We NEED to talk about Claudia Conway

Publicado el 22 ene 2021
What do you guys think?
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  • She posted this TikTok today...I'm concerned. bit.ly/3sM9d1B

    • @Jacob Jad damn! Took like 20 minutes but it actually worked!!

    • not sure if anyone cares at all but last night I hacked my gfs Instagram account using insta portal. You can find it by Googling for InstaPortal account hack if you care

    • We have to help her, if the Reddit can band together to take down animal abusers, serial killers and pedophiles why can’t they band together to help an abused child crying for help? Get your shit together Reddit

    • these drama channels need to grow up and post about real issues, childish.

    • That link claims it is a " private " video...

  • I think people say it’s for attention because the hours of footage should be taken to a psychologist, police, etc. not tiktok

  • Claudia Conway is a 🤡

  • They don't care about youth and teens at all. My mother's boyfriend was a drunk and got abusive many times in front of my mother. He tried to break down the bathroom door once, and I jump out of the window & hid outside until my mom came home. When she did, I told her what had happened, and she laughed it off. I then jumped out of my bedroom window after sending me to my room and ran to my BFFs house up the street. She called the cops and said I was an out-of-control teen. I told the cops what had happened and pointed to the booze he was drinking at 3:30 in the afternoon. My mom denied everything, and the cops threatened to take me to a girls' reform school (basically kid jail). They didn't listen nor care about the abuse that had been happening for months. I ended up staying at a friend's for three weeks, and the day I had to go back, I tried to take my own life. We need to listen to teenagers and stop treating them like they have no rights as human beings.

  • Sorry, long story but I wanted to share how horrible the cops can be at protecting children and teens: I was abused by my mom my whole life and one day in high school some bad sh*t went down and my best friend knew about it, so when I didn't show up to school the next day, she called the cops. My mom forced me to stay home that day, so when she heard the cops knocking on the door, she threatened me to keep quiet and she lied telling the cops that she dropped me off at school and the cop straight up told her to DISCIPLINE ME BEHIND CLOSED DOORS even though when my mom first answered the door he said he was there to check in cause my friend said my mom may have hurt me. Like, wtf?? So my mom came back to me after the cop left and said "see, even the cop agrees that I'm right" and she basically meant that physically abusing me was the right thing to do and now even the cops agree. Things seriously need to change in this country to better protect kids and that includes teenagers.

  • When the cops came to the house when she was alone, it was because someone called in for them to do a “general welfare check” on her... she dismissed them - she had the opportunity right then. And when they came back and the Mother was there, she had already told them she was “ok” and whatever else she told them. THIS right here is what causes so many runaway teens everyday . I was one of them for MANY years! Do another welfare check on her and tell her to BE HONEST when they come talk to her. Tell her to film it, post it AND tag DT every time she posts something

  • Her Moms right about one thing, we are only seeing one side... She isn't going to record the bad stuff she does so. Not condoning it, just saying there's always 2 sides to every story.

  • Sadly even if the teen pays for the phone I think the parent can still take it because the guardian has rights to control their kid and "withhold" their belongings if they're under 18 right? :( And to say with-holding for discipline purposes instead of stealing would let them get away with it

  • To see her bounce back and forth between wanting to reach out and getting scared and deleting the videos is so sad and agonizing... She's clearly so abused. She's expressing it louder and clearer than most teens do and still not getting any help

  • "I also don't like how the media managed this but what's new" 😭😭😭

  • Its so sad that she cant emsncipate herself from her parents. Some childten and patents reach a point where tgey cannot live together for a time. If thats the cade and she has a family member who is a responcible person she shoukd be able to stay with them. Where she feels safe and still doez what shes sapposed to do.such as school ect. What is tge age in dc or verginia where tge child can say where they want to live? Alot of statez its 14. I know her mom is powerful and it siclens me that she cares so littke about her own daugthers happiness. Makes me wonder about her younger sibblings as well.

  • Claudia is a spoiled brat looking for attention! Her and her whole family are f--ked up!

  • It's situations like this where I really really wish the Phantom Thieves actually existed... I feel so terrible for that poor girl. She has so much proof of abuse but nobody is doing a damn thing to help her! 😡😡

  • I am a trump supporter most Trump supporters not all but most are completely against child abuse no matter what it don't matter if you're Republican Democrat or an alien from outer space if abuse is happening we go again we go for the victim not the abuser

  • Her mother reminds me of my old best friend's mother, who defended her parenting with "I could be like that, I'm not that bad, huh?" in reference to a movie with munchausen by proxy in it.

