We need to talk about Armie Hammer...yikes

Publicado el 25 ene 2021
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  • Giiiiirrrrrllllll.....I LOVE your hair!!!

  • the first recording of the person scrolling through the dms is fake just so you know.

  • That video with his son, absolutely disgusting and disturbing. Couldn't even watch it.

  • Ok but who else thought of Arm and hammer every time they saw this guy's name

  • How can I watch CMBYN again without thinking about these omfg...

  • I hate how everything is okay to be called a “kink” at this point in society. What ever happened to handcuffs & wigs? What’s up with all this weird shit nowadays??

    • exactly!!! how the hell are cannibalism and rape becoming kinks??!

  • Huh?? Wtf

  • does he not have his manager manage his acc? lmao if i were his manager and reading those dms id resign

  • I think his WIFEY KNEW!

  • Between Hammer, Marilyn Manson and CREEPY Chad WHEELER..It's all CRAZY

  • I’m sorry, but what are children being exposed to that would make someone grow up like this? I can’t even imagine for a SECOND ever thinking of eating another person’s ribs? There is a whole community out there who sadly do this and think it’s acceptable. They need guidance.

  • You are trying to be open minded in here, but it sounds fake, cause using 'yikes' in the subject line sounds like you already have a strong opinion...

  • This story broke at the same time as the Marilyn Manson abuse story and it got so confusing when people were talking about them without using names.

  • I really try not be judgmental of people's kinks when all participants are consenting, but presuming these allegations are true, it's not the fetish itself that is most problematic to me, but the manipulation tactics used to coerce women into participating in acts they are uncomfortable with.

  • Aiaiai...

  • He was on gossip girl as well

  • Uh it’s baking soda. Not “Home Depot”. The names screamed “Home Depot”.. because he literally has the last name hammer... maybe that’s why.. and the fact that his grandfather is Armand Hammer, the BRAND Arm & Hammer Seriously your IQ is showing

  • 7:54 did I hear that right?🙉 he has PETS?OH GOD NO SOMEONE TAKE HIS PETS AWAY PLEASE I just searched it up and he has a dog-jesus why do horrible people always have pets,i hope his ex wife takes custody of the dog

  • Some "kinks" or "fetishes" shouldn't be seen as normal,such as extreme bdsm or like peeing on eachother or some sh*t like that,what I'm doing is not kink shaming,its just the truth that some of yall are fu*king weird and need to go outside.

  • Honestly, the son sucking the toe doesn’t look awful and to say that it was bad of Armie to post it at a time where child trafficking is happening is quite stupid. He shouldn’t have posted it but I don’t think that what you said is warranted either.

  • I don’t know if she’s telling the truth though. Yes, she has pictures that line up with some of the things she’s saying but my gut tells me that she’s not being totally honest. It’s possible that she’s lying and is trying to get something out of all this. Same goes for the others. Also, it’s possible to photoshop social media conversations to make them look real. I think we should hear Armie Hammer’s side of the story too.

  • CONCERNING BEHAVIOR? why the fuck youre talking about this so calmly he stuck a fucking knive in her flesh it doesnt fucking matter if you consent or not thats a fucking crime its like someone telling you to self harm wtf is wrong with people he should be in fucking jail until he gets fucking therapy. it shouldnt even be a thingg

  • I have to say I love your wig.

  • 5 seconds in and im done. Stop saying the word "like" so much.

  • I read an article about him and all of these things were mentioned and the person even went as far as stating it is the sickness of the elite, bizarre article but a interesting read

  • Armie Hammer Baking Soda. Laundry detergent, Toothpaste, and cat litter. The toe sucking is unacceptable. Take the kid out of the home, investigate, and only send him back if there's no abuse found.

  • As someone in THAT community I cannot stress enough the importance and necessity of 3 things: Consent, Safety and Trust. If even one of them is absent remove yourself from the situation

  • Kids do weird shit - both my kids do stuff like that. I don't want mine to eat her boogers but she did it and I HATE it. Don't judge the kid thing too harsh , but I get it in this situation.

  • why isn’t he in jail

  • Some of the women are bitter since they're dumped or broken hearted and consented to some of the abuse. The drugs Armie was doing may have contributed to his sick fantasies too like branding these women. He needs to recognise his problems get professional help if he wants to save his reputation and career.

  • you’re research is impeccable.

  • It blows my mind that there are actually people in the world that actually think and act like this 🤯

  • The substances doesn’t excuse anything yes, they EXPLAIN a lot. Substances send you into altered states of mind in which reality doesn’t exist. And being a person who has a problem with substances means you already have something going on in your brain where you don’t see reality.

