We need to talk about Lil Tay

Publicado el 30 abr 2021
What do you guys think?

Gofundme link: www.saveliltay.com



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  • It seems like you are just taking all of these claims as truth. Why would you believe anything the brother or mom says???

  • As if the school was gonna let the kid go home after she came in with moldy bread that had parasites in it.. they would have called the police especially if other signs of neglect. Locked her in a dark closest for hours? really? thats the kind of abuse you'd see on tv. As if the brother is even credible.

  • This whole situation just seems sketchy. Her brother isn’t credible. He was making “Tay” act that way. And let her smoke !!! This is all just crazy and soooo many people are believing this with NO PROOF.

  • The fact that Deangelo Wallace is making videos about how this is all a lie with literally ZERO evidence speaks volumes about what kind of person he is. I think it’s about time he gets cancelled. At this point it doesn’t matter who’s lying and who isn’t, Lil Tay is a CHILD and it should be taken seriously until someone gets to the bottom of this. The fact that he is speculating about the legitimacy of abuse against a child to his millions of followers that could potentially TRULY help her, is disgusting. I’m sick of him calling victims of abuse liars and telling people of abuse how they should or shouldn’t feel. It’s 100000% not his place to decide what is or isn’t abuse for someone, especially when he has zero information about what the hell he’s talking about and when it involves a literal child. Seriously, making videos refuting victims of abuse for clout? He thinks he’s something else but he’s clearly just like all the other toxic assholes on ESmain. We all know he won’t get in trouble tho, nor will he get cancelled. And nobody has to guess why.

    • @Halloween Heathen You're right! It's not anyone's business but theirs, that's why the brother and mother, if they really do believe that Claire is in danger, should be taking care of that in court rather than go on the internet begging for money to get Liltay (and not Claire) back. And yeah. I can justify it, because people may or may not be scammed. It would be different if Claire herself were to say anything about it. If the actual victim were to speak, I'd believe her: but again: all we have for now is the word of the abusive, lying brother. Are you really going to blindly believe and give money to a proven abuser, when there is already proof out there that he lied about his evidence? Really? Also: it was a judge that sent Claire to her father in 2018, because the mother was untrustworthy. Why would that be if there were court/police reports talking about how the father physically abused her? If there really were teachers warning the mother that Claire was bringing moldy food at school: why didn't they call CPS? When that's the first thing you should do as a teacher in that kind of situation? Look: I usually try to stay neutral in this type of situations until there is undeniable proof that I should side with someone in particular, this case is no different... For now: I'm neutral, I don't know which side is wrong or right for sure, and therefore I won't give money or anything to anyone. Just wait to see how it plays out. But you gotta admit that the brother (who again: lied and abused her before) is fishy as all hell, and you shouldn't trust him just because he said so, when he refuses to give more proof when people (rightfully) doubt him.

    • @Someone Draws You can't justify it. It's 100% not his business, or yours.

    • Except that... 1. He was talking about the brother, not Liltay. The same brother who actually abused her and is known for that. At no point did he discredit the victim, since the victim didn't say anything. All we have is the brother's word for it and nothing else, and when you know that both the brother and the mother did abuse her... Well, let's just say it doesn't help them be any more credible. 2. There is proof that the brother lied with his "evidence". (the vacation pics from the father date back from 2016, as well as the pics where he is giving gifts to his wife. How did he pay that with Liltay's money if she didn't have a dime to her name, yet?) 3. Whenever the brother is questioned and asked for more evidence/Context, he'll be sure to insult you before blocking you... I get why D'Angelo didn't find him credible. All he was saying was: wait for more proof before donating to that guy, because it could be a bad idea, he could be scamming you. At no point did he blame the kid or said she lied.

  • If the brother and mom were so sure she was being abused they'd call CPS, the brother wouldn't be asking for money. There is zero proof her dad did anything wrong and I think it's completely f*cked to go by the brother's word after what he's done.

  • I'd recommend watching Atozy's recent video and updating the information. This is almost certainty a scam, please look into it!

  • It is a scam though….

  • Guys don't donate to this GoFundMe. It's another cash grab from her brother.

  • The absence of parenthood in society is repulsive.

