We need to talk about Shallon Lester

Publicado el 24 abr 2020
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  • NB: Playboy in the past had hard hitting writers - I am referring to its current state. Like Vogue, it has declined.

    • You got her age wrong, in 2010 she was 29/30

    • hhhhh

    • @K BF that's fine as long you are honest

    • Sorry, but I hated both of you. She is mean You're mean

    • @O C the "i read for the articles" wasn't a lie lol

  • She's literally a femcel youtuber

  • So I need to not dye my hair blue in order to look Austrian? Or should I dye it blond from my natural dark hair color cause it's not ar**n enough? Jebus. What a clusterf*ck of a person.

  • Literally me witnessing two friends kill themselves and what it did to anyone who knew is the only reason I ultimately didn't kill myself. How, how is that victimizing myself? Does she think it's funny to go to bed and wake up with the thought of how are you even still around? That that's a "cool quirk" to have just to get some pity out of others? "The ones who didn't speak up aren't around". So well put. And you usually do get meds with borderline, at least AFAIK. Since depression is a major comorbidity, you get mood stabilizers. Obviously not a replacement for behavioral and speech (?) therapy.

  • I know this video is ancient but her smile when she is straight up talking out her ass is so....aggravating. Love all your videos; I've been watching them back to back like an addictive Netflix show. Much love! !

  • "You can't be medicated for borderline personality disorder." Yes, you can. Oh my god. 🙃

  • “You’re allowed to look like an Asian man” They’re also allowed to look how they want to. Does her keeping her hair blonde mean she’s not looking Caucasian? Does me dying my hair red mean I’m not looking like my race? I also found it funny (not really) that she’s complaining they all have the same hair color when they clearly don’t, but had they all had their natural hair color and eye color she would complain about not telling them apart and them just looking the same and not being original in their looks. I would bet my life on that guess.

  • 7:50 honey that sounds like a Harry styles fanfic on wattpad, I think your confusing fiction with reality.

  • she did not do bts like that . let me correct myself ,she didn't do all of these people like that.

  • This woman has the logic of a pinball machine. It's all over the place and has more holes than an 80s fishnet stocking. She's unaware of how dismissive she is about mental health and talks as if she is professionally qualified to discuss treatment. I am so so sorry I even heard about her. Shallon Lester is such an emotional and mental vampire. OMG. Just wanna let you know that if you make any more videos about her, I might choose not to watch to preserve my own sanity.

  • Shallon moLester making comments about Pete's BPD and abusive parents bothered me a lot. I have borderline personality disorder, and have not been abused by my parents. Granted, my BPD has caused plenty of issues with my parents, her blanket statements about these things just hurts us more. And we are already hurting a lot as it is.

  • what a disgusting person she is.

  • It's also insanely clear you've never been manipulated or gaslit by someone who threatened their life if you tried to leave them. Narcissists notoriously weaponize suicide.

  • I don't even know this shallon person like that but in terms of likability she kinda has you beat idk

    • I mean she really doesnt.. she sounds delusional and its so obvious shes stuck in her own little world and has little to no knowledge of literally anything.

  • Where she said that Asians should be allowed to look Asian. In turn with this, white people should be able to look white and I am not being an ass about this as there are videos with some black people hating on white people.

  • I don’t think Justin is abusive however I do think he is very immature, but not abusive

  • Shallow Letcher is so uninformed. You absolutely CAN take meds for borderline personality disorder, one is a mood stabilizer. What did she say? “You can’t take meds for borderline cause its your personality” Good god! So is Bipolar personality disorder [Face Palm]

  • Ariana grande is white BTW. (I say this cause of how you pronounced her last name with the r slightly rolled) She just wishes she was latina or black

  • That rehab comment made my brain hurt. Clearly she's never experienced being involved with someone who needs psychiatric medication, they literally adjust your medication on a regular basis. It's needed because, plot twist, your body changes. Goddamn lady, it's not like birth control or Nyquil

  • This woman is 40. I cannot-

  • It´s the wierdest thing learning about all the ways in wich she is terrible while remembering those strange kissing-tutorial videos she participated in.

  • As for the facial thing, I have prosopagnosia, aka facial blindness. If someone handed me a group photo and told me to pick my face out of the crowd I would have to recall exactly where I was standing in relation to the camera in order to find myself. Of course this is no excuse to what she said as she clearly meant it in a racist way. While I can't tell people apart on a facial basis I don't use it to insult people. Instead I respectfully ask for a name reminder or associate a name with a voice or hair style.

  • Didn't know who she was until I fell into the Hillary "Hilaria Baldwinito" Baldwin and this Lester lady talked about it for 40 minutes. I don't think I got much out of it, but didn't know she was this toxic.

  • Thank you for standing up for mental health and the special thoughts. As a teacher, the rate of suicide in teens is huge because they don't talk about it. I appreciate your openness and boldness to mention these issues and stand up for those who are struggling.

  • The content and the comments, are both extraordinary and I'm here for it! 🔥❤️

  • I'm so happy I found you on youtube! You're a gift from the Gods, I honestly love you! 😘😘😘 Take care always!

