YET ANOTHER female teacher is a mess

Publicado el 24 jul 2020
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  • I wanna have a talk with those 70 dislikes...

  • i remember i read about a case where the babysitter was taking advantage of a 13 year old boy she was watching. my boyfriend read along and then finally goes "he probably wanted it. i know how i was when i was 13"... i flipped my shit. needless to say we aren't even together anymore. thank god.

  • If it was a male teacher they wouldn’t have said allegedly -

  • I just want to say that you have a great way with words. It's nice to see someone on youtube with rational and moral opinions like this in this crazy time period. By the way I really like your hair, you look really pretty with that hair style. Have a great day and keep speaking facts.

  • I want an opinion from people because maybe I'm crazy. Is it weird that my current bf told me not long after he graduated he had sex with his ex-teacher? I just felt it was weird. Like the woman was waiting for him to graduate to get with him. Or am I just over reading it and is ok? My bf thought I was being weird for being bothered by that...I dunno personally I wouldn't have sex with a past teacher it still feels like a person of authority over me. And they knew me when I was underaged.

  • I'm tired

  • I had her English l class when this all went down. She was a complete wacko. When talking about herself she called herself a “queen” and said that she naturally thinks she is better than everyone. She was married and always talked about the poor fella but around halfway through the year all pictures of him vanished from her room and she acted like he never existed

  • Here after a month.

  • This is the situation of western society. They have no limit of offence. Go to the root cause. Identify what is permissible and what is not in the society.

  • _she was literally my teacher my freshman English teacher. She was my favorite teacher. It breaks my heart._

  • Not to be nitpicky but I'm gonna be nitpicky- What a mood

  • Even if you step away from the age of the student it's still wrong, simply because of the power dynamic. That's why a University professor sleeping with a student is usually a "scandal" just as well and why a lot of places of employment have a no fraternization rule. If one party has power over the other that makes it easy for them to abuse the situation. Period.

  • this felt so yucky and thank god for online school🤮

  • this topic is so often overlooked when it’s a woman. we don’t like older male teachers with young girls but we let it slide when it’s the opposite? we need to keep the same energy and it’s fucking disgusting that people try to justify it when it is a woman.

  • KENTUCKY. Look up Bullitt Central. It happened at least 3 times since I was there

  • Huh that's weird, I know a girl named Molly Veerkamp

  • At this point I just might homeschool my son

  • I’ve never seen a girl complain about the double standard until I watched her, I really appreciate how she sees things for how they are.

  • This wouldn't be rape, at least not in Ohio, the age of consent is 16. The fact that she's a teacher though would mean she would get fired.

  • loved the wig, queen. ♥

  • This is fucked up because men/boys do get emotionally drained and hurt as much as women/girls do. I love your videos Giulia, I think you always have logical points.

  • Just think about all of the people that think like this but don’t act on it (which is better in a way?) to the ones that act on it that we don’t know about!

  • Amagine if the genders were swapped it would say "teacher rapes student"

  • she taught at my school, they could’ve got her for sooo much more lmao

  • Oh god damn, another one from my home state.

  • When you go back and watch Dawson's Creek... o-o

  • Yeah, the double standard needs to be dismantled. There’s Casey Anthony, Aileen Wuornos, this one cheerleader for a football team (I apologize! I forgot the name of the team) who assaulted one of her son's friends by getting him drunk or something and then preying on him. Not all women are not innocent

  • Love watching your videos. So refreshing to see someone else in my age demographic who sees things the same way I do! I feel as though we are needles in a haystack!

  • The divorce is mentioned as a way to further drag her image to make people disprove of her more for what she did. You are right that it doesn't have anything to do with her crime, but it is common to point out a woman's personal life dysfunctions when she is being reported on for anything negative. It is never enough to just drag her for her crimes, the dragging has to be blown up and dramatic. Misogyny pretty much. A male criminal rarely has his unrelated person life dysfunctions blasted in reports about his crimes.

  • honestly i think it's good you "harp on this"

  • Why in gods name am I just now getting this notification?! This says it was posted 6 days ago?!

