We need to talk about Jeff Lowe

Publicado el 6 abr 2020
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  • _he's not super discussed._ but *he is indeed super disgust.*


  • Hell Yeah.

  • for a brief moment i got distracted when glare was talking about a cub and all i heard was "cup"... its so weird hearing what you think is someone saying that putting a cup in a suitcase is abusive

  • Jeff Lowe is a disgusting person. Doc antle is just a nauseating

  • Yes, and I 99% believe that he IS Carol's first husband.

  • All of them deserve to be in jail

  • He's so gross

  • Creepy Baskin is moving to my state, an HR away from me D:

  • People: does joe really exist? Me, an oklahoman:...sadly yes

  • Hearing “Jeff Lowe” and “character” in the same sentence? I usually hear “has none” between them. Hmm. Interesting.

  • I know on the show it says he was arrested for strangling his (at time) wife. So probably a yes on domestic violence.

  • He's such a creepy old punter creep snake , ugh

  • Have you looked into the whoke heff could be caroles first husband theory??? I have to say the pics look incredibly simular but id like more evidence presented about this before I say yep its him... Think about it though.. Carole sent him in to help get rid of Joe an gave him the opp to run his own little hell hole zoo

  • thank you for making this video because he was the total wild card of the documentary - he urged Joe into the drama with Carole, set up and suggested the murder-for-hire, secured the hit man... then got the FBI/police to arrest him for it... yeah. that’s worse than Joe in my eyes.

  • I mean Lowe participated in a FBI investigation to turn up dirt on Joe, his cooperation got him off on his guilt. It’s normal here, basically every single crime boss ever went down this way. I’m an American, is that not normal other places in the world? Lol how do they ever convict him he really corrupt l/dangerous criminals if the other lesser people can’t turn up dirt on them?

  • Never trust a boomer who dresses like he's about to host ridiculousness.

  • The only people in this unhinged circus of a shitshow that *_didn't_* have me wishing I could trade places with Carole Baskin's husband were... um. Well, I can't be arsed to look up their actual names, so let's call them _Lieutenant Dan, Your Legs Are Clowns!_ and _Dude, Where's My Arm?_ (Spoiler: it's in the tiger's belleh) They both seemed to genuinely care about: 1. The animals 2. Avoiding the melodrama. The rest are a perfect example of what happens when the inmates run the asylum.

  • I’m from Oklahoma 50 miles away from the GW Zoo and I saw when joe ran for governor something they didn’t mention was he also passed out joint papers 😂😂 but Jeff 1000000% set joe up. Joe would’ve never actually done it if somebody else wasn’t pushing it and actually agreeing it’s a good idea instead of being like oh that’s just crazy joe

  • Finally, someone talks about the animal abuse in this show! It seems like everyone just focuses on how Carole's a bad person. Not saying making a big cat rescue facility makes up for possibly murdering someone, but at least she's not an animal abuser (anymore).

  • Jeff is a sketchy "business man" to say the least what he did to Joe is crazy. What i am sure of he must have made a deal with the feds to put Joe away. The feds needed something on Joe and Jeff had it.

  • Slytherin Queen vibes in this vid

  • What is up with 50 year old men dressing like they’re still 15

  • I don't understood the point of using tiger cubs to get laid in Vegas when there's "escorts" on every corner of the strip. He had the money to buy the cubs, why not just use the money for the sex?

  • I don't like any of these scumbags!! They ALL have done worse things than the next. But, I've not heard of Lewis killing ANY animals!? As far as people, they can fend for themselves. Lewis also left zoo for a year cuz of all crazy shit Joe was doing. While he paid for all bills, for weeks he couldn't get through to Joe & his bank cards, etc were being changed. There was ALOT Joe did, I don't think he from gate was trying to set Joe up. But, after he came back an saw what Joe was spending his money on an ripping him off. Man, I'm so damn confused now!! I just Know they are ALL shady !!! But.....once you start Killing Animals? I'm OUT !!!!

  • Damn that accent on Ferrari 🤩🤩🤩

  • Jeff Lowe looks like a early on NPC from a GTA game who gives you missions

  • So basically, you have "feds" who work closely with two very crooked, bent guys who have an active and financial interest in getting Joe Exotic locked up, they arrange it, Alan who works for Jeff is basically the evidence needed to put Joe away for 22 years.Ridiculous joke of a country when it comes to the law. Joe Exotic has done bad things to animals but 22 years for a set up is ridiculous.

  • Jeff Lowe has numerous outstanding warrants from Las Vegas. I think he and his wife are both hard core psychopaths and indeed very dangerous people.

  • Oakley with brim😱

  • Jeff Lowe is a living representation of an Ed Hardy Tshirt.

  • You look good !! Dont worrie about it! ;)

  • just seeing this, great breakdown! I felt the exact same...anyone publicly exerting that much dominance and hyper masculinity strikes me as trying to hide deep insecurities attached to 'manhood' or an 'alpha male' appearance. Even his clothes...just seemed SO thought out to look like a 'tough guy' ya'know...super odd.