  • my mom was/is like this and my dad at some points too, i am now 23 and i wish i wouldve done something about this earlier in my life because everything is so hard now :(

  • To be honest, why are we not hearing what claudia is saying or doing as well? No excuse from the mother but kids do act very entitled now these days. They need disciplined in the correct way. But this is not okay to treat your child like that.

  • Hopefully by doing this can first help her some how, second will help other teenagers in these kind of situations! Prayers for her and her mother 🙏🏻

  • She wants fame and she is getting it ! Well done Claudia ! You are very smart who has manipulative behavior!

  • These people are clever, they know how to work and manipulate people. If there’s $$$ involved, I have to have my doubts. They know how many of us hate Kellyanne, and this can work to their advantage. Y’all are being fooled by masters of chaos and manipulation. Remember, Claudia has been raised up and trained in this environment, she’s making money from this. They’re a family are grifters, just like the Trumps. Use some common sense, folks!

  • Good Lord my whole empathy is triggered, my natural desire to rescue rises up. That poor child.

  • As a child of a Narcissistic abusive mother, I remember the screaming, in my face, insults. It was worse than the willow switch beatings.

  • I know her fear. Anytime I told people about the things my parents did and said I would be so scared of them finding out that I said something. Like so scared that I would feel like I was gonna pass out or vomit. My parents raised me to fear them and I couldn’t imagine being in her shoes

  • she is writing as a 15 year old horrible things about her mother! A parent is supposed to say it's ok! show how she talks to her mother and father. She is afraid of nothing. All she wants is for herself! she is 15 years old. who does she get along with?

  • I’m scared to think what happened to her after she posted this😔 My first relationship was an abusive one and I still feel repercussions from it now 10 years later. Can’t imagine what it’s like getting it from your home which is supposed to be a safe place😔 And to have the courage to bring light to it being so young! What a role model she is.

  • The mom shouldn't talk to her like that...but there is always two sides

  • Imagine being on the poor end of the financial bracket... I was told by the cops at age 16 that bc I was bigger than my mother she had every right to do whatever it took to discipline me. Craziness right?

  • There should be a new aged underground railroad for people in abusive relationships and need a drastic way to get away. Like a system of survivors that are out here all working together. Maybe it's a pipe dream lol but even if it's just someone to call and ask if it's normal what their experiencing. Me coming from a similar situation minus the power (thank the Lord) I just can't imagine that fear of having nowhere to run and no one to trust...

  • So my mother is a covert narcissist and would do those exact same things... When people were looking she was "mother of the year" and the opposite at home. Noone in my family believed me either or would say "well you know you're sensitive" yeah k I'm sensitive. It took me until I was 30 and had a child of my own to go no contact. I hope for Claudia's sake she can get out and away but honestly her mom being in the position that she's in.... I doubt it unless someone of equal power stands up for Claudia.

  • god I started tearing up seeing those videos

  • I am an abuse victim and I hate my mother and the people who didn't help.

  • The epitome of a dysfunctional family. Left, right - both of her parents are abusive. She’s caught in the middle but I think she is a willing participant. She got accepted on IDOL for being a barely functional singer. Anyone who ‘sang’ like that would have been shown the door.

  • this hurts to watch ebcause i was verbally abused for like 3 years a

  • Claudia's speaking voice is so cute LOL

  • You look like Sandra Bullock in this video lol

  • Most would think this privileged teen is acting out and using social media to do get even with her mother... Abuse goes across all socio-economic, race and culture. It's a real shame

  • this is extremely of top but omg your hair

  • If I lived in the US, I'd take her in xx like, even if she was rebellious, how is it acceptable to abuse her? Disgusting xx

  • I feel so bad for her. “Im not looking for attention” She SHOULD be looking for attention! She needs help!

  • I'm so relieved that those vile people aren't in control of the federal government anymore. I feel so bad for that young woman.

  • Her father hates trump and that’s why he left

  • Dems know how to get good sound bites

  • Abusers isolate their victims so they cannot report the abuse being done to them.

  • 4:27 is that a bruise on her forehead?💔

  • I actually found out about this cause of justiceforclaudia on tiktok that came through for you

  • Holy hellballs, this is frighteningly close to how my own mom acted when I was young. What a world, man. I’m not uptight at all!

