Weird Case #1: a priest and a typo

Publicado el 19 abr 2021
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  • this is absolutely hilarious

  • You know, this story made me laugh.

  • Ooo I need this series

  • Story #1: Always wait for your Postmates before the threesome. Lesson learned.

  • Church: That priest damaged our precious altar with his naughty demon sex! He must reimburse us for damages! Also Church: Burns their own altar 🤣

  • Love this 🖤

  • I apparently live in Narnia, the sponsored website is not available in my country

  • At least he kept it consensual

  • You can't arrest people for being kinky. That's illegal. But who do you call when you've been arrested illegally?

  • I just feel like we missed the opportunity to plug-in the ad for Grammarly If YOU want to fake your death to not take accountability for your committed crimes, use Granmarly!

  • Man, had I been the person who saw the Ménage à trois of a priest and a couple dominatrix on a catholic alter I would have just minded my own damn business. I’m nosey but I’m not *that* nosey

  • Maybe they thought it was demonic because of how sacrilegious having a man of god having kinky threeway sex in a church on an altar is.

  • I live in pearl river. I never even heard about this first case wtf

  • This is the content I love to see 😂

  • Not sure if it helps but the plural "dominatrices" is correct, at least in french.

  • That threesome sounds so hot! I wish I could have been the peeping Tom haha

  • Catholic Church after learning of a priest molesting children:It never happened, they are liars who unjustly accuse this man of God. We'll just move the priest to another place so he can have peace. Also Catholic Church after to have learned that a priest had a threesome with two adult and consenting women: He is a devilish monster, kick him out of the church and burn the furniture where he had sex!

  • I really enjoyed this video because it’s dark and entertaining but not so dark i feel dirty after watching it

  • I’m both embarrassed and amused to have the same last name of a man who forgot to use spell check when faking his death. 😂🤦‍♀️

  • Catholic church like hey hey hey let's keep it to touching & destroying kids ... THE ALTER. . .. .This was demonic 😂

  • is it bad that i chuckled ?

  • I like this idea but still laughing at the typo

  • "that was very metal of them" made me laugh so hard, I heard it in the voice of Nathan Explosion.

  • I looked it up, both dominatrixes and dominatrices are correct. So use whichever your heart desires lads lmao

  • bail was set at $1 WHAT

  • i need more videos like this omg

  • Reminds me of a joke i heard where a priest dies and then a businessman goes to South America, and emails his family saying "its so hot down here, can't wait for you to visit" but he accidently sends it to the priests wife and she has a heart attack

  • The Alter was burned because it was desecrated. Holy items, blessed items, anything in those terms cannot simply be "gotten rid of" - if you wish to maintain respect for that item. Burning is a way that an item like that is respectfully removed. This doesn't just apply with christian beliefs, but this also includes Occult items, etc.

  • Whoever found that scene could have trolled the priest so hard. Take a picture of it and send it to him in a text saying he has to do a Church service in a furry mask if he doesn't want me posting the picture. Or something.

  • It's dominatrices. Just like matrices.

  • Fred Fredburger.

  • That's the most NOLA thing I've heard in a while... Just..

  • Please more! This is so great!

  • I think you're gonna like this story, straight from my beautiful home of Brazil. A simple mason started to preach to a handful of people, and so one of the woman he was preaching to, came to him saying she had a dream she would give him a child. He misread some very out of context part of the bible and thought that was a "permission" for them to have relations. Both of them were already married, mind you, and carried on with the thing, happily as ever. The kind of mistake he was basing this whole ordeal on? In portuguese, "adulteress" (a woman who is not faithfull) is written as "adúltera". BUT "adultera" (almost the same spelling) is the verb "to adulterate". It is a writing in the bible that talks about forgiving unfaithful women, that he misread (ops) and thought it was actually about "to adulterate a woman". When confronted, he looked like a total fool in national television:

  • To be honest, as a Catholic, I’m glad that the church burned the altar. I believe in people doing what they want in the bedroom and that the church shouldn’t be involved in private matters in the home as long as it between consenting adults, but to defile one of the most sacred elements of our religion is beyond disgusting. And for a priest to do it? I think they’re right to describe it as borderline demonic. He of all people should know how terrible that was.

    • It's an altar, a place of sacrifice and power. Yes, a place of sacrifice, a place where blood is shed.

  • Not me knowing exactly where that church is becuse I used to go to it 👁👄👁

  • I used to watch all of your videos, but I stopped watching your other crime videos because I got a bit burned out from content of that nature. I really enjoyed this video though and I hope you continue this series. ❤️

  • Can you make one on Alex Wassabi grooming his niece on his latest video... he has 11mil ESmain subs and he has been hiding peoples comments expressing disappointment

  • Lol what sends me is that the links to the artists also have typos (in the description)

  • I thought this was about Velocipastor 💀

  • Okay, this was not was rebellion against not connecting with women passionately. Being denied something makes it so more problematic, emotionally and mentally. The suppression popped and now a display of fornication on the alter. Faking own death to escape prosecution...coward!

  • I think I'm the only straight dude that watches your channel

  • bail was $1 😭😭

  • I tried Shudders free trial and i couldnt even get a movie to play 🤬

  • As a Catholic I'm ashamed. Hope he got excommunicated.