  • Sorry.. rejecting validity for any of this due to sleazy, fake, lying nature of previous internet presence .. Leave it out of the headlines / internet and let it play out in court where it belongs

  • The fact that the brother calls her Tay feels like a red flag, since that isn’t even her name. If the dad really owes money and such, wouldn’t it be possible to find records of that with some sort of background check, that’s available to the public? With all the allegations the brother lists there surely has to be at least something, right?

  • yea its a scam..and regardless no body should be encouraging any help to her abusive brother and mother who let her brother do the things he did. There’s no court case happening or on file, no evidence of his claims, forged manipulated photos and again her brother focused only ON HER MONEY. No case has been filed by the courts. It’s very obvious not really that hard to prove… especially since he hasn’t even shown photos f her as of age 11 which means she’s certainly not with them but everything from when she was younger with them during her exploitation. Everyone can feel bad for her but at least let it be her words or actual proof and not her brother speaking with his lies again being believed.

  • Yeahhhhh, there's absolutely no proof that her dad is abusing her, whatsoever. Not saying that it isn't happening, but this information is coming only from her brother. It sounds to me he is mad his cash cow isn't within reach anymore. I recommend watching Atozy's video on this, he makes great points. Basically her brother is trying to scam money out of people.

  • I don't know, Im more skeptical of the brother and mother because they are proven exploiters. There's no real proof of the father doing anything bad, only heresay from a liar (Jason). Honestly, Claire has a better shot for normalcy with her father because he's not parading her on the internet to make money. I hope he's not abusive, but I wouldn't believe Jason even if he said the sky is blue.

  • Some people on TikTok proved that the brother is just trying to scam people. I think he is trying to squeeze more money out of the internet. They did a good job exposing the scam as well. Do not buy into it or atleast do more research on it.

  • I would never let my child on the internet at 9 for all the world to see. Especially in tthe fashion she was created. I'm sad for her.

  • Why is wrong to make the assumption that it's fake?. Her brother has done nothing but lie about everything.

  • No, it's not just you, I haven't heard it either...

  • So her dad was always abusive to her but only now it’s an issue? Also how would you be expected to believe her mom who built their career off of lies and letting her child run wild doing whatever she wants. Along with that how would her dad get all of tays money if her mom was in charge of that before?

  • Atozi did a video in this also. That’s kinda how I found this channel but anyways her moms scammin

  • Something seems off, originally, when claire was “lil tay” it came out that the brother would use claire along with the mother’s access to these cars and houses and the brother would tell her how to act and talk then when that all came out, it was her dad that tried to put a stop to it. So why is it not “help claire” but is ‘help lil tay”? not only that everything written is her brother and not her or her mother? like, you would think if it was to help her, he would of called authorities or something? It just seems weird. Also, if she wasn’t able to be with her brother for so long, how did he get all this info about the abuse but claire being 12 now and atleast some what competent about social media and basic tech like phones and computers, never made a new email, any new socials that only she knew about and never called anyone outside of her obviously horrid brother?

  • There's chatter that she has been abused by the father and his wife/GF. There was information of child neglect, etc.

  • Where’s child services?

  • IMO The brother and mother are definitely the ones at fault and the abusers in the situation. I don’t want to assume everything is sunshine and rainbows on the other side of the family, but none of the evidence the brother has put out seems legit. The photos of “injuries” seemed like an allergic reaction and/or a scrape from the concrete, (which kids get all the time since they’re playing outside and stuff, ya know, being kids.) and a stub from a police report (from 2014) with no other details outside of what the brother is claiming it’s for is sketch. And the father is a lawyer, ofc he knows better than to respond to slanderous claims on video (referring to the brother confronting the father on camera). And we know the mother and brother were exploiting the lil Tay persona for money. Since there is actual footage of her brother directing her and telling her what to say. To me, this seems like the brother and possibly mother wanting their money maker back and slandering someone to get what they want.

  • When she was viral her father didn't have custody. From what I've heard, he stepped in and put a stop to her internet career. He is a lawyer in his own right so he hasn't made any statements. I think the reason people are leery of the brothers claims is because it's known that he was the one kinda coaxing her previous behavior (video evidence of that) and the mom usually says nothing about anything just let's her kids do the talking. I'm not says the father hasn't abused her, just the whole situation seems janky. I've not judging it both sides seem fishy if you ask me. Hopefully the courts will handle it

  • Can we talk about that how this is a huge money stunt. I need to go watch creep show arts video. If her lawyer let me repeat that lawyer father wanted to use her for money wouldn't he be posting her🙃. Its a scam guys

  • I don't trust either of these parents with this child, poor kid being exploited like this.

