We need to talk about Lovely Peaches

Publicado el 6 jul 2020
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  • She looks a whole damn hoarder mess.

  • What in all of the hell 🤬🤬🤬

  • Never heard of her until now. Thank goodness. I'm better off for not encountering her. Only now I can't unhear her depravity.

  • A girl at my school tried bullying me for calling her out for supporting Peaches😐😐

    • That bully is more than likely missing a few chromosomes.

  • I feel like throwing up

  • Local police need to form a taskforce just for her.

  • Okay, I grew up in the early 2000s, which in my opinion was the height of internet trolling, and back then, we knew that there was a line that you don't cross. It might be a very fine line, but the line was there. Like, even the "k1ll yourself" or "go drink bl3ach" trolls wouldn't joke about hurting a kid.

  • 5:33 That scream is my reaction to everything Peaches has done.

  • Oh man, the realization that this kinda insanity could have been me. I mean if I didn't get help and meds for schizophrenia I could very well be that person on the street ya avoid cus they yell at the guy that isn't there, or I could be the disturbed side show ya sadistically enjoy online.... I mean I wasn't into sexual violence, but I definitely had a lot of anger that made for some violent thoughts or fantasies that I look back and wonder wtf?? How did I think that scenario would be empowering or enjoyable in anyway?? I really hope this woman gets treatment, and as much as I hate to say it she probably needs to be committed for the early stages of it. Her behaviour is both inwardly and outwardly destructive and could very well result in real world harm, which is how I justify bein committed. Once she is in a place where she isn't a danger to anyone then yeah, let her live a life and maybe keep her offline and below radar.

  • Here after a month.

  • Why has this woman not been arrested yet?!

  • Lady's...can you let us "classical liberal" and "conservative" men off the leash to start purging these kinds of people already?? Just turn a blind eye to the "laws" for a month and let us take care of them?

  • she got custody again

  • There is an update.. recently she gained custody of Cora back sadly..

  • and now peaches has full custody of cora 😬

  • She is absolutely disgusting! I seriously have trouble finding words to express my feelings about her content. I truly don't understand how ANYONE could find it entertaining in any way shape or form

  • Wow. First, I want to address the topic of the video. After that, I would like to voice a complaint. I, like you, am completely baffled at the blatant continued support of this woman. I mean, I assume people continue to hype her up with the belief that she’s continuing to be a troll. However, there’s a line to trolling and she stepped well beyond it. Children, rape, serious and violent crimes are just a place you don’t go for shock value like that. Her “wish” for her daughter was wildly specific and sounded like it was leaning more toward a fantasy than a very sick and entirely un-funny “joke”. There is a way to joke about those things but it has to be done in a very specific way and usually under very specific circumstances. Like, you can’t just come out of nowhere and say something like, “Did ya hear the one about the 7 year old being trafficked and raped?” The woman definitely needs professional help. Probably a team of professionals. And probably some medication and counseling. As for the complaint I’d like to lodge...it drives me insane that you end your video saying, “Let’s get right into the fan art,” and then you list your patrons before the fan art. That’s not “right into”. Plus, if you put the patrons last you can play the whole “best for last” angle and schmooze some folks out of bigger pledges or donations or whatever they’re called in Patreon-land. IN CONCLUSION, we seem to hold some very similar, if not identical, beliefs on how the world should work. We even speak similarly and I enjoy listening to you. It’s nice to hear someone with intelligent, completely formulated thoughts speak on a thoroughly researched subject in a way that is easy to follow but isn’t oversimplified by leaving out crucial details to the story. Bottom line: I like your journalistic (??) reporting (??) style. Keep up the great work and keep the videos coming. Be safe wherever you are in the world. xoxoxo

  • Why is this the version of reality the one I happened to be born in, I hate it here.

  • Is that a wig?if so wheres it from?

  • Instagram aka Facebook: oh you’re a maga supporter? Banned Also Instagram: hey lovely peaches we love your infant raep videos we’d like to verify you.

  • She really, really, REALLY needs some help.

  • I disagree

    • If this is a joke, it’s not funny. Cora was in danger. How would you feel if you are Cora?

    • How can you disagree when there are records of her doing disgusting stuff (whole insta account actually)?

    • How so

  • I heard that she got custody of her kid this week!! And she joked about having a threesome with her baby :( pls pls pls do a video about this. She needs to be exposed. How tf is the court gonna give her her child back after everything she’s done!

  • Hey, I’m not here to throw a fit or anything, but I didn’t know anything about Peaches and the clip of her talking about the man doing things to what’s-her-face (BAD at names sorry) caught me off guard and caused me to have a really bad episode, so if I could just suggest a little more warning before that clip for people, that would be great.

  • as of July 25th she got full custody of cora

  • well apparently she got her back...

  • I love your channel but this one was so sick and sad and disturbing.

