We need to talk about Shallon Lester

Publicado el 24 abr 2020
D'Angelo's video:
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  • NB: Playboy in the past had hard hitting writers - I am referring to its current state. Like Vogue, it has declined.

    • Robert Ruark wrote for them in the early days also, and,he was well knownmfor his experience and writings about it in many walks of life,

    • I am bipolar but I was not diagnosed until I was in my 50s, so I suffered, I used alcohol to self medicate. I could not sleep, so used it to pass out. Now I take one med 200 mg before bed since 2014 I have been stable, it is not drugs it is medication.

    • Watching this super late but.. damn I wish my prozac did me like illicit drugs do 😂

    • "Vogue" has become "Vague" ♫ Come on, get vague Let your body move without thinking Come on, get vague Let your IQ drop while you bop ♫ Vanna White, Ed McMahon Nicolette Sheridan Mary Hart, Chuck Woolery Are as vague as they can be Brooke Shields, Dawber Pam Personality of Spam Christie Brinkley, Brosnan Pierce Bland and boring something fierce Wilson Philips love to sing And wreck the cover of a magazine Daniel Quayle's brain is gone Debbie Gibson gives good yawn Kelly Le Brock thinks she's great She's just cold boogers on a paper plate Why they're famous, we don't know But, Paula Abdul's gotta go Ladies with no point of view Fellas who don't have a clue If they are stars, then you can do it Just get vague, there's nothing to it Vague ♫ Taken from the Julie Brown parody movie "Dare To Be Truthful" (a mockumentary based on Madonna's Truth Or Dare documentary) esmain.info/goal/v-deo/f6SYfJp9iNCLoNk

    • Eve lion Fake account.

  • She’s the girl who still thinks she’s in high school, honestly that would explain her behavior

  • Hooooooooooly cow that Marsha Brady clip killed me!

  • She said PINKY LEE. That’s racist as shit

  • Lol Shalon w/e reminds me (talking and looks wise) of the highschool meangirl giving unsolicited advice

  • Did she really just say meds can’t help personality disorders? Because you can’t fix a personality? I think she misunderstands what a personality disorder is, because from my knowledge it doesn’t just boil down to having a shit personality 🥴 but go off

  • Okay, but she's 99 percent right! I guess she's hurting feelings.

  • Hero

  • You are so true... She is a liar... BTW love ur hair and nails ❤️

  • Shes trump-

  • I don’t think this woman has heard of the burden of proof oof

  • thanks a lot RTG i am going to literally crash now

  • she looks old, maybe 45

  • Why are people like this * sad and disappointed knitting needle noises *

  • ooohhhh nooooo!! some random youtuber said something mean about Justin Bieber. poor Justin! justice for Justin! cancel Shallon. cancel her now!!! .\ and that was sarcasm ;-P

  • How did I just find this incredible channel

  • lmao wait its p funny she talking about the solar plexus/ chakras but her whole channel is about harassing and slandering other people home girl needs to get a grip and realize her chakras aren't in balance lmao

    • im talm bout shallot lmao

    • lmao like she's so unaware lmao like if u gunna talk shit and slander at least be aware like most people lmao

  • I don’t like how she brought up RBG. She ways WAY more important than Kylie Jenner

  • Currently 22, going on 23 and just can't wrap my mind around dating someone who's even 18-20, though that could be because I have children. (My husband is 25.) When I was 16-19, I was with men in their 20s and 30s and I can see now where there was manipulation and power imbalance. Lordy. 🤦🏼‍♀🤦🏼‍♀

    • @B P that's a freakin relief, thank you for taking responsibility, but getting pregnant in a trap house, wow ✌✌🤘🤘🤘👍👍👍 that's one crazy way to get pregnant, it must have scarred the heck out of you. i guess they are many creative ways for women to have babies these days, but once your kids are 18 you can tell them some of these stories. my cousin had a baby when she was 19 and she is still in tenth grade, she's still living with her mom,who literally works for my dad at his university

    • @GhostFox 66 I got pregnant at 19 while I was on birth control and partying in a trap house..not exactly 15th century. 🤣🤣 But I grew TF up, thankfully with a man who loves our family and works his ass off for us. Most people I went to school with are married, engaged or have at least 1 child, but that's not everyone's path to take. I agree 100% though, once someone decides to become a parent, the kids are #1.

