We need to talk about Jeff Wittek

Publicado el 10 may 2021
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  • You don’t think the Impractical Jokers would take things that far, do you?

  • I always got SUCH a weird feeling from David, even since the beginning of the David Dobrik faze years ago. Always knew something was up.

  • As a C/O, I can tell that he was one of those inmates that would cry if we didn’t give him a piece of tape or paper towels

  • I think he's open with his criminal past as a way for people to think "well he was honest about that, so If this really happened he'd be honest about it too."

  • As *MeatCanyon* has shown, David just consumes them! Metaphor! He consumes their mind! That's a CULT!

  • Jeff wasn’t swinging too fast. David just plays too fucking much

  • I don't know the vlog squad, and I have never watched as much as a minute of Dobrik's videos, so I don't know their friendships, but it could be that he's friend is usually the kind of guy who does'nt like to be babied. It's not always easy to find the right words, so I would not be so quick to condemn someone for not saying the exact right words

  • I can't hold back my tears watching this. We all know those friends who take it too far and its just so sad when something like this, or worse, happens.


  • not the point of the video but canva is actually really awesome

  • I hate that I noticed that the “tourist” definition used the wrong there/ their/ they’re. It’s distracted me from the content lol why am I like this 😩

  • I love this one on you! It’s def the bangs that I freakin love the most! Enjoy your content 🧛🏻‍♀️

  • I think Jeff for a long while before his horrific accident, was trying to develop his own thing- apart fr the vlog squad. If you look at his videos bf you'll see he was backing away already. I think he was moving on for several reasons. Theres other footage where people mention his past and he's not smiling about it or making jokes. I dont think he looks back at the mess he was in without shame. I admire his courage for even sharing what happened. Theres a video of him with a doc talking about his injuries here: esmain.info/goal/v-deo/qot7cKmZbq2Uo6s Hes dealing with TBI and folks often have lifelong repercussions fr head injuries like these.

  • This whole situation is nuts

  • I absolutely love your look today! You look so pretty

  • That pink wig is incredible

  • I am not a fan of David never have been never will be so let’s clear that up first. Secondly David is not the only one to blame for the accident. Jeff did get on that machine and swing on it like it was a toy which is not the purpose of the machine. Yes I am sorry that he could have almost died and went through that but he is a grown man who at the time was behaving like a child so that someone would like him. Yea David was wrong for encouraging his friend to participate in this dangerous activity but Jeff is also to blame for going along with this. No one forced Jeff to do this after the girl went he should have know that this was not safe because she was almost injured. No one forced him to play on this machine it was his choice. So I am saying that both of them are wrong for the parts they played but the blame isn’t just on David alone. This machine is dangerous to people who have used it their whole lives. Both of them are wrong and should take equal blame. That machine isn’t a toy nor should it have been used as a toy. David and Jeff are to blame. David for coming up with the idea and encouraging it. Jeff for not telling David that it was dangerous and for going along with it.

  • Since when did adult grown men not stand up and say “Hey, This isn’t a good idea dudes” stop blaming the guy driving when everyone went along and thought it was a great idea. So when one idiot get hurts he’s going to play the blame game..... morons. There’s a reason machine’s are not toys...... they all deserve every bit of karma however the universe decides to hand it out. Maybe they’ll learn a lesson.

  • I love you n your content sm even if i can’t watch the way i used to bc the topics can be emotionally heavy for me but you’re so beautiful and well spoken

  • Yo, why is Durte Dom not in jail yet :(

  • I dont like David but Jeff was also acting like a jerk and willingly participating in these stunts. This documentary is him trying to do some Shane like redemption arc and seems to be putting all the onus on David and I’m not really buying it. Play stupid games win stupid prizes and all

  • “Sometimes it’s more business than friendship”

  • Not a stretch to go from selling illegal drugs to illegally supplying minors with alcohol. Were all the ppl that eventually bought the weed he was moving of age? Doubt he cared one way or the other. Really I got the "will do anything for big money" vibes

  • This kinda reminds me of what shane dawson did whith the tanacon situation

  • if david is into crazy stunts he should do them himself. like stop bein a coward

  • Dude. Are you okay? I don't watch your videos chronologically, so I'm sorry if this is late or whatever. But...um....You really don't seem okay in this video... Like AT ALL. I hope you're feeling better than you were when filming this. Make sure you get some rest... Always. ✌️💓✊

  • I think something super important to highlight Jeff’s relationship with David, is that Jeff cannot hold onto his anger towards David because if he did it would set back his mental and physical healing. Jeff’s injury is so bad he can’t afford to care about David because he has to focus on himself, and unfortunately this sacrifices David being held accountable.

