We need to talk about Jeff Wittek (part 2)

Publicado el 15 may 2021
Video on first two episodes: esmain.info/goal/v-deo/gnqpbJpmirZ0m8k

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  • She giving me Gwen vibes from tdi and I love it

  • They need David for money and clout for the most part - how many people have been “pranked” but stuck around because they knew if they left, they’d be leaving with nothing and possibly be slandered too! It’s disgusting, and the jump was bull - because David was in control, he had been skydiving many times before, so it’s not the same in my opinion as someone having your life in their hands - Just like the girl with the crocodile or whatever, she thought it was a puppy 🐶 who does that!? And what if she had lost her hand - do you really think that she would have any more use to David and the squad?! And Jason is another one who is gross and disgusting as he is older and has kids, he should know better!!! Fame and money is all that matters to these types of people and it is completely wrong and it’s disgusting and there’s no excuse whatsoever!

  • Love your hair color

  • The fact that David doesn't think it's okay to reach out and check on him just because he's injured says a lot about his empathy.

  • Great video as always Where did you get your shirt? :O

  • jeff seems veryyyy angry still. david's gotta do better if he doesn't want retaliation

  • The comments about “babying” gave me “no homo” vibes. Like why does this person feel like being a normal, considerate human being is like you’re being “too soft.”

  • “I didn’t know if he was the kind of person who wanted to be ‘babied’” 1. stop using that word “babied,” it’s annoying. Also, just ask. Ask your friends how you can best be there for them and what they want. That’s what I do when I don’t know.

  • If my best friend got injured like that I’m babying tf out of them tf!


  • “Didn’t know how to handle it” maybe follow basic human empathy? I can’t imagine having such a lack of empathy to the point that showing up and caring about your friend you injured could be seen as “babying”

  • Why won’t you talk about Gabbie Hanna? She’s doing real harm out there rn

  • Jeff called him a kid? He’s almost 25!!

  • 100% agree

  • What’s funny is David has jumped out of a plane before. But in the video he’s pretending like he hasn’t. He did it with his ex gf

  • Sadly THIS is the consequence of making stupid famous.

  • Literally it's never awkward unless you make it awkward. Being there for someone is never awkward wth. David didn't even say sorry, just that it was an accident 20 times. And Jeff looks like he's holding a lot more in when he claims to forgive him.

  • David needs to go to jail he's a mini Hitler I said what I said

  • This entire video isnt as well made as other videos I've seen. For starters you arent suppose to insert your perception of a situation (David as Joker) because that affects your more impressionable audience. Yeah theres too much here for me to unwrap. I dont need to be a fan of the VS to know that you're simply imposing your own views on the situation. Truth is, this isnt up to any of us. This is all Jeff and if he wants to forgive David or if David shows himself in a light that doesnt match our own ideals then thats where we are wrong. This is new to us. Not to them. We really gotta stop with this.

  • That wasn’t the first time David has been skydiving

  • David is Chris from Total Drama Island. Creates an island with promises of fun and a chance at riches and notoriety. More than willing to watch others get hurt. Is usually the main cause of the suffering. And is obsessed with getting it on camera. And the rest of the “Squad” are like the contestants. They knew about what they signed up for and are responsible for their own horrible actions or reactions, but ultimately I don’t think any of them REALLY know how far David is willing to risk all of them. And every episode they get deeper and deeper into it. They all just need to leave the island.

  • Why does Jeff actually seem scared in ‘don’t grab my face you psycho’ clip? It really freaked me out! David is just there dressed as the joker shoving a camera in his face whilst he’s laid up in hospital ... what am I seeing

    • Jeff was high as a kite in that clip lol I wouldn’t read too much into it. What is disturbing to me tho is that the scene wasn’t scripted; David just assumed it was appropriate to vlog at that time

  • Can we all just understand that Jeff agreed to do this


  • I feel sorry for Jeff because he did not deserve this for the role he played as well. In the full clip Im pretty positive Jeff asked David to swing him on that rope. People should just stop and recognize when they are too amateur for a situation, so that they don't meet their demise for a video.