  • Loving the green on you girl!,you look great!

  • And shes younger than me.

  • She's like a less expensive belle delphine. She's also a lot crazier.

  • I am surprised someone has not put a huge NAIL through her head

  • Why isn't this person in Jail?

  • This right here is why I don't have social media, unless you count ESmain I guess

  • Yeah i dont like her and all but i was digging through drawers today i have four fucking wallets why do i have so many damn wallets

  • I don't know I found her, but I came across her videos YEARS ago. Same thing, saying awful shit about her baby. She has been like this for a loooooong time. It's wrong. It's sad. It's scary.

  • You don't know if this person has mental health problems...💁‍♂️ You're just speculating...👌🏼 You need to learn to respect people's freedom of speech...👍🏼💯✔

    • if she does have mental health problems, she should get help because she is putting people in trouble. mental illness or not, her content is not appropriate for the internet

  • please include a trigger warning for topics such as rape, csa , murder and human trafficking

  • Other youtubers get sponsored by league of legends and dollar shave club, but Glare gets sponsored by adult toy stores. Classy. ;)

  • This peach is crazy crazy she needs help asap

  • She reminds me of my ex brother in law..

  • She needs to be put in prison deadass

  • So many people I know laughingly share the videos of her flashing minors. Bruh, it's not funny AT ALL

  • Why is she not in prison? I'm confused

  • I literally don't even know who this lovely peaches person is lmao but i probably started watching tiktoks after her audio went viral

  • Whoa whoa WHAT? I’ve seen this persons name all over the internet, I always just scrolled. I never cared but WHAT???? This girl clearly has something serious wrong with her. Children protective service or police has never been called. People support this? WTF? I think she’s dead serious. Is her child alive? Anyone see this kid?

    • Skorpion good to know. Thank you!

    • Her child is in custody with her grand parents!

  • My sense of time just went out the window.. this video is only a week old?! How?! I swear you made this month ago.. or maybe it just aged me so quickly.

  • Damn take her down🤬😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬

  • Luckily, Peaches grandparents have custody of her child. Peaches has had the police called on her a couple times but they couldn’t do anything since she doesn’t have her child with her. If you notice she only ever posts the same couple pictures of her baby on Instagram over and over again because those are the only things she has of her. Either that or she crops out pictures from her grandparents and family members facebooks. So as far as we know, all those (terrible and unfunny) jokes and comments about her pimping her daughter or getting money from her are fake since she is no where near her daughter at all.

  • I wish I didn't know about this... Once you know, you can't unknow

  • i really hope charli's parents/management take this seriously and take action against peaches, this needs to stop. she needs help before she actually hurts someone fr

  • She is all but lovely

  • just...no. Cancel her.

  • Damn, I would have really appreciated a trigger warning lol.

  • Honestly, I’ve had someone pay another person to sexually assault me. It was my old best friend I lost over a broken ketchup machine at work. She paid him 30$. It’s awful

  • even if her jokes about trafficking her child are just her 'trolling', i cant imagine the trauma that kid will grow up with having to hear her biological mum say those things about her, let alone having to constantly question whether or not she was really raped as a baby. best case scenario nothing happened but she will still always wonder what if, worst case scenario what peaches said is true and she will constantly feel invalidated in her trauma because everyone believed it was just her mum trolling. as a csa victim it's hard enough questioning your own memories without the entire internet knowing your business and speculating whether or not you were really sexually abused

  • If Shane was demonetized and cancelled for his junk 10+ years ago, how the hell is this person not?!?! She is not so lovely after all and it’s disgusting how she so freely speaks about rape and killing her own child. I hope she is just joking (even though it’s not funny at all), but it almost seems like she is serious. Hopefully if she is offered help, she will accept it. You can be forced to go, but if you don’t work at it yourself, the behavior won’t change.

  • I can’t believe what I am hearing in this video...why has she not been taken down and banned!!

  • Why are you making the sign of the beast in your intro picture, you’re not a devil worshiper are you (I’ll stop watching if that’s the coup)

  • Let’s not forget about the puppy video

  • Oh my dark lord

  • She is very unwell, that doesn’t excuse her exposing herself to one teen and the things she’s said to others. Thankfully her daughter has been with LPs grandfather since being very young. I don’t think her mental health is organic in the same way as Nikocado Avocado's are. I think hers have come from external damage and abuse she herself has experienced. This is in no way defending her, just trying to come to some understanding why this woman behaves as she does. The worst part of the video you showed is that the young lady looks genuinely concerned about LP and was evidently traumatised by what happened because of this concern. Tik Tok and ESmain need to start taking some responsibility for what is on their platform. Instead of banning silly words needed to inform and help people look at the deviants' content, the families that abuse their own and adopted children for money, the channels that manipulate young children, the racists that have massive channels and goodness knows what.

