We need to talk about Shia LaBeouf

Publicado el 13 ene 2021
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  • It’s annoying to me that we’re talking about someone who’s extensively abused human beings & all everyone is mad about is him shooting stray dogs. That’s clearly disgusting & absolutely horrific but dude? We’re talking about humans being abused here.

  • One time people were filming him do a freestyle and everyone thought he killed it but it turns out he basically stole most of it from a song from the '90s lol he's a fucking hack

  • I didn't dig too deep into the comments to check, but girl, he was arrested in Atlanta in like 2016 I think for fighting cops and being racist??

  • The way he responded to this is almost exactly how James Franco responded to his accusations. interesting...

  • I used to be a huge Shia fan. From Disney to I, Robot to Disturbia to Eagle Eye, to Lawless to Honeyboy. I've loved him in every film I've seen him in. But over the years his behaviors have become more and more concerning. If this is true, I'm disgusted and disappointed. I think this man needs consistent visits with an psychiatrist and possibly needs serious treatment.

  • -She's running for her life from Shia LaBeouf-

  • To me he screams someone who needs attention. Anyone remember when he plagiarized A BUNCH of his work and got caught? As far as him being an abuser of women and animals... I’m glad it got out so people can stop praising him and just finding him goofy. This is horrible. Can’t look up to any of these celebs.

  • Not making an excuse here. But after learning about his past, it’s doesn’t surprise me that he is troubled. I am happy to see Twigs sticking up for herself. And his current girlfriend doing the smart thing and looking out for herself.

  • He is, after all, an actual cannibal Shia Lebeouauxf

  • Where is that hoodie from?

  • not so fun fact- this video is shadowbanned. (according to the YT glitch Derek Van Schaik posted about)

  • I have no idea who she is

  • Damn... That wasn’t the happy Shia-Surprise I was expecting... :( I didn’t really know any of his work, I was hoping he was a good person.

  • Honestly, it would not surprise me if he did kill stray dogs. He's been known to get into "method acting". He's kinda whack. He also pulled out his own tooth and refused to shower for his role in Fury.

  • Why was there sooo many ads on this sponsored video lol

  • you should look into Marilyn Manson.. this story reminds me of his. just someone else you kind of shrug off as “wacky” but who is just a genuinely fucked up individual

  • His you will not divide us act was pretty funny tho

  • He is weird and only an average actor.

  • I think it's funny how he seems to have a very holier than thou attitude with his "art pieces," like HWNDU, and how smart and good and woke a person he is, all while consistently being an awful and violent piece of shit. It's like, cognitive dissonance or something. I'm not a psychiatrist or particularly smart, but I find the gap between the view he has of himself and his actual self amusing.

  • Shia went to the acting school I go to now (when there wasn't quarentine) so um I feel kinda gross now?

  • Does anyone else remember the “actual cannibal “ song/video thing about Shia years ago? That shit freaked me out & I can’t believe it was a thing.

  • I've been suspicious of him since that Shia LaBeouf cannibal ballet

  • You kinda look like charlie d'amelio in this video xD

  • I’ve never seen him as wacky. I’ve Always seen him as troubled and sad. I know in the past few years he had a Break down and was forced to work on himself. He wrote the movie honey boy about his life of abuse with his father. as someone who has done a lot of self work on themselves and so I know how hard this is to do. His statements of taking responsibility is actually in my eyes quite astounding. It’s nice to see that he understands he did wrong. He’s sitting in his own shit. And I’ve found sitting in your own shit with your own personal stick is the hardest thing to do. But it does make one stronger. I do find the murder of dogs troubling, but if he was in the relationship with this woman before he became honest with himself and took responsibility for himself, he may be talking about something his father did, while he was with him or something his father made him do. Because there’s only one movie I can think of where he would have been young enough to still be under toe of his father where their would have been a murderer. Just a thought. I’m also not saying he was right or that he’s not guilty. I just see where he’s changed in his life.