  • From my understanding, the GoFundMe goes to her brother, who, by the way, forced her into all this nonsense.

  • Atozy has also reported on this

  • So if the brother knew about Lil Tay being abused why didn’t he help Claire out more earlier

  • This hasn't been put on blast at all... I'm here because I was wondering about her, after "Bad baby?" talked about Dr. Phil... jfc

  • Love the hair today

  • Whoooooo you never said allegedly you never included the fact that the brother made this go fund me. You nver talked about the abuse that the mom put her in for views. This is all allegedly and has no basing! Not cool!!

  • I really appreciate your mature composure to this situation. D'Angelo Wallace was laughing throughout his video.

  • I'm suspicious of anything coming from her brother or mother because they literally abused her. There are videos of them telling her to smoke. They used her for money and in my personal experience when someone leaves an abuser they will do anything to get them back. I won't say this isn't happening, but coming from people that we KNOW abused her and put her in dangerous situations these accusations don't add up.

  • This is the first take I'm gonna disagree with you on because there is absolutely no proof of anything the brother is saying. Plus her brother and mom forced her into the limelight of youtube

    • I also know you can have opinions. But it rubs me wrong that you take this at face value

  • We need to help her

  • PLEASE DON’T DONATE TO THE GOFUNDME. The brother has not proven himself trustworthy, and, until he shows credible truth or Claire herself speaks up, do not trust it! The brother is now 18+, which means he can take the money raised for himself.

  • One of the biggest reasons I’m suspicious about the go fund me is that the brother has given us no reason to trust his word. To me, the fact that he won’t even refer to her by Claire (HER NAME) and will only call her lil tay shows that he still only sees her as his meal ticket. Child entertainment laws still don’t cover children on social media, so I heavily doubt that Claire received any of the money she earned. If she ever comes about and says her dad is abusice, I will 100% believe her, but up to this point, all the words that have come out of her brother’s mouth have been lies so I can’t believe this story either.

  • I don’t know..... I do not believe her brother at all and I think we have solid proof and evidence that he and his mom ARE abusing Claire, lil tay, I think personally her dad probably was the only one who did right by her.

  • Does anyone have any sources for the school-related accusations (moldy/inedible food etc)? I can't find any besides Jason, the king of credibility.

  • Okay, so my issue is, why are people listening to the brother as if he's credible? As if he wasn't the one allegedly abusing and taking advantage of his sister? He and the mother were the people forcing/abetting her to be this outrageous online personality, NOT THE FATHER! The father came in and got custody of her so the abuse of his daughter would stop! ...which in turn means the brother and mother are no longer getting money from the online antics! So... the brother, accuses his sister's father of his own misdeeds, i.e. abusing this little girl, using her to gain money! And to prove she's being abused, what does the brother do? Does he go to the police, to Child Protective Services (CPS), through the court system with his proof of abuse his sister's father is putting her through? No, instead he goes on her social media accounts, which I'm guessing the brother had most likely opened and managed in the first place, and is trying to, once again GET MONEY! He has no access to his little sister to force her to continue outrageous behavior, (scripted and directed by him and furnished by their mother) so he tosses out accusations of abuse against his sister's legal guardian, (the very person the courts placed her with to remove her from the abusive control of her brother and mother) and sets up a campaign to get money, in her name! Wake up people. The brother is bad news, still trying to make as much money as he can off of his sister, and there's no proof of abuse from her father. As a matter of fact, the only claim of abuse at the fathers hand, comes from her true abuser, the brother!

  • All of this is really fishy. I feel bad for the people who donated thinking they're genuinely helping Lil Tay. The go fund me is 100% a scam.

  • Just to let yall know. There were two gofundmes one with her real name and one with Lil Tay. At least according to Deangelo Wallace's video.

  • I wish that there were more laws to protect children and give them rights. Until eighteen it's like we aren't considered people.

  • I'm skeptical. If the father owes 400K in child support (thats 4K a month for 10 year and it's not even been 100 years!) that means he was the one with the money. So how do we know that the speed boat and house are not just stuff he can afford to buy? And the "abuse" pics are indeed old.

