We need to talk about Fashion Nova

Publicado el 17 oct 2020
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  • On an unrelated note, can we get an updated wig collection 🥺?

  • Let children be children! Honestly even if there wasn’t an aspect of the clothing being provocative, I don’t like when people try to make children mini adults. Let them make mud pies and stuff man!

  • You should come out with a line of wigs called ready to hair

  • They have risqué clothes and I had no idea they had a kids line. Since when do high heel shoes come in baby sizes? I Never knew

  • The cheap clothes from Fashion Nova aren't worth it. It doesn't save you money because the clothes fall apart quick and easy

  • The Kids clothes remind me a bit of Justice. That shit destroyed my selfesteem especially when I got into 4th/5th grade. They sell tube tops now and always sold bikinis, short shorts, heels. It was def adult or teen clothes for little kids.

  • still haven’t recieved the package I ordered 3 years ago and still am blocked by all their socials and email for trying to reach out to them. Even dollskill did better when they fucked up really bad, like really bad

  • As much as i wanna pay attention, you’re making me really want that wig-

  • people don’t realize how hard sewing is. it’s hard friggin work. especially making ready-to-wear items that need to be uniform. so $2.77/hr isnt just underpaying due to minimum wage laws, it’s underpaying in the aspect of that sewing takes EFFORT.

  • I love that u don't put 15 ads for every video. Thank u.

  • i ordered from them ONE TIME, and the dress i got had the fuzz ripped off of it, and the shoes were wayyyyy too large.

  • Putting kids in heels can affect their growth and deform their heels and feet. Especially if it becomes apart of their daily clothing line

  • Your channel really helps me on days when I get depressed from seeing the most degenerate things being normalised and celebrated on social media because I am reminded that there are still people like you and your followers who have the same mindset and opinions as me.

  • this is where cuties got their wardrobe

  • $270 a week.... what horrible wages might as well work the drive thru at McDonalds, you'd make much more

  • I can only fear the worst for the child models. Imagine being thrusted into an environment where posing that way as a kid is normal.

  • They got these babies in thot clothes 😭

  • "Partners and influencer"

  • In a slight defense of children's heels(the super short, block heels on some of the "fancier" shoes) I distinctly remember begging my parents for sparkly, little heels when I was around 7. They kept saying they weren't practical, they'd hurt my feet, etc. After a couple months of this, they gave in, and lo-and-behold they were 100% right that they were not comfortable or practical. I still wore those shoes everyday until I outgrew them. Is it a good shoe for kids? Not at all. Are kids going to care/want them anyway? Yeah, and there's a way to do those kinds of shoes without making them overly adult looking.

  • FINALLY. No one was talking about this except High. roots tv and some very small platform channels.

  • Buy from Ross or platos closet they have name brands they are used but who cares

  • My favorite hairstyle /color on you yet, fucking stunning!

  • I love your hair in this video ✨✌️

  • I don’t think it’s the clothes on the kids that’s the problem, I think it’s the clothes plus the names plus the poses. One is probably acceptable but not all three. Like if you’re speeding; ok not the worst. But if you’re speeding and texting and you’re driving in oncoming traffic, that’s a disaster.

  • Omg I’m sorry normally I focus on the topic. But your hair was my main focus soo damn beautiful ❤️ love love love bright colours on you

  • Some persons are aware of the business practices of fast fashion (as a collective) but buy the products regardless. For the most part, fashion and other industries that engage in exploitative practices show no significant slowdown in their revenues. The reality of the situation is that there exists a emotional disconnect the consumers and workers. There may be an understanding of how the exploited individuals feel, but there is no sympathy that drives (or may drive) significant action to end the status quo.

  • 1

  • this hair is so cute im gonna die

  • Completely stopped buying from Fashion Nova for all of these reasons. Thank you for raising awareness!