  • I told my mom about FKA and Shia and she said "I'm not surprised"...yup, he's known for being an abuser and he seriously needs some professional help due to him going through trauma as a child as well. That's not an excuse but his abuse experience really messed him up. He needs to fix himself and make up for all of the shit he has done to FKA and others.

  • i had never heard of shia until this happened

  • I love getting notifications 6 days after my subscriptions post. I definitely didnt want to see it the second it came out. I want to be a week late on all my preferred programming.

  • Lmao you didn't even discuss him on Live PD threatening the officer's lives

  • Oh look. Another actor using "method acting" as an excuse to do something dangerous, terrifying, stupid, or all the above. I'm sorry, but if someone has to be a method actor then they need to stick to wholesome roles and let other actors do the dirty work. Mark Hamil didn't have to shoot animals or smoke meth to go from Jedi to psycho in his acting career sooooo...

  • He always rubbed me off the wrong way and my gut is usually pretty accurate I guess now i know i was right

  • Method actors should not be allowed to work because if they get hired for a murderer or a psychopath role some of them will actually harm people/animals to get ready for that role People giving them jobs are encouraging such disgusting behaviours

  • I won't be able to see the "just do it" skit in the same light, now that I know this guy killed dogs essentially for fun.

  • Tbf this is all alleged right now. He’s always been odd, but there isn’t proof that he’s actually murdered dogs.

  • FKA Twigs is one of the most underrated artists of our day! 🖤 Thats a whole facts!

  • Most likely the dog situation was an expression because people like shia would probably say the same thing just to scare their victim I have been around people like shia even hearing that a person probably had to move because his dad was an alcoholic and his mother was afraid hopefully he is ok and living a good life but the type of shit storytime youtubers post on youtube can be very fucking stupid because they dont know how different people react to certain things because they were not raised like others.

  • Also also alcohol is mostly used to blurr the past present and future many men or women that were abused as children or teens drink alot to not think about anything shia is obviously suffering from post traumatic stress disorder

  • News flash dumbass alcohol messes with your brain many women that get abuse mentioned that there spouses consumed many bottles of alcohol wich causes them to get abusive, also many children mention that as soon as there father or mother drink they turn into a monster that they are afraid of so maybe stay in school or do more research!!!!

  • Yeah alcoholism doesn't lead to aggression and abuse god this video is stupid

  • Don't forget what he did to Mia Goth years ago

  • /:/

  • Cya gatt

  • he seems to be self aware about his abusive behaviors but isn’t doing anything about it, that’s where a really big problem stands

  • I describe Shia as the "Gary Busey" of his generation. Just sort of accepted as a nut bag, but without all the cocaine

  • Xfv

  • I remember reading about how much Tom Hardy hated working with him on the set of Lawless. I think of Tom Hardy kinda as someone who has made a lot of real life mistakes and he's gone to jail and done his time and now he seems like a pretty decent dude and does charity work with Pit Bulls and i could see how Shia LaBeouf and him would not mesh. Pretty sure LaBeouf punched him too and that just leaves me to think "wow what a dick."

  • I wanna start by saying: I’m NOT using this an excuse it’s just something thats been going through my mind for years. I have a theroy about Shia and I’ve suspected for 2 or 3 years now.. Both disney and Nickelodeon are being exposed for rampant sexual abuse. I’ve watched so many stars lose their shit after leaving, Shia is no different. I’ve followed his whole career, this isn’t the shia I grew up watching shia died ages ago.. He has slowly losing his mind for years. Each of these stars who have been deeply affected have the same lost look in their eyes and Shia is no different and I’ve been wondering for YEARS if something happened to him and these allegations do not put my suspicions to rest. It’s sad, Shia needed help long ago and no one did anything and now we have a really monsterous man who at this point is past redemption.

  • Normal Tuesday night for Shia LaBeouf.