  • For years I’ve thought David was a psychopath or something....just crazy. I realized the vlog squad was predatory/creepy/sexist/fucked and disturbed me in different ways years ago- now everything is making sense.

  • I feel like when Jeff was talking about the SA allegations he didn't remember much of went down because of the brain damage David caused him... /just a thought. Maybe? Not trying to defend him because I don't agree with anything involving SA or Dobrik or even Wittik but I just thought of that...

  • Just came here to appreciate the hair. 💜

  • David Dobrik is like that high school gym teacher who screams at students bc they can't do the exercises properly like he tells them to do but he himself can't even move a muscle

  • I genuinely don’t understand how David can sit and smile and laugh in front of Jeff.. I mean, I would probably never be able to look into Jeff’s eyes if I were David. I would do my absolute most for Jeff to at least somehow ease up his situation. Like, take him to the best doctors, pay for all medical bills, constantly check on him, etc. I also would not be able to forgive myself, ever. I wouldn’t go on social media and pretend like nothing happened right after the accident, like other members of the vlog squad did. Like I don’t know.. People cope with stuff differently, yeah. I’m ofc not David, but I simply refuse to understand and accept this behavior from him. How tf can he be so nonchalant about all of this? The only time I saw any genuine emotions from David in this docu-series is when he was scared crapless about jumping out of a plane. What in the actual hell duddddddde-uhhhh?! How tf does he still have a fanbase?

  • david was never a real friend to these people, he was just the “cool” manager you could banter with after hours

  • I live for Giulia’s wigs.

  • When he said "Remember when I was pretty and now I look in the mirror and think of the person that stole that from me. That's such a BLOGSQUAD thing to say - Beauty is skin deep and ugly to the bone! I don't think this dude is as phased as he says. Sending icecream scoopers...dude grow up? He's milking all of this and he's also trying to paint David in the light like he'll forgive him and he's really a good person.


  • I knew someone like David Dobrik and they almost ruined my life.

  • He is chill because he obviously got payed to be chill. You cant convince me otherwise.

  • Not meaning to be cheeky here but what do you expect all of these Hollywood ex viners are just as shallow and shady as celebrities politicians and journalists

  • I absolutely adore today's hair colour scheme, the purple is so vibrant.

  • The maturity difference was so stark to me. Jeff had to grow up, quickly, and though parts of him are still working on that... David didn’t, and it shows. Their “everything is a joke” mentality is really destroying any chance for real connection, for conversation. They’re acting like children, and now they’re dealing with adult consequences.


  • First off the fact his doctor told him “if you sue someone you are still hurt” sounds like such a doctor thing to say right? And second off suing people is an about money it’s about holding someone accountable and making them admit what they did was fucking wrong with every single dollar they admit what they did was wrong this kid is so out of touch

  • Pain medication makes people around you not as terrible.

  • I really appreciate your commentary. I never followed The squad however I have been following Jeff’s story. I think it is terrible and everyone should say away from David and the squad.

  • I find it interesting that he said it's his first jump. Why would he say that? There is a video of him jumping with Liza from a couple years ago. Just a thought🤔

  • unrelated but that hair is SO COOOOOOL, totally wanna draw a character like that :D

  • It’s beyond fucking weird to say you didn’t check on your injured friend because you didn’t want to “baby” him... does that not sound completely manipulative and abusive? That’s some creepy ass power play.

  • I have 19 years in the medical field as an ophthalmic tech and as medic, so it is with confidence I say Jeff is a lucky SOB. Excavators are designed to automatically stop when they go too fast, and David would’ve known this had he had a license to operate the thing. He was operating that excavator and holding a video camera. The level of your irresponsibility and lack of empathy David shows is unreal. As the “leader“ David should have been there for his friend in more ways. David doesn’t see his “friends“ as people, but things that he can use. He is on so many levels of disgusting

  • DAVID DIDNT even SAY hEs sORRY ?!!! TAF ??!!

