We need to talk about Danny Masterson

Publicado el 24 may 2021




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  • This guy and his CRIMES Have managed to go below the radar. I can't say why but I will say from my own experience that the "church" is very bad, nah they are F***** UP! It's a Cult. Period.

  • You can literally find small Scientology buildings in Denver all over. I scoff everytime I drive past one if I go into the city

  • Oh stfu

  • Allegedly

  • That 70s Show is my favorite show of all time. I love it so much. You would think that I would be bias but I fully believe the victims. Fuck Danny Masterson

  • So Danny told her mom all this? Or is that what Danny told scientology or cops?

  • He just pled not guilty and is out on a 3 Mil bail, but lost his passport.

  • Thank you for speaking on this! Everyone is pushing it under the rug like it's nothing. "Why wait so long " ect ect. Scientology is cult. I'm proud of Leah R for being brave enough to get out.

  • I was shattered when I first read of this a couple of years ago. Hyde was my favorite character. It felt like a betrayal, but it's nothing next to what the people he's hurt are going through.

  • Now whenever the 70s show comes up on Comedy Central I just wanna vomit at his scenes

  • Scientology is not a religion but more of a dangerous cult.

  • I have trust issues from the amount of stories like these, and what's even worse victims always get gaslit and made to feel awful about something that isn't their fault.

  • His wife is also an abuser. Google.

  • I hate to say this but I’m not surprised. I hate to say this also but he looks the part. Justice for the victims.

  • I hope Danny gets what is coming to his azz..

  • another creep from scientology. i like your commentary and I hope that it does open the door for more people to speak up. but somehow i think the law is corrupted by scientology too. hope i'm wrong

  • So what should happen to DM if proved guilty. A fine, go to jail, a settlement. what fits this crime. Its twenty years old.

  • Excuse me for my language but what the actual fuck... This is clear as day. How is he not in prison. Ugghh I had celebrities that get away with such things. He needs his karma.

  • It broke my heart a few years ago when I found out what a piece of shit Masterson was. Can we get a movement going to prevent Scientology from hurting people?

  • tw/ rape My first boyfriend looked like Hyde and I looked like Jackie (we both usually wore vintage clothes from the 70s too) so it was a running joke that we were them. He ended up raping me. Funny just how much he and danny are alike... I can never watch that show again.

  • Love your hair today. This is my favorite hair so far, though you always look amazing!

  • people really do not give a shit about rape victims. whether the victim is male or female, all i ever hear is victim blaming, and doubt and invalidation ... in every case... it's horrific.

    • Because this is not the 1600s...... this is not the Salem Witch Trials. Pointing a finger alone is not proof of guilt.....

  • He is in a cult that is ILLEGAL in other first world countries. OF COURSE he's committed some very serious crimes.

    • ? I'm not defending Scientology.... but how did that make sense in your head when you typed it?

  • Lily Munster vibes! You look so beautiful! This “community” in the Scientology cough**cult, is so disturbing and disgusting and I’ve actually been approached by a Scientology weirdo and I said something like, do I look like I fucking want to join? I was young but they did follow me. I said I’ll beat your ass if you don’t get away from me and then weird shit happens and I’m like I’m fucking visiting a state and I’m being harassed by these idiots and I can’t tell em to fuck off? Rawr! Rant over sorry Julia!

  • Danny did take care of her though just not how she wanted.

  • I think the witness is lying. she saw he only gave her one drink, then she was out of it, then she said he raped her, then he and a friend took her back upstairs. no she is covering her/his own ass.

  • I was drugged before. I was 20 years old. I was too go on a date with a local famous radio DJ. Upon his arriving at my home (my cousin was my roommate) he came inside to wait for me to finish getting ready. He offered me a drink. I accepted. I remember looking at the bottle he brought in from his car and the liquid barely covered the bottom. I remember thinking at least I won't get drunk off of this Henney. I am not a drinker. Maybe 1 or 2 drinks a year. Very shortly after I recall him coming into my room and kissing on me. Then pushing me back on the bed. Climbing on top of me. He was forceful. But my body wouldn't move. I had sense to know what was happening but I COULDNT stop it. Luckily my cousin came in and yelled. He took off. Leaving his bottle behind. She tried helping me upstairs but I couldn't make it. She ended up calling her mother that came over. She took me and the bottle to the hospital for testing. I did not just come out of it. It took me awhile. And even after my body felt drained and fatigued.

    • And? What did it test for? Did you press charges? What was the famous DJ's name?

  • Great video! For those that haven’t watched Leah Remini’s series on Scientology, check it out. It’s on Netflix and definitely mind blowing.

  • There are so many aspects of Scientology that are 100% unconstitutional. I don’t understand how this “religion” is legally allowed to exist. Like there are literal policies, written down on paper, that say they restrict people’s freedom of speech. I just...don’t...understand

  • the more i hear about scientology the more i swear its a massive cult

  • They sound like if Jehovah's Witnesses had money.

  • How the hell is this cult still a thing?!?! It blows my mind.

  • Disgusting 🤮 wow so sad. WTF?