  • What Shia has is good PR, hence why he has a long history of BS and none of it has ever really stuck. As to his contradictory statement, I took it to mean for some of the accusations there may have been witnesses who can back up the allegations. Shia is in part covering his ass by showing at least some contrition. And embarressingly it's working with the public since i've frequently seen commentary on this with very little empathy for Twigs, even irritation with her for pursuing this case legally. I was shocked when it came out she was even dating him, since I remember him previously racially abusing a police officer. I'm glad she is handling this through the court system.

  • Weewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • ur being way too lax about the severity of the dog murdering. how is that not psychopathic and unacceptable. ive seen u get madder for way less things that werent even crimes. tf

  • He's obviously a horrible person but he's never made accountable bc he's concidered attractive and the "artsy" guy so stupid.

  • There have been rumours of abusive behavior and even video of him screaming at his girlfriend's in the street which have been around for years. It didn't get traction because the girls weren't famous so it wasn't juicy enough to get actual headlines

  • i think he’s getting help for his abusive issues

  • yeah sure killing stray dogs will get you into the mindset of a killer BECAUSE YOU ARE THE KILLER

  • I think people are too used to alcohol being the perpetrator and here again.. oh, booboo its ma alcohol issues. Yes give up alcohol now thats a start. Think hes just an absolute selfish abuser one to be avoided at all costs. Red flags dont seem like problems when your so used to being self destructive. Choosing to stay with manaics over potential lonlieness is a choice Avoiding relying on ourselves is a choice. So can see how women would be easily lured in by his "wackiness" or whatever very east to fall into dark habits and day to day nonsense rituals.

  • I think all celebs at their core are pure shit. I don't even consider them real people.

  • I’m curious because I don’t live in America, but I know SOME countries shoot stray dogs (if they’re rabid and a threat to somewhere or sometimes just because they be assholes who don’t care, I’m not condoning it) and it could be that Shia has asked to take part in order to do so? Again not condoning and I doubt that’s true given that there are shelters that (still unfortunately) put them down without use of a gun in the streets, but just curious if that could be him using his experience to make him sound more dangerous than he is

  • i had t0 restart my Iapt0p just t0 watch this😭😭

  • The sia music video with him “dancing” with that dance moms girl in a nude-suit was enough for me...😒

  • Please you need to talk about the whole Armie Hammer situation!!!

  • What is it with wealthy men & celebrities & their fixation for abuse? Another creep for consideration: Armie Hammer...

  • Tbh is sounds like a person who doesn’t want to change as a person...he knows exactly his flaws and isn’t even trying to hide it..no woman or acquaintances he’s around or dates deserves what he does or displays...but it also sounds like if you put yourself around someone with a track record like that it’s bound to happen to that person also...people like that don’t change period...

  • *"Quiet quiet"*

  • He seriously needs to get some help, treating people like that is not ok.

  • Um, wow... How am I just hearing about his abuse of Twigs?

  • Ur outro is awful. Seriously considering un subbing sorry.

  • don't do it..

  • Nice sponsorship

  • This really makes you rethink the lyrics to *Actual Cannibal Shia Lebeouf*

  • I dislike when people mention their own traumas in apologies. It takes away from the people you hurt to mention that you also hurt yourself. It tries to diminish what you did if you mention your own pain. This is about people you hurt. It isn't about you

  • Wacky, true everytime I see an article about Joaquin Phoenix I walk into it thinking, "oh geez, what has he done now".

  • Mama always said anyone who would hurt a dog would hurt a person.

  • hey sis. a murder suicide in australia happened where a mother killed her 3 kids then killed her self. people blamed the father with no proof and are using covid and depression as an excuse and the double standard is appalling. if you could speak about this, i would love to hear your thoughts. especially since you have depression and we both know people with depression already get generalised as unhinged psychos when you aren’t actually at all. she was just evil :/

  • Thanks glaire

  • Oh, I'll also say something controversial yet BRAVE: Shia Laboof ruined Holes. He is NOT my Stanley Yelnats and he never will be. Louis Sachar is turning in his grave/house (if he's still living).