  • The only reason I see the divorce being relevant is if the husband knew. Too many times that is the case that women leave men that later are found to have abused children.

  • i actually took the “recently divorced” as worse because maybe she divorced her husband because she’s attracted to minors (?) but who knows

  • it honestly disgusts me how a female teacher can pretty much get away with this but if it was a male teacher, oh my it would be world war 7 with the feminists

  • the strange thing is this wouldn’t be illegal in scotland ... eeeek

  • i remember the Mary Kay Letourneau case and she later married her under age victum. they made national news.

  • As someone who was sexually molested by a teacher when I was in HS and as a mother of a son. I would kill someone if they assulted my son, I don't care what gender they are. I don't care if my son thinks that he "loves" them. That teacher made me think that I loved him and that it was okay, but now that I'm older. I feel so dirty whenever I think about it. He was 38 and I was 15. And I don't want my son to look back at his assult and start to feel pain over it. This is just so heart breaking.

  • This stuff annoys me because it happened to my brother when he was getting bullied. This girl would come up and pinch, kick, and punch him but the teachers didn’t do anything. One day he had enough and pinched her back and he got sent to the principals office

  • 💜🤍💜💜🤍💜 Amazing to see people still fighting the double standard in regards to older women seducing younger underage males.

  • Not to defend this, but the reason I can think of is that he was above the age of consent in that state and wasn't a current teacher at the time. If it was forcible, then obviously the charge will be much greater.

  • my male friends siriously think it's okay if that happend to them -_- they don't understand male victims

  • There's many things I wanted when I was 17, that I am so happy I didn't get, now that I am a 25 y.o., fully mentally developed adult... So even if that 17 year old wanted to do whatever that teacher did with him, doesn't mean it won't affect him once he is able to see everything from an adults perspective...

  • I hate that Everytime I like a video I'm reminded by the small amount of people that dislike it- like what's going on through your head ??

  • I went to a boarding school in the '90's. It was common that teachers( early 20's) would take advantage of students. One girl, a few years older than I, was on a field trip and gave birth in s truck stop bathroom, then proceeded to go on the field trip. Later, someone found the baby hanging out on the toilet( thankfully still alive) and dealt with it in the school way.

    • I knew of some female teachers who were very flirty with some male students. Never heard of anything, however, doesn't meant nothing happened. It's all repulsive.

  • Can you do a video on the #freebritney movement. Thanks!

  • I agree with you about saying she's divorced you never hear that when it is a Male person of authority and yes I threw things and screamed too

  • Did you call it goose bugs 🐛? In the UK 🇬🇧 we call it goose bumps but i actually love goose bugs

  • Regardless of age ie +18 your still considered a minor if you haven't graduated!! It's considered not mentally an adult at least in my state.

    • I live in a really dumb country that has a EXTREMELY low age of consent I hate it here

  • Sex, race, religion shouldn't take president over the CRIME!!!!

  • It's sick and epidemic levels at this point!

  • I just got a notification for this video and I was like “yay I’m a loyal subscriber”... this video came out *4 days ago...*

  • i went to this high school. its amazing with academics and thats about it. they don’t cares about their students and have brushes other cases like this under the rug. it only came to light because the kid bragged about it to all of his friends. this woman taught at other schools and had sexual relationships with other students and walton still hired her so .....

  • the moment one of your favorite youtubers makes a video about your high school teacher

  • I was in my early 20s and had to go into a highschool to pickup something for my job. A high school boy hit on me and all I could think was eww little boy.

  • She sodomized a boy????

  • It’s not SEX. It’s RAPE. I wish they would stop using that terminology. It’s like the media tries to normalize this shit.

  • I’m a whole ass adult now, but while I was in HS, we had a teacher who was very obviously having a sexual and romantic relationship with one of her students. We weren’t friends, but we hung around a few of the same people and none of his friends were really comfortable with it. We all knew it was wrong and weird. This teacher went on to freaking divorce her husband and MARRIES her student as soon as he graduated. Had his baby. Still has her same exact teaching position at this school to this day. Not a single adult said a fucking thing. The world is sick.

