"Women can't be criminals"

Publicado el 21 sep 2020
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  • If McEwan's defense and Dr Pearse were arguing that her role was "rape by proxy," that would make sense -but as you read, she apparently initiated at least one of the CP vids, so... As you pointed out, how does that necessarily mean she's not a risk to re-offend? As an aside, I'm going to cross-stitch you a pillow, and you will love it! I can't guarantee it'll arrive in time for the Solstice or even NYE, but I can guarantee that you'll love it. 😃❤️

  • I’m a woman. If I were to stab Will Smith to death and then rape a thirteen year old, is it okay because I’m a woman? Am I still angelic and pure because of my gender despite what I did? Because if a woman can’t be a pedophile, they can’t be murderers, rapists, etc. Which is just terrifying to think about.

  • This is sick. Predators come in a shapes sizes colors and genders/sexs

  • "Being a human is not my tea" #MOOD

  • Treating women differently than men in the justice system is sexist and anti-feminist.

  • "Alternative sexual entanglements" 😂😂 i dont mean to laugh at such a serious topic but its just the way you say things lol , it makes the video less heavy bc of your humor !

  • Annnnnd this is why I barely tell anyone about the fact that my mother molested me and I never even considered pressing charges (there's no statute of limitations in my country). I usually say that a parent molested me or just that I was molested. The parent one especially sucks bc my dad was always super protective around that shit, it's just that after the divorce my mom got custody bc my dad's in the air force and so he moves a lot so stability and all that. He had visitation rights tbc, every other weekend and holidays. (If he wasn't living in the same city the every other weekend thing wouldn't apply and he'd get extra time in the summer but yea) And this is exactly why they don't have many recorded instances of it. Bc the few times they can't ignore it - they find a way to invalidate it all the same. So victims like me never come forward.

  • I was looking up links from JCS - Criminal Psychology and wound up here. I am at a loss of words at how appalling that this is. I swear, if my jaw could drop any further, it would tunnel through the universe and hit me on the back of the head in an alternate universe like an anvil and keep going. Fucking horrendous miscarriage of justice.

  • “Women can’t be criminals” is the most bs claim I’ve ever heard ANYONE, no matter their gender, race or sexuality, can be a criminal, and should be judged accordingly to the crimes they’ve committed.

  • Not a good video to click on while eating.

  • 25 thousand pedo files - pretty much what I expect from such a waste of human tissue. 50 electronic devices - what? How do you get 50 electronic devices in your house? Capable of video playback - we're talking things like smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers - how much was the power bill for that house? Did they suspect a drug growing operation?

  • What can be more unequal and unjust for men when they say, ‘women can’t be criminals’ and the fact that males serve more jail time than women? Next time any feminist raise their voice for equality they should be immediately confronted with these facts.

  • Humans should die. and if you say woman shouldn't die then that's discrimination. shame on you.

  • Okay, from what I've gathered about BDSM (which isn't much because I'm not that deep into the lifestyle) the whole "master/slave" dynamic is purely a FANTASY BETWEEN TWO CONSENTING ADULTS! Furthermore, when it comes to other dom/sub relationships, the submissive is usually credited with having the real power because it's the dominant's job to make sure their submissive is comfortable with what is going on and to put them at ease so that both parties can enjoy themselves. There's a reason why a "safe word" is included. That's why I take issue with her saying that her "master" made her do it. In a standard BDSM relationship, nobody is actually forcing her to do anything she doesn't want to.

  • I'm at 4:05 min in and I honestly can't listen any longer. That was absolutely horrible and my heart breaks for these children! Like WTF?! OMG I swear😖😖😱😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • i need a throw up warning🤮

  • I didnt even need the descriptions 0.0

  • Wtf?!

  • Cool video, thanks!

  • Me trying to sleep while this video exists:👁👄👁

  • Fucking hell I was NOT ready for this

  • You make so much sense! Just found your channel last night from Rob Gavagan’s live stream. Will definitely be watching more and subscribed!!

  • And if you're so bent on fulfilling someone else's bidding in the pursuit of sexual pleasure, you are a danger to society and being behind bars or in an institution. Period. I'd doubt you're any different than a need-driven animal at that point, tbh.

  • Ironically this sounds psychopathic, but there needs to be a psychopath purge across the planet earth. Look at, ALL THE TRICKS AND EXCUSES that these kinds of people run to in order to justify their own degeneracy. They're a danger to a everyone.

  • The second I heard Toronto home I was like "WHAT AREA. WHATS THE NAME" there's some sick fucks in this city

  • LOL what fresh feminist cringe is this

  • Beyond sickening and infuriating...

  • I- I should have taken more time to get ready. This is so so so fucked. How can women be jailed YEARS for self defense against abusive spouses but not even face a single sentence for such heinous actions?!