  • Twigs has really been through the ringer with these famous actors who can't even begin to match her intellect, talent, and beauty. First Edward Cullen and now Louis Stevens?? The heart wants what it wants but this woman is a powerhouse who could perform circles around Shy LaBeef. I just want to give her a hug and tell her that she's better than these fools.

    • let’s hope her relationship with matty healy finally gives her all the goodness she deserves

  • he hasn't been the same since he left transformers

  • Was waiting for this. Love you 😘

  • where did you get your phone case?

  • He also punched both Tom Hardy and Brad Pitt in two different movies when he got angry on set. Hard and deliberately.

  • idk dude until their is proof im going to wait to have an opinion since the stuff with amber and Johnny i dont feel its right for me to just take it as truth without me seeing proof

  • I watched Pieces of a Woman, and I really liked his acting. I think he delivers really well when it comes to drama films. But as a person... I really don't have an opinion about him.

  • This is scary bc he was in that music video elastic heart he danced with a 13 year old Maddie Ziegler

  • if he did f him.

  • i am kinda out of it can someone remind me what sexual battery is?

  • Shia was a child star. Really makes you think.

  • If he really had to shoot animals to do his job well then he sucks as at his damn job...

  • Like, wacky as an excuse for what? In his mind, he's probably just being himself. It's the outside perspective that labels someone as "wacky", your perspective of him is that he's wacky. I see him as imaginative, and ballsy 🧐 This rant feels sorta baseless tbh. I like your vids tho 🙃🍺 I throweth no shade thy way 🤣

  • To hurt the people around you and to be agressive, doesn't necessarily mean you're physically assaulting them. 🧐 For him to say that allot of the allegations about him weren't true, does not at all contradict what he said when he admitted to his wrongs. Because allegations are neither true or false untill proven so 🧐 I think you're over thinking it, Ms cool emo hair lady 🧐

  • i NEED you to cover the whole armie hammer case.... it's so effing disturbing

  • Shia was drunk and angry in an episode of LivePD and it was weird. Also, I just randomly watched Surf’s Up last night (I have a toddler) and kinda miss the Shia from back then.

  • You go out of your way to bash him for not being relevant for years, yet act like most know who fka twiggy is.

  • if you ever said you are into crazy guys, this is the one, there are always abuse and violence to some degree

  • We don’t need to talk about Shia.. sorry but he’s been through enough trauma. I would put him in the same category as Britney Spears or Amanda Bynes. These people have been manipulated for their whole lives. Let’s just leave them alone.

  • I've actually always thought he was a good actor, weirdness set aside.


  • not to excuse his behavior in any way, but i think its rlly important for ppl to watch his movie, honeyboy, where he plays his father and tells his story of being a child star and having a difficult/strained relationship with his only guardian (dad). again, none of this narrative is an excuse for what hes done- but it rlly helps to see into how his mental state has deteriorated over the years. the movie does, however, leave it on a note that suggests he is better now, and doesnt behave as erratically.. but that obviously isnt the case here. though it does make it very obvious that his childhood and that parental relationship has fucked him up. i know we dont support abusers, but its actually a really phenomenal movie.. and ive never seen such a complicated dynamic captured in a way that really helps the watcher to feel all of that turmoil. fka twigs stars in this film as well.. i think it adds a lot of possibly relative context to both shias behavior(still inexcusable) and their relationship together.

  • I like how everyone is upset about him shooting dogs but not..you know ...what the allegations are of what he did to the human . The woman with the cognitive capacity to remember everything for the rest f her life.

  • Never forget when he went on a drinking binge on all the reservations and left with an auntie each time

  • mmkay that makes that Sia video with Maddie Ziegler even creepier