  • LOL. Children with too much money. smh to all of this.

  • I never followed them and only heard of David in passing and only heard about the Vlog Squad when the sexual assault allegations came up. I seriously had no idea that the "sqad" did all the stunts and David did none of them. What kind of b.s. is that???

  • notice how david says "my first jump" when it's actually a lie he actually skydived before 🥴

  • Side note. I can’t stop staring at your hair. I love it. *Omg it creates serotonin.*

  • david is.....obviously a sociopath?

  • In all honesty, I hadn't even heard of David and all those people until this stuff started appearing on my feed and I'm thankful for that. I have no intention in losing any more braincells then I have watching a few minutes of their stuff.

  • The sad thing is that Jeff was probably one of the few members of the vlog squad to actually be genuine towards David. I believe he's the only one of them to not only give David an expensive gift, but also prank him back too. It shows that Jeff saw David as an actual friend he could goof around with and mess with, unlike the others who see him as a boss more than anything. I bet it really hurt Jeff to realize that David didn't see him the same way when it came down to it. :(

  • That hair is gorgeous 😍

  • It still pisses me off that the hard stop of the excavator was a safety feature. It stops automatically when spun too fast, which David _should have known_ if he had, you know, been legit and done it legally, getting the permit you’re _supposed to_ have when operating heavy machinery and knowing how the excavator actually worked. I still think the Utah authorities should prosecute his ass for that.

  • I have never heard about David dobrik until a few months ago. BUT YESTERDAY I found out that I knew him as a child. I worked with his dad. I helped photograph his family when he was like 4. My mind is BLOWN.

  • Girl I love your Carebear shirt

  • "Insta Ho Culture Meets Pointless & Immature Testosterone", News at 5! I suppose everyone involved with the these guys at least doesn't have to work retail, endlessly folding shirts for $10 an hour, but... yikes.

  • Honestly the vlog squad I thought was just harmless. But looking back at it thats far from it.

  • These houses and squads...Just children in adult bodies, breeding more adult babies via their vapid influence. I find it all very sad. Think our species is regressing intellectually and ethically, becoming ever more obsessed with superficial sh*t and themselves. The lack of accountability, the 'It's Not My Fault' just seems to be increasing in our society and illustrates the immaturity, entitlement and self-centredness of so many people.

  • I don't see what difference this makes... only an idiot would watch him as it is well known he is homophobic.

  • He didn’t know what to do because he hasn’t experienced this before. *you mean being a good person...?*

  • "I didn't know how to reach out to him without him thinking it was just because he was injured." That's exactly why you SHOULD have been reaching out to him. Some questions for you, David: Jeff has permanent injuries that you directly caused and you're asking if you HAVE to baby him? You think it's awkward because this has never happened to YOU before and you don't know how to act? You thought it made things easier for everyone because Jeff was joking around in the hospital and it lightened the mood for everyone? Oh, and one more question. What the hell is wrong with you, David? Let me help you with the answers: You call, visit, message your friend regularly BECAUSE he's injured and you tell him you're there for him and will help out in any way you can. You don't have to baby him and you AREN'T babying him if you are there for him, supporting and helping because he has had a life-altering injury. That is not babying, that is being a friend. It's not about you, David. Sometimes it just isn't. It was not Jeff's responsibility to lighten the mood in his hospital room while dealing with a traumatic injury. That last question, though, I don't have an answer for, David. You'll have to figure that one out for yourself. O

  • I think Trisha said that David had jumped out of an airplane before so that wasn't as scary for him as he made it sound...

  • Okay, I'm completely in love with your wig in this video! Please tell us where you got it??

