Woman fills easter eggs with "images"

Publicado el 27 abr 2020
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  • Shit, I wish I would've gotten one of these. I have a box full of weird religious extremist propaganda--- chick tracts, old watchtower mags, weird tracts/pamphlets (including one that says WWJD - WHO WOULD JESUS DESTROY, with a list like "witches, yoga-doers, rock muscians, gays, psychics "), stuff from the Family International, I love collecting this crap cuz it's always so weird. The only thing better is seeing a car with fucked up sayings and bible verses written all over it (and there are several in my town)

  • I know it's not that funny but I'm just laughing my ass off

  • Homophobic and extreme religion shit makes my blood boil in a different way

  • Yikes as a christian this angers and saddens me

  • I want a deodorant that’s Elon musk flavored

  • Woah woah woah. V is like being on ecstacy, mdma, speed, coke and meth OKAYY 😂 LMFAO .. this is messed up tho.

  • I don't like em' puttin porn in the eggs that turn the freaking priests gay

  • idk if that’s a wig or your real hair in this video but girl it is *immaculate* on you absolutely f l a w l e s s

  • a square of cloth, any type of cloth, is a prayer cloth...

  • fun for the whole family!

  • It's citrus (like sister, not psychic) & the "h" in herbal is silent, so like "erbal". I giggled when u said it

  • Sorry i hate ads. And really think the pretty wrappers and ink is a waste pile that keeps getting bigger and piling up in America.( like a Indian standing and looking down on a pile of trash and tears running down his face.) to many boxes and logos! But really , I cant afford 3 deodorants for $35.00, plus tax and delivery. Thats to rich for me.😪 So what did the crazy religious freak do? Oh sorry another ad popped up flying cheese balls cant skip... Freezes up... Skip.. Two ads now. Huh great. Oh well tired of story now.

  • I laughed and I feel bad but it’s funny.

  • random Italian speaking Julia renews my wishes to learn Italian

  • " The question were all thinking is- " Ad: *_DEPRESSION.._*

  • Of course it was in Florida!

  • I hate religion. *I support free speech.* This was a case of heckling and harassment and she should be fined or forced to do community service. Jesus do be kissing dudes tho.

  • I think the goldfish is supposed to be the jesus crackers and the grape flavor packet is supposed to be the wine. Dollar store Jesus club in an egg.

  • Something tells me you don’t wanna know what the square of tp was for

  • The way you said citrus caught me off guard

  • I question humanity😞😞😞

  • That is your worth. One goldfish

  • I forgot your Italian haha. Threw me off when you said her name

  • Why? Why do people do this? This is why freedom of religion should be restricted. I don’t give a flying fuck what religion you follow, but if you’re using it as an excuse to harm others, that’s when it crosses a line.

  • If this was a Man they would have Gave him prison, register as sex offender etc! She targeted children therefore she should b charged jus as a man would have been for doing something like this!

  • Of course this happened in Florida....

  • I don’t think that she wanted to target children. Egg is a Christian symbol. (Nevertheless, I totally agree that it was inconsiderate to put explicit photos into an egg, that seems like a fun toy for a child)

  • Florida man's wife is weird af

  • A homophobic rant about...electric and magnetic fields...awesome.

  • When Florida pigs haven't seen it before, you know it's weird.

  • I mean, a fish is the other symbol for Christianity, so maybe she put one goldfish in there as a symbol? Or she wanted to split fishes between hundreds of people like Jesus did lol

  • I think the toilet paper was symbolizing Jesus as "the bread". The grape flavoring was the wine or "his blood" and the single fish is also a symbol of Jesus, along with a story in the Bible where Jesus walked on water and gave the fishermen plenty of fish for a very long time. (That's the gist of the story for you to understand.) But the porn part has got me beat.

  • "The churches never have time to speak to me." Lady they don't owe you anything.

  • A perfect Florida woman occurrence

  • “Can you spare a square?’ 🤨

  • When the teenagers suddenly want to be part of the Easter Egg Hunt. •_•

  • It's always Florida. (Either that or Australia)

  • She probably put in the goldfish cracker and grape drink bc of the thing that they do in church where they drink wine and eat bread or crackers idk why tho I'm not religious

  • If these are the people I think they are, ESmain went through a couple of months of recommending their videos to me. 'The bibleisthemarkofthebeast' or something. I would dearly love to know why ESmain, in its infinite wisdom, would consistently suggest religious zealots and I wonder if anyone else got these suggested.

  • Wait so they received an Easter egg with gay porn and their biggest concern was covid 19? That doesn't really make sense to me lmao

  • Hi Huntington Beach? That's where my aunt lives lmao

  • I get my news from a deadpan goth girl and a screaming Swedish man

  • "I'm damn near about to mail this person in jail bc I NEED to know" lmaooo ily

  • Can I please get info on that wig? Beyond cute

  • Florida civilians. Am I right?

  • ... as a Christian of the Independent Baptist faith, I hereby dub this woman PSYCHO. She is onto something with the idea of churches 'rewriting the Bible', as many 'preachers' in this day and age just wanna tickle the ears and please the flesh rather than preach truth (Usually so they can get more tithe and offering money. Megachurches in general, anyone?), but everything else she's doing is absolutely insane. You wanna get the word out? Yes, you're supposed to share the Gospel, but not by PUTTING PORN IN MAILBOXES WITH CHILDREN AS THE INTENDED RECEPTORS. You don't just force it on people in such a way! That's basically what Romans 14 is about!