  • notice david is never the one actually doing these crazy things. because he knows what is at stake, beit injury or breaking a law, etc. and yeah his "friends" could say no, but how many times would david take a no for an answer before he cuts them loose completely? and based on wittek's past, i think it's actually more likely than not that he did supply those girls - women? - with alcohol. i don't believe that he did it with any bad intent though. i think things got out of hand and it's getting pinned on him. people can break a law or do something less than legal without actually being criminally intent. if that makes any sense. i know i have done things that "seemed" like no big deal but then eventually turned to shit, and if there was video evidence of it, it might make me look pretty badly in retrospect. i guess what i'm getting at here is i don't think wittek is a bad guy. i think the bad guy is the one behind the camera, aka dobrik. but he's smart enough to have others do his "dirty work"

  • @ReadytoGlare please watch Dr Amon’s channel where he talks about the extensive brain 🧠 damage that Jeff suffered during his accident

  • what is Johnny Knoxville and Steve O's take on David Dobrik/ Vlog Squad?

  • Jeff recalling his criminal past def had a Glory Story vibe. No one is impressed by selling sloppy dope. Busted E! True Hollywood Story head-ass.

  • I don’t think people have forgotten the allegations. I think people accept his apology video and his effort regardless of everything he’s going through personally and being the only one to really willing to discuss the allegations and the whole situation as a whole. In a way he took the heat for everyone in the squad who was there because they didn’t get as much backlash and they didn’t have to make as big of effort to apologize and some didn’t have to say anything. I think he made the fans and viewers forget about the other people involved. And I don’t even think he bought the alcohol(he’s been sober three years) , I think another member Todd, bought it (there’s been evidence that’s been pushed aside saying they saw him being it in the apartment but then dom pouring it.

  • I think the video, if anything, shows just how manipulative David is, i don’t think it clears Jeff of any crime but i think it does show why he would just brush stuff off

  • I just watched him damn near get his ass beat on bad girls club 🤣

  • I always wonder is Liza experienced any of this manipulation

  • Kind of unrelated to the video as a whole, but I freaking love Canva

  • I went to the last vlog before he uploaded that 'apology' video and all the comments are saying they miss the vlogs and praising David and it's disgusting to me

  • You skydive? Damn im late.

  • idk it didn’t seem like he was looking back at his criminal past with fondness at all that was the reality of what was happening and he’s never talked about it in depth like that before at least not to my knowledge

  • Gang style blind loyalty. Lack of good family ties, dysfunction of any kind, makes boys easy cultic slaves to a gang or any type of extra loyal group situation. They’re not grown up men on the inside. Definitely, so inmature and emotionally stunted. Not aware when others are crossing healthy boundaries into harmful behaviors. And the leader always uses the lesser members of the gang.

  • i absolutely love the pink highlighter/ wig combo. plzzz tell me what the highlight Is? amazing, Informative content as always

  • And to think helloleesh defends these goons 🙄

  • Agree with you david is definitely a narcissist..he thinks everyone in his life are they for him to use! Zero loyalty

  • yooooo girl got a CANVA sponsorship??!!! u go girl !!! flex

  • I'm actually embarrassed that i use to love this man so much, i even bought his merch. I'm sorry to the world

  • Ahh I see more and more lazy content on this channel, despite getting so much sponsors and using so much ads in every video, disappointment it is. At least put the name of the artists in your description

  • Wow. We just did stupid things and hurt ourselves for free when I was young. Ah, simpler times.

  • Yes to the lashes!!!

  • Ok but how hilarious is it that he got off because the cops didn't have a warrant?? I hate Dobrick and his entire circle of cronies but I hate the police even more.

