We need to talk about George Floyd

Publicado el 30 may 2020
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  • Floyd died from Fentanyl and meth. The leaked footage showed him with excited delirium saying he couldn't breathe in the cop car.

  • this isnt a fucking trend this is a problem the police force was originally established to catch runaway slaves we have to rebuild the system to protect and not catch

  • FW, his murderer just made bail. I am confused why he thinks he is safer on the outside?

  • It's a shame are there thumbs down on here

  • I have a question, what about the people who aren't black or white? And when people say all white people are racist (which is dumb as fuck) what about the mixed race people?

  • Anyone here after the full video was released.

  • They have bad training and don’t no what there doing , so let’s take money away from them so there training gets worse and they don’t know what to do

    • He didn't die by the cops, he already couldn't breathe before getting on the ground, watch the leaked footage and spread awareness

  • So the officer should have been fired a long time ago? And why was Floyd on the streets after all his arrests and what he violently did to people ummmm... how many times 🤷🏻‍♀️? Ironic much ?!!

  • As a POC myself, this is just a tragedy, and those policeman deserve punishment, but at the same time, not all police officers are racist. I have Saw how various black officers are called "traidors of the race" for being police officer during the rallies and i am like what. Please don't treat all police the same, it Will only create more division and conflict, and this is the last thing we want now. Also, thanks for making this video with the straight facts and going direct to the point, since in Twitter the only think i see is the case metion, the hastag and nothing else, just people using his death for woke points

    • Watch the leaked footage from the officers POV

  • i really think you should have looked more into who george really was as a person

    • that doesn't justify his murder. everyone deserves the right to a fair trial. the police are there to arrest and detain until trial, not play judge, jury and executioner.

    • @kay d It's not really about him though it's not about him personally

    • Mr Hairy Eightlegs it all makes a difference when people are trying to glamorize who he was as a person. of course he was killed in a horrible way and did not deserve that, that’s quite obvious but that shouldn’t automatically make him a martyr for an entire community that offers so much good to the world. just my opinion.

    • Doesn't make a difference

  • I don’t think what the cop did was okay at all, but I know that police hear people beg all the time so George begging probably didn’t even phase them.

    • He died on his own, watch the leaked camera footage

  • 5:10 Disgusting? Well... what if I told you he's still alive and this was all... a Play created by fake cops. Would you believe me? or prefer to keep believing on Politicians and activist Lies. Because that Protest is called "Black Lies Matter" www.nytimes.com/2020/06/01/technology/george-floyd-misinformation-online.html esmain.info/goal/v-deo/imucb9qDibdfg5o

  • It doesn't surprise me anymore. But the hurt is still strong, I doubt things will get better.

  • Love her hair in this

  • I'm so confused by this incident

  • i wish you covered more cases where POC are harmed, specifically black trans women if possible seeing as the average life span is only 36 :( i just feel like we should be remembering those names, and seeking justice for those families. riah milton and remmie fells are two i’m really interested in learning more about


  • Anyone who disliked this video is a super twat

    • LucidDreamer Entertainment yes the first autopsy says probably drug overdose and the second autopsy (the coroner who did Jeffrey Epstein’s body 🙄🙄) says asphyxiation. Kneeling was also part of Minneapolis police protocol (although 9 minutes is quite a long time) the cop should not be deemed a white supremacist murderer

    • @LucidDreamer Entertainment I agree, if you present a situation where a white suspect is involved, nobody says anything, but if instead of the white suspect it would be a black suspect, everyone cries wolf and says it's racially motivated

    • FalconGamer58 yes he fell out of the car and was ODing on fentanyl. If people want to make this about police brutality, ok fine. But quite bring the race card up.

    • @LucidDreamer Entertainment he couldn't breathe and his body was overdosed with chemicals, also when they refused his request to get on the ground, he did it himself and threw himself on the ground

    • cha rin yeah it does change the story, but whether or not the cop kneeling on his neck killed him or not it as still wrong, but it may have contributed to his death?? We’ll never really know.

