We need to talk about this tiktoker

Publicado el 4 may 2020
What do you guys think?
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  • Got a few comments claiming she's been caught. I've not seen any evidence online proving it so if you have any please drop it below. I'd love to see some justice, hopefully.

    • Wtf is wrong with people I mean really , and the only hunting that would be happy hunting would be Easter eggs or scavenger hunting.

    • Aaaand then she gets released because of no evidence. Yikes.

    • She was caught and some have even dotoxed her name out in there videos

    • I found a video saying that she has

    • @Daddy Churchill doxbin.org/upload/COMPLETEDOXOmegleCatKiller

  • “I was abused and want people to fear me.” I could say that about myself but I’m not gonna harm cats because of that. I’d just have a cat and a crow with me at all times. Also the caption on the Instagram post called the kittens “nasty cats” and said “can’t wait to harvest them and sell their Bones.” So basically, what the fuck? Also the black/gray and white kittens look like my cat and that makes me even angrier.

  • I have to hug my cat after this. Nothing upsets me more than cats getting hurt

  • I am not a big fan of cats at all or animals but I would neeeever do this cause I'm not sick them causing me a little fear doesn't me I want to hurt them and it makes me sad to see animals hurt

  • I don’t like cats but this is fucked up in so many fucking ways🤢

  • Weather your a dog, a cat, or any other animal person we can all agree this is extremely messed up-

  • catz are kind of a comfort for me so i get depressed and angry when i hear about people abuzing them. she needz to get locked up for what she doez to thoze catz. just because youre traumatized doeznt mean you can traumatize otherz

  • I am a 100% cat person. I love cats, they are very pretty and smart animals, I can't believe that someone would do something so horrible to them... Poor baby cats.

  • Anyone who eats animals aka consciously supports animal cruelty, yet gets sad about the imagery of animal cruelty are fascinating human beings. Hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance at its finest.

  • Hope the statement that she was found by authorities is real

  • Furries are animal lovers and at most conventions we raise money to help animals and I've seen on multiple furry sites that people talk about how disgusting she is and lots of furries have been getting upset because they're using the furry tag on omegal too

  • i work for a funeral home which also has pet services and i design pet urns. i happened to find this video while working on an urn for a cat and it make me extra sad 😞

  • oof i have tht animal skull mask

  • God, I remember when I was very young and I used to hurt my cats. I got help because my mom started getting scared. I’m glad I got help and I still feel bad.. sometimes I’ll just snuggle and hug them as a late apology :)

  • Q_Q

  • This is horrible, I don't think I can even finish watching the video.

  • My ex boyfriend r*ped and abused me. That doesn't excuse deplorable behavior. My cat just screamed for me to wAke up to give her food at 5:37.AM. That's every morning. 5:37.

  • Isn’t happy hunting something they said in the hunger games?

  • Those poor cats.. May their spirits find peace and rest in the Summerland till they are one day ready to return to this world.. And may the Goddess destroy that womans soul of evil so that she may never incarnate again.

  • I work in cat rescue. This is one of the many reasons we tell people not to give away their litters to random people. We often go in and take the kittens, spay the mom, and put them up for adoption. People think we are cruel for taking the kittens and 'selling them.' We don't sell them, their fee covers their vet bills and their sterilization - and it deters the wrong kind of person from adopting the cat.

  • I'm just hoping she is caught before she does more and this doesn't give taxidermists and french people more bad reputation

  • **reads title** time to go John wick on someone's ass

  • as soon as i heard you say "skinning animals" i just got instantly nauseated..

  • Happy hunting is used a lot during scavenger hunts, where you have to find things. I think this is a double meaning. She’s hunting animals, but we are hunting for her info

  • I can’t wait for the day where you have no topics to cover, because the world would have no problems

  • The hashtags. She's doing it because cats remind her of furries.

  • Bitch I love you as a content creator, I appreciate you shedding light on dark topics, and reporting problematic accounts and shit but this .. This "crazy cat lady" really just left me speechless, I really can't conceptualize what the fuck is wrong with this .. wtf I'm literally torn between surfing thru Omegle obsessively in hopes of finding her or clawing my eyes out and giving up hope on the human race... Wtf

  • I love your hair/wig 😍

  • People like this make me irrationally angry. Seeing red type angry.

  • Yes Muta covers the enforcement that happened right b4 one of her streams I believe. I commend G and all ppl involved in helping solve this. I can’t begin to express how great full I am at all people helping get this situation out there and recognized.

  • A lot of people have been abused. Not all of them become a psychopath. Stop making excuses for your shitty actions

  • Whenever I see any of these stuff I want to give my cat a hug. I shouldn’t of watched this the one time I’m away from them...

  • You sound like your about to cry

  • Easter egg hunt

  • yooooooo this hair colour is ITTTTT for you😍 every damn colour looks amazing on you but i love this one!!!

