"Whelming" a new dating term nobody asked for...

Publicado el 16 sep 2020
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  • I love love love those nails!

  • As a male on dating apps: yeah women definitely do this too.

  • Bumble marketed to guys to give themselves more confidence. Because other dating apps are more for women and what they choose or want. But boy did they run a mile with that little bit to start feeling themselves. I’m glad I met my husband in person. Because dating apps killing peoples personalities.

  • I know women who have dating apps purely for self esteem reasons. They dont plan to go out with any of the men on the app, they just like seeing how many men are interested in them...which is really sad. Self esteem and confidence should come from within. It says a lot that many women are so narcissistic that they need to be validated by how many strange men are attracted to them..

  • Hey pitch this to George Lucas , "Rise Of The Reverse Incels" !

  • Are you a trunswaman? No hat comet plz

  • "why do women like stuff?"

  • I'm a female and I HATED using dating apps because my inbox would be spammed with men looking for random one night stands or men who sounded like predators asking me very raunchy questions. I simply blocked them as they appeared and deleted apps and moved on if they became too much of a nuisance.....

  • Why do people still read these magazines? They've had a reputation for being bs for like 50 years

  • They still hold fish on tinder. It's a little strange but you do you

  • 9:57 wow that fanart is so good

  • why are we calling it that? its narcissism. its flat out arrogant and egotistical - with purpose. made to let the other person know "im know im better than you. but look im giving you some time out of my crazy, super busy, important dating life. every girl/guy wants me, but you may have a chance. oh the struggle." - fuck you, here ill make it easy, you're too busy, there's the door, ill see myself out,


  • Does Shoe on Head know about this?

  • Damn and here I thought we finally starting to use “whelming” as a term for when your not overwhelmed or underwhelmed, you’re just kinda “whelmed” 🤣

  • Who does not love brunch and tacoes? Mimosas, pancakes, melons, and susages for breakfeast is awesome.

  • The term "whelming" doesn’t even fit with what the writer is talking about. "A phenomenon in which a male shares how completely _overwhelmed_ he feels..." The definition already says how he feels. He’s OVERWHELMED. So the term doesn’t even make sense.

  • We have words for this already. Overwhelmed. And really why can't guys just handle their own stuff? Like how about, don't talk to everyone at once? Moderate yourself. Guh.

  • The sad factor is women do it too, the article writer is acting as if its a gender thing. It's not.

  • Who doesn't like brunch and tacos? Now that is a red flag lol

  • What do we call Douche bag writers who tmake up new terms

  • This is a stupid word! I agree… We don’t need another word for someone being an asshole. If anyone ever brags to a romantic interest about other romantic interests they don’t GAF about you! That’s incredibly rude, disrespectful, and shallow. There are some people in this world… Narcissists… Who will never love another person more than they love themselves. That is not a battle you will ever win.

  • Of course it’s exclusive to boys! Because the ratio of boys to girls on dating apps is 100 to 1.

  • I’m studying for the GRE and I have 500 flash cards, it’s so funny to me when in the “related words” there’s like 5. WE DONT NEED NO MORE WORDS SIS

  • Ew they took Robin’s slang from Young Justice and made it fboi lingo?

  • I think it might still be a gendered thing, but just because this looks a lot like pick-up artist behavior. Women can obviously be assholes too, but there's certainly a "trend" (as the article says) of men looking to these kind of "techniques", so it might have made it popular to behave that way.

  • I’ve talked to my girlfriend about having too many men thirsting after me but I didn’t talk to the men about it because that’s rude. But my complaints were also coming from a different app that has a different vibe and environment and that I wasn’t interested in any or at least most of the men expressing interest in me.

  • LOL not overwhelming or underwhelming. Just whelming? Sounds boring from the term itself. Also you know what’s a good word for bragging? BRAGGING!

  • the inner italian really came out when she pronounced “prada” lol.

  • In Australia we already have a term for that it's called being a c*nt.

  • Dude do people think about how much more exposure this stupid “cuties” movie is and how many more people are watching merely to give their take on it... which is always one of two ways to see it.. you are disgusted about it... or you’re okay with it. I mean I kinda get that ppl think they’re doing their part by alerting ppl to this movie and that it’s bad and exploiting children... but guaranteed this movie has gotten 95% more views bc of all the exposure of it which is good for the movie and supports the film and it’s creators which is so backwards that it’s baffling

  • Jeffery star😜😜😜

  • Yeah, this is dumb. The person who wrote that probably just needed to come up with something to publish and was grasping at straws.

  • Weird question is it anyone’s birthday? If it is happy birthday! 🎉🎂 🎁

  • Isn’t Whelming a line from Young Justice?