  • They're notorious cheaters. It's a toxic marriage for a lot of people. No wonder the divorce rates are high with them.

  • On his neck!? What the heck? like he was really on him like 200 pounds on a neck... I'm crying..... So sad the unjustice...

  • Keep in mind they would've gotten away with it if bystanders hadn't recorded

  • "Evil prevails when good men do nothing."

  • Not to take away from Mr.Floyd's death but when this whole thing is blown over they're probably going to make a movie about this

    • Not when the leaked footage is available on the internet

    • Yeah, at least in 2023 or 2024

  • .....and they wonder why we say #blacklivesmatter.

  • I'm just letting you know the page you are reading this context from is not 100% and idk why they keep saying a "cop" said get up get in the car man was not a damn cop he wad a by stander. It's so easy to get facts messed up just wish ppl wld pay attention to what theyre writing in reports. But yes it was holy fucked up on every level! Its been said chuvian knew floyd and recognized they previously worked at the club so I think he intended to ahow his dominance and thts why he killed him.

  • This wasnt a race crime It was just a mur der

  • they are actually saying "his knee wasn't on his neck".... bullshit. I see a knee right on a neck. Also - they knew each other. I think that is gonna be the nail in Chauvin's coffin. I hope it is.

  • Stay out of this it doesn't concern white people

  • I was given counterfeit money and didnt even know it and used it to pay for gas when something similar happened to me... in a 75% black city which may have been my only saving grace...

  • You would be a fantastic lawyer.

  • It quite literally takes a quick google search on how quickly damage can to occur to the brain. Past 5 minutes , death is imminent and if the person who is deprived of oxygen is alive even after 5 minutes - it would have led to a coma and severe brain damage. The whole autopsy about his death being caused by a medical condition to kill him is frankly, in my opinion - bullshit.

    • (How quickly damage can occur to the brain due to deprivation of oxygen)****

  • George Floyd may have pressed a gun against a pregnant woman’s belly to threaten her, in order to rob her home, but it’s still wrong of the officers to kill him. It doesn’t matter how bad anyone’s criminal history is, he shouldn’t have been killed, and he hasn’t killed anyone, only threatened, so he could’ve been redeemed. Candace Owens has spoken out about this. esmain.info/goal/v-deo/gquCndR3rrB8bZY Edit: no I do not support Candace Owens. I actually quite dislike her, but there’s no denying what happened

  • George Floyd may not have been the best person (he once held gun to a pregnant woman) but he definitely didn't deserve this. That policeman is a horrible person and deserves to rot in prison.

  • What happened to him was absolutely awful and preventable. But everyone turning him into some innocent martyr isn't right either. He was a career criminal that once put a gun to a heavily pregnant woman's stomach and stated that he didn't give a fuck if he blew them both away. He broke into her house looking for money.He was just released at a Texas prison for aggravated robbery. At the time of arrest he was on meth and fentanyl. He's been arrested for drug abuse, theft, criminal trespassing, aggravated robbery and assault. What happened to him was disgusting and that cop should be behind bars. But I don't agree with making the man out to be something that he wasn't. There's plenty of other examples of innocent people being killed, or actual slaves that suffered terribly. I think they should be chosen for a memorial wall.

  • No. You need to stop talking about G.Floyd.We have bigger issues now, like being on the verge of extinction in next 50 years

  • Why doesn’t this have more views. Disgusting

  • Can I just point out that that there was a man, I think his name was Tony Timpa, killed in 2016 in the exact same way as George Floyd and no one reacted to that. I don't think this has as much to do with racism but a lot more with awful people seeing the power of a cop as an opportunity to commit crimes and get away with them. (not saying all cops are bad tho) I'm not denying that racism is a big issue, I just want to point out that police brutally effects everyone black, brown, white, or any other colour of the rainbow. And I hope that this will bring the issue to the surface, and help everyone out, this is a battle we all should be involved in, to help everyone.

    • What about socialism? You do know only left wing snowflakes can be victims..........

  • Ya know what i had an opinion change. Its not ok. Its just inflicting violence for something that can be handled without violence. My apologies

  • I'm sorry but we need police... Just fire the bad ones! We also avoid be protesting multiple things while we are at it!!