  • shut up. I love Shallon.

  • the amount of anger I feel about her saying med adjustments are him manipulating the doctors for "more drugs" . I promise you, as someone with mental health issues, med changes are the worst and nobody wants to go through them if you dont have too

  • #cancelshallonlester

  • These nuts.

  • BRB gtgt ER guys 🧠 lekin out ma 👂🙉lol 🎆😅 it hrts.

  • I need an update on her but won't watch any of her videos lol

  • So she keeps saying that BTS should look like “Asian men”. Does she realise that there’s more to Asia than just South Korea. To Dumb it down for her, take an Indian man and a South Korean man. Both very stereotypical in their looks. They are both Asian men but look a lot different. She’s just an ignorant racist

  • Jesus Christ, hearing her talk about guys literally my age is frankly disgusting and horrifying

  • When Jimin is a prettier woman than you

  • this made me lose my last two brain cells.

  • shallon lester me: shallot lester? a shallot is a type of onion. i bet she smells like one and lester cheese

  • I live in a small town where everyone under 75 acts like this

  • This lady you did a story on is very cringe. I just subbed to your channel, love it. Love your style too 🙂

  • She's a narcissist, elevating herself by putting others down and gaslighting her subscribers.

  • Hahah usher usher no Booka Booka 😂😂😂my homie said some girls screamed usher at us in our home town lmao sure and she made out wit Harry styles prob the one that turned him gay 😂

  • I actually like her . And usually she is right in the end . She gets her info from her past job and the people she knows . 🙄

  • WTF 😳 how is a playboy mag a toxic relationship? Hello! Stay on task Shannon.

  • The most offensive things about this person is that she had the audacity to compare Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Kylie Jenner.

  • Ughhhh I feel like she would talk animatedly with other dance moms during dance class about drama between the kids like they were celebrities, and then talk to her kids on the drive home about the other moms just as dramatically But in reality I feel like she might spend a lot of time alone

  • 21:51 I think she's jealous because he has better makeup than her

  • She should def be put on a FBI register

  • She's the first delusional person I have ever seen that can make fun of herself so much without realizing it. She makes me laugh at her, and I don't feel bad about it, jeesus christ

  • 5:31 haha, sure that seems realistic for someone to do in public, I mean why not add a playful giggle on top of my assult on my wife

  • She seems like a pathological liar

  • Shallon (Mo)Lester


  • Seems like she is still obsessed with Justin; at least study some type of psychology so that you can blame a degree for your ignorance 😅

  • Lol, nah your not crazy. Your a greedy wannabe fangirl. Who's got a big double dose of inferiority and mid life crisis. Last, how do you tell them apart,? Hmmm oh I've got it! You actually look at them instead of using the favorite and lamest racist insult of racists of all cultures and ethnicities the world over. Oh and I forgot one! Groomer!

  • If anyone needs to get out the spotlight it's shallow Shallon Her making mocking sarcastic voices she is a irrational immature bum chasing kids how groce She has that Lifetime movie cringe way over the edge personality she does not like immigrants not from America she can go to heck talking about BTS This woman is getting attention not in a good way

  • KPOP idols don’t dye their hair because they don’t want to look Asian. They dye their hair because it’s a style and a staple in the kpop industry.......Which I personally feel is something more accepted in Korean entertainment than even American. So that bullshit line about “yOur AllOweD tO loOok AsIan” doesn’t hold much

  • The Harry Styles story makes me want to die

  • More like MO Lester

  • I can't stand Pete Davidson. Hes a condescending prick but Shallon making fun of him for his suicidal thoughts is disgusting

  • Shallon! BTS are amazing, so shut up being a bitch

  • I wil never understand why people assume mental health meds are anything like coke or meth or some shit. Like yeah benzos maybe but prozac or lexapro doesnt even make you "high" like what??


  • Dunning-Kruger effect: She's too dumb to understand how dumb she is.

  • adiana ggthrhaaandez

  • @7:44 Irionly if was anyone else she would have called for an all out Witch Hunt & a Cancel raid against them.

  • Your tattoos are beautiful!!

  • Some guy she loved probably left her for a good woman or cheated on her and she was hurt, thats why she is mad on men now and women too honestly😂😂

  • Bruh I have BPD and there ARE medications that can help manage it. My mom manages my medicine because unfortunately I attempted to overdose at one point (I just turned 18, so I should be gaining the ability to manage them myself soon), so I don't know the names of them but I've been on a variety of meds. Hell, I was on one that REALLY helped, but it lowered my blood pressure too much and I kept fainting nearly everyday.

  • Omg this is so cringey. This woman is clearly stuck in the early 90s. Totally inappropriate and tone deaf. The racial stuff, the running joke about young guys.. ugh. So obnoxious and dated.

  • I watched a few of her videos once and she got more obviously narcissistic with every passing second. So gross.

  • NOOOO Shallon I love you why did you have to say that 20:10 😭😭😭😭 Im so heartbroken, I loved her....