  • We needed to talk about this years ago! Ppl that follow her are gross and weird

  • hey i realized u have the black thing on ur wrist , u good ??

  • I have a morbid sense of humor, it helps with my past trauma... but this is actually disgusting. Like she needs to be on an island with no internet FOREVER.

  • black & Female JMMA

  • Anybody gonna bring up the fact she strangled her dog and made a video dancing with his corpse?

  • Ummm, she needs to go to jail for flashing her junk to minor children and inciting harm to Charli D'Amelio. What a damn creep.

  • Peaches needs to get thrown in the trash bin/in this case jail. Wtf

  • How long can a person live with 4 sex diseases?just asking

  • If we really want to get rid of her, then it's best to report her accounts and ignore her. Any negative attention is still attention.


  • I will never understand people who crave attention so much so they’ll say or do anything for it negative or positive, I go out of my way to not be noticed 🤨

  • She was born in 2001!? I thought she was like 30 😭😭

  • I know there’s a lot of videos where you talk about similar subjects, but this truly churned my stomach. Is it actually true she sold her child? Did she really let something so horrible happen to a nine month old baby? I’m still a minor but I would take that child in and raise her as my own. I’d quit school to help this baby.

  • Im sorry to say that all but one of the things lovely peaches is accused of is true to some extent. She has confirmed it herself and she often posted the evidence of what she did as well. Usually in the form of videos. That includes killing her puppy, eating her own 💩, intentionally giving people STDS, harming or abusing her daughter, and trying to break into carlie d'amelio's house. The only one that isn't true is that she pimped out her daughter, Cora. Cora is in the custody of her grandparents and has been since she was 2 or 4 months old so there is no need to worry. Peaches stole photos off of family member's social media accounts and pretend to still have her to maintain that amount of attention she needed to grow her account and her "Music career". That is the reason why she gets so mad when people tell her that she doesn't actually have Cora, it's probably the one stunt she never actually pulled. Peaches has always been this way, it's not like fame got to her. She had killed animals before and she often posted videos of her "working" on twitter. Everyone, except for a few people who saw through her stunts, turned a blind eye to her behavior because they thought it was funny, her "fans" even gave her charlie's address (not sure if it was the right one tho) so that the drama would continue. She recently started playing the victim and claimed racial discrimination when the people turned on her after she threatened to have Charlie raped, she claimed that the reason no one took her side was because Charlie was a white girl and she was a black women which made no sense, Unfortunately some of her stans believed her and are still defending her.

  • when she says all this shocking stuff, it really sounds like she’s saying it to shock people and piss people off, but then again she actually showed up to Malu AND Bhad Bhabie’s houses sooooo. or I guess all the hype makes her think that it’s funny and she has to keep doing more shocking stuff to keep people interested.

  • This makes me sick to my stomach, oh my god.

  • I gagged during this video. I am so disgusted.

  • Can you please tell me where you got your glove? I really need something like that for my wrist. Thank you for your content and much love 🖤

  • Not gonna lie, i had to just stop the video at "in a bathtub full of Clorox". It makes my stomach turn. I can't hear anymore about her. I had seen the screenshots of what she said about letting them r*pe her baby but at the time i had no idea who had sent those texts. Ugh. I'm most likely unable to have kids of my own. Why are people like this able to just easily have them??

  • Sarah Schaur did a video about her too. I appreciated that because that teaches kids that (unfortunately) don’t follow people like you.


  • I’m almost 21, and known about her since early freshman year. It’s been a long time she’s been around.

  • she has repulsed me since day 1😭

  • She apparently killed her own daughter by strangled her for a minute and she just left her and killed her dog and then danced with it it is disgusting x

  • nah she got famous for eating her shii first then she started making songs

  • Blaire White also did a video on her esmain.info/goal/v-deo/im2WZ9Ocfa6qrM0

  • Shit! She’s only 19?! I could’ve sworn she was in her 30s!

  • everyone wants to hate on black women 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • can you look into pizzagate ?

  • Holy fuck I did NOT know what I was getting into

  • when i was following peaches she used to post pictures of her poop every single day multiple times a day and it would always get taken down. how in the fuck is she verified also like

  • me realizing that peaches is actually 6 months younger than me and not a 30 year old woman 😳😳

  • How is she not sued yet for threats?

  • OH GOD I thought you made a video on a ESmain called HOPELESS peaches for a sec and flipped out! I was like “WTF did a ESmain ARTIST possibly do to warrant a Glare video?!”

  • Why is this person popular? What's wrong with all these people enabling her?

  • Ugh something about her eyes and smile scream “SOULLESS”

  • Wait was my comment really just deleted for saying that I wish creators would stop giving her a platform??

  • I always feel like that drama channel that says "hey, it's spilly" sounds like you.

  • I genuinely have such a hard time hearing about LovelyPeaches, she's disgusting and atrocious. Can't stomach her.