We need to talk about Lena Dunham

Publicado el 21 feb 2020
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  • Finally, someone else who feels that she is at the bottom of the barrel. I have always thought her disgusting pushing her tush in our faces and down our throats to be extremely abhorrent, and then acting as if it is our fault for not wanting it there. Btw, one year old's don't put things inside themselves, they are hardly coordinated enough to walk, how's that gonna happen? Her mother needs a little counseling too I think for ignoring her little precious pervert.

  • Oh, I finally get it. This channel is only for people who think exactly the same and just agree with each other. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷‍♀️ bye!

  • Are you even open to listen to the reasons many do like her? So it’s just you bashing her? Boring if you can’t. You sound straight out of gossip. SHE WAS BRAVE TO SHARE THIS AND SHOW CONTRITION. As a personal victim of this, I wished my perpetrater had such insight and contrition. You don’t get it. You sound like your from the 50’s 60’s. Your style must be ironic. I have a Ph.D. In psych and everything your saying is completely untrue. But your blind confidence in what your is impressive. Your clearly intelligent so educate yourself. 🙄

  • Why is she still even allowed to freely exists with no real consequences? And it's the excuses for me! 🗑Just like her🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑

  • Dennis Reynolds. This woman is Dennis Reynolds.

  • There is a french expression that says « mêle toi de ton cul » Think about it

  • Ilana Glazer is much better

  • I was coming here for some real dirt on her. This is just lame and sad!

  • I found this video when researching Dunham. I like the way you elaborate and go into detail instead of towing the same line as others. :)

  • Didnt she grape her younger sister?

  • Think she stuck the pebbles inside her sister... 🤮

  • DISGUSTING!!!!!! Don’t care who u are, as a mother I can’t find a place in my mind where that is ok.... e. v. e. r! I can’t I am speechless, who the hell would even write this shit in their book! Her mom just being totally chill about it all too..... ummmm again, speechless

  • Pretty sure she was being sarcastic about not getting jobs off that modeling job. And being "coddled" her recognizing she isn't a professional model and she had to be babied. Just saying. Written words are easily taken a certain way. I'm not going to defend what she says she did but how old was she? I don't know. It is normal for young siblings to be curious about each other's parts. It's curiosity. I have kids who were once children fairly close in age. I have a sister close to my age. I ran a day care. Young kids are curious. I didn't allow my kids to do anything inappropriate of course & as far as I know, never did (they're older now) but you understand kids get to an age where they are learning & curious. You tell them it's not okay to touch other people inappropriately and they learn and don't do it. She must not have had much parental guidance as a child.

    • I think she likes being shocking and she doesn't have much social awareness. At all. I thought she was very annoying in girls but some of the other actors are great.

  • Clearly Lena Dunham has been molested as a very young child -hence her inability to self monitor according to what is Sociably acceptable and what is not. Very good summation.

  • lena gives me shane dawson vibes

  • This is utterly disgusting.

  • I love how she pretty much says "shes the most annoying person in our reality and prolly others too"

  • What the actual fuck. You might have wanted to lead with some of this stuff before trash talking her though. Cause it sounds kind of petty if you come in not being familiar with this person.

  • The " "s from her book. WTF!

  • You'd think Lena would recognize when she has her foot in her mouth by now. In any case, I'm disgusted and appalled that she still has a platform.

  • I was totally fine with what she did to her sister. I didn't see what the big deal was...........but then i found out she was a successful women. Now I am suddenly disgusted with these totally normal interactions with her sister. A women having success pisses me off way more than child molesters

  • lena on a runway........... even if she had no controversy ...... why...

  • I'm a bit torn, it just doesn't seem like a 7 year old could be hurting their younger sister out of pure malice and even if that was the case, I feel like the level of maturity between a 7 year old and an adult is just so far apart that I don't really understand why there's this much backlash towards Dunham. I do agree however, that her hypocrisy and her refusal to address the issue; instead of doubling down in an immature way is wrong. I also do think that her sister's well-being is the most important thing here so it feels weird that instead of caring about her, everyone is instead going after Leah. Is there something I'm missing? I just don't feel like an adult woman should be called a predator for something she was doing when she was 7.

  • She is a pervert. Ew! My brother did the exact same thing to me and it was hurtful.

  • This is creepy. No normal child does this. I was sexually molested by my older brother, his friends and cousins disguised as a game.