  • Also how ridiculously sexist to say that only mem can be sadists and wen masochists. This doctor is a whole shitshow in and of himself!

  • What happened to your mic?

  • I saw a debate years ago on a UK Tv programme called the "The Big Questions" and there was educated, successful people arguing that women should never be sent to prison because they only commit crimes because they have no choice. ie women cant be greedy, malicious, predatory etc.. only men can. It was insane

  • What ...the....fuck....is....wrong...with... people....

  • Who’s baby was she molesting?

  • Sorry for the harsh language but these people how can we call them people do this. I feel like I'm having an out of body experience this is just wrong

  • This is so sad.... despite gender, race, religion, it’s all sick as hell.

  • 25,000....... WHAT THE FACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I don’t get it either. A little girl seen with a grown man is gross and wrong but a little boy seen with a grown woman is seen as the boy scoring or some gross equivalent. Boys and men can be abused and can have unwanted advantages made towards them just as girls and women

  • P3dos make me want to grab a chainsaw The description made me gag

  • I've been sexually assualted and abused by a woman, I don't feel comfortable talking to other people about it anymore since talking is the only way to deal with my trauma. Yet when I do I get "women can't rape, women can't abuse, women can't this, women can't that your weak if you let a woman do this" it's honestly tiring :-(

  • 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢oh god please this world is truly 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮


  • ok I do not want to be associated with humans anymore

  • WHAT THE HELL. She has traumatized a child!!!!!!!!

  • When can we openly murder these people in broad daylight?!? Say the word..... I'm ready

  • I dead ass got the notification this came out 2 days ago.

  • LOL you don't even see men doing crazy nasty stuff like this they can do less and be labeled a predator like what is it have you really heard I never heard no incident up a man making videos and licking a baby bottom and just doing crazy stuff like that it's insane really right when she was reading it that's the first thing that came into my head was pred like I said women can get away with anything I always say it they can get away with murder

  • When I read the title of the video all I thought of all the female criminal podcasts I listen to on Spotify 🤣

  • Why the fuck did i decide to eat before this

  • How someone can hear the descriptions to what she did to that child and say she’s not a pedophile is beyond me.

  • Is this redbars sister?

  • Yeah, that doctor is nuts, and needs to become a patient exclusively ASAP.

  • Women can in fact have paraphilic dissorders, it is in no way because someone told her to do something, being a masochist has nothing to do with it so please to those those dumb fucks who said that it only applys to men explain women who offend and in no way have a relationship with a man and are lone offenders with literally no one elses input hurt a child. In BDSM the submissive whether a man or woman you have the power to say no therefore puts all the power in their hands, anything that diverts from this is not BDSM but is abuse or blackmail. Psychologically speaking humiliation fetish is based on the type of humiliation which is the cause of sexual gratification, it is not random and does prove that she was in fact sexually aroused by sexually assulting a child not just the act of humiliation itself in the presence of her partner.

  • That psychiatrist does not deserve to have their license.

  • When you hold men as higher then woman and give them more and punish them less it’s sexism when you hold women higher then men and give them More and punish them less its also sexism feminism is about putting everyone on the same playing field of rights but mate when you put up these rules in ways that women are better then men its just blatant sexism that harms society just as much as the type of sexism society functions on for thousands of years its both awful and flipping the genders doesn’t make it any less awful

  • Yeaaaa, reading that made me have to restrain myself from punching the nearest living thing out of sheer anger.

  • Thank you for bringing light on this. This behaviour is disgusting. #saveourchildren

  • Off topic but you're beautiful :)

  • BDSM is NOT an excuse. It's only really BDSM if it is consenting, and when they brought a child into it, it was no longer an encounter between concenting adults. It's no longer BDSM. It's abuse. This is absolutely disgusting.

  • Your warning should have said something more like: graphic child sexual abuse. I cannot un-hear what I heard before I quickly shut this video off.

  • right when she read the title i was like ..wtf 👁👄👁

  • I still don’t understand why we aren’t putting pedos in labor camps or gassing them. Once you’ve been convicted death should be the only option for these disgusting individuals.

  • the crimes reminds me alot about the swedish mother i dm:ed you about D:

  • I know quite a few people who think this and one of their reasonings is because of how deep the patriarchy is embedded in our society, women are subconsciously forced to do these acts and they go and just blame the actions of horrible women on men. They believe that women can’t really think or act for themselves and almost everything they do, mostly when it is horrible things, is a result of some type of trauma from living in a patriarchal society.... I just internally face palm and walk away.

  • i appreciate your work in raising awareness about these cringy-ass things, but i have one question: how do you sleep at night?!!?