    • While at the same time, two male teachers who had inappropriate relationships with female students lost their jobs. Which is absolutely what should happen but it’s wild that this woman has gotten away with it.

    • Also this wasn’t even a thing that happened in our senior year or anything they were full on secretly screwing around and dating when we were all 15.

  • So, in the christian community there is a growing and disturbing trend in which people believe that The Vaccine for Covid-19 has to do with the Mark of the Beast and are pushing believers to not take it when offered. Being that you come from a religious background, contain no patience for BS, and have a huge platform. I would really like it if you could discuss this topic in a later video. It's VERY concerning to say the least for multiple reasons! THANK YOU

  • What state is this? I live in Boone county, Illinois

  • The double standards are indeed very frustrating. It doesn't matter if she was recently divorced and wanted 'male attention', she was wrong and should be punished accordingly.

  • Isn't it illegal for a student and a teacher to do anything romantic, even if the student is above the age of consent?

  • Girl I need more skeleton shirts please!!

  • why do women always get away with sexual assault 😌

  • oooo her outro is cool

  • Can you please run for president I’m pretty sure you’d kick ass!!!!💪🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️❤️ I had a hot teacher in high school he was our history teacher and he made several advances towards me and I was only like 16 and my dad had already warned me about stuff like that and I came home and told my dad and my dad went up to school and told him if he made any more advances than me he was going to be a part of history but not on the good side!!!🥴🥴🥴🤣🤣🤷🏽‍♀️

  • "Recently divorced" was definitely a qualifying, extraneous statement, used to "soften" and excuse the behavior. Remember when you cited an article where an author described the abuser's "blonde hair, tousling around," or something similar? It's another example of that sort of "bad girl romanticism."

  • Gender equality should be applied in all aspects, negative or positive. Including in criminal justice!

  • Idk how to reach out to you, glare, besides here and I chose you in particular because you cover a lot of twitter bullshit. My friend has an eating disorder and has joined a community on Twitter all about it. They call it ED twitter and I found out about his twitter account recently. I see him retweeting people saying “reminder : DONT EAT.” And all the replies are people encouraging each other not to eat? I’m really worried and I fucking hate twitter with it’s weird ass communities encouraging people to harm themselves. I don’t know what to do.

    • twitter and tumblr are some scary places.

  • Thank You for your hard work!!!

  • I had a tutor in college who literally just qualified, he was about 24 he'd also just gotten engaged, then it came out that he was seeing a 16 year old in the college. The legal age here in the UK is 16, but obviously, it's still frowned on. So this guy not only got sacked but had to give up teaching because its on his record. He, rightly, lost everything, including his partner. 2 years later, a female tutor was caught doing the same, all she got was the choice of either apologise to the girl, or leave, she chose to leave and now works in a zoo. It made me beyond angry, both those tutors are scum, but destroying his entire life, but allowing her to have a choice was vile.

  • I think the divorce might be mentioned as it might be part of the motive. So not something that mitigates it but... additional proof?

  • I do agree with you, as I was victimized by my next door neighbor, a married woman who had the Mounties label me a liar, after she gave me alcohol and took advantage of me. It's disgusting!

  • There's something called the Halo Effect which is when we see good traits in attractive people and negative traits in unattractive people.

  • ☺️

  • I don't think that a teacher who happens to fall in love with a student(though in this case I don't think it's love) should be condemned. It completely depends on the actions that they take based on this feeling. They should reject any advances made by the student and if they persist maybe request to switch class as to minimize interaction. If they decide to make their feelings known it should be in a way of wait until the student is no longer a student/is of age. However what this teacher did is absolutely disgusting, from what I see it was her making advances/reciprocating them and this obviously isn't based off of any deeper emotion as she would've cared enough for them to wait, this is purely preying on someone who doesn't know better and taking advantage of her power.

    • Just to clarify when I say student I mean a highschool student/very close to being of age if not already.