  • 7 year old me dug pits in the sand on the playground and dozed inside of them because they were cooling me down in the summer heat O.o found the neighbour's guinea pig while digging in the garden once, though, that was less refreshing. But even that wasn't as gross as the mental image of pebbles inside a baby's clamperl.

  • Don't worry GLARE... I don't like tea. I'm probably the only Brit who doesn't. Any other Brits here who don't like tea?

  • "NoBoDy'S pRo-AbOrTiOn" "I wish I had an abortion." As if I couldn't hate pro-aborts any more than I already did.

  • She was red and terrible and red. -George RR Martin as Davos Seaworth speaking about melisandre.

  • Wow. ok. * big inhale*. Since knowing the existence of Lena Dunham I had this almost instant and intuitive dislike of her. I thought maybe it was her awful character in Girls or her over the top feminist facade. And boy her book just cleared everything up. I was so right. There is something seriously wrong with this woman.

  • This is old but it caught me mostly because the name Dunham

  • Never had an abortion but wish I had? You mean like you wish you had one as an experience like going to the beach, or you mean you gave birth to a child that you don't want, both interpretations are pretty f***** up if you ask me.

  • Have a look at her father's art - www.carrolldunham.net/ ummmmm!!?

  • Pls do a video on VOX

  • I definitely agree. Kids are curious and learning about their bodies, and express that with kids around their own age. And even though it's normal, most people do feel ashamed as they grow up. This is totally different, there's a power dynamic here, and she acted in a predatory way. And seems to be proud of it! That's very problematic to me, and I'm surprised it's slipped under the radar.

  • Not related at all, but you're always so on point with your makeup and hair; I'd love to see you incorporate different backgrounds into that

  • WTF omfg I'm so disgusted I can't Fucking believe the shit w her sister

  • Dont mind me, just binging your videos 🥰🥰🥰

  • She's cringe bit also a creative genius. She was the first person who made an honost tv show with real people, real issues, challenging norms in every sence of the word. How can you hate her? I wanted to thank her for putting something real out there.

  • Sex has nothing to do with politics and just going on to bash Dunham!! Wtf is happening? Freud or Jung, pick one and stick ...

  • With all that face and body I expected this video to be more liberal. This is the new meta I guess, drawing boundaries!!! An artist with boundaries, not for herself, for others... This is like too painful to watch man...

  • Who can give this vid a thumbs down??

  • holy fuck this lady is fucked.

  • She disturbs me. Very inappropriate.

  • www.washingtonexaminer.com/report-1-in-5-campus-rape-reports-are-false

  • 3% huh? www.dailywire.com/news/lies-damned-lies-and-campus-sexual-assault-ashe-schow

  • Speaking of the MET gala. vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/the-met-gala-2019-a-perfect-reflection-of-the-showbusiness-agenda/

  • can we just take a moment to appreciate how cute your pink sparkly eyeshadow is?? i love your usual looks, but this is different and its so fucking cuuuuuuute

  • As a feminist we don’t claim her

  • Jesus. I knew she was horrible but I didnt know this much.

  • Me at 7 years old: *eats paper and sticky notes*

  • Why the fuck does she want to write about that shit.🤢🤮

  • seriously fvcked up why did i not know this

  • i love sassy glare so much

  • I recently started watching girls (tbh to feed my adam driver obsession) and I didn't know any of this thank God this video was in my recommendations

  • You want to know what my brother and I did when I was 7? I played teacher. I would teach him whatever I was learning in school that day because I liked the feeling of being a smarty pants and him looking up to me. Hearing about the shit Lena pulled in this vid made me want to vomit. What kind of sick fuck thinks like that? Oh wait, I know, a sexual predator.

  • Thank god my mom told me to NEVER play doctor and if a kid wanted me to I would tell the teacher asap

  • She really did speed run being problematic

  • Love her or hate her, she was really entertaining in Girls. She became kind of a horrible person on that show..but it was fun to watch.

  • I think she lives in Whales now. And she has gained a lot of weight. So she is a whale also.


  • You know she doesn’t like someone when she’s sassy like this

  • I would do tickle fights with my cousins not molest them

  • I dont think GIRLS was portrayed as a Tragic show. Lena Dunham aside, that show is a satirical Master piece commenting how Self obbessed and absolutely worse, "Girls" can be. The Take has actually covered it brilliantly, with in depth commentary on the actual POINT of the show.