  • I’m calling bull on this one, these allegations are like out of a book.

  • Ok that cuzcotopia shirt tho.... where did u get it ???

  • Aye nice girl I like the straight to the chase

  • honestly, if this MAN, a FULL ASS ADULT, isn't going to call his own sister by her actual name, which is CLAIRE, he clearly isn't doing anything to help her. He just wants that money.

  • I thought lil tay was satire.

  • You know shit real when the intro aint even rolling out

  • Great video. Yours and D’Angelo Wallace’s really show that Lil Tay needs help and no one in her family can be trusted

  • Great video. Yours and D’Angelo Wallace’s really show that Lil Tay needs help and no one in her family can be trusted

  • I have yet to see any proof that the brother's claims against the dad and step mom are true. Yet there is plenty of evidence that the brother and mother abused Claire. I find it suss that the brother didn't start the GoFundME until he was 18. I find everything the brother says is suss. Even the pictures he posted of the 'abuse' look like allergic reactions, AND Claire looks really little in those photos. I'm not saying the dad doesn't abuse her, but there is no proof he does. We should always believe victims, but we have yet to hear the victim in this story speak. The brother is just a pathetic con artist.

  • Little girls are hurt everywhere in the world, all the time. That's what happened to her she was used and abused. An innocent child.

  • Ah yes glare appearing to give us the minimum amount of information in a hastily researched 10 minute video as usual

  • Honestly, this is hard. There's a lot of information but at the same time too little info for me to comfortably take a side. Because the brother exploits her and coaches her to do these Lil Tay videos and the mother just let's it happen it seems. I don't like to judge anyone's character when I don't know them but something seems weird about a mother letting her kids use her client's house and cars. I mean, I don't know what she told the client or if she told them, but it just seems disrespectful. As for the father, just going off the brother, I'm not sure I fully believe him. There seems to be too many possibilities to be pointing fingers. The father wouldn't let Claire be on social media which tells me either 1) he's keeping her off it because he cares or 2) he doesn't want to take a chance at her posting any abuse if it's going on. I'd really like to hear from Claire without the filter of her brother or from a more reliable source but I don't think we'll get that. I just at this point hope that she gets to have a chance at being in a loving environment because she doesn't deserve any of this shit.

  • I'm not saying at all that the father isn't abusive, but Claire's situation with her mom wasn't good either. I don't know who to trust in this case. I don't think the brother is reliable cause he was part of exploiting her. I just hope she will be safe

  • This is so sad. Her brother and mother were exploiting her for money and putting her in bad situations and now it seems the dad can’t be trusted either. It seems No one in tays life is genuinely good. I am suspicious of the go fund me as I don’t see why they didn’t go public earlier but I have no doubt that Tay is being hurt/abused/used, whether it be by her mother and brother or father. It’s so sad and I hope she finally gets a break from all this crap.

  • From the limited amount of information I have on this situation, it's obvious every adult in this child's life is exploding her for their own selfishness. It's all disgusting.

  • 'Now that we know All of this'..... the words of the brother who had been exploiting her for monetary gain? Even the way he posted the 'updates' in bit parts was so blatantly trying to capitalise on the situation. I think it's extremely naive to assume all he is writing is true when he built her whole career on a false narrative, while exploiting her for profit. I feel like unfortunately this is not as simple as one side bad, one side good.

  • That wig is poppin

  • no not helping her

  • I've only seen one other video on ESmain and they were down playing all of it, assuming it was all for money and fake. I feel differently but I suppose that's why no one is talking about it. Its sad either way we need to get word out there is a possibility someone, a child nonetheless!, is in immediate danger.

  • I float in a lot of social justice spheres, and your video is the first I've seen of any of this shit. I'll be sure to share your video to a Facebook group I'm in, hopefully get you (and by extension them) some traction

  • Tbh that gofundme is very misleading considering that Tay was taken away from her mother by a judge in 2018 because of the fact that she was doing things like doing promos with grown men, smoking, etc. Her brother is the ringleader of her public "persona" and is def misleading people about the situation. Not saying it isnt true, just dont trust that this guy has good intentions either...

