We need to talk about Jeffree Star

Publicado el 7 oct 2020
Kat Tenbarge's article for Insider:
StickyDrama: stickydrama.com/exclusive-gage-arthur-jeffreestar-drugged-tazed-and-raped-me/

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  • “Mista J how much do you think that Jeffree alien is paying these victims” I love this Harley Quinn X Freddy Krueger outfit

  • God, I hope that SOB goes to prison.

  • You you and tehmimi have seemed to cover this! Thank you

  • Hes a racist he dated a blak guyfor clout

  • You should be a prosecuting attorney!

  • honestly not shocking AT ALL. everyone who isn't smitten with him has known for a LONG time he's a garbage person. he's racist, manipulative, seems to have no fucking moral compass, has never taken accountability for ANYTHING in his life, why wouldn't he be a predator too? really sending love and good thoughts to the survivors because i can't imagine having to come forward about such a hateful, toxic person with equally toxic stans.

  • His money is talking it would seem. So sad. He doesn’t just need to be cancelled he needs to be done with.

  • Star is just a disgusting creature - yikes!

  • pizzeria is just a pizzeria. no need to pronounce it in that ever so pretentious manor. can't stand phonies. Be real!

    • Giulia is Italian and Italian is her first language. And pizzeria is an Italian word, not an English one. We're attacking people because they're correctly pronouncing words using their native tongue now? Wow.

  • Jeffree Star looks like he could be an evil clown in a Disney movie

  • Loving your look!

  • I don't know how anyone could support him. He's awful to his fans

  • ♥️🖤♥️🖤♥️🖤🤘🏻

  • That sweater is giving me Freddie Kruger Nightmare on Elm street vibes. You could totally get some 4 in long press on nails do some fx make up and boom you got a sweet Halloween costume. I'm not kidding it would be perfect.

  • I would love to know where you got that wig. So pretty!

  • I love your outfit ❤️

  • You and D'Angelo Wallace can literally run through the beauty community in a podcast. I'd be a patron for that, no cap, full stop!!!

  • Wow I live in Alaska! Ew he went here🤮

  • Why is anybody not calling these people out???

  • Never heard of this bloke before, but I have the sneaking suspicion that he may in fact be a homosexual. His whole demeanor to me just seems really dodgy.

  • I was SO young when I was on MySpace , & I remember seeing that type of behaviour w my friends while on the site. It would make so many of my then friends think it was okay to assault some of us , & be abusive. Mind you, we were PRE TEENS. *not to mention the amount of grown ass adults that would behave in a predatory manner when we were obviously kids* disgusting.

  • Me looking for Stans in the comments like 👁️👄👁️

  • Jeffree should just get cancelled I would love to see him homeless

  • Huh. So nonconsensual groping was normalised. What a coincidence I'm getting violent flashbacks to Star's Chris Hansen interview (a whole different can of worms I'm not gonna open now). "It was just what it was like those days. It was a different time. Back then that was just normal." Sure. Whatever you need to tell yourself to sleep at night.

  • Do I think the allegations are true? _Oh_ yes. I mean, have you seen Jeffree's face? He reminds of that drag queen who was a serial killer. I been theorizing for years that he could very well be one. Also, he's accused Dahvie Vanity of abusing minors, then turna around and *REFRIENDS HIM LIKE A YEAR LATER.* He's been caught in so many lies, and would stab a "good friend" in the back for a crumb of very stale hardtack while there's a feast on his table.

    • Also, I say Jeffree Star's real name is probably Mok - thanks a lot. Please do yourself a favor and go look up "rock and rule my name is mok".

  • Considering how skeevy the guy is, I wouldn't doubt he's been paying people off. Seems like a lot of the people he's hung out with over the years are similarly shady enablers.

  • This has happened on camera too. Jeffree just touches someone unconsensually, but it was with a different person, caught on camera. Here's the videos link. esmain.info/goal/v-deo/sXykh7GAb5OjhtE

  • jeffrey star? you mean washed-up pastel marilyn manson?