  • What the fuck did I just watch

  • Her sister wasn’t even talking

  • I love that show

  • That's f*cking molestation. I know, because my much older brother did that shit to me (and more, which I believe she probably did and just left out of her book). I now have ptsd but everyone just shrugs that sh*t away. It's important people know this is not "normal" childhood play with your best friend who is consenting to that play. It's predatory, demeaning, horrifying, and extremely damaging. Thank you for speaking out on it! In the future, please consider a childhood sexual abuse trigger warning immediately before you speak on the details?🙏 Some of us still struggle

  • "kikka Cavenati? Boh." AHAHAHAH FANTASTICA

  • I used to love watching the show "Travel Man" up until she became a guest. Couldn't watch it the same way after that. Tried a few times but nah.

  • How many abortions has she had by now. She must be going for the world record.

  • Honestly I think Lena is hot... I like girls with little nubs for teeth and truck tire hips. Her arms when she wears sleeveless shirts look like big juicy polish sausages, so hot

  • Why did it take you 5 minutes to get to the point Jesus christ

  • Sassy and bitchy? My favorite teas.

  • Lena looks as disgusting as she is

  • I absolutely hate that she describes being, in her own words, "predatory" with her sister as "being a weird 7 year old". That is fucking gross and ANY adult person should be ashamed of this behavior when they were a kid.

  • I like you! Subscribed cause of that kool outro music!

  • Honestly? I wish for more videos with your sassy attitude. I personally love it, and your annoyance, rage, and dissapointment in this sassiness are resonating with me on a molecural level

  • That woman's face irks me to no end

  • I like the dress she’s wearing because it looks like a trash bag and it fits her! :)

  • She wasn't glossing over or being dismissive of the glaring abuse. She was putting a comedic spin to it, disgusting in itself. I'd bet she leaned back, having edited the sentences dozens of times, and sighed, "perfect!". Now she'll be worshipped as the latest 15 minute wonder, cause she wrote some freaking scripts. It's like serving a bowl of vomit, in a lovely bowl. And, "I spiced it with cinnamon and wedge of lime."

  • I was molested in a similar way when I was a child and this pisses me off. Being a 7 year old is slightly better than a 14 year old to a 10 year old(me) but jesus christ it is sexual assualt. I have been permanently been scarred for my entire life and her sister likely has as well

  • the 'boh' was so italian

  • I can confirm the Patriarchy has lunch at 12:30, after our favourite hamburger restaurant opens and the dancers start to strip.

  • Seems like someone doesn't understand the meaning of exaggerating or hyperbole for comic effect! Does 'regular behaviour' mean being silent and submissive in the face of all that expressive Americans like Trump stand for? but strong, real women are not allowed to talk about their experiences and reactions?

  • The uploader looks like zosia mamet

  • *Are we sure she wasn't friends with Epstein?*

  • Not a smart woman.

  • 1 yr olds do not put pebbles up their vagina. That's awful.

  • I saw that someone called Girls Gentrification : The show 😂😂😂and that's so accurate that I wanted to share it with y'all

  • Rape and sexual assault is THE MOST unreported crime. The dark figure of crime you hear police talk about, majority of that figure is composed of rapes and sexual assults. Male, females, non-binary (spelling?) Rape and sexual assult can happen to anyone at any age. Yes, 2% of rape/sexual assault cases are false; but that does not mean to ignore the 100% that exists in that dark figure.

  • she's f..... up , I think childern should learn from other childern their own age not a pervert destroying their lives

  • Oh. My. Fucking. God. This is horrific. I do NOT believe, for 1 millisecond, that her 1 year old sister put 6-7 pebbles in her vagina on her own. No fucking way. Lena did that to her little sister, that couldn’t talk yet, HERSELF. That’s horrifying. I can only imagine what Lena did to that girl that Lena will NEVER tell if she’s got the balls to even go on the record even saying THAT. I’m mortified for her little sister.

  • spot on.

  • She is certainly NOT a feminist

  • One of the worst people to have landed a television deal.

  • Man when I was little I used to play doctors with my older sister (3 year age gap) and like despite being like 3 and 6 we knew wtf private parts were and anything to do with them was never once a part of our game This woman on some new shit lmao

  • My question is this; what one year old puts pebbles up her woo woo ?

  • I love very opinionated women such as you. Like came with accusations backed it up with the receipts 👏👏

  • What I found odd is why would she include it on a book? 🤨 if she’s not being supported to help p normalisation propaganda I don’t know what it is. As her sister I would feel so bad for being put in such vulnerable situation and use her again for her own pleasure and benefit.