  • I gave you an upvote just for mentioning the fly aways, LOL!

  • If Joe deserves to be in jail this dude should be getting passed around the jail house like a blunt. I hate this niggas guts so much

  • Since the title of ur video is did he entrap Joe Exotic??? Maybe u should have an affirmative answer to ur title rather than just re-tell everything that is said in the documentary

  • I'm a guy on moms cell during virus lockdown.ladies in a great guy in available call me ayyeee💪😄

  • He basically has a penis instead of a brain in his head.

  • Hes fuckin Carroll baskins first husband. He changed his identity. Investigate that shit, but that would probably need someone to talk directly to him.

  • here is a interview with Jeff Lowe and his explination of the situation esmain.info/goal/v-deo/im2Gjsxijs6Ef7s

  • And now Lowe is going to capitalize on the tiger king name!

  • There is something about him that just makes my skin crawl everytime I even hear his name

  • when i watched the series and i first saw jeff lowe, i knew instantly what he was all about, he's a fucking vulture feeding off the dead and dying he comes across. the thing to remember is that the "jeff lowes" of the world are super easy to spot once you've seen them in the wild

  • I really feel joe needed mental help... something wasn't right. Jeff COMPLETELY took advantage of joe being pretty stupid

  • Am I the only one who can't link lowe to knievel or locate murdock?

  • My boyfriend and I were watching the series and when Jeff Lowe came on screen, my boyfriend said he looks like if gas station viagra was a person 😂 we were both high btw

  • Joe set himself up. He's the type of idiot who secretly records a meeting with his lawyer (not) talking about getting rid (arson) to his recording studio. If not Jeff, someone else would have come along and Joe would inevitably put himself in jail. And all you have to do is Google "entrapment" and you'll see why it's not a set up.

  • @5:20 how was Jeff part of an entrapment scheme? Turning someone in who is trying to have someone murdered .... is the right thing to do.

  • Do you have a video on Carole Baskin? I think SHE SHOULD BE IN PRISON first! But she's a millionaires z she bought her freedom with her dirty money. Disgusting

  • Appreciate you talking about Jeff. Wondered about his background and shady dealings on the show, but was overwhelmed with the parade of other miscreants.

  • The guy admitted to wanting to kill Joe, right before his own tigers attacked him for the first time.

  • Unfortunately, Joe wouldn't win an entrapment case because he would have to prove that the government planted the idea in his head to put a hit out on Caroline. Which according to former employee's of Joe he always made it clear he wanted her dead. He was also charged with other crimes and committed other crimes that he hasn't been convicted of that would put him back in prison if law enforcement were to persue those charges as well

  • It would l

  • Carol ate her husband , Jeff l passed out the casseroles

  • This guy is such a piece of shit. Seriously don't know what girl would want to be with this old guy with no money who dresses like he's in a 1990's boy band

  • Gulia seems to have issues with PETA in this video, anyone know why? I thought they were a good charity and organisation, I support them with a monthly donation. Is there something wrong that I don’t know?

  • If wish.com was a person

  • Karma baby

  • Apparently there is proof he lied about his grandfather owning a circus. And I wonder if he really did work for Evil Knevil's son Robbie as his manager as he claims? Some people think he is actually carols first husband....

  • The best person in this show was Saff, (the trans man who lost his arm to a tiger) and the Zoo manager with prosthetic legs. The rest of them are garbage ppl (in varying degrees) but Carole, Doc Antle and Jeff are the same type of horrible.

  • Jeff Lowe is a creep and a criminal, but no one “entrapped” Joe Exotic. One of the legal requirements for entrapment is that the person had to have never expressed the idea to commit the crime before the scenarios/idea was presented to them. Given that Joe Exotic was producing rape and murder threat ESmain videos of years about Carole Baskin before Jeff Lowe or the government agent showed up, there’s no entrapment case.


  • Jeff's face was constantly smirking! The Duping delight was strong!

  • Watch the "secret," recordings from Jeff/girlfriend trying to double cross Joe, if you want to be convinced Lowe is low.

  • High key. They were fed up with Joe, hated him. So they set him up, took 3,000$, partied with it and snitched him to the police lmao. Everyone involved or showed in that documentary is guilty and sketchy. They're literally from the back water south

  • Jeff Lowe... Carole Baskin's first husband??

  • I hated this show, boring

  • He's a cop.

  • jeff lowe should be in prison along with allen

  • I’ll just add: his “I want to be cool in 2006” clothing kills me so hard-even for my hometown Vegas.

  • More like Jeff Lowe-life

  • I don't want to watch the "documentary" because I don't watch to see watch he do with the tigers. People watching and giving him the money is just gross. I really like you, but I just can't with this netflix show at all...

  • I’d your a company and you need a background check this chick does it off her computer apparently 😂😂

  • Jeff deserves charges biggest scumbag out there.