  • Sure, the clothes from FashionNova might appear cheap at first glance, but when you add the shipping costs, the high probability of having to return what you ordered because it didn't fit right, the clothes quickly losing their shape in the wash or breaking so they're not presentable anymore (if you bought them for school or work) and you have to keep re-buying new things to have something to wear, it's probably overall cheaper to shop elsewhere - maybe in supermarket clothing sections or second hand shops. With second hand shops you know the clothing has been washed at least once and was not completely destroyed so it will probably last. I have second hand sweaters in my closet that I got 5 years ago for like 4€ that look great and I had a new H&M sweater that turned ugly with just a few washes, that cost 19.99€. I haven't ordered from FashionNova, but I imagine their quality can't be better than H&M (?).

  • “Here’s this brand EVERYONE is sponsoring but before I get into it a word from my sponsor Nord VPN”

  • I was waiting for someone to talk about this! I love fashion nova but I swear, when I saw this I was almost sick 🤢

  • Most cheap clothing companies hardly pay their workers but pay models and advertisers tons of money. That’s how they make huge profits. It’s horrible and fucked up...but wal mart does it etc target prob does it.

  • *(eyeing your pretty rainbow hair)* How did you get your hair done like that? 😳 I'm ever so curious! ^_^

  • Heels can really fuck up your back, kids should never wear them. They are growing and need to not have that messed with.

  • I literally love you, you are the only YTer I see that calls this business out! I stopped buying from them bc of the ethics and I never see anyone say anything about it.

  • The clothes being inappropriate for kids doesn't necessarily even mean they are too sexual (but it definitely can mean that too). Like you said here, it can mean for example that they cannot play in them, that is, they can't be kids in them. They look cool, yes, but kids do not exist only to look cool in the eyes of adults. If that's what you're looking for, buy a doll.

  • I went to see bc I was like "no way they dress Kids like that" and yea... The shrunken adults scare me. Every Day we step farther from god my dudes. Edit: fun fact, At this moment im downloading some CC content In my sims for toddlers and children and be like "ohhhh what a cute little teddybear jump suit, Lets have that one"...

  • I like your hoodie

  • I don't know of any kid who would choose to dress anything like that. Kids love colourful, wild, and fun stuff! Not kid's sized adult clothes. It's weird to dress a kid like that.

  • O.m.g your HAIR i love your hair!!

  • Omg I love the hair and certainly makes me think about purchasing from them. I was kind of thrown off by seeing the kids line and usually I love looking at new stuff they have but I didn't want to look through that stuff . It creeps me out thinking kids would be dressing like this

  • I don't really understand the argument that says "if you think this type of clothing on kids is weird then you're the one sexualizing them." like there are some garments or items that are sensual like corsets and it's weird to see them on children, it makes them look "grown" which is creepy and not ok.

  • Where do you get your wigs 😘🥰

  • Your wig looks really cool!

  • Nice lighter topic. You should do more, where it isn't hard on you all the time with some these topics you shine a spot light on.

  • A kid should only be wearing heels if they’re clear glittery blue and have cinderellas face on them

  • I shouldn’t be able to look at a dress a child is wearing and be able to think “hey that’s kinda cute” in the sense that I would wear it. I should look at a dress a child Is wearing and think “omg how cute is she in that dress”. I think the clothes fashion Nova has put out for children is disgusting and like you said... impractical. What kid is gonna be happy in a denim corset top and pleather pants or a body con dress?

  • Omg 😍 ur hair 🌈

  • Kids should not be wearing this shit. Parents should not be allowed to buy their kids that shit. This is why we need to pass a law mandating that kids can only wear baggy grey jumpsuits out. Sure this may seems extreme, but clearly society can’t be trusted to give children appropriate clothing choices.

  • Love the hair today! Makes me want to dance LOL

  • Thank you for making the disclaimer that youre not shaming less privileged people for not being able to buy sustainable clothing

  • i’m so glad you’re covering the topics that the public is really concerned about . like, fuck corona virus i just want to know what the hell a fashion nova is !!!!

  • My take on the kids collection... If your kid wants an outfit for a birthday they're going to or a school disco, a few of those outfits would be ok. Would I personally buy that for a child? No.