  • This reminds me of the execution of George Stinney jr. Could you cover that? I want to spread awareness, especially since George Floyd.

  • We all know it was intentional. This is so disgusting. This was done with sadism.

  • The store clerk should get arrested...

  • I have to unsub to you in lieu of this video. He was not a saint and a martyr. He was charged for sexual assault while still living in TX. When a white girl was murdered in SF....the illegal that murdered her got it easy. No one even spoke up for her... she was ignored just another statistic.

  • Hey, I have a question. I get this was pure murder, and I am glad the officers were charged. However, how was this racist?

  • Different news sources said Chauvin had 18 misconducts and was disciplined twice. Guess you never know the truth with media. Did you know that Eric Garner experienced pretty much the same thing in 2014 and nobody was sentenced? Even though the whole thing was captured on camera AND there were protests. I hope we have grown enough to actually be able to get those cops in JAIL this time.

  • I agree that this man's death was completely unjustified and murder. However I don't think it was racially motivated. Tony Timpa was a white man murdered in a very similar way. I don't agree with the riots and I'm a pissed that people ignore David Dorn. David was retired black cop murdered over a TV by black looters. No real media attention or protest. George Floyd was a criminal that robbed a pregnant woman at gunpoint. He's definitely no angel. Not someone I would protest over. Still not saying he deserved to die. I have been called racist for not supporting the riots. Seen a lot of divide last few days because of this issue. I don't support BLM as a whole because I seen them act very racist. Black lives do matter but you can't fight racism with racism.

  • The cop had a grudge and a perfect target to release it on. That was a murder/suicide. He was Ready to go down in the moment!

  • I wish you people understood the true circumstances of this and not what the media is trying to spin. Regardless, emotions and feelings do not matter. Fact does but none of you bother to know the fact and are more willing to act on what the media tells and follow your emotion rather than common sense.

    • The facts are: they’re murderers.

  • thank you so much for talking about this. Can you talk about other black victims of police violence? I think the reality overall needs to be shown more as much as possible

  • What disgust me is that there are people who think the cop was not in the wrong. Sickening, huh? All the racist are showing their true colors.

  • And now they’re bringing up Floyd’s past... because that’s somehow supposed to justify the inappropriate use of force that ultimately killed him... people don’t make sense. If people want to go by that logic and blame him for his past, it doesn’t change the fact that Chauvin STILL should’ve known better as a cop and should’ve apprehended him without killing him! It was 4 cops against 1 guy!

  • Meth not even once

  • The worst thing about it all is that it's such a dumb situation it could have been avoided so easily! I can't imagine having to fear going for groceries because something like this might happen. The video was so heartbreaking to watch. This isn't just a black problem or an american problem, it's a human problem

  • The police officer committed suicide in his prison cell, that was his easy way out. If you have the guts to take someone else's life on purpose and not re-evaluate your actions you should live with what you've done, I hope he rots in hell

  • This entire situation absolutely disgusts me. I'm mixed black/white although I am pale and most people see me as white so I don't have any experience with what black people have to experience. I live in Minnesota and most of the black side of my family live in Saint Paul/Minneapolis so it's terrifying to think of what they're going through right now. I hope George Floyd's family are able to recover and that this cop and his partners get the punishment they deserve.

  • Now you wanna speak on black issues? Where was this same energy before?

  • You should watch 13th documentary on Netflix.

  • The issue with first degree murder is that you have to prove, by textbook definition in Minnesota that it was first degree murder, if the jury finds him not guilty because he doesn’t meet the criteria for that specific charge, he could be acquitted. So the DA wants to insure that chauvin will be convicted, even if it is on a somewhat lesser charge. Also, knee-to-neck is legal in Minnesota, it is wrong but sometimes it can be the only way to properly restrain an offender, which Floyd was not.

  • I don't think the cop intended to kill Floyd (as in, he didn't wake up in the morning thinking 'today, I'm gonna kill a man'). I think he just didn't care, didn't see Floyd as a person begging for his life, but rather a nuisance- like a mosquito. Chauvin seems like a sadist and a narcissist, he was trying to exert dominance over Floyd and the situation.