  • A bit of context, when things are consecrated in the Catholic Church they can’t just be thrown out, they’re typically buried, but with large items such as alters that’s difficult. Hence the burning.

  • When she said he got caught because of the font I couldn’t help but imagine the death certificate to have been in Comic Sans for some reason

  • Do you need to rent an off site storage unit for your wigs? You must have about 5000 of them! ♥️♥️♥️

  • These were great. They made my day 😂 But, I have to say, as excessive as I feel the diocese's reaction was- they, themselves, could avoid a whole lot of scandals if they would just accept that human beings have human urges and allow their clergy to engage in consensual adult relations. 💁🏼‍♀️

    • I agree but I also believe that this was largely triggering for the Church because he desecrated the altar.

  • Well, I’m not sure what to think

  • I was a fan of your content until I started digging through your backlog and couldn't unsub fast enough for your videos that shame drug addicts. Let's take a look inward, lady. Why do YOU feel like this is your duty to keep dragging people who are already being dragged?

    • Did you ever watch her video about her addiction to drugs?

  • I cannot stop laughing at the first one 😂😂 SO METAL OF THEM 😂😂😂

  • Classical philologist here: dominatrix, plural dominatrices. You're welcome

  • Can this please be a running series on your channel

  • I mean they probably put their naked booty on that altar, girl. Thats unsanitary.

  • you should cover the marka lee bodine case!!

  • It's almost refreshing to see a case of sexual misconduct by a priest that only involves consenting adults.

  • Fun fact: Catholics have a patron saint for unattractive people. I'd be forgiven if I was catholic lol.

  • This was such a missed opportunity for a grammarly sponsorship

  • "corset clad" as an insult... The entire costube/historical dress community groans in excruciating pain

  • Hi Julia, how are you doing? Have you heard about this new "punk band" called Tramp Stamps??? It's a reall shitshow, you should look them up. Love your videos! U3U

  • It is believed that holy things should not be thrown away, but burned. Maybe that's why they burned it?

  • Damn, that priest straight up did a cannonball into sin 😂

  • Ahhh love stories from my hometown.

  • What did they do to that poor altar to cause over $500 worth of damage??

  • when servicing god isn't the kind of sub you want to be

  • Yeah...totally legit content😊

  • What crime had occurred in the first one? I can see why he would be given the boot by the church and face their punishments and whatever. But why were the arrested? They didn’t ruin the dumb alter except make God not want to use it anymore. I’m sure that priest squirted his holy fluid all over that church! So what about all that stuff? The dominatrixes especially shouldn’t be penalized! They probably didn’t even go there!

  • If the church was as quick to remove priests that are predators as they were to burn the altar...

  • This would’ve been the perfect WTF News had DS was never a creep.

  • I love the train to Busan movies. When I got Nord VPN I started watching Korean Netflix and man do they have some good movies!!! I don’t have a problem with them burning the altar because to them that’s a secret place and you’ve now desecrated it and whether we believe in that religion or not they have the right to do that! Especially with him being part of the church!🙏🏽🙌🏽

  • Ok-ok-ok-! Hear me out! Stories like that but told on w h a c k y w e d n e s d a y

  • I thought the same about the plural.

  • If I were the person passing by, I'm coming to church EVERY week! 🍿😂

  • Bob Burger 🍔

  • I think this is a good idea. We need some not so serious and weird things in our lives

  • in the first story, if only the person walking by the church had minded their business

  • I have to say this: I'm not Catholic but I do have an Altar in my home & if someone did something on/with it that my religion didn't agree w, I would burn it.

  • It’s always the Catholic priests that end up sus.

  • Honestly, the priest is my idol. Hentai protagonist icon.

  • Lol our country in a nutshell. 😂

  • That gives fuck the church a interesting new spin...

  • The Instagram links are misspelled in the description


  • Bruh🥸

  • All I can say is: at least the women in the first story were well-within the legal age of consent.

  • I love this so much!! They burn it 😂😂😂😂

  • banging dominatrices is better than a couple of kids, i would think. probly why the bishop got so mad, they don't care if it's kids, but god forbid it's with full grown women

  • I was raised Catholic and they told me that anything that is "holy" has to be either burned or buried not too sure why, I assume its a respect thing or sumn

  • I wonder if they burned the alter out of biohazard sanitation reasons and not spiritually.

  • Dominatri'

  • New life goal; have a 3some with a priest on a church altar

  • Something similar happened here in Australia (I'm pretty sure), where someone was impersonating a psychologist and they were submitting forms/notes to the court for their "client", but they had misspelled the word 'psychologist' numerous times, and if anyone should know how to spell psychologist it should be psychologists 😅 they ended up getting charged anyway.

  • will this be like a series??? pleaseee

  • I like this style of video but would be down for longer video covering a couple more weird crimes

  • There are rules to how Catholic alters get removed.

  • I just want to tell you that I’m in an extreme depression trying really hard to not just let myself rot and die and ESmain has been the only thing taking my mind somewhere else other than that dark shit hole. Thank you for you videos and entertainment and time

  • Recently started a job as a church custodian... please no

  • H-how was his bail a dollar?

  • That 2nd story really made me laugh. I live in Jersey and I can easily find PDFs of official documents online, the fact that he didn't do any actual research to try and make it official looking at all just makes me laugh and shake my head. If you are gonna try and do a crime, learn about what you need to do to not get caught 🤣