    • @B P what the hell i am 22 and ain't married yet, the fact you have kids at 22, ohh my gosh you must be living in the 15th centuary or something. but my advice to you is ,take care of those kids, because others messed up there chance, by doing things and wanting to be people there not, kids are a gift

  • this chick is an actual piece of shit

  • is she married to moe lester by any chance?

  • I can hear Shallon’s ass screaming from all the shit she is pulling out of it.

  • Her name should be moe

  • What drug is she on and how do we advocate its removal?

  • That girl that always knows what’s what about everything. AKA Paltrow syndrome.

  • This woman is a feminazi her attitude is disgusting and she needs to not have a platform

  • I get the pissed off about her suicide comment. Ive told people and when i didn't i also ended up in icu

  • When she flipped it to Namjoon I was like 😳 then she said it was a hot color and I was like ok. Still the whole thing makes me feel uncomfortable. Shallon in general makes me uncomfortable

  • The more I listen to her, the more I get the feeling she was supposed to be named Shannon but when her parents got their first look at her, they realized she's going to grow up to be really shallow and ended up naming her Shallon.

  • All this gossip sounds like you

  • her criticising BTS ohhhh honey mrs 40yr old shallon ur asking for death :)

  • Is she really 35? I would have guessed 45-50. She has that worn out look of someone struggling to look like she's still in her 20's. Reminds me of those bleach blonde Playboy models from the 90's after a few too many Botox's.

  • 8:12 what in the wattpad 😀

  • she's just jealous she can't do her makeup as well as BTS

  • also, i’m a white male with Bipolar depression and anxiety and PTSD so she can get fucked her opinions on people with mental illness . Well ok her view on suicidal thoughts made me so fucking mad, I’ve tried to kill myself before and stopped. I didn’t say anything to anyone about it for years, no one knew about it. She should not be talking about mental health at all, she shouldn’t be talking about rehab at all I want to punch her in the mouth for it. Funny how she talks about men being abusive but she talks about her way of controlling men because they are younger ( 17 ) when you’re 25 that makes you disgusting So much in this video that makes me mad it’s crazy

  • she can get done deformation.

  • I think I was semi obsessed with her during an angry time in my life. I watched D'Angelo and thought to myself " OMG, why have I been watching this trash ?" I called her out in her comments ( she probably deleted it) and never went back. She said herself she's a diagnosed narcissist. 🤷‍♀️ I should have left THEN. Guess I thought she was joking. She also says she's from generations of witches and someone pissed her off and ended up in bad shape. I can't stand her. P.S. I followed you because you said what you said on Twitter about people dictating your content. Nice to " meet" you!

  • "A white man has depression and anxiety oh noo" shut up blonde white girl you can't say you haven't pretended to have depression/ anxiety for attention before

  • Shallon is DISGUSTINGLY ignorant, stupid, & plain wrong, especially @ 14:03 . 😒😒😒😓

  • i love your vids but i hate it so much when people over pronounce names

  • Shes the type of person who just wants to twist things to her narrative to sound smart and amazing and all that. Celebrity gossip topics are just really toxic

  • I think the words you were looking for were "Stuck up, dingy, cunt" Am I right?

  • Did u just make out with Harry styles?? *CRINGES SOOO HARD*

  • oh my god every single time she says a dumbass point it genuinely makes my jaw drop and just say "what the fuck"

  • can i just say, you look gorgeous bro-

  • I feel that you need to go a step further about the Asian boy portion of this video....these rather lengthy rant style videos from a fellow ESmainr do an excellent job on expanding the Asian boy's perspective (he's Vietnamese American himself). He's posted these videos around the same time you posted your video. Please consider watching these as I feel that there are parts of your defence was great but missing a few points. The second video is about his take on Ms. Lestor. Here you go: esmain.info/goal/v-deo/i2-RibKnjMmcnLs esmain.info/goal/v-deo/b7BlpamJsJN1gtE **You might not care nor even read my comment, but I felt I needed to help you at lease understand how Asian boys themselves feel about the whole thing. Love your videos