  • Whelming is a term that I can connect to the first episode of Young Justice

  • You can be overwhelmed and underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed? I think you can in Europe lol sorry I had to. Love all your videos ❤

  • Red Pandas stand on their hind legs to appear more threatening its adorable

  • teenies is over rated, imm 77 a grandad and great grandad, been married for 54 years. im not a pedo or have any sexual inclinations towards kids, except to make sure they stay safe. SO watching this movie with my granddaughter who is 22 we found no exceptions in this movie to the normal things you can see happening in all walks of life, that is if you lift your eyes away from the skyer mirrors and open your eyes around you........... look at what some mothers do to their little girls when they put them into these very young beauty contests..... just our opinion ol cheers

  • Why do they writr like they talk?? It's annoying enough when you hear it, in writing it's enfuriating

  • Imma just guess that he's not only not used to getting a lot, but because Bumble requires women to make the first move, they are the ones bombarding him with demands and he feels like he has to please them all. Not a log of guys get lots of matches online, since it's almost unheard of. It's known that women get swiped on by lots of guys, but it's not like that the other way around.

  • Crying all the way to the bank would get old real fast for either a man or woman forced to listen.

  • you should listen to the "Hot Ape" TED talk

  • I’m over whelmed with these new terms.

  • I love Red Pandas. They are precious and need help. That's the important thing in this video.

  • There really shouldn’t be a term for this lmfao. It’s just called being an ego ass basically. But I definitely agree with you. Though idk if it’s just me... but I feel like this annoys this person soooooo much that they decided to write this whole article just to vent. But that could just be how I viewed it.

  • I wish I was whelming or however you'd say it

  • I DID notice guys doing this. It’s very obvious that you’re lying & an automatic swipe left.

  • Sounds like these 'whelming' guys are taking pick up artist courses and pretending that they're in high demand. When in actuality they probably aren't, as is the standard male experience on dating apps.

  • Sounds like its just negging

  • Jeffree Star 🤣

  • the "um jeffree star" SENT MEE

  • Like from young justice but I'm guessing not that definition

  • Isn't the internet just soooo entertaining?

  • wait isnt whelming a term that was sorta invented the batman beyond show lol

  • 80% of the women chase only 20% of the men, if this woman is having a problem with men "whelming" it is because she is shooting way past her own SMV OR she is projecting her own behavior onto men.

  • Use ur “holy water” I have noticed that u have nt done that in a while kinda miss that quirk lol

  • He totally does sound like a man-child-baby though. That part was hilarious.

  • Isn’t this an old trick. You make your time seem scarce and that the person that is hitting on you would be lucky to have them. People need to stop acting like when they notice something for the 1st time that it’s completely new.

  • "I know you can be underwhelmed, and you can be overwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?" "I think you can in Europe"

  • Fun fact: Here in Chile we have a ton of dating levels: pinchar (we have a romantic vibe and fool arround, but nothing serious. No excusive with one another) andar (a little more serious that pinchar, but not official dating yet, still not exclusive). Pololear (oficial dating, mutual exclusivity, you can been "pololos" for years, have kids together etc). Novios (is like engaged). Married. Maybe I forgot some.

  • I know you can be underwhelmed, and you can be overwhelmed... But can you ever just be, like, whelmed? ... I think you can in 2020.

  • This reminds me of when I was a teenager and thought someone would love me if I put the time in to "fix" or "help" them. Just let people be

  • Good content that certainly had me thinking. I agree that behaviour is toxic but the word 'whelm' is a old and the root semantics are similar to overwhelm, over-whelm is a superlative form. I actually though its usage in the example you provided was quite clever; I interpreted it as conveying 'your attempt to overwhelm me is underwhelming'. www.etymonline.com/word/whelm

  • 10 Things I Hate About You. Chastity: I know you can be underwhelmed, and you can be overwhelmed, but can you ever just be, like, whelmed?

  • Hardly a new concept, I guess we know what she watched before writing that drivel... “I know you can be overwhelmed, and under whelmed, but can you actually be whelmed?” ~ Bianca Stratford: Ten things I hate about you, 1999

  • when the accent jumped out on versace and prada..... the culture......

  • So guy assholes who are probably lying about how many conquests he has to try tricking women into dating them because he's "so unattainable." I'd rather call them a D bag, but okay. 😏

  • I feel overwhelmed as a woman on dating apps for the same reasons as the guy in the article, but I don’t tell the guys I’m chatting with about it lol

  • I'm gonna be real, there are definitely moments you can be on Tinder, you've been swiping a while (also just kind of for fun) and first you maybe just have 2 matches that talk to you, most matches after all don't start talking to you so you continue swiping, but then you end up with a whole bunch of people talking to you and some of those people who were quiet before also suddenly messaging. That can definitely be a bit overwhelming, I've tried to juggle 5 conversations at the same time on Tinder and that is already pretty hard because it's hard to keep up with who said what and it get's confusing, some people also demand a lot of attention right away. I don't think it's narcissistic to tell people you find it overwhelming to talk to multiple matches, but why would you say that TO a match? That's something you talk to your friends about. Also if you're a bisexual you'll get a lot of couples trying to chat you up, guys disguised as girls, and girls that are immediately really intense so it's a whole other experience. So it's not so much about bragging but more just venting about the shit you come across.. Because to be fair, online dating is always a crapshoot.