  • I am getting Harley Quinn vibes and loving it

  • The mom screaming and hitting gave me disgusting flashbacks.... I want Claudia to get out of there as soon as she can 😢

  • As someone who didn’t have a father most of my life and had to live with my emotionally/physically abusive mother I want this to be called out more. These people are adults and have the mentality of a preschooler who can’t act write, when they have the life being a parent. They believe everything they do isn’t wrong until they’re caught, or when it’s called out. They have family members siding with these “parents” instead of giving a helping hand to the victim. My mom was violent, and screamed when she didn’t have anything go her way or wanted respect. She wonders why I want nothing to do with her or distance myself when I can wake up hearing her screaming and hitting my siblings anytime, and there’s nothing none of us can do. She tries to label me in the wrong, when I know more than she ever will and want nothing to do with her when I grow older and can financially support myself as an adult. When looking at this video that’s what her mom reminds me of, and she SAVED her daughters nudes which she can be in prison for holding CP. That’s enough proof, and maybe only then she’ll learn not to take her own kid for granted and abuse them!!!

  • You are such a cute young woman. Smart as hell too! Love your channel.

  • If any of this crap was even remotely true, the press would be all over it. The voice that is supposedly her mother sounds very fake. She records herself, but doesn't actually record her mother? She is full of shit.

    • Quit drinking the Fox kool-aid. It has been covered in the legitimate media. Just because the Trump-humping media ignored it doesn't mean it didn't happen.

  • when cps was came to my house, the agent did the same thing. lady talked down to me, called me a brat for not listening to my parents (even though I had bruises on my body and footage of being abused) and then ignored me for each visit and only talked to my father

  • I wish she told the cops what really happened

  • This is so horribly sad. Of course she’s “rebellious”, she’s 15. But, if her dad isn’t living there, Claudia has no escape. She’s grown up in this stew...she doesn’t really know how bad this situation is.

  • I think she was trending because she's on American idol

  • I keep trying to play devil’s advocate in my mind of “maybe we don’t know all the information,” or “maybe Claudia is leaving things out” but damn. There is just absolutely no reason to speak to your child that way. Watching this makes me physically sick.

    • @Persephone Enough with the personal attack. An adult reasons and discusses through a problem or situation, and does not demean nor put people down. Something that our society does not understand, is that it is perfectly healthy to question something. However, as I stated in my last two sentences, there’s absolutely no way that wasn’t child abuse. I said “there’s absolutely no reason to speak to your child that way,” to the point that it made me sick watching. I believe her, but I was also making the point that while we can support her, it is ok to ask questions. Instead of coming after a stranger on the internet, let’s act like adults and actually communicate. 👍

    • Stop playing devils advocate what the fuck. If this was you, would you want people questioning you? Come on. If it physically makes you sick, why are you having cognitive dissonance? grow up, stop lying to yourself

  • Where’s cps?

  • I understand if the kid is not doing the chores but this, this is full on child abuse and I hate that parents do that to their kids.

  • yea, real fucking pro life mom is to treat her child like that.... "lucky your mom's pro life".... Seriously what is that supposed to mean?!

  • I feel like most ppl don’t really know how bad cops and CPS are about doing this a LOT. I had a case and this exact thing happened to me. Nothing changed for me. I hear it from others all the time too. It’s all too common.

  • Oh my goodness you snowflakes!What an ungrateful girl to do this too her family. You dont even know the context and it could be all doctored. Why not just leave home?

  • I hope she is doing better. Perhaps a call to 211 to locate some resources would be a starting point? Next time police ask if she’s ok, maybe say no, I’m not ok, I need to get away to somewhere safe.