  • Crops, heels, short shorts or skirts just are not for kids. Or ruched dresses like the blue one you pictured. It pains me seeing kids dressing that way. Just a dress up doll and feel like they have to be a certain standard so young. What with fashion and makeup being pushed onto them before they're even mentally developed enough, I am very worried for their mental health later in life and future generations to come...


  • Thank you for pointing out that sustainability is often not affordable nor realistic.

  • Fashion Nova is everywhere you look on Instagram. I thought they were a conscious brand. Omg

  • I love this video. Thank you for giving us this information. I bought one pair of fashion nova pants and they didn't last a month. I've never bought from them again and never will! I didn't know about how they treated their workers! They're a completely horrible brand!

  • Also, their kids clothes are so obviously inappropriate. I shouldn't be surprised, but I honestly am kind of shocked that anyone would defend that and say it's not weird. It's definitely weird.

  • It's the parents who are paying for these clothes; my 6yo isn't getting out her Go Henry debit card to splurge on this crap! What parent puts their child in these outfits!? Aaarrrggghh 🤬

  • I agree the kids almost look like they're playing dress up or something it's rather uncanny Valley ish. Kind of related, when I was little my mum bought me a few pairs of very small heels for weddings and funerals and id wear nylons and a nice skirt but I think that's just cuz I was the oldest kid in the extended family and they're.. old school >.>

  • The kid clothes remind me of. .. Cuties yikes

  • Lmfaoooo just ordered a lot from them oh nooooo😅🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • That wig though 😍 I need it. It looks so real, and the colors are great.

  • big fan of this wig ^

  • Fast fashion doesn't mean affordable... Sustainable doesn't mean expensive...

  • I have a few pieces from them I genuinely like but I've only gotten them from second hand shops and such

  • I don’t think they know what being on the DL means, because it does not involve girls of any age 😂

  • I love your hair girl ! I don't know where you get your wigs but they always look so AMAZING on you ! Love you girly your channel as well it is most definitely one of my favorites on this platform! Your topics are always interesting and so is your look.😘 You're just awesome! Totally girl crushing on lol 🌹

  • I Love your hair

  • Hi. My daughter is five and will have a fit if her clothes aren’t perfectly comfy. She has kid’s play high heels but they are only for dress up, we never leave the house with them on her. I didn’t see one thing in this video that would be comfy for a five year old.

  • Yup I stopped buying from them. Horrible company and they NEVER gave me back my refund.

  • I literally said children shouldnt dress like adults and bc of it i had to delete all of my art and social media to stop the harassment. Kids dont even need individual groomers anymore. The internet does it for them . Be careful lest the new generation come at you for being a pedo sympathizer and victim blamer bc we don't let kids dress like adults

  • I wish fashion nova goes away I'm so sick and tired of the unsponsored posts even meme pages on IG are posting about fashion nova. I DON'T CARE I DON'T WANT THEIR DOODOO CLOTHES GOD DAMN. I also find it weird how people are trying to say the people who got scammed by fashion nova are lying. Like people need to stop this brand loyalty.

  • Some of the clothing isn’t bad and wrong for a child to wear, kids like fashion, I always wanted to dress like adults as a kid not sexy just not baby pink with unicorns. But the “sexy” poses and clothing that is just tiny versions of actual “sexy” clothing is not ok, children should be able to wear a cropped shirt without it being sexualized it gets hot outside, but things like the boob cutout top are completely not ok. There needs to be a balance between kids being able to wear clothing without being sexualized for their stomach or legs etc.. but also not being put into clothing that’s obviously sexual clothing. My point is there’s nothing wrong with a child in a crop top or tiny shorts and they shouldn’t be sexualized for that, but also children shouldn’t be put into intentionally and obvious sexual adult clothing.

  • I think heels are fine for little girls (and boys) ...when they are playing dress up at home.