  • The grape skittles are the wine he turned out of water and the one fish is this one fish Jesus fed to 100 people (that's why on Good Friday the Christians eat fish) . The porn is maybe the dark side of us and Jesus sacrificed himself to. The toilet paper is this shroud - cloth-thing Jesus was wrapped in when he was "buried" in the cave I guess

  • I mean I'm reading into this but the fish could reference Jesus feeding the crows and the drink could symbolise his blood (usually symbolised by red wine or other similar coloured liquids)

  • Not about the video…. but about the sponsor: I LOVE Native deodorant I have used several other natural deodorants and they all burned my pits and made them a dark hideous color. I appreciate the cupon….. and might use it twice!

  • "Went on a homophobic rant about "quantum" and "magnetic fields", sexually transmitted diseases, and the bible..." I had to listen to that like three times and i am still completely confused

  • This story is.....bizarre. But its 2020 so it makes sense.

  • The gold fish could have been symbolic for the ichthus?

  • Not surprised she's from Florida

  • 'sci-truss'????

  • When she said “boh” I felt that

  • ok before watching this i literally bought native deodorant rip ;_;

  • The fish is often used as a symbol for Jesus/ christianity so maybe that was the symbolism of the single goldfish. i do know that white cloth is also symbolic in the bible but im not sure what it symbolizes

  • I knew this had to have happened in Florida before I even started the video

  • Psychoses?

  • What I have been taught is that all sins are essentially equal. What makes people different is how they try to better themselves and ask for forgiveness or they don't and they continue to sin. Even if being gay is a sin, it doesn't make it the worst and it definitely doesn't give anyone the right to spread hate or attack them. Christianity should be about respecting others and spreading love, not hate. I think everyone who isn't deranged would agree that murder and sexual assault would be far worse.

  • these comments have me ROLLING

  • Great sponsor this time I love that deodorant

  • *sy-trus* But we are all just gonna ignore that because, well, it’s you.

  • Maybe the toilet paper is supposed to symbolize the rapture? Since the shortage is a consequence of the pandemic? Lmaoo I picture the god warrior lady from trading spouses

  • I love your intro so much !!!! Also love your videos, nice to have someone who's sane on ESmain :)

  • As a Christian I’ll say that what this woman did is NOT something we support like bro no. She most likely needs some mental help and wasn’t thinking clearly. I hope she gets the help she needs.

  • Only in Florida.

  • sigh-trus, eh? (ily no hate just thought it was funny you said sit-rus like that)

  • Everyone’s talking about magnetic fields but not quantum :T I IDENTIFY AS A *QUANTUM FIELD* NOW, NONE OF YOU MORTALS CAN STOP ME

  • 3:31 I could guess what the square of toilet roll is for but well lets not go into that lol

  • I’m Christian and Bisexual, and these people give us a really bad reputation. They are really disrespectful and umm, *odd*. This is not how to preach the word of God, simply doing kind actions is preaching our message, not doing this or getting a megaphone and saying it in a busy street where nobody cares and will make fun of you.

  • heyo, its pronounced "SIH TRIS" not "CY tris" heheh, maybe cytrus is an italian way of pronouncing it? idk lelel

  • Water is a chemical and natural doesn’t mean better... I do love your videos but natural is not a regulated term and natural skincare is almost a scam. I do love your videos but that sponsor... jeez

  • Her name is Abril? What?

  • Lol egg

  • I mean the Bible WAS rewritten 50 times over 50 centuries for political expediency, but this lady is crazy. I also believe most preachers are misinterpreting the Bible, but how was this the right interpretation of what you should be doing? This is some weird fundamental shit.

  • I’m guessing she put the gold fish and skittles drink as some sort of crackers and wine replacement- but it’s- whY-

  • The one single goldfish lmao

  • If she was a man, she’d be slapped hard in the face with a Pedo charge

  • The single goldfish and skittle drink are poor man's version of those little bread and wine sips at church. The blood and body of Christ.

  • Why is it always florida

  • What’s the song on her intro

  • You know I'm not even surprised when something about a Floridan person doing something crazy comes up

  • The TP represents Jesus burial cloth?

  • She's behind bars...no bail and now she's enjoying getting 3 hots and a cot...plus the older ladies humping her....is her way of coming out!.

  • The skittles drink was grape flavour- symbolises wine? Goldfish could be both for bread and fish. Or bread from communion. I'd say the porn itself wasn't the point, rather just a "proof" to show other sexualities outside of hetero is in Cretonis mind wrong. But the religious scroll was more the point, whatever it said. Just a thought to connect the items in the egg.

  • Are we just gonna ignore that her last name is Nageldinger

  • schizophrenia?


  • "First I think the question we're all thinking is-" Random Ad: *depression.*

  • Only in Florida

  • She on that Flakka

  • Florida. The only US state that this stuff is 100% likely to happen.

  • so as a kid i would see super sexualized commercials and it made me realize i liked girls. cause kids are like that. So by exposing kids to gay porn she's potentially making some kids realize they might be gay or bi. also what the fuck shows children porn. why would that fix anything.

  • cytris

  • me:confused *see's it's in Florida* me: ohhhhhhh

  • Florida is another world 🌎

  • Love how you said "citrus" as "seyetris"

  • That is your worth, one goldfish

  • Omg that hair is gorgeous