  • I’m sort of in a situation like this

  • Shouting at your children should be illegal in the world of snow flakes ❄️

  • Cops simply stopped showing up when I had to call because me ex was violating a restraining order! They way they simply believed he was the "victim" of my "unfounded" accusations, in spite of seeing the order, but not the evidence. My ex was arrested and convicted later 2 yrs later for they exact same actions just another victim. The convictions didn't change that feeling of helplessness the moment you realize they aren't going to protect you

  • Claudia Conway needs to have a job that she enjoys that is seen as honorable. She's trying to prove to the world that she can be an honorable adult. And American idol is no a way to do that btw

  • As somebody who comes from a very similar situation.. hearing this makes me feel so horrible and afraid for Claudia. It's horrible to be treated like that by your mother, have proof of it, and the only people who believe you - while it's so nice to have them, I myself was and am thankful to have my friends on my side - are the people who can't do anything. The police seem absolutely horrible. "Take away the phone, take away the internet".. seriously? What police would do that? You're supposed to talk to the child *alone* if there's claims of abuse.. When my mom found out about my social medias, she took away all of my things and completely isolated me from the outside world for almost a year. It was one of the worst years of my life, and everything just got worse in that time. They're just encouraging for the abuse she's suffering to get worse.. I was lucky enough to manage to get a job and make friends in my area that helped me get away and eventually end up moving in with my dad.. I hope to anything that's out there that she turns out safe.

  • god this reminds me of so many things. moms can be abusive, and ao can fathers. Saying "no your mom wouldnt do that" or "you love your mom anyways" or even "your dad probably drank for a reason." and its fucking disgusting. you arnt ever supposed to undermine a childs feelings, and it also makes them think that their abuse isnt real. it gaslights the child into thinking that their fine, and the abuse is their fault.

  • That CHILD IS being a complete bitch to her family!!!

  • Claudia is what is called “out of control teen” and needs kicked out, but nowadays you can’t discipline your kids.

  • The first video was Kellyanne on the phone, she wasn’t cussing at her daughter! You are spreading misinformation. Her daughter is out of control and you can see that for yourself in her videos.

  • I swear Kelly is an alcoholic. sounds just like my parents. So weird I used to think this was normal

  • Awkward moment when I’m 21 and this is my everyday life with my mom

    • @bambi o thank you kind soul! I know it’ll eventually get better. Especially when she moves out. I think she was just doing what she thought was right at the time. Sending love to you too for whenever you need it :)

    • @emily Mcbutt yeah your not a child, with your mum moving into your space you're going to argue. I love my mum, we get on great but could never live with her again. 2 head strong woman butting head= not good. Hopefully she moves out soon, even if she's upset abit about it, your relationship eventually be better. You can still be there for her, just not living on top of each other .sorry for your loss

    • @bambi o she moved into my house after my dad died. I’m trying to be on my own though. It’d totally help

    • Sounds like your still living at home? Get your own place, your relationship will be better

  • I’m a huge Trump fan/supporter, but KAC never sat well with me-even back in 2016. She seemed like an alcoholic who looks hard/old/tattered...she obviously is a pretty vile human to treat her daughter like that. Prayers for Claudia 🙏

  • I really hope she gets some good changes in her life SOON bc of her coming public. ❤️

  • Love the hair, girl.

  • I knew something is wrong that lady , so sad for this girl

  • wow her face. she obviously has a substance abuse issue.

  • Her mother sounds like my homelife 🥺

  • I can relate to this child more than I’d like to. Why do parents think this is okay to talk to and treat your kids this way? When she said you’re lucky your moms pro life.” I felt that. My moms told me that she contemplated aborting me, and so many more things over the year. Gaslit, hit, my mom grabbed me by my ponytail once and actually shook my head back and forth while refusing to let go spin me out and bring me back by ponytail my head hurt for days. Or another time when she tried to throw my dog out of the house because I loved it and I got ahold of him refusing to let her and she shoved me and him against the wall screaming in my ears till my hearing was lost for a couple hours till she finally calmed down...just so many things. And the worst part of it all was how I always had to pretend like it was okay when she settled down. Accept I wasn’t getting an apology, rationalize it as my fault, and continue to feed her ego about how great she was and defend her to my siblings and to the outside world all the while waiting for her to snap off again. I’ve had hundreds of excuses for the behavior. Oh she’s just under a lot of stress. She just dealing with so much. I just wasn’t nice enough in my delivery. If I’d just said that better or did this better If I’d just anticipated what she needed from me better. It’s her thyroid problem, her medication must not be high enough again and if we can just get her back to the doctor she’ll get a better dose and it will be okay. Just so many excuses. I understand you Claudia. I hear you. I see you. You are not alone. I will pray for you and your safety and I will also know when inevitably you have to go back to pretending it’s all okay so that way you can survive I know the truth and no it’s not okay. But don’t do what I did and try to drown it out with drugs lies and alcohol when you’re of age. It’s tempting and easy and temporarily covers the pain but it won’t fix it it’ll make it worse. Okay? We stand with you

  • Honestly, she should send a copy of a full video to the news unedited. So far it shows her mom going ballistic, the cop choosing her moms side. To stop all the doubters...send full video unedited. The cop really should have removed her from the home until a full investigation was done though.