  • Isnt this a term Robin uses in Young Justice

  • ☝️ This is narcissism miss READY TO GLARE To the 1% who's reading this Stay safe,god blessyou and have a wonderful day

  • I mean I agree that they're terrible assholes but its not just something men do on dating sites. As someone who goes for both men AND women I see this bragard mentality in just as many women as men. When you unmatch them women are more likely to explode on you because you "wasted their time cause they werent even into girls" and then block you before you could even respond.

  • I haven't dated in years over every girlfriend I had got influenced to do drugs and alcohol by my own friends.only fell in love twice and doubt I can ever find another faithful kind lady to date .

  • Ok so I just found this channel, why is she giving me the best ‘tea spiller’ vibes like ever? Slayyyyy

  • I'm a potato couch with a fat belly, beard and earrings. I am 5"8' and I wouldn't probably get any match there. On the contrary, a 6"2' guy, "good looking" would take all the "lolnicelooking" matches. That's why all the women encountered those guys lol.

  • JEFREE STAR LMAO I love the shade and I laughed harder than I should have but the was great

  • underwhelming , overwhelming, whelmbling free the whembles of whembleton single are are....

  • It’s weird to hear people correctly pronouncing Versace even tho donatella has raged about it several times lol

  • Ok but “whelmed” from Young Justice

  • Is it just me, or isn't this 'whelming' thing (ick, I shudder just using this term) just another form of negging? I feel like the responses that the guys mentioned in this article are hoping to illicit from their audience would be the same: getting the person to devalue themselves, create an unhealthy power dynamic, or that they are some scarce resource that people must clamber for. On the other hand, the people using this technique could be using it as a very, very misguided way of trying to start a conversation; trying to draw another person into their 'mystery' or for shock value. It feels like a game, or a test and I am not personally up for that. Either way, devaluing the person your trying to talk with to provoke interest is yucky. Please don't engage with this if you come across it - you are worth so much more ✨

  • Frankly, I'm always just amazed and amused by a lot of the arseholes on online dating platforms. Like, I consider these things a bit like when you're writing a CV or something, you're selling yourself. So like on a CV I wouldn't passive-aggressively comment on superficial things I don't like about all the organisations floating about my local area, I have no idea why people think that sort of shit belongs on a dating profile.

  • Aw imagine getting matches ☺️

  • The weirdest part is that i get where you're coming from, but I think they're just making an observation about how a bunch of guys are on dating apps in their area. I have encountered this and it's kinda cracking me up. There are guys that are like "dont swipe on me if you have anything about tacos or brunch in your bio" or some other really weird hangup like "dont talk to me if you even know what ur star sign is". there are people who are like "ill probably hate you" " you wont understand me" or "I get so many swiped I probably wont respond" in their bio, Obviously you don't swipe on these people. I have swiped on people who seem normal just to have them call me names just because I thought it was weird of them to send me a dick pic out of nowhere or didn't want to meet at their house on a first date so they get mad. Obviously, you just stop talking to those people, but does that mean we can't have a conversation about why people act like that and how weird it is? Idk. I don't see what they said thats really wrong. *need to edit* I don't think this is emotional labor. I also don't think the term "whelm" fits.

  • I have a friend of mine that does whemling because he apparently sleeps with a lot of the women he meets on tinder. I had to ask him to stop because he was bringing down other people around him when it he did it. This especially in VRchat which attracts a lot of people with depression and social anxiety where it's obviously shitty to ego stomp these people. I feel women tend to do this less because they are less likely to brag about it. I have at least never encountered a woman who did this. They are also more likely to be overwhelmed because there are more men on dating services when compared to women. It just seemed they ghost you is if they encounter a man of greater interest to them then you.

  • I know it's not very pc to say this, but I'm in a crabby mood, so I don't care today. Flat out, this chick sounds basic and kinda annoying, so big surprise that the guys she's matching with are self-absorbed assholes. I'd wager that she's attracted to the trust fund frat boy look, and those guys are usually full of ego and lacking in substance, so... Then again, I might just be overly annoyed that she's trying so hard to coin a new term, and that the term is really stupid, and will probably become a thing.

  • this is what happens when you disconnect humans from each other the first time they meet, usually. you have a better time reading behaviors while in person, however if you're intuitive enough you can easily read when someone's full of shit on these interfaces versus someone that's genuine. men are mostly guilty of this absolutely, however ive witnessed women doing this before as well.

  • I love me just offended that they took whelming from our king dick grayson

  • Me: oh fragances. Sound good. Too bad I cant smell a thing

  • praying for you before you watch cuties

  • If you've got 'to many women talking to U...don't add them😑

  • I know you can be overwhelmed and underwhelmed but can you ever just be whelmed I think you can in europe

  • This term is just disrespect on Dick Grayson

  • people copying Robin from young justice. at least be creative

  • hahaha assholes you rock

  • Dafuq

  • Great, now I think I need to get Botox from frowning so much through this whole thing people are stupid.

  • Renaming and re-branding people who can just be easily called an “asshole” is really damaging, as people disassociate these people from negativity. Don’t call them MAPs, just call them pedophiles

  • Some douchebags will start using it like stanning and whatever else the kids are saying these days. Lol

  • Whelmed was a term created by Dick Grayson. I don't stand for this.