  • I'm definitely convinced that she has been abused. But I don't know who to believe because the mother, father, and brother have all used her for their own personal gain. I don't think she is safe with any of them. The brother was allegedly behind the whole scam/ persona in the first place, but the adults obviously played a part in it all as well. I just hope she gets out of whatever bad situation she is in and lives a normal life. Be wary about donating until we can find out more details. I don't trust the brother at all. You should see the way he is lashing out at people who question the authenticity of the claims.

  • As much as that kid was talking crap, it's kinda funny seeing how her dad took everything for himself. I'm not condoning this, it's just Karma at it's greatest

  • Those pictures look like she had some type of rash. I’m not saying that this didn’t happened but, lil tay has a phone and none of this on going abuse was recorded. Also, let’s not forget that the brother is a confirmed lier. Why didn’t the mother take pictures of any of the things the dad is being accused of. I’m not saying they didn’t happen but the more I read the less I believe the brother. Lil tay’s dad is an attorney and any documents from this case presented to the court must be true. Otherwise the father can be disbarred and wouldn’t be able to practice law. I don’t get the mom not doing anything. I would be giving press conferences left and right discussing my child’s abuse. I also haven’t seen any news rag reporting on this. Finally, I just hope that this child can get the help she needs.

  • Atozy did this too. Also, some pics that are old are the vacation pics, and designer clothing which are from before the lil tay flexing days shit, i am told, which could be wrong but I'd believe it. Apparently hes a lawyer. Also, hows he an absentee father, yet he somehow did all this abusing? That makes no sense. My take, the brother is grifting because his pay check is gone. He claims the abuse includes the dad scratching her. I was abused by my dad as a kid. I've never been scratched by him. I've been punched and thrown against walls, but never scratched. Grown men dont usually scratch. I can say that as a now grown man myself. How exactly would the dad steal millions anyway? That makes no sense. Filing for custody doesnt just take money and give it to the parent. Besides, her net worth online was estimated at 500k when she was shut down, so where'd the millions come from? That figure could be wrong, but by multiple millions of dollars for a 9 year old that doesnt come from billionaire type wealthy parents? I doubt that. I think more likely is he blamed the dad for shutting her down before she could make millions and thus accuses him of "stealing" millions of dollars from her. Most likely thing is, the brother, who is known to exploit tay, manipulate her audience and has even videoed her smoking for god sake, is probably exploiting tay, manipulating her audience, and selling a story so he can try and make that almighty dollar he was so obsessed with last time we heard from him. A leopard doesnt change its spots. I'm surprised Julia didnt take the time or put in the effort to try and hunt down and check the dads and stepmoms own social medias (not the one insta in one of the screenshots, which I feel confident is also owned by the brother) to see if any of those pics were years old, to at least try and fact check some of this stuff. He used pics originally taken from their socials, so that would help make a more informed decision. We cant just trust known child exploiting manipulative liars based on pics of unknown origin and videos with only one party speaking and the other remaining silent, or pics/vids of her crying without audio. She could have been crying about the bieber concert being cancelled for all we know. What I do know is the brother is money hungry and will use his sister for money. I hope she is ok, and if she is being abused, the truth will come out and this is not meant to invalidate that, if it's the case, but I'd need far more proof than taking her scammy brothers word for it and assigning his narrative to whatever pics or vids hes posted. Taking one person at his word is just asking to misjudge the situation.

  • Hmmm.. I mean IF her brother is in fact telling the truth, & has legit evidence of all these allegations against his sisters father.. Then how has CPS not be involved at all?? If the school is seeing her with moldy & bug infested lunch, dirty clothing, & signs of neglect, I find it hard to believe that nobody from the school would’ve reported that to authorities. If not, then we need to be concerned about that school as well! - The fact her brother is still referring to her as Tay, & not by her actual name is a bit weird as well. I know most people know her as Tay, but he could’ve put Tay in quotes next to her actual name, so people would know for sure who the go fund me was set up for.. I definitely don’t think these claims should be ignored, but kinda feel like her brother & Mother are going about things the wrong way! They were also guilty of manipulating, exploiting, & using this poor girl for money & clout! Do they have jobs? He says the Mom has spend nearly a million dollars in court costs & lawyers etc.. how did she have all this money? Not to mention how or why are they no closer to having her back with them, after paying lawyers to prove all these allegations? Seems like the school alone would be able to provide some evidence... ( seems like someone would’ve taken a picture of her lunch’s or SOMETHING ) it’s a sad situation, & hope this young girl gets help & a chance to live her life for her! Get an education & find a career to support HERSELF without people wanting something from her besides her time & love.