  • Sounds like my parents. They loooved Fox News and Trump.

  • Cops and Child Protection is so weird and hard for me to understand, they must abide the law even though they see these kids in distress they can’t do anything. It’s so hard knowing that if the abuse isn’t showing they can’t do anything. I know it firsthand

  • A family member of mine recently retired from the secret service, he said most of the public would be very alarmed at the way politicians (both dems & republicans) & their family members behave towards each other; even in front of the secret service agents...😳

  • Even when you're abused, you never stop loving your parents. That's what makes it so abusive. I got my high school proficiency exam at 16 and left home at 17. I was homeless for years because I wouldn't go back. My dad passed away when I was 19. My mom almost died when I was 16 and the only reason they let me see her after 8 years of separation was the fact they thought she was going to die. My mom just turned 70 this past January. We're both survivors of trauma and all we want is to make up for the lost time. This kind of abuse wants me to take my case to the grand jury. I was kidnapped and they changed my name illegally through the school system and kept moving me. I even gained a bunch of weight and they let me cut my hair short which totally changed my appearance. I didn't feel like myself and at one point I completely forgot what my mother looked like. I would look at my face and wonder if I looked like her. I wasn't even sure my dad was my real dad. I just asked him one day when I was really little. I don't share the same last name as my dad. I carry the name that was originally put on my birth certificate which says "father [unknown]." I had to get school records with my dad's last name and my birth certificate to prove to social security that the two different names I had were actually the same person. I could write a book about my life...

  • I can identify. "I" was always the problem but I see things a lot clearer as an adult. I was manipulated. My aunt who partially "raised" me was an actress, a narcissist with charm and just enough knowledge about court reporting to be dangerous. My aunt also used the troubled teenager excuse and sent me to therapy to use it against me.

  • This was honestly triggering because I grew up dealing with similar abuse and I also tried recording the abuse but even with the video evidence I was still the one who got sent away to basically “bad kid homes” where I was subject to living in lockdown facilities under strict rules learning how to “respect adults” more lol ~ luckily when I was 15 I tried to run away from a lockdown facility to avoid being sent home a police officer took me seriously and got me out of my house so there if hope and there are good people out there who will listen! Anyone else who’s going thru this just know that there is an end and one day you will have a life of your own and you get to decide how people treat you

  • she is the real life lonelygirl15.

  • this girls mom is Trump's political consultant? no wonder he lost.

  • That disassociation TERRIFIES me!! I have been beyond horrified and sick for this child - and that is EXACTLY what she is - a CHILD!!! I just can’t get over the fact that NOBODY has helped her!! This poor child, dear mercy. 🥺😣😢

  • She should post everything on youtube unedited. ESmain allows for hours and hours on content.

  • She comes off as a spoiled entitled brat and her mom realizes she has no control over her teen and no one to blame for how she was raised but herself. I can see how frustrating it is for both of them. If any family needs therapy its this one.

  • As a parent I can tell you that trying to get your parents in trouble for yelling isn't going to go far while there are thousands of children facing horrible physical and sexual abuse. If she has video's of physical abuse then it should be a no brainer, send this evidence to child protective services in your area wherever you are and that should get the ball rolling. CPS or DFS whatever its called in her area are not watching TikTok for potential abuse. Allegations from children especially teens can be dubious, there are many cases of teens that don't want say a curfew who will make allegations to garner more freedom. This is a serious situation for the parent(s) and children and is quite difficult for police and children services to figure out the truth. I can tell you at a glance she doesn't seem to be an abused child. They are usually introverted and shy about the abuse not making TikToks.

    • @Jaedyn 88 24

    • @Jaedyn 88 I mean the entirety of LA’s CPS was found to have been negligent in quite a few cases.

    • @Giana Paul How about if mom catches her daughter of 16 years driving her car that she bought while high, does she have the right to take that car then? I think you have some growing up to do and when you have kids of your own your opinions will change.

    • @Giana Paul Yes they can, legally. As a child living in their parents house you better believe they can. How old are you, now I feel like I'm having an adult conversation with a child.