  • You know what I am not even going to lie. When me and my boyfriend get mad, we close car doors or any door when we are just fed up want some space. I do not see that as abusive, I see it as the person saying "Just give me some space please." She is is delusional, and weird. 🤯

  • And Pete didn’t say he “WANTED” to commit suicide but doesn’t bc he has a sister and mother”, as she intimated by saying that’s like a guy saying he WANTS to cheat on you, but won’t because he loves you, but Pete did NOT say he WANTED TO COMMIT SUICIDE! So it’s obviously NOT THE SAME!!! So don’t lie, Shallon!

  • Gurl when you said Grande I 😍😍😍

  • Shalon Lester reminds me of the worst bully I've ever had to put up with.

  • I wonder what Harry has too say

  • I like how she tells asian men they can “look asian” when kpop is asian... yikes

  • "ur allowed to look asian with dark hair and dark eyes" my asian family with blue eyes and light hair:

  • She's so confidently incorrect

  • Why is she popular. First of all she's boring. 2ndly she is clearly racist and homophobic. Doesn't her content go against community guidelines? WTF ESmain. Great video queen..

  • Tbh I didn’t know your existence either Until our father diesel patches introduced you

  • Wow, she is toxic herself.

  • Shallon Lester used to make kissing tutorials on another youtube channel called howcast, And those videos are really weird.

  • She isn’t saying you can’t them apart because they see Korean (remember she said multiple times it’s fine to look like an Asian man) she is saying it because they look like a sexual robot powder puffs.

  • She is right about one thing, men who loudly declare they are feminists can not be trusted.

  • Heroin in dr form is dilaudid Methadone is just as bad as heroin Suboxone is as bad as an opiate Most opiate addicts got their first pill from a Dr. Just saying. This Shalon woman is crazy

  • also it's normal in South Korea culture for young men to be taking care of their skin, and just so Shallon knows, South Korean young men all do this ^^".

  • I feel like maybe her brain is just stuck in a high school mindset, and thats why she acts like she's a high school gossip girl.

  • oh, so she is a racist, sexist bitch. cool.

  • She hasn’t got a clue.

  • About the sewicide (So the algorythm favors you) Thing: By her logic, she shouldn't say that she's happy without laughing or joking first. Like... It's normal to talk about how you FEEL.

  • I can't stand this woman. She is petty and obviously riddled with insecurities. She's butthurt over being middle aged and irrelevant.

  • Shallot (mo)lester

  • Love how she picked on them for having blonde, silver, and “pinkie” colored hair, even acknowledging the “natural” haired one and then says she thinks they look alike because “they all have the same hair color”. Hmmm..... I don’t think it’s their hair Ms. lestor since you just individually picked on their separate hair colors, you are just racist.

  • Shallon talking about someone needing to look like their own race’s stereotypes while being whiter than me and wearing big hoop earrings is..... wow

  • The fact that Shallon thinks antidepressants for someone who is depressed is some sort of recreational high is bonkers to me. I literally paused the video and tried to stumble through her logic and ended up just being even more confused. She knew that he was going to rehab for a correct diagnosis and that’s okay, but getting the prescriptions he needs to be mentally healthy? No, that’s the same as conning people into giving you “drugs”

  • What a fucking cockroach, what an absolutely dismal creature.

  • "I don't know whether to call them boys or girls" yet you have a fixation on guys who aren't even out of highschool and you're in your 30s.

  • I've never wanted to scream at someone so much. People saying things like this can be genuinely harmful, and dismisses anyone's struggle. Hearing her, someone who obviously hasn't felt suicidal, say that bc I dont intend to commit suicide I'm using it for pity is just??? So fucked up and makes me so mad. Its painful to have a part of myself think I should just die bc I didn't do the dishes. And it means knowing I have to keep suffering that feeling. Lmao I'm so mad rn

  • I am so sorry I wanted to listen to this video to it's fullest but hearing her talk annoyed me so much that I have to leave. She is literally Trisha Paytas in a different body. I cantttt

  • Because passive suicidal ideation doesn’t exist. Ok. I guess I don’t know my own mind. Thanks, Shallot. 🧅

  • Oh yeah, let's make fun of the guy who's dad died in 9/11. It's not a shock he has mental health problems because he was traumatized.