  • so nobody’s gonna mention james-

  • Giardia is also something a lot of puppies have from puppy farms bred into poor/unhygenic conditions.


  • Jesus there are no likeable people in the entire documentary. Maybe that girl who got her arm eaten is pretty cool.

  • So ya Jeff is a bad man but don't let that distract from the fact Joe is also a very bad man who assaulted and then shot a blow up doll with the Carol's name on it to intimidate the woman. He filmed it so it's not even a conspiracy theory or hunch.

  • I feel so bad for those poor cubs that had to endure abusive treatment to entertain drunk people... i feel like what is shared in the documentary is also only the surface of all the abuse those animals endure. he should be in jail too :(

  • Hey girl, if you would like to join us over on Facebook, I am part of a group of people who have been trying to take down these people. It goes deeper than Netflix showed. WAY deeper. You are the perfect channel to help shine light on who Joe is and was. The animal abuse, the fraud, and the true character of these people is all there. The group is down currently but if you need ANY help gathering info PLEASE reach out. I would be more than happy to get it for you!! The group is Jeff Lowe/ Joe Exotic watchdogs. And again I would be more than happy to give you first hand accounts, I have my own, to conversations, a set up "attack" on Joe be Jeff and Lauren, case files, history, Jeff even tried to burn a man's house down with his whole family inside. Again, reach out if you like. These animal abusing scum need to be exposed!

  • Classic example of a mean spirited narcissistic psychopath=Jeff Lowe of Tigerking. To me, Jeff Lowe comes across as the WORST of them all. He gives off that vibe of being one of those rare, unable- to -show -real -empathy/ interest in for anyone or anything! And having to go around his whole life basically attaching himself to other people & their charisma (then "putting on" whatever life interests/careers, etc., those people naturally have & genuinely at least worked hard for) like a parasite; but with no true unique interests/life work, purpose, etc, of his own. A "Dementor" as in Lord of the Rings.

  • Yes , he did

  • I thought u did one on Carol baskins I'd really like to see that!!!! ❤

  • Jeffs dad was rich as fuck. You can never trust a millionaire's kids.

  • They all getting played by the higher ups. They all will end up in jail. Jeff's a Rat!!!

  • Also, I did get like half-way thru the first episode of the tiger King, but Joe was literally always talking about how much money that was made or how much tickets r & constaly about the money. Plus, I didn't like how the tigers were kept in cages that were too small for themselves when really they need wide open spaces. Also, it just.... Looked cheap. Plus, the animals needed severe grooming & brushing & just overall health. I didn't like that. He was also, very much about "how much attention he got as a singer" etc etc etc. He was obvious in it for the money. It was sickening. I think he genuinely cared for his animals, but it didn't look like he knew how to PROPERLY care for his cats. It seemed like he had a big heart, but just didn't have the knowledge of the updated cages & zoo-supplies & other proper updated equipment like X-rays, or vets on site in order to run his zoo. But that's just my opinion. Do I think that he should have opened the zoo w/out that knowledge? No. I believe he should've never done it. But I haven't watched it farther than the first episode b/c of how disgusted I was w/it

  • Weird question, but what's ur natural hair color? U r soo pretty. But isn't the wig itchy & heavy? I admire that, ik I couldn't stand wigs, so yay u! But I'd love to see ur real hsir! 😘hope I'm not being weird

  • Jeff Lowe didn’t testify during joes trial because he could not do so without perjury, it was really briefly covered in the documentary. Just thought I’d add that in case you’re still wondering!

  • He stole that tiger place if u ask me

  • Omg where did you get your wig

  • Jeff Lowe dresses like a bully in a 90’s sitcom. But jokes aside, he’s a bad person. You can see it in his eyes. Joe is far from a saint but I think Jeff and others screwed him royally.

  • Despite Jeff Lowlife is a rat. This guy is freaking 60 and dresses like a 14 year child

  • Nothing could've prepared me for the way you said Ferrari

  • I really thought you were going to mention the relationship with Lauren which seems super off to me, specially the whole getting a hot nanny thing and telling her to go back to gym just after giving birth. Like...dude, you look like a thumb with a goatee, are you really judging your young wife's appearance? Just pathetic

  • I think Carole payed Jeff to set Joe up.

  • can you really entrap someone who was looking to hire someone to off another person anyways?

  • The peta woman was just as bad as the rest of them.

  • Why are you analyzing the "power move" he lied about having money to steal the business then set him up for prison to make him go away. I wouldn't doubt if Lowes woman put him up to it. In any case a creep like that is only doing it for ghe "puss" What a total shit bag. Thats why most stuff below the board in life is not worth it. Too many sketchy douche bags

  • All I care about it the animals I'm not a vegan or a peta supporter but Jesus dude these animals just need to be where they deserve in the wild living a happy wild life, not little balding power hungry scumbags like Lowe who use them as a symbol fuck him, Fuck Joe, Fuck Carol and Fuck Doc Antle.....