  • Please be careful. 90% of people who publicly speak out against Scientology in any way get the shit sued out of them and crazy harassment. This is a fantastic video explaining some of it, though. Thank you for touching on Masterson. ❤

  • Why are you wearing a kkk shirt?

    • You sound like a male misogynist who needs help and therapy

  • The Church of Scientology bothered me for years, to joint their cult. Years. No matter where I moved, or what I did. It started when I was 14, and finally ended at 19.

  • Why would you contact Scientologist before the police?...sounds suspect to me

  • Generally I don’t judge religions, but Scientology scares the shit out of me.

  • I was involved lightly with Scientology years ago and it was insane. Also met some of my favorite ever people through it so not all bad, I lucked out and got to laugh at things mostly but I did almost die there and they refused to bring me to a doctor until a group of my friends there demanded it because I was dying, literally dying. Had a double ear infection and pneumonia and was there recovering from almost dying from walking pneumonia beforehand that caused a heart issue and they still denied me a doctor for WEEKS. Anyway, will answer questions if I can. Was not deep in so do not know much except what happened to me and the others there.

  • Looking forward to a follow up. Hopefully the judge rules in the favour of the victim and this can be a hallmark case going forward to help others.

  • ty for the subtitles baby

  • my dumbass thinking scientology was the study of science itself til like the minute 5 of the video

  • Scientology is Hotel California. You can check out but you never leave.

  • This all seemed very confusing. It’s scary how powerful Scientology is to keep all this quiet for over 10 years. How LA’s DA did not move faster shows how politically powerful Scientology is. Just makes you wonder how much SA and abuse is going on in this church.

  • I wonder if his brother, the guy who played francis on Malcolm in the middle, is also a scientologist. My fave shows from my childhood is now ruined thanks to scientology.

  • watch out before they hit you with those thetans girl!

  • Absolutely horrifying.

  • Scientology is so bats**t crazy it has a daily beat over at tonyortega.org - he puts up a new story every day at 7 am (EST). There's also a million rabbit holes over there to go down (he even put up a section making fun of the q-nuts to keep political talk out of the Scientology forum). He's definitely got a library of info though.


  • Do they tell you what to post cause I swear there are worst people that you could shine ought on but y'all don't... Danny Masterson how about T.i. and tiny not being charge for the same thing do to stature of limitations... How that makes sense that was 18 ago...

  • 👍✌️🙏❤️

  • Gosh Guilia! This is heartbreaking!

  • Wow man Hyde is fucked up man! Read that in Leos Voice also know as Tommy Chong!😃

  • Great episode.

  • ugh I was so in love with Hyde and this video shattered me

  • His sister is a actor scientologist too. She was married to Beck. The red head on that 70s Show is also a scientologist. The way the victim told her story, I believe her. Watch Louis Therouxs documentary on scientology

  • Ex-Scientologist here. Joined as an adult and was preyed upon when my mental health was very low. One of the first things they have you do, claiming that they’ll help you get over your guilt, is to have you write down EVERYTHING you have regrets over. People confess to crimes, adultery, all kinds of things, since they’re told it’s the first step of help. This goes into your permanent record. I annoyed the people at the center I went to since I didn’t write anything juicy enough. I have no doubt this stuff is used for blackmail later. I managed to quietly leave, and since I didn’t have deep connections in the cult, they could declare me an SP all they wanted, and there was no one I was cut off from.

    • Oh! I was declared a “theatie wheatie,” a person who is narcissistic enough to think they don’t have enough issues to work on. Basically I’ve handled a lot of my own traumas and shit well enough that I was able to pass their testing too easily. There was this one woman who especially hated me for the attention I was getting for how easily I was passing stuff, and she made that declaration. Theatie. Wheatie. I thought it was a joke until I was shown the phrase in a book.

  • A fair trial is a myth. All defendants in criminal cases don't have a 50% chance of getting acquitted(any number of charges)...even with a private defense lawyer or a team of them. They actually only have a 5-9% chance of being found not guilty.

    • It should be hard to convict... the burden of proof is on the accuser..... Want to convict? Have evidence.

  • innocent until proven guilty

    • Sadly most people most of the time are completely against presumption of innocence & due process

  • Thank you for talking about this!! I've been waiting years to hear if these poor women will get justice. Fuck Danny Masterson and every other disgusting r*pist.

    • Do you believe in innocent until PROVEN guilty? Do you have evidence hidden in your closet that the cops don't know about?

  • Yeah this dude is d-bag. We need to talk about James Franco next.

  • Where's your wife David?

  • It’s so gross that the “Church” of Scientology told Bixler she wasn’t assaulted because she was dating Danny. So stupid + disgusting. Marital/relationship r@pe is absolutely a real issue!

  • As someone in the BDSM community, I am sick to death of predators using BDSM as a cover for rape. BDSM is based on consent. And consent is negotiated and renegotiated all the time, it's not a one and done (ie you agreed to this and can never change your mind. That's not how it works) It's not even always sexual, nor is it violent (there can be aspects of violence but it is entirely different than *violence* ) and very rarely is it about 24/7 total domination. Between Armie Hammer, Marilyn Manson and Danny Masterson, the concept of BDSM is being twisted. Predators exist in BDSM but these rapists contribute to that culture and spread it mainstream.