  • Poor kid was so terribly exploited by her mother and brother that I’m truly hoping that all this is on the side of the brother. The father seemed like the only chance at normalcy that child would get but I really hope someone is at least looking into the claims. Better safe than sorry.

  • One question: why the school didn't call social services?

  • I'm withholding judgment on this one until we have a clearer idea of what's going on. Her mother and brother were the ones exploiting her in the first place which caused the courts to turn everything over to him, so I'm not sure who to believe. Whatever the truth is, I hope that the legal system can figure it out.

  • Why don't these kids have Coogan Trust Accounts?

  • Just had to say I love the wig. Very Scorpio.

  • Hey please please talk about Karl Jacobs I feel like more peoples should know about it

  • Love this hair

  • Hey, I wanted to inform you that in Italy two comedians said the F and N word and made jokes, all on national tv, also about Jewish people. They said that everyone should be able to say what they want and the "politically correct" is taking away the right to say whatever comes to mind. I'm sorry if I'm disturbing you but I think you should know.

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  • So many questions s this point, if I saw my daughter with bruises scratches I would of taken pictures as evidence the teachers statement file a police report child abuse because there's no way I would allow another woman that's not the mother hit,abuse my child there would of been problems and probably I would kick her ass for miss treating my child and the ex the same. Someone needs to look in to this no child should ever be abused . Even if I didn't like that she was acting out s that time it's not fair that adults hit kids and threaten them only because they know they can get away with it since a child can't do anything to defend themselves. I really hope this is not happening but if it is that men and lady need to end up in jail for child abuse.

  • It's be awesome to see a video about the Twitter Killer now that he's been sentenced

  • I really like this hairstyle

  • I figured something weird was going on with the little girl. I’ve got a 10 yr old myself. I can’t imagine anything bad like this happening. And at the hands of adults

  • I was wondering what happened to her.

  • this whole situation is just...fishy

  • esmain.info/goal/v-deo/oatpe96onsqooMU Glare, how come yours and D'Angelo's videos seem to contradict each other? Most of the allegations you read about seem to be mostly from the mom and the older brother's. D'Angelo's video kinda didn't go into the allegations of abuse, more so making the older brother and the mom as exploiting Lil Tay. Did you mention that Lil Tay's father is an attorney?

  • I dont trust anyone except Claire herself.

  • Wether or not any the brother's accusations against the dad are true, this little WILL be messed up for life UNLESS she gets counseling. This kind of reminds me of what Judy Garland went thru with her upbringing. It's sad to think that that's exactly how Claire can end up.

  • Ah ha.

  • If whatever that was stated in the Go fund page is true, it's horrific that something like that is happening to a kid. It's heart-breaking!!!! The mental trauma that the kid will be going through. I hope they find the freedom and help that they want asap!!

  • I hope she ends up back with her mother

    • The brother and mother were exploiting her though, bleaching her hair and encouraging her to smoke and act like a brat on camera for views and youtube money... And there is no real proof that the father did anything, just out of context pics/vids and what the brother (who again, exploited her) is saying... So no... It wouldn't be good for Claire to go back with her mother... Even if what the guy's saying is true (which I doubt), Claire wouldn't be any safer with her mother, sadly.

  • i see you watch a lot of d’angelo wallace too

  • Thank you for covering things like this and also thank you so much for the TW's and for not showing the photos. You're a good heckin human

  • my dad owes money for child support.... if they’re lying for attention thats just sad

  • Wasn't there a video of her brother feeding her lines and telling her how to act and she was begging not to do it? Seems like everyone is just in it for a piece of the pie.

  • I think it's quite obvious that her brother and mother are both desperate for money. It's such a sad situation.

  • Did I miss the part where the authorities are involved in getting her out of that abusive situation instead of requesting money for legal fees to do it on her own?

  • OMG IT'S THE BROTHER! He's running a Go-Fund-Me scam because he just turned 18 and can legally make a claim for the money now! He was behind the whole Lil Tay thing from the beginning. IT'S A SCAM!