  • I thought I would be able to sit through this, as I’ve seen pictures of cut off human heads, but I started to feel uneasy and disturbed- I’m sorry but I have to click off this-

  • Does anyone know what the opening says

  • This is DISGUSTING I’m so glad she has been charged

  • I'm so sick of people acting like mental illness and/or abuse gives you an ok to cause harm to other people or animals. I was raped while I was homeless as a teenager. I don't abuse animals. Abuse has nothing to do with being a terrible person. You're just a POS.

  • www.crimeonline.com/2020/07/20/tiktoking-teen-films-herself-skinning-hanging-cats-dogs-then-tells-cops-her-good-side-loves-animals-docs/

    • I know this is random, but thank you for posting this link, i have a soft spot for animals and cats in particular, so getting a little closure knowing a tormenter faced charges is gives me peace of mind

  • m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=326599855409056&id=111694486899595

    • She was caught. Here is the link.

  • Here's another one caught Thank God: www.indystar.com/story/news/crime/2020/07/15/kokomo-woman-arrested-charges-animal-cruelty/5445764002/

  • She deleted her videos

  • This makes me so sad considering I have two cats and two kittens I can’t even imagine hurting them :((

  • Idk .. I started crying , I have soft spot for animals , and when I realize how many animals are propably abused right now make me sick ,I wish I could save all animals ,but I can't .. sadly

  • Her first account got banned but she made a new account

  • What a despicable woman! I'm a mama of a dog that was rescued by abusive monsters and it breaks my heart hearing stories like that. 😭

  • Concerning and alarming are your favorite words lol

  • she tried to be a luka magnotta copycat. i’m glad she’s been doxxed and caught

  • “I was abused.” Me too, for 12 years and I rescue animals because I know what it’s like to not be loved.

  • This was a bad video to eat to. Yikes

  • 𝔯𝔞𝔦𝔰𝔢𝔡 𝔣𝔯𝔬𝔪 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔡𝔢𝔞𝔡

  • Attention could escalate her behaviour. This is what happened in the Luca Magnotta case.

  • As a cat owner this terrifys me, the ASPCA need to be contacted this is terrible

  • who tf disliked this?!!

  • We need to dont fuck with cats her

  • I know I will get a lot of hate for this comment but I myself am a taxidermist and we do not except her as one of us. As a taxidermist, I can tell you that many of the people that do taxidermy do it for the purpose of honoring that animal after death allowing a part of them to continue on and want the mount and animal parts to be respected. We do not condone people torturing animals and do not want them to suffer, it is an art form that can help show the true beauty of nature. some taxidermist are very careful with the mount that they produce and will only take ethically sourced animals, (i.e. roadkill that is found, rehabbed animals that failed to thrive, zoo animals that pasted, pets, animals used for meat) if anyone is interested in some of these taxidermist I will gladly send you their Instagram, but please don't send any of them hate we receive enough from people who do not understand why we do what we do.

  • House hunting

  • this was very hard to watch. as a cat person this made me so heated it actually made me have a mental breakdown. its not hate i fucking love your videos and you and general its just the topic kinda triggers me (and yes she gave a warning in the start of the video but i thought i could handle it)

    • I agree with you. I absolutely love cats, the fact that someone tortures cats and has no shame with it infuriates me. Seeing her posts about picking up kittens or cats knowing what shes going to to do or bothering them makes me so godamn angry, I know I sound dumb but I wanted to reach into the screen and take the cats away from this monster before she did anything. I hope karma gets her good.

  • If I finish this video I'm not going to sleep why am I watching this

  • this actually is so heartbreaking...

  • Im hiding here to avoid seeing the screenshots of the cats

  • Omegle isn’t completely anonymous you can find someone’s address in less than 10 minutes I mean if I see her I could find her address and all you really have to do is find the IP address and track it or the more complex thing is to find a way to see the model of the computer and make them scared get all the information off of the computer like Facebook and shit, if you get Facebook it’s much easier to find out where they live because you can see where they where last logged in to and then dox them it’s not that hard🤷‍♀️ I’ve done it a lot just to scare people I’ve never doxed anyone tho💅 I’m 15 btw also the only way I learned this was from my father who majored in computer shit for 7 years 🤷‍♀️

  • THEY CAN GO BURN IN HELL FOR ALL I CARE. I dislike anybody who abuses animals

  • 3:54 “I was raped once and abused by my boyfriend.” I don’t want to assume here that this didn’t happen but throwing stuff out there doesn’t justify actions. With every action there is a re-action. I may need a therapist but my family doesn’t get me one because i’m “just a child” and don’t know any better but the only way I cope is my friends at school and online. Not possible murder

  • 'I was abused'. Okay. But that's not WHY you're doing it, that's you trying to excuse yourself of your fucked up nature. You're doing it for attention, control and power you sad piece of shit excuse for a human being.

  • This makes so me sick!