  • 11:30 DID THIS WOMAN HONESTLY JUST COMPARE SUICIDE TO CHEATING?!?! 😠😡🤬🤯😖 And the rehab comment?!?! I cannot handle this fckin woman!🤯🤯🤬

  • Literally every member of that band had a different hair colour??? She can tell all of her blonde white valley girl friends apart why can she tell Asian people with different aesthetics apart??? Like just say you're racist and go

  • Shallon lester more like mo lester

  • I get such a Rita Skitter vibe from Shallon Lester

  • with the bts thing... idek what to say here... it’s just such bull crap

  • She’s talking about BTS’ hair and their lack of masculinity- but like she’s just jealous that she can’t have the same fluffy looking hair.

  • That 'sure jan' insert after her bs harry styles story is GOLD!!! 😆😆😆😆😆

  • She doesn’t like BTS for being femme but she likes harry styles and 16 year old Justin Bieber?

  • Ugly on so many levels. So irresponsible. So unlikeable. Why would anyone even watch her. Well done you for exposing her outright cruelty and misinformation

  • Ironic that she thinks BTS looks like girls but she has an obsession with boys barely out of puberty.

  • Wtf is this chick on

  • I think Shallon was actually 39 when you made this. Which is odd because she constantly talks about her accomplishments by the age of 25 and 30, but she would have been 30-35 when she was a magazine editor and author. Not that it isnt impressive, just sad that she is so proud of something she lies about.

  • You need to make a video about China concentration camps

  • There is NO FUCKING WAY that that happened with Harry Styles. I wouldn't believe that story if he came to my house and told me it did himself. I found her about a week before her Pete Davidson video. I unfortunately saw that and it was the last time I watched her. See you next Tuesday, Shallow.

  • This is a reason why I don't date

  • 16:54 she would have been 28 when she tweeted that oh my god....

  • Legit fucking weird that she talks about liking young boys cause if a dude was saying all of this shit people would barf and cancel culture him like why is it so okay for women to do it??

  • I didnt know i could get this angry, i was fine but when she came at bts and then had the audacity to point and go after jimin, jhope namjoon and JUNGKOOK omg i dont know what to do with this rage in me

  • Anyone else not know who this ShallonXo character was before this video and every time you said ‘Sharon Lester’ I thought you said “Child Molester”... and then scarily, I subsequently heard about her, at least, interest and sheer fascination with sexual attraction of underage guys and at most, seemingly predatory behavior targeting/grooming of barely legal BOYS. BTW as far as DoXing no matter how you twist it ,whether or not their addy & phone number are posted is irrelevant - maybe they just posted as much info that was available to them ATM (still doxxing). And I also wanted to points out that if somebody is an influencer, of even a modest amount of subscribers, and they are willing to do your dirty work/carry out your surreptitious bids, spamming alone can cause adequate harm. On a side note - how does one even go about obtaining somebody else’s credit score?! In any event, I came across your channel accidentally/inadvertently and I just got wanted to say you got yourself a new subscriber.

  • All i got to say is i never even heard of Pete Davidson,until i recently watched some skits on Saturday night live and i laughed my ass off.He is a great comedian!

  • Why is this video tagged 161?

  • why would harry styles be interested in this hag... and wtf is she trying to say with her rant on bts... asian people can dye their hair and wear contacts as they want to. and when they play around with their femininity then yay. my man is chinese and the feminine type, and is still as manly if not more as some buff european lmao what racist b

  • Her videos don’t even seem exciting or interesting I’m not even saying that because I’m mad but they’re just so dull 😭

  • People actually follow tthis idiot? Gross. Ready to Glare, on the other hand, is amaze-balls! Love you and your content!

  • Man, that lady has always been soooo creepyyyyyy

  • I can't stop looking at ur tattoos and pretty neon nails

  • Girl I am obsessed with your videos!! But unfortunately your intro music gives me terrible anxiety and paranoia...it makes me so sad that I always end up having to miss like the first part of your video since I have to skip it :'(

  • I'm sorry I can't get over the fact that if you say her name over and over it sounds like well...Child Molester, am I hearing things or do others hear this to?

  • Ouch! I am suicidal. I work with a team but it doesn't stop me from waking up, rushing to my knife and breaking the skin. I lost my whole family, everyone and I have nothing, nothing to get out of bed for. I can't sleep. I purposely stay awake because of the cost of sleeping... Typical how people do not understand serious deep inner pain. Yeah, I want a lady in my life because I thrive on love. A strong women would be a great help for me but again, I'm scared of women because I got beaten and r.... Nevermind. I'm too scared to go out, PTSD is rife and no medication helps. I can talk on the phone, email, talk on my Podcast but I cannot go out and face the world... Anyways, you make interesting videos, you make em, I'll watch them. Stay safe.

  • Omfg “sure Jan” I’m dying! Marcia fucking Brady. I❤️you. 😂😂😂

  • “She can take care of herself because she’s mom.” Or maybe he thinks she can take care of herself because she’s a grown woman.