  • Do you even listen to goth music or do you just use goth as a fashion statement?

  • I believe he has done some of these things. And Shane Dawson and him were like 2 peas in a pod for awhile it's bc their both problematic.

  • So much easier to digest chronologically. Also, this entire look is goals 🖤

  • What a gross person.

  • Dollar Store Freddy Kruger. Haha. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  • Ummm... yeah just cause you're the same size as someone, doesn't mean they can't be raped! OMG SMFHD! The hell!

  • True!

  • I love to watch Millennials lose their shit about stupid things

  • Girl this LOOK and the LIPSTICK yes

  • where do you get your wigs?

  • DollarTree Cutie Krueger*

  • I was raped and I would never retract my statement for 10 grand. I would scream that shit from the rooftops until something was fucking done. I do not believe these allegations it’s ridiculous. The person would have to be an idiot to retract that statement for 10 grand. I want solid proof that the 10 grand was put in the account. Then I believe the allegation. I believe this is a case of he regretted sex so he claimed he was raped

  • Maybe this will get people to stop supporting him because his racism and physical abuse seems to not be too cared about🥴

  • this mans history of sexual assault makes me i feel like im reading lord of the rings or something , literally ,,,,, how many people? uhhhh

  • Unfortunately we always seem to

  • Outfit is on point loving it!

  • i like your look sooooo much

  • and to think i used to be a fan of his...

  • Outfits are A1 bless this channel

  • Where do you get your wigs?!?!?? I NEED to know

  • Welp. Over this channel. Bye

  • Men demean women every time they wear womanhood like a costume.

  • can Jeffree stop getting into drama for five fucking seconds

  • It’s not surprising that the guy who’s friends with Davi Vanity AND Shane Dawson is also a predator. It’s also clear to me that Jeffree attempted to deflect/distract people from his actions by accusing James Charles of being predatory

  • It was only for like, mmm, two years and obviously before I knew anything about him but I am still ashamed that I was ever a fan of this person. Oh, my God.

  • I wouldnt be surprised if jeffree turns out to be the antichrist.!

  • Jeffree is DISGUSTING.! He treats his fans/Supporters like they are his personal slaves.! That alone is deeply disturbing now add all this & Im just SOO GLAD I CAN HONESTLY SAY ~ Ive never supported his company & never subscribed to him..! He’s a horrible/entitled person & I hope his victims get their justice. Its such bs how if a guy gets sexually assaulted ~ it isn’t taken serious.! If a girl gets sexually assaulted by a dude = he goes to prison (where he belongs) but they act as if a guys penis is a weapon of mass destruction when the victim is a girl..When the victim is a guy ~ its not taken serious at all.! This needs to change.!

  • BITOZ!

  • I’ve always hated Jeffree Star but people never really listened to me. At least now people are starting to realize he’s bad.

  • I'm living for this look ohmigod 🥺❤

  • Not what this video is about, but that black lip is so perfect on you

  • I love this look ! OMG you look AMAZING.

  • I Fr think he’s Dracula’s gay brother

  • I'm not surprised, I never liked the guy. Always got a bad vibe off him. And never really understood why he was popular. Still don't.

  • The sad fact is when this happens to men usually nothing happens to the accused and few people care. Imagine if these accusations came from women, this would be huge and there would certainly be charges.

  • Why yo scalp orange

  • this is crazy to hear the taser allegations because my boyfriend's band toured with jeffree back in the day and said that he would tase/threaten to tase straight men on the tour if they wouldnt sleep with him. he told me this a couple weeks ago and had no idea that jeffree is really rich/famous now, blew his mind haha.

  • Ice cream (little girl) is a known pedo symbol....learned it on the FBI site. As is this symbol💗and this🌀

  • Here's the thing, until now, I had never heard of Jeffree Star. I'm so out-of-touch. In his case, maybe it's a good thing.