  • 😔

  • I grabbed something to eat before playing the video - big mistake

  • I’m so sick after hearing this 🤢 🤢 🤢 🤮 🤮 🤮

  • I just wanted to say that you're a rad human ♥

  • Thank God......I'm not the only human that feels like it's not my cup of tea 🦋

  • she deserves way more than what she got. that’s sick and twisted 🤢🤮

  • Wow right when I think things can’t get anymore fukt

  • I've never ever regretted watching something til this... didnt finish it ....kudos for your courage but girl u hafta censor urself...this is sick shit u delve into...

  • I felt physically ill and so angry I am a survivor of child sexual abuse and this has to stop should be made mandatory that child abusers have a bullet between the eyes whether its a man or woman I don't care

    • Agreed. I was abused by both my great grandmother and mother. I think they are all a waste of space and a danger to society

  • This is so insane. We need better education for all

  • I deeply regret eating while watching this...

  • ''Woman cannot be Pedophiles'' Yeah, great joke.. *My younger self begs to differ*

  • as someone who is a sub and a masochist, I threw up in my mouth a little.

  • Are these the same women that believe AC is sexist?

  • *Sees title* "Andrea" "...." "Yates"

  • the double standards are too real

  • I'm a woman and I'm pretty sure I could be a criminal if I wanted to be

  • this is so disturbing. I was literally ":O" ... side note, I love your sweater. Where did you get it?!

  • You warned us, I kept watching and now I wish I didn't have these images in my brain

  • Being a disgusting piece of shit should never be excused. I will always appreciate your screams into the void on subjects like this. There are a lot of us out here screaming with you.

  • I usually always watch youtube while eating breakfast but damn i lost my appetite i almost threw up

  • ❗❗❗I saw this article and it's really disturbing. I hope RTG will see this and talk about it. Someone is stealing pictures of babies and posting it in a pedo website. I'm not sure if this is related to that pedo Web that she talked bout last time. I only have the link to the article. www.google.com/amp/s/metro.co.uk/2020/08/18/mum-horrified-finding-pictures-baby-paedophile-website-13143110/amp/

  • you don't have to be a pedophile to be a child abuser. maybe this woman is not a pedophile, yeah, but she DID abuse a child sexually so she should definetely be registered as a sex offender.

  • But cuties was such a "powerful" and "feminist" movie made by a Sudanese woman of color. Obviously if the director of that movie was a man, well..........it wouldn't have made it to production as the man would've went to jail the FIRST time he watched a child twerk in the audition, and rightfully so, but because a Sudanese woman of color does it, it's now a feminist movie It's this sort of mental gymnastics and selective enforcement of the law that allows double standards to fester. It's crazy that all a man has to do to get on the list is assault a child, but a woman has to be proven to be a pedophile EVEN AFTER she's done all this in order to end up on the list. Just over 25 THOUSAND Child porn images, a child's penis IN HER MOUTH, and you're gonna try and tell me this woman is neither dangerous, a pedophile, nor has a risk of re-offense. If you have that many images, it's a lifestyle. If you commit these crimes against ANYONE, you need to be on the list. If you commit these crimes against a child, you need to be on the list. Full stop. Normal men don't do that shit. Normal women don't do that shit, so doing it is evidence that they need to be on that list and kept away from children.

  • Don't worry that universe is just Canada. Were fucked.

  • Love the emphasis on the BDSM master/slave thing. As if she didn't have enough of a conscience to realise this is beyond fucked up. The only criteria for being a pedophile is being over 18 and human - though that last part is debatable in her case.

  • WHY she did a thing isn't something that should really even be considered in this trial, in my opinion. THAT she did them is what she needs to pay for. BDSM is all about boundaries, about limits, about agreements between partners. No one can force another to do anything--and at the end of the day, she's an adult. She should know better. That little boy has no justice, the courts have failed him.

  • Women want equal rights, RIGHT? So charge this crazy B equal. WTF?🤢🤢🤮🤮🤬

  • Casey Anthony would like a word with you

  • I feel sick

  • Pedos? More like Deados

  • How the fuck can she have a literal MOUNTAIN of evidence against her and STILL have people think she's not guilty?!

  • This double standard makes me spit nails. Enough already. I want off this warped carousel, please.

  • sexism only benefits the worst of people, men and women alike

  • Okay so to those who may not be very educated on BDSM everything done has to do with consent! Children cannot consent! If my sub says he want to do something I’ll research the shit out of it to make sure it’s safe and I’m educated on how to do it safely and what kind of aftercare is going to be required. If he decides he doesn’t want to go through with it at last minute I will not force him! Consent is key in everything!

  • Canada is not nearly hard enough on criminals - especially the female ones. I'm so disgusted

    • We’re a disgrace when it comes to crime and punishment