  • Complete double standard

  • hella off topic but I love that you’ve kept the same background all this time. I’ve watched you for a long time so it’s kinda nostalgic for me lol

  • you should check chloe roma or @romaarmy on tiktok she made videos saying she would beat her daughters ass if she danced and continued making fun of the child abuse topic as well as she thinks men are oppressed but thats a whole different story

  • I won't even date a man younger than me because of the power difference. Let alone someone I'd have a position of power over. (I'm 26, so like no to 23 year old men)

  • Thank you for differentiating between pedophile and ephebophile. Do I care that much on a personal level? No. But from the standpoint of having more focused and thus more accurate psychological studies with less variables in search of causes/cures, legal punishments, etc. it's important to differentiate the two imo. The fact that women always get away with both at ridiculously high rates still pisses me off though; it's fucked both ways.

  • I have a genuine question, I don’t wanna offend anyone though. Is the sodomy charge referring to the act being done on her? Because I’m just confused about that, I’m guessing so, because she is the woman but I’m just confused on how that works legally ** basically I was asking if the act was done ON her, would it still be considered the charge for that **

    • millipede “on how that works *legally* “

    • Of course, I’m fully aware. Basically I was asking like if the act was done ON her, would she still receive that specific charge

    • Heather J - True Crime you can sodomize a male

  • The power dynamic is icky, not just the age. I feel like if you meet a kid and you’re their teacher it should never occur to you to want a sexual relationship with them.

  • It’s sad that you even have to make these videos. I mean, I’m happy that you have so many subscribers and such amazing content, but it’s sad that there are so many of these problems that it’s enough to become a way to take care of yourself

  • me seeing this and used to go there 🌚

  • the reason they mentioned the divorce could be because she’s using it as an excuse herself. the fact that she’s so aware of what she did makes it seem like that.

  • I agree with you about the double standard. You should make a video about the age of consent laws in different states. In my state at the moment (it might've changed slightly since I learned about it) that a 14 year old can give consent to a sexual relationship as long as the person is between the age of (14-16) and a 15 year old can give consent to a sexual relationship with a person that is (14-17) at 16 you can give consent to a sexual relationship to anyone. They can be 16 or even 90. At 16 you can't buy sex toys and you can't send nude photographs, while you can consent to having sex. What is the logic in that? That's disgusting and I think that is why certain teachers are getting away with having a sexual relationship with a 17 year old.

  • you should look at how the current french president met his wife.... just for fun lol

  • I have an adult male friend in his mid twenties who is a high school math teacher. His female students constantly flirt with him and try to get his attention because he’s a younger teacher. The difference here is that he’s not a piece of shit who abuses his power to have sex with young girls whereas this woman did exactly that. I’m not saying this is what happened here but it definitely happens. I remember being in school and guys would say disgusting things about the younger female teachers. I feel like it’s all talk though, those boys would not know what to do if the teachers returned their sexual advances. It should NEVER happen.

  • Media: **Gender equality** Also Media: **she not pedo tho**

  • There was an old not attractive maths teacher at my highschool to got married to a student once she left school - they had a baby and he still worked at the school till he retired. He made me very uncomfortable. Eugh

  • there is a double standard absolutely // there is also the fact that sex offenders in general just do not get the sentencing that they should

  • okay but is that a wig or ur real hair? if its a wig i NEED a link!

  • Damn u are cute as heck 😄

  • oh my god have y’all seen that video on tiktok where she rips his shirt of even though he pushes their hands away and repeatedly says no

  • girl was raped in a catholic school by one of the boys, girl was expelled for getting pregnant, boy continued to study in school okay, so i over simplified it, girl and boy have been in a relationship for quite a while, but as i've noticed, it was getting a bit manipulative and heard that he was gas-lighting her into doing the deed until eventually she agreed. So of coarse she fell pregnant and when the principal found out, she was expelled, but the boy still remained in my class getting shoulder pats 'cause he just broke up with his girlfriend

  • i hate seeing people say "If that were my son, i'd give him a hi-five" like, NO, if your son were raped or abused sexually and your first response was "'bout time you got laid" then you are undeserving to be a parent


  • Where did you get this hair? I must have it help

  • I always say this, and I will keep saying it til the day i die. ABUSE IS ABUSE! Abuse doesnt discriminate!! This lady needs to be locked away

  • I hate the double standard. It allows the criminal to do the crime again and get away with it