  • youe italian is violently showing when you say pizzeria, love it xx (sono italiana anch'io!)

  • I don't know if I believe this! How do you get it up if you are drugged on ambien 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  • This isn’t surprising....he’s still the same person just a lot more careful with who he does things to & how the public sees him

  • Dang glare... u look good today!

  • Girl I'm living for this look

  • I thought he was irrelevant at this point

  • i need that dollar store freddy krueger sweater

  • I had a friend who was into Blood on the Dance Floor and went to go see them at the Sunshine Theater in Albuquerque NM. When she got back from the concert she later showed me a video she took of Dahvie Vanity mooning the entire crowd of people in the audience, most of them being underage girls. At the time I was an uneducated preteen and that video didn’t really set off alarm bells until I got older. And then the more crap I heard about even how bad Dahvie Vanity is, I’m not surprised The Pink Slender Man was friends with him.

  • In one of ItsKeishas videos she showed footage of a man at Jeffreys house/ apartment crawling around on the floor obviously high and Jeffrey saying about how he'd just... Done stuff to him. This man was obviously a victim and was vomiting and clearly in distress. It's absolutely sickening

  • I'm glad RTG covered this freak of nature smh I wonder how many kids gonna dress as Jefree Starr for Halloween. Sure to scare other trick or treating competition away😂😭all the candy.....

  • Not to be an ass because ypur videos are great but there's too many jump cuts. ❤

  • When he is claiming someone else is a predator, just to cover up the fact that he, himself is the predator...

  • So James Charles is a predator....... ?

  • I wanna know where she got that sweater 😍😍

  • awesome job

  • "Jeffree Star's lawyers say Star didn't _____" Yeah, I'm sure they know 😆😃 it's such a meaningless statement lol.

  • I’m pretty sure I also have that dollskill sweater. I ordered before finding out it’s a shitty company and I wasn’t going to not use it after paying for it lol. I had such a terrible experience with the company though

  • I used to a fan but now i really I hope Jeffree gets put in prison because he is the REAL danger to society.

  • Anyone know which dollar store, is selling those Freddy Kreuger Sweaters? The Online Real Sweater can be order for like a $100, & some are cheaper, but the shirt she's wearing in the video looks decently real, & cool with the tears. I would love to get one, & a cool real style black Fedora hat. Long live the king of Creeps Freddy!

  • put some powder in the part of ur hair

  • So off topic but I just loveee the way you said “pizzeria” in your Italian accent. Just *chef’s kiss*

  • Yeah I never really like Jeffery even when I first saw him during his music days he always seemed so fake

  • I think he dated the basketball player to supposedly show that he's not racist. Smh.

  • Finally! I’ve been waiting for you to cover him! He’s crazy!

  • *reads title* please....... No more ....... I beg of you.......

  • The 147 dislikes are obviously delusional fans. The fact that you even said that him and his fan base scares you breaks my heart because they bully anyone who speaks against him.

  • Where is this wig from??😍

  • Well duh he’s friends with Dahvie Vanity

  • Liam McAvoy brought up some of these when all the drama started but I'm glad more channels with bigger audiences are talking about this

  • James Charles >> Jeffree Star

  • What we really need to talk about is the color of the lace on your wig. Like sis...

  • Also, Jeremiah starfish is so fucking atrocious. I’m sick of him and hearing about him. However, I’m still going to support you and watch this. Cause one - YOU & two, teaaaaaa except this is extremely serious. I swear on everything I love if this man doesn’t get charges pressed on him, I’m gonna lose my mind. People need to stop being scared of his “power” aka bullshit lawsuits. The truth will always come to light.

  • Omg, I just realized I haven’t watched any of your videos recently cause you haven’t been popping up in my feed 🥺🙄 thanks ESmain for always fucking shit up, lol. Missed you nonetheless, Giulia 😭😘