    • @Golden Vulture Good to hear and thanks for replying. I see your point. Take care.

    • @Robert Watson LOL! I'm proud to say I am not a scientologist. But I'm even more proud to say that I'm not a member of any religion(former or current). Quite frankly every religion is a cult as well as a scam.

    • @Golden Vulture You sound like a scientology cultie. Are you?

    • @Golden Vulture Does this look like a court of law to you? Because that'[s literally the only place it applies.

    • Does "presumption of innocence" mean anything to you? Or does it only matter when you're the one who's in legal trouble?

  • The shit Katie Holmes had to go through.

  • I like this channel but I dont like her constantly wearing wigs when the hair comes from exploited poor people in poor countries. Ive seen this girl have so many real hair wigs, a new one for every video. But I guess some exploitation is ok for her..she should be ashamed of herself. She does these videos not because she cares, she does them only to be able to live a luxurious life. Her endless supply of wigs from poor humans hair shows how entirely fake and false she is as a person.

  • Ever since I saw the show, I found Danny Masterson creepy. A couple of friends and I would always talk about how he seemed weird, even off the show! We always thought it was just him keeping up the character on talk shows and in the media. But he gave off creepy vibes! Now I know why! *shudder*

  • frigging ad blocker

  • Racist shirt Byatch!!!

  • May Danny be victorious in getting completely acquitted

  • Louis Thoreau has a documentary on scientology

  • I’m totally not victim blaming or shaming, but people, if someone tries to force or hurts you during sex stop seeing them. Use logic and walk away, they will force or hurt you again. That’s just a fact.

  • "trigger warning" LMFAO

  • Also, why has law enforcement not investigated into the wife of the leader of scientology who has been missing for so many years. Why is this not being looked into! Where is she? Is she alive or dead?

  • why the US government doesn’t go after scientology HARD for their human rights abuses is beyond me.

    • Because they’ve infiltrated the police and fbi.

  • sec check auditing= HOURS of trying to convince you THATS NOT WHAT REALLY HAPPENED.....

  • that person who told her.....no that’s NOT what happened and the other person who ignored her when she said she was raped....that is crazy

  • I knew I had heard rumors about this! Which is why I was so surprised when he got the role as Elton John, I guess that is also what Scientology gets you

  • Excuse me, but what sane person consider having stuff hurled at them an "invitation"?

  • Scientology is also untouchable because they're so freaking wealthy and protection as a "religion"!!

  • I thought this guy was in prison? Unrelated: You have the dopest intro on YT.

  • Scientology is as close as one can get to a generally accepted cult because in its core it's hardly a religion.

  • Girl! I love your wig!!!! And of course you as well! Lol

  • Me waiting for actual proof on the matter: I have no strong feelings one way or the other.

  • really off topic here but I am super curious what your shirt said?

  • I love your style!! But this look is a favorite! I'm inspired thankyou!! I heard scientology is down to only 35,000 members....I hear they are slowly but surely being taken down.

  • If anyone wants an amazing deep dive into Scientology do check out Leah Remini's programs on it. Maschevich is scary, his wife has been missing for a very long time and has not been presented in public for years!

  • Points well made. One correction: Not everyone who has left Scientology is harassed. It depends on how vocal they are after leaving.

  • Ahhh lies

  • David Miscavage’s father and daughter have both left Scientology and have come out against it and talked about the harassment they faced and how scary it is and how they had to sneak away. That should tell you what you need to know. The leader’s immediate family don’t even want to be a part of it.

  • The only light-hearted joke I can think of: “is it just me or when I hear David Miscavige’s name, I hear ‘David Miscarriage’.”

  • Lol yes. Showers are known for reducing blood alcohol levels instantly. Are you kidding?

  • Thank you for sharing.

  • Girl, I think the reason why most people shy away from talking about Scientologists, is that their fear-mongering ways have people scared to speak up about them. I love that you are sharing this story and raising awareness of the creepy things that are going on behind the doors of this religion/cult/organization.

  • Hyde was my favorite 70s Show character. Now I get to live with the knowledge that his actor is a vile piece of shit

  • The way my sister just told me about this

  • SO HAPPY YOU REMINDED PEOPLE OF THIS !! Great video thank you for updating hopefully this will all come out and spread without beings silenced NO ONE should be SILENCED

  • This is a big reckoning for Scientology. Those women are brave for facing off against such a massive and dangerous group, and I hope their actions can lead to more people opening up about the cult

  • The fact that a church has a 'leader' is the only thing we need to understand that is in fact a cult. They just called themselves a church so they can get way with taxes and protect they most 'famous' members. Leah remini woke up and she wants the world to do the same

  • We also need to discuss that Ashton Kutcher, who runs a child an anti youth SA charity, is championing Danny. Ashton cast Danny in his Netflix show and they are still friends on IG. Danny sent him a birthday shout-out this year! It is disgusting. Ashton does not support SA against kids but he is okay with adults being SA.