictive Anyway good on them for catching them

    • Just the shorter guy with dark brown hair He’s super irritating just let the other guy talk

  • To be honest the guys that have caught him are kinda dumb and small minded (All pedo stuff aside) them saying “you have so many followers how can you be lonely”.. along with the talking so slowly and mind numbing predictively.... but yeah good on them for catching them but cmon

  • Disgusting!! he should be in jail 😩 Now he’ll be harder to catch & we know he’ll keep doing this.. Those dudes clearly are in it for the content. They’re trying to be Chris Hansen or whatever but are super sloppy & don’t have any actual law enforcement on board.. pathetic

  • All these stupid excuses - "she messaged first"" coming from a grown up man (if u can call him that at all ) is nauseating... even more so when some of these monsters actually told that a 4 year old saduced them...

  • the interview is so stupid too lmao

  • The guys exposing the predator don’t seem to be the best peeps around either, tho. Why can’t people just be/do good for the sake of being/doing good?

  • Him and James can be sister cell mates

  • Police genuinly don't care about catching pedos unless they have a child hostage.

  • I'm so confused WHY this guy is so honest? Like it just takes them pressing him a couple times and BAM out with the truth? Lock him up.

  • This planet is run by pedos.

  • It seems like more like they were promoting him and a soft way of getting people used to paedos or that new term "minor attracted" sick 🤮

  • really not rocking with predator poachers these days but they're the ones with the footage sadly.

  • oh heyyy girl it was a time ago since i saw a new video ❤️

  • This kinda scares me and makes me second guess talking to a 51 year old. I'm 20.

  • "Not going to call you the p word" sentence "do you fantasize about children under the age of 16"...umm sir that is the p word. Call him what he is

  • He's taking it so lightly idk it was weird other than the obvious weirdness.

  • He's gross, but the chris hansen brigade that's taking advantage of SA victims are pretty grody too. They're all 🤡. YIKES.

  • how is he so casual about this...

  • this is disgusting 🤢, he acts like he did nothing wrong. But at what point do the poacher people call the cops? Ok I’ll just keep watching and see. I’m just disturbed that he wasn’t met by law enforcement first. Are they doing this for views or to actually prevent this sicko from assaulting a child?

  • He was disgusting, but those interviewers especially the big white guy were a disgrace lol. The whole encounter seemed so fucking apologetic bc they used to be fans like jfc.