  • This is why I don't shop there. Also the fact that fast fashion creates SO MUCH environmental waste and poses environmental hazards all around the world. Because the quality is so poor, they're made to be thrown out as soon as they lose a button or get a tear

  • The denim top child is wearing is called bustier as in ‘bust’ as in breasts! When my youngest daughter was 5 they came out with a Britney Spears costume for Halloween, geared for 4/5 yr olds. I commented..’ oh great, now we can all dress our kids like hookers!!’ THEN the spice girl shoes came out! And my 7 yr old actually looked like a mini hooker going to school!! Now not to her, but to us. But she loved beautiful clothing. Not sure how this can ever be rectified. But I don’t think I’d ever allow my child to wear bustier or anything resembling lingerie, that’s a line too far!! Jus sayin

  • Can I just talk about how MUCH I LOVE YOUR WIG, OMG!! 🥺❤❤❤

  • i never understand people who buy clothes every week or month, if you do that you are paying for things like this happens. I didnt buy clothes n years, the clothes i have are enough for the rest of my life

  • I can't knock the high heels too much. I used to work in a shoe store. Obviously we sold the low high heel shoes for kids for fancy occasions. the amount of little girls that would want to buy the high heels over the sneakers that Mom and Dad were looking at for back to school was insane. Little girls I think associate high heels with getting dressed up like a princess and getting to be fancy. Some of the of the clothing is definitely too revealing most is just impractical and the poses are ridiculously unnecessary.

  • Fashion nova is cheap and really ugly clothing made for unrealistic bodies.

  • Remember the - who was i, abercrombie? - that made thongs for 7 year olds? This has done been happening, & it needs to change.

  • Hey, you could make a video about offshore call centers from huge companies that pay just above the minimal wage. I have worked for a couple of them and the working conditions are horrible. Recently I quit from one for a very rich company in Spain were we had to work from home at night shifts and it paid the minimal wage.

  • Off topic, Ey you look like the rainbow pony Ok back on topic..

  • I will say, my four year old sister loves heels! She loves wearing my moms or my sister's heel. So, I don't think kids wearing heels is super weird, unless they're super tall heels (but also why do women like heels over 2 inches?). Also, tbh, the poses aren't that "sexy." I didn't see anything sexy about the poses, I saw the shoots in the same way I see my sister who loves to do random poses that include her butt being the "focal" point. Like, I will say that it's weird a sexy clothing company with the branding that they have are making "kids" clothes. Like, for what and for why?

  • before i even start the video - i fcking love the hair, so dope

  • Those child outfits look like dress up at best and flat out inappropriate at worst

  • TRUMP 2020! 🇺🇲🌈

    • yes!! i'd love to have a racist in office😻😻

  • FBI is after me so I'll say thiere show up with in 30 days

  • I saw a shirt from fashion nova at Plato's closet. It said XL but fit like an XS. It was weird as fuck.

  • the kids clothes kinda remind me of the LOL dolls if these clothes were for teens it would still be a bit risky bit more understandable but saying "youre sexualising the children" when theyre clearly posed and dressed in a way to appear like the older models who are trying to be sexy/ appealing means that that was the intention. its like, if you see at a kid on the beach in a bikini, normal. fine. but if you had a kid wandering around in lingerie, not appropriate even though its essentially the same thing. Point is context and nuance.

  • Damn and that’s here in the US😒😒😒 so shady.

  • Hey just subscribed to you,shout out to Redbar for hearing about you.😁👍

  • Tekashi

  • Not gonna lie I do wear fast fashion because poor and plus size. I go to Ross or burlington. Hard to find my size at thrift store. But I buy basic clothes and treat them nicely and wear for a couple years.

  • Resale/consignment stores and thrift stores are a great way to buy sustainably. Just please don’t overbuy at thrift stores!

  • The only reason i like fast fashion is because they are the only companies that cater to curvy women that aren’t extremely high end. It seems as a curvy girl your options are fast fashion or super expensive (beyond a student budget). Any suggestions would be welcome- I’ve tried learning to alter my own clothes but I’m terrible