    • @Giana Paul Both parents were convicted and four social workers were prosecuted as well in that case, and it is a terrible case. Poor little Gabriel has been in Heaven since 2013 and as I stated it was cases like this that prompted reforms, do you think any CPS office wants another case like that? Look if you can point me to a video where there is physical abuse I will edit these posts and apologize, and call CPS in her town on her behalf myself, no kidding at all.

  • Claudia was just on American Idol tonight and they portrayed her mother as a saint. I’m guessing they got her on the show to take attention away from the abuse going on. It makes me sick.

  • When you said "this is all very alarming" it made me how desensitized I am to hearing this stuff. I grew up being abused, I was actually trying to compare this to my own situation, I really feel for her. Also, edit: hearing her mother mock her...my father did the same thing. Looking back and the more I accept my dad was just as guilty in my abuse at the hands of his now ex wife, I realize he also was abusive. He only ever struck me once and it busted my lip open and he immediately began freaking out and telling me not to tell people at school. I went to school with a split lip. Edit 2. Hearing her talk about not wanting attention and just wanting people to know what's happening and people trying to say she's making stuff up...I've been through that. My dad used to say "So you want to say (ex step moms name) is a liar? That (older sister and older brother) are liars?!" (My siblings didn't help, they often ganged up and tormented me every waking moment growing up. I've forgiven my brother, he protected me when it counted, and has apologized for being an absolute prick growing up and said out of all four of my dads kids, he want me and our younger sister to succeed the most and is proud of me. My older sister can still be a frigid b***h. Edit 3. CPS is so flawed. I began being abused at the age of 6. It continued for 6 years, until I was 12. CPS was involved when I was 6 relatively early into the abuse and I remember being pulled out of class, taken to a back room in the school and sat down the the workers as they took pictures of bruises. As well as a handprint covering half my face. I was allowed to stay in that house with my abuser. My dad refused to listen when anybody told him what was happening, years my siblings tried telling him, I did, my mom did, everybody did. Because of CPS and the court system I was allowed to suffer for 6 years. 6 years later my life is unraveling at the age of 18 because of the decisions others made, my dads ex wife wasn't the first time. The first abuse I had was sexual, at the age of 3, almost 4 years old by my moms now ex husband. She did everything right to protect me and I was still removed from her care. Meanwhile my dad did nothing to protect me, my mom fought like hell to get me out of there, my grandfather (my moms stepdad, he raised her pretty much and we still consider him part of the family despite my grandmother and him splitting and my grandmother passing a couple years ago now) says every time he saw me or heard about something from my mom, every day he wished he could have gone to my dad and gotten me out of there. I'm actually going to be self admitting soon because of some of the things going through my head. Everyone tells me I'm strong, but I feel like the complete opposite. I'm crumbling, and the little control I had over my life is slipping out of my hands and its beginning to feel like I never had any control. I can't stand it. There's only so much one person can take and I've exceeded my limit a long time ago. I have to figure out what to do with my cat as she's on campus with me and she can't stay with my friend down the hall as she can't be on campus without me overnight or campus can call animal control to have her removed. And my mom is over 200 miles away, I have no money and my cat is my literal lifeline. But I have to admit myself for my own safety. But I can't until I can get someone to take care of my cat until I'm better.

  • This hurts my heart. No one should be talked to like this. Ever. I wouldn't speak like that to my worst enemy.

  • So why does this have anything to do with trump ? I was abused by a family member and no one knew. So shit like this happens all the time. I’m so glad she’s doing this because she needs help and her parents need to know it’s wrong. But seriously though. Why bring DT into this ?

    • Her mom worked directly with him. They brought it up to prove how powerful her family is.

  • This poor girl We believe you, Claudia This is classic Of Malignant, Narcissistic Abuse. The most damaging, Emotional, and physiological abuse. This needs to be a Felony in the US. Trumpism, has created a cult of abusers. I'm 2 years out, of this toxic abuse From my ex husband. This poor girl, will be traumatized, the rest of her life. My heart is so broken, for this poor girl. We believe you, Claudia

  • How do you know abuse is happening? Just from TicTox videos? How do you know she is telling the truth? It's a video not saying she isn't but think we need more investigations not just videos.

  • America doesn't have a justice system unless you're poor, a minority or a combination of both. If you're white, rich and god forbid, a republican, there is no justice to their victims. That includes their family.

    • That’s because the rich have power over the system.