  • Once Again I am asking For The down low on How you do your 💅! I need to know if you get them done, do them yourself, or is it really beauitful press ons? Just a curious follower Queen

  • The way David positions his tongue while grinning makes me uncomfy.

  • david screams psychopath to me

  • I think I only watched one David Dobrik video so i'm very much left in the blind


  • I don’t think it’s as easy to say no as it seems. I think if they say no, that jeopardizes their entire livelihood and income

  • He’s a 🐀

  • I’m sorry, do you have anything better to talk about? This has been talked about over and over and over and it doesn’t change anything really...... Jeff is still friends with David. He doesn’t need David for fucking money or fame. What don’t you guys understand?

  • There is a photo on HP podcast puting Jeff at the scene that night his name that was mentioned buying alcahol,it's devistating what happened to Jeff but 🤔 also what happened to these girls so why aren't we talking more about it?

  • I don’t trust anyone in the blog squad. Love how everyone is blaming David. They’re all at fault in this

  • this is a good reminder that cults dont need a religious foundation. it needs a charismatic ego manic who benefit the individuals and protect them from outside influences. here david gave these ppl a platform and a career and if they went against him it would be taken away and would be their own fault, which made it less likely to happen. at least with jake paul it was more transparent that it was all business and not veiled behind "friendship".

  • bad guy jeff, gone good for face sake

  • I think we should focus on David creating said harmful situations tbh

  • Who's Jeff Wittek Exactly 🤔?

  • Ok... so the rich dudes are really drug dealers? Lmao makes sense.. I knew they didnt have talent.. just a dealer LUL And here's the deal if he wasn't charged in the court of law then he shouldn't have any problems unless you can prove it then it shouldn't be a problem period even though that sucks I'm just saying it's the bottom line alicante's culture s*** ain't helping nobody

  • I think David was trying to be like jackass... they did that shit all the time and everyone laughed about it. I guess it only works for some people?

  • Can entertainers just stop doing dumb shit around children

  • I just wonder how horrible this would be if he died... like imagine the panic of knowing you killed your friend while laughing like that, all because you thought it’d be kinda funny to spin someone around pretty fast.

  • This guy is either ASPD or a psychopath. On some scale. It's easy to call him a narc but he has those eyes. You can tell if you've seen it before. The whole vibes is off. There is a lot of calculation behind his actions that are not just impulsive and irresponsible. It is a darkness that completely enjoys other people hurting/dying/getting into danger or trouble...manipulative, "charming" and always ....hmm "calm"? I can see it. If he could get away with more he would....

  • Pink is your color mama I love this wig

  • I love Canva, will for sure use your code 💪🏻... today I have to make a sign for the library where I work, so it's going to help me a ton ❤

  • So... he still has a drug empire that everyone knows about; but the law can't do anything because they fucked up by illegally gathering evidence without a warrent? He goes on video bragging about it and flaunting it; and then David comes into the picture and becomes his favoritist dude on Earth?

  • David Dobrik always rubbed me the wrong way. I couldn’t pinpoint it. He just has no… vibe or energy. I know that sounds dumb but it’s like dead air. His eyes are dead. It’s like he just loves watching people suffer for his own sick amusement and succumb to him. I know it’s a stretch but it’s cult leader like. He just makes me really uncomfortable. I feel so sorry for the victims that have come forward including his friends that he used for views and everything else. I don’t understand how he got away with things for so long. Karma is a bitch though and I’m ready for it. Sorry if I came off harsh. Just my opinion.

  • “I always thought something was off about David” “I never watched his content cause I got weird vibes from him” do you want a cookie? Like what are we supposed to do

  • I didn’t understood why people hate jeff. David and Jason I def understand tho

  • "So today guys we almost killed my friend pls buy my merch"

  • Your past is not an excuse. Your past is a reason. People need to understand the difference.

  • This is an amazing channel. But lord I’m so over Jeff

    • I hate to say this but that is white privilege at it's finest he got away with carrying heavy drugs. It's either white privilege or negligence of the criminal system

  • David really wanted to get a former drug dealer and criminal in trouble for spicy content as if that doesn't totally ruin people's lives but I guess when you're famous and priveleged like him, it aint anything to worry about.