  • so....dying my hair is me not wanting to look asian??? and gahd the harry styles part makes me want to vomit

  • How tf did she get a parent child dynamic from like 30 seconds of footage?

  • She is so stuck in the past she look Iike a 42 year old 10 grade teacher who hits on the students

  • What about j Aubrey's video on her

  • dude i used to watch her videos from like 2010 on how to make out and shit on howcast

  • "You hit every box of what makes someone a trash human being"--- fully agree w/you

  • A man is incomplete without his anima. A woman is incomplete without her animus. The soul equally male and female. When we take on human forms, we will have varying degrees of male and female energies no matter what sex we are assigned at birth.

  • I just go so pissed off about her talking about Petes suicidal thoughts. I have been suicidal and the times I tried attempting suicide was because I wasn't discussing it with someone. My counselor has gotten me to talk about it with her and my loved ones. It has helped me the most. Also has me thinking about all the good in my life and how much my loved ones would hurt if I did kill myself. So I still get the thoughts, but I wouldn't attempt it again. The thing is I have to be able to discuss it to get through it anytime I feel that way. i need my loved ones to know I am not doing good. Because if I don't I am afraid I will start believing nobody cares and try again and most likely succeed. The last time I tried was several years ago and my ex found me dead on my bedroom floor. The door was locked and all his stuff was already out of my room while he was moving out. He said when he went to leave it felt like someone was tugging on his shirt and he had a bad feeling. He ended up going and knocking on my door and when I didn't respond he broke in. He found me face down on the floor and when he turned me over I was already more pale than normal and my mouth was purple in color. I had been in the room for 45 minutes and had done it 15-20 minutes into. He gave me CPR and called for an ambulance..

  • shannon lester, more like shannon mo.lester

  • Um... I'm 24 and I think dating anyone under the age of 20 is a little weird.

  • Bruh, some people straight up have suicidal thoughts but think about their loved ones first. Its actually something that should be applauded.

  • I was like hmmm I've watched this video but I stopped half way I almost always finish ready to glares videos I wonder why.....I remember now

  • She legit says it’s because of the hair color and eye color.

  • I’m gay but you look pretty asf, 💅💁🏻‍♀️.

  • Shallon: *slams down on a couple of asians that want a certain look* Shallon: *insinuates racist things about how she cant tell a couple of asians apart* Shallon: *says borderline/obvious emasculating, transphobic and sexist stuff all in the same breath* Shallon: "is it weird that i think asian people should be allowed to look asian?" nice way of completely misrepresenting the garbage that just came out of your mouth and manipulate your audience, Shallon. the discrimination etc. aside, the problem is that you didnt say that you think asians should be allowed to look asian. at all. what you did say was that you think asians shouldnt be allowed to look anything but (what you perceive as) asian. and yes, that is weird imo because 1. theres no threat to asians looking a certain standard way (not that you presented anyways), and 2. why do you care about what others look like?? why is that any of your business? i could understand you standing up for that if there was a threat to asians freedom of expression, but again theres not. but thats not even what you said anyways so..

  • She also said That Harry styles Making out with her .. THE JOKE WRITTEN BY HERSELF

  • Speaking on the behalf of the human race, _we don't claim her._

  • "asian men are allowed to look asian" me looking at my SuperM poster: ARE YOU ALLOWED TO LOOK ASIAN


  • I NEARLY SC R E A M ED WHEN SHE CALLED THE BTS GUYS WOMEN she is not ready for Eldena Doubleca5t you guys

  • If people's physical appearance matched their personality, Shallon Lester would look like one of the Crones of Crookback Bog from the Witcher 3.

  • I'm so glad she gave Asians permission to look like Asians... Hey funny thing, know what else asians can look like? Anything they fucking want. Just like every other fucking person on the planet, for fucks sake. This just screams of, "you need to look like the stereotype i place you as!"