  • How do police officers expect people to stay calm when they surround one single person with several officers, point guns, handcuff that person right away without that person being aggressive what so ever. Everyone would be scared and nervous. So many american police officers are so unprofessional. Who are you supposed to call when the police is who you can't trust to keep you safe? I just don't understand.

  • How about protesting the riot killing of 77 yr old Police Capt. David Dorn...not for a drugged up bottomfeeder with a mile long rap sheet?

  • The fact that people have to fear the people that are meant to protect them is a problem. We shouldn't have to fear that people who protect us will murder us. FUCKING KILLING PEOPLE WHO HAVENT EVEN COMMITED CRIMES.even if they have committed a crime, they shouldn't be KILLED unless it was a horrible crime, like someone being a serial killer.

  • Show the video from the drivers side man. They were pulling him out of the driver seat . I am sure they said, Mr. Floyd get out of the vehicle!. And he didn't so they started to pull him and considered them pulling him as resisting. And then they restrained him and put him on the floor. And stepped on him. Thats why. There is a video.

  • I do not get it. What are you talking about???

  • The most disturbing aspect to me is that most of these officers who kill have pasts with red flags, I do not understand how that is not taken more seriously by the departments. These police officers are just as human as people working in any other field (unfortunate truth) but they are not entitled to the same slip ups (and they shouldn’t be), if there’s red flags you are just not cut out for public service period. I think we need police department reform absolutely and I also believe the answers to these questions are so much more complicated than it seems but no one else black, white whatever needs to die for a change...this needs to finally end. Just to think of George’s fear and panic...there are no words other than he didn’t deserve that, not at all.

  • O don’t like t when people say “put men in cages” but those men need to Be put in cages

  • My dad worked in a jail for 30 years, here in Argentina. He's now retired. While we talked the other day he told me: "Police officers are not trained to think, they're not trained to feel empathy, they're trained to suppress. They're trained to kill. But they don't realize that if you want to have some kind of weight in the destiny of a criminal, you need to go to law school. Police are not judges" Of course, Floyd was not a criminal. They murdered for $20, that's the price they gave to his life. *Update: the other officers are now getting a 3rd degree murder charge and Chauvin will get a 2nd degree murder charge*

  • We all have to work together and really change the minds of people and cops . The pure pain and sorrow I have felt from everyone around is deafening he will live on we will change the future

  • I saw a post that said if they see you going through this then either we're both going to jail or I'm going to die with you bc I refuse to be an accomplice to your murder 😟

  • So they're calling muder a " medical episode"

  • This is truly tragic, but it’s not about race, it’s about careless cops.

    • @ESmain Censored actually there was a guy for an example, who was white, named Daniel Shaver who was killed by police unjustly. Then one of the complaints about that monster (the guy who killed Floyed) in which he had allegedly killed a native american so it does effects others too

    • No it's about race. If george was white he wouldn't be dead.

  • This cop intentionally killed this man. Even when George was not moving the cop still did not remove his knee. What's also pissing me off is that noone stopped this cop. We are not powerless!!!

  • I'm not even black and all of this has made me so so paranoid, I haven't been able to sleep, even I feel unsafe, especially with all of the protests and cops being so brutal to everyone. I cant even think of how black people feel in America right now. Something needs to change.

  • Thank you for using your platform for this

  • He's already handcuffed on the floor! Why shove your knee into him!? He couldn't run far even if he tried! I know he committed a small crime, but doesn't mean you have to act like he's Saddam Hussein.

  • you cant accidentally kill someone while your kneeling on their neck

  • I really wish you had put a warning that you included the footage in this video. I've seen enough black men and women brutally murdered, I really didn't want yet another one burned into my psyche too. Knowing it happened at all is psychologically and emotionally traumatizing enough. Please warn us next time 🙏🏽🖤

  • He literally didn’t take his knee off until ems tapped him to get off like wtf r u serious . I dont understand how this is even a protest why is human decency something we have to teach adults .... never will understand and justice needs to be served

  • There is no human will let anyone torturing another human being unless they're a psychopath. The others police officer do nothing to stop Chauvin. They're no different.