  • Sorry but this video has a lot of ads

  • Really liking how you styled this wig!

  • You know who else constantly need to one-up themselves? Rammstein! Their concerts get more extreme, even when you think there can't be room anymore. And that's why the leader, Till Lindemann, became a licensed pyrotechnician in the 90s, to ensure the bands safety, and the safety of the viewers. So much for being edgy and responsible, you can be both, there's no excuse! 🤘🔥💥🎸💥🔥🤘

  • I am proud to say i never watched David Dobrik's videos. The guy is disgusting.

  • David Is Honestly Just, I dont know How to Put it But The Man Almost Killed Jeff, I've Seen Videos Of Him Like Bullying Gabbie And They Were Probably Filmed A long time Ago But It Still Happened, And The Fact My Dad Watches Him 💀

  • he was narrating like the Blow movie ,he was dl wannabe

  • im not a big fan of Trisha but she exposed this months ago. she pointed out that the vlog squad went to Utah last year, hyped it up everywhere and then when they got back no one said a word about anything and Jeffs eye was fucked up. so it was obvious from the get go that David had something to do with it. and its fucked up that David almost blinded this man in one eye for life yet Jeff is still protecting him. Jeff could sue him and be set for life. it honestly is like a cult. David has all of them scared cuz they know theyre nothing without him.


  • I think you are adorable with sift pink hair & that David Dobrik is an idiot.

  • I swear David’s group of friends are just suffering from Stockholm syndrome lmao

  • fucking around with heavy machinery is beyond questionable

  • The part about people can say "no" for being in videos or being part of things, I saw in other videos where people who said no basically would be left out more and more and wouldn't get paid so people would say yes or do things so they'd actually get their paycheck..

  • Lmao for anyone that thinks he got off on a technicality you aren’t involved in this kind of life. The only way they let someone walk like that with all that weight on them as if they fucking snitch or give up something get real. And then they protect that snitch with saying as a technicality I don’t fucking buy that for a second

  • Girl...i love all your hair looks. You slayyyyyyy ❤

  • I always wonder if she wears her wigs for security reasons. I mean she always looks great and I'm jealous of the skills but it just makes me wonder 🤔

  • okay off topic but you’re looking so good lately 🥺🥺

  • Disturbing on many levels.

  • David is a monster.

  • David Dobrik's entire M.O. seems to be seeing just how far he can "push" and manipulate people into doing increasingly outrageous things in order to film and make money from it. He definitely acts as a "tourist" upon choosing the people he surrounds himself with and it all appears to be in order to bolster his image or 'Street Cred". I imagine that he sees himself as a powerful gangster and will get people to do what he wants by employing whatever means necessary: intimidation and manipulation being regular methods. While he makes sure to never put himself in the line of any danger. It should be obvious that Dobrik behaves like a sociopath and has no real feelings or care for other people ( past how he is able to use and profit from them). The way he has no qualms with providing alcohol and an unsafe environment to minors in order to get a video that he wants just additionally shows how he is power corrupt and evil in intent. I am not saying that Jeff isn't problematic himself, but truly Everybody should turn and run from Dobrik as far as possible: They don't need him and would be far safer and better off without him.

  • David Dobrik has a third-rate Bond villain energy to him. Trisha Paytas said in a podcast he's asexual/frigid, and that seems to be very true. Now that he's amassed a considerable degree of power he seems to enjoy having these virile, chaotic personalities like Wittek and Durte Dom on a leash and considering himself the mastermind who bends and humiliates them however he pleases. At the same time, he has something of a v0y3ur attitude towards these guys. The party where the SA situation happened is a symptom of that.

  • Real question : who is the target demographic of the Vlog Squad? Teens?

    • I think the vlog squad has an audience of 12-18 year olds but Jeff built an audience of maybe 15-25 year olds

  • I wonder if people are drawn to these youtubers by some kind of negative fascination. Deep down everyone follows James Charles, Joffrey Star, Dobrik's entourage, the whole Logan/Jake Paul clan, only because they're insanely boring (when not downright evil) people and everyone's waiting for their downfall.