  • How dare she call herself a Crazy Cat Lady... That's reserved for people who LOVE them and DON'T want them hurt EVER.

  • Don't Fuck With Cats 2.0

  • Never have I so desperately wanted to throw hands 😡🤬

  • this is disgusting and sick, i hope someone finds her..poor cats :(

  • Abusing animals has always struck a nerve with me, animals are full of nothing but kindness and loyalty and it makes me sick when people abuse that

  • The latest I've heard she has been detained and is in a mental ward

  • She sounds like a sick fan of the kitten killer luka magnatta! I think it's sick that people would hurt and kill innocent animals. Study's have proven that's how serial killers always start. I have cats of my own so it's always ❤ breaking to hear about and see these helpless baby's being treated this way

    • Jeez I remember him. I watched the documentary and watching the his cat videos just hurt me inside. I hope she's behind bars or atleast nowhere close to a cat.

  • OMFG I- This person is insane.being a massive cat lover I can’t stop crying.this person should be in an insane asylum! I hope all these cats get the justice they deserve. People who think this is ok are monsters.

  • Poor kittens and kittys #banherformomagleevilcatlady

  • This is gonna turn into a other Luka Magnotta case :C

  • I went through emotional/mental/sexual abuse at the hands of an ex. And, guess what? *_I DON'T ABUSE AND KILL ANIMALS_*

  • i really want to watch the video but only by listening to you talk about it im already really distressed, so yeah ...

  • When I was a kid during winter (I was maybe... 11? 12?) I was walking my friend home through the park across the street from us. There's a little pond there and we were walking up to it and saw something we didn't know what... until we got close to the water's edge. (It was still part way frozen over) About a dozen feet or maybe further someone had left animal heads completely intact on the ice. We didn't know what type of animal heads because we were like nope we're out and we bolted back to her house. But they looked like wolf heads. We had also passed some big animal like leg bones and then a small pile of skin at the base of a tree. But I don't ever recall hearing about wolves being in my part of the city if at all. So it was bizarre. I went back a couple days later and they were gone. People freaking weird.

  • this makes me wanna take my kitten and cuddle her and keep her safe. i will never understand how people can hurt such innocent babies, see them in pain, hear cries, and get pleasure out of it. it makes me sick. and the worst part is there’s animal abuse happening all the damn time and there’s absolutely nothing i can do to help the poor babies. it breaks my heart and i hope they’re at peace, or will be soon

  • What the actual fuck? 😢

  • I cant stand this.... i cant stand it at all. I love my cats too much. I love them like my family. My children. Whenever Im home theyre around me, the bathroom, the kitchen, the bed it doesnt matter. My 3 cats are rescues and I gave them so much love. And I always feel so loved back. Im so broken by this.... these innocent babies. This has to be stopped.

  • Is she buying these cats or taking strays off the street? I doesn't make a difference, she's still a horrible human being but I'm curious

  • It's Magnotta all over again...

  • All murders start off small then they eventually move onto a bigger victim

  • Everyone: Omegle. Ready to glare: ome gel

  • Wtf

  • You are so brave for speaking out and seeing horreble stuff, I see that you have so much empathy for everyone. ♥️

  • 😠

  • I hope they'll find her if so please let me know I can't get this horrible shit out of my head 😥😥😥

  • As a cat owner, I feel sick to my stomach.

  • I had to stop the video to go hug my cat :(

  • "I was abused" daang well same,as many of us but you don't see us out here doing the same or worse to animals tf

  • In french: c'est juste une gogole qui essaie d'avoir l'air psychopathe. Mais bizarrement la majorité des serials killers proviennent étonnamment de réseaux pedocriminels ( une information qui est étonnamment tue. Alors qu'ils sont censés ne pas être liés entre eux...) l'abus sexuel est donc une constante de l' horreur dans laquelle l'humanité se plonge. Pour tous ceux qui pensent qu'un homme ( ce sont eux 99% du temps) qui a violé c'est pas si grave que ça.... Lol. La vérité gagne toujours. Et svp élevez bien vos enfants bordel, vous en faites des vrais tarés)

  • I think when she was talking about those "degenerates", she was referring to furries. There have been a lot of times where furries were referred to as that. So I think she is specifically targeting the furries and their hashtags not only for shock value, but also for revenge in some way.

  • Truly fucking evil, she needs to be found and stopped.

  • Probably the biggest question I have: WHY THE FUCK DO THEY HAVE OVER 7000 FOLLOWERS?! That’s horrifying and incredibly concerning

  • I saw something on her page that her friend is the one that gets the cats to her and is also the daughter of a sheriff so she said she was in the clear and no one could do anything

  • I watched this while one of my cats is cleaning himself while laying on a blanket he loves. People like this who don’t treasure an animals life should not only be forced to stay away from them should also be in jail. Animals are living beings who feel love and compassion and anyone who takes that away should be removed from society and forced to be isolated in jail