  • George Floyd was murdered, period. That officer is guilty, period. Black lives matter, PERIOD!!!


  • Thank you for covering this

  • This is heartbreaking. This is my home. This man even said, "they gonna kill me" and cried out for his deceased mother. His knee was still on him after he passed out

  • Police officers are supposed to protect people, yet police departments are letting human garbage that don’t care about protecting people. Instead care about being stronger than everyone else. In this case, the police man was above someone and decided that a man should die instead of the police man loose that status. Rest In Peace George Floyd 💐

  • Stop making it about race

    • She'll stop making it about race when it stops being about race.

  • I think the police officer is fucking evil but my personal morality disagrees with people calling for the death penalty, its hypocritical and wrong

  • If you can’t afford to donate money go to the video by zoe amira It is one hour long and it features art and music from black artists. All of the ad revenue goes to the movement behind George Floyd

  • I think the State Attorney I purposefully low balling charges so more severe charges can be brought up. Also an independent autopsy was released recently and said Floyd passed away due to asphyxiation none of that pre-existing junk. I Don't know if it's common knowledge but they used to be coworkers as security at a club here in Minneapolis, so that could be played into motive as well. According to the club owner, Chauvin was known be aggressive toward patrons.

  • We need to talk about what the response is to this. I for one will never forget having to literally stay awake all night with others on the property with rifles in the dark... hearing the voices across the street looting, rioting, screaming kill all white people, watching their live streams trying to figure out where they're going next, having them make hit lists, then see the destruction when the sun rose. So many have no jobs now, people have been murdered.. innocent people, a baby shot in *the face* bc of rioters blindly shooting. Mlm the death of George was vile. Everyone was in agreement with that. What happened and is still happening needs to be spoken about as well.

  • chauvin shouldn't have been the the force....he should've been fired/let go a long time ago....that is crazy....how many of those complaints were excessive force? and i agree...those other cops shoulda be charged too...they watched...did nothing....their job is to uphold the law...not to break it...wonder how many complaints they have in their jackets....there is no reason why george should've lost his life....why didn't they just escort him into the patrol car and take him to the station and question him? i don't know if it's true or not but i heard that chauvin's wife has filed for divorce....makes me wonder if there were domestic incidences at their house....my heart goes out to george's family....this is a tragedy....a murder....and they deserve justice. it just disgusts me....the officer needs to be straight up charged with 2nd degree murder.

  • No means no! I can't breath means I can't breath! 😢

  • Girl ya hair look good af today


  • i cant believe the cops said he had a medical episode.. they really tried to sweep it under the rug

  • Even in professional martial arts fighting, doing a move like that is considered dangerous. There was a case where a fighter did that and his opponent passed out within 30 seconds. What that police officer did was evil. There’s no excuse for it. It was dangerous. And anyone defending him is dumb. The dude’s knees were literally on his neck. How is that not murder?

  • thank you for covering this!

  • i have heard news of the scene being staged. what do you guys think about this?

  • i've talked to actually officers about their training and they told me they are explicitly told never to restrict the airway and when arresting someone to leave them sitting handcuffed on a curb or pressed against the car if there is a struggle. very rarely is there ever a need to have someone detained on the ground and never absolutely never go on top of the person in a way that could cause death or unneeded harm. there is absolutely no justification for what this man did. this was cold-blooded murder.

  • Martial law is coming. George Floyd’s killing is outrageous and people should be outraged but this has all been set up. Curfews in order in major cities where riots are occurring, pallets of bricks being dropped off no where near construction sites but across from government buildings, suspicious. It’s like they want riots. This all screams set up. When the military takes over, people might feel relieved bc at least their whole city isn’t burning anymore but trust martial law won’t quietly go away after a few days.

  • how is this racist? am i missing something?

    • They killed a man for his skin tone?

    • Police brutality against black ppl is well known