  • Trisha pointed out on frenemies that David acting all scared to skydive was bullshit because he went skydiving with Liza...

  • How old are these guys?!!

  • I really really love that wig the colors are great

  • This just strikes me more and more as the poor kids realizing the rich kid was paying them to laugh at them and not with them

  • And yet another glaringly obvious display of toxic masculinity with the Vlog Squad. Don’t want to check on your “friend” that you almost killed for fear of “babying” him? My god, does Dobrick even listen to the words that come of out his mouth?

  • That hair color is so gorgeous 😍

  • Maybe he should have had stunt coordinators and EMTs and an ambulance and a license for the excavator maybe that would have helped


  • I can’t believe he is even on speaking terms that way too much

  • David has been completely negligent

  • Woof

  • I think deep down Jeff is really angry at David. It especially shows when he makes those passive-aggressive 'jokes'. I was once on the situation where I used jokes like that to express my feelings bc I felt like I could not express them in a serious manner.

  • Love your hair!!

  • I imagine that David didn't call Jeff for all that time because that's what his lawyers told him to do. Don't accept culpability. It's a f'ed up world out there.

  • Just found out you support Gabbie Hanna... fuck that, I'm out 🖕🏻

  • So dope!! I wish I had friends like him so chill 🖤

  • Men see “being supportive” as babying. I can totally see how he was scared to talk to Jeff. David is a hound kid compared to him and David almost killed him. I myself would want to stay in a hobbit hole . I would’ve thought that Jeff would have hated my guts and wanted nothing to do with me. I don’t watch his content I can just see his point of view in this.

  • Brain damage is very, very, VERY serious and Jeff could have mental and physical health issues for the rest of his life because of this. This opens up a conversation about these influencers and the legal responsibility they have for people that perform in their videos.

  • uhmm he has done this before so much worse w his childhood friend his friend couldn't move his family lost everything smh!! & David would just Laugh and Laugh and Laugh

  • I want that shirt 😔

  • PLEASE could you do an expose video on Dr Amen, the psychiatrist who is 'treating' Jeff!! He's a con artist, his scanning methods and his work have been debunked by other psychiatrists and neurologists. Him and his clinic have done videos with ESmainrs like Logan Paul. There are plenty of articles online criticising Dr Amen's work and how unethical it is. He charges $1000s for these meaningless scans and gives patients false hope. He's disgusting. He's a con artist. He's been on Dr Phil, another fraud.

  • stfu. he forgave him. smh.

  • It's obvious that David Dobrik has no concept of consideration on even the most basic level. His entire reaction to what he did to Jeff and how he treats the vlog squad is basically, "Oops, my bad. Hey - if I can get a sponsor to give you a car, are we cool?" Mindblowing.

  • What did David do to Jeff? How did Jeff get hurt?? I dislike David so idk what's really going on.

  • Also you seem to be angry that the “vlog squad” isn’t really friends, they’re business associates whose own connection to other is money making, is that wrong?

  • Jeff could sue him

  • I have some Bonds undies that would perfectly match that wig, just FYI lol in case you wanted to match all the things

  • This girl pushed her "friend" off a bridge..she shoved her hard and it looked malicious..the girl was hurt very badly..the friend who shoved her felt resentment towards her friend because she was criminally charged..David is pissed off this costed him so much money.

  • After watched Jeff's doco series I now despise David even more

  • I use to be a heroin addict. I over dosed and almost died several times. I never blamed my drug dealer. My loved ones didn’t go on a witch hunt for the several dealers who sold me drugs through out my life. Because it was my choice and my actions that caused others and myself pain.

  • Dude I gotta join the chorus about her hair, killing it.

  • ...."a little awkward" a little awkward?! YOU ALMOST KILLED YOUR BEST FRIEND IM PULLING MY HAIR OUT HERE

  • Even if, theoratically, you shift the blame of the injury to Jeff. He was not the one who had that idea, David is a bad influence nonetheless.