  • I'm so concerned for his kids😓

  • Unfortunately the world is ruled for this Monsters that wherever they go someone is holding the door for them...

  • He is a bad person, he is a psychopath...

  • Arnie hammer likes adam eve

  • You do understand some people have weird senses of humor, especially in private conversations they have with friends.

  • Orrr.... u heard arm & hammer.... ya know... the super popular baking soda, also used to make crack🙄🤷🏻‍♀️...iykyk🤣😂

  • You thought of tools... I thought of cleaners. Like, Arm & Hammer. Lol!

  • This goes beyond a kink or fetish and goes into concerning behavior when consent is blurred. Whenever consent is blurred that’s wrong it should never be misunderstood or peoples limits not on the table immediately. Everyone has their lines established at the gate and if you cross it well then your not exactly part of that scene your a psycho using that scene to try and fulfill more than “bdsm” kinks

  • Eat her ribs?? 🥺 🤢 🤮

  • “Bdsm involves consent” right.... an oppressed class giving consent to the oppressor to hurt them...bdsm is truly a brain rot

    • Not all BDSM even involves the SM part of it, as in the sadomasochism. If you genuinely believe that all BDSM is just giving and receiving pain you're severely misinformed lmao.

    • The girls who were involved with Hammer were not into BDSM. And he said wasn't practicing BDSM. He is a monster who preys on innocent people. But there are men and women who are into this lifestyle and it is perfectly normal for them. Those who are outside of that community may find it strange and even scary, but for them it's consensual and safe, because that's what it is. BDSM is supposed to be ALWAYS consensual. No matter how benign or extreme it is.

  • My manz a cannibal... now wonder he's so successful in Hollyweird/Pedowood

  • side note: your skin is literally FLAWLESS

  • I bet he auditioned for 50 Shades of Grey.

  • And I though Shane Dawson was bad.

  • This is not bdsm. It is sexually deviated fantasies. It is not, and let me say it once again, IT IS NOT, BDSM. The first thing is free consent, which is lacking everywhere. He's even pushing his desires onto his partners (jeez, bbq my ribs my ass, I'd tell him to step his foot onto a george foreman).

  • If your bdsm isn’t built on a foundation of informed consent, it is not bdsm- it’s abuse.

  • Jesus Christ, this guy

  • I mean, I discovered a very strange and uncommon kink in myself on accident once while...taking care of things. I had a cut on my hand that apparently was bleeding. I won't ask a partner to partake in a kink like that or anything, as it's not something I really desire often, and I know it's a really weird one and a lot of people probably aren't comfortable with it. Not to mention (I looked into it before because I was curious and kinda freaked out about what it meant) it can be dangerous without training and an extreme attention to each other.

  • People need to stop making EVERYTHING into a “kink” or a “fetish”

    • Agreed

    • Exactly!

    • Yeah,some of them are not normal and shouldn't be seen as correct,and when you call something out for being weird it shouldn't be seen as kink shaming...some of yall are just fu*king weird

  • Like his parents were ESmainrs who named him for a $50k novelty cheque and a lifetime supply of baking powder from sponsor company Arm and Hammer...

  • He should date Amber Heard. They're perfect for each other lmao

    • They have the same initials... they are the same person

  • Why do you have claws lol

  • The fact the messages were sent from his verified Instagram account blows my mind. If you’re famous and want to be sexually abuse people, wouldn’t it make more sense to do so from a secret profile that is harder to trace? He doesn’t believe that he will receive consequences for his actions. He is so confident in this, he doesn’t even try to make himself look innocent.

  • Why do you all care so muchabout scandals?

  • Just read his DMs 🤢 holy shit that guy is effin INSANE 😱

  • “It doesn’t always have to be this extreme weird shit like cannibalism...”...really? How about it should NEVER be THAT extreme. That is so far beyond “kink” and even further than “deeply disturbing”, nope that rests firmly in the realm of “psychotic and disgusting”...

  • BDSM community does border on sexually depraved activities, just saying. Arnie, otoh, is a run of the mill psychopath. Just my humble opinion.

  • Thank you for the information in your opinion the video realistically could’ve been 2 to 3 minutes long

  • See y’all back here on this video in a couple of years when he gets arrested for murder and the algorithm bumps it up.

  • this could be something she made up tho? they're just claims

  • the fact that I knew who paige was before this- she doesnt deserve this

  • I never even heard of this dude til timothee chalomet made him famous.

  • What do you think about the Marilyn Manson fucked up situation? I'd love to hear your opinions!

  • Boundaries can be TESTED, which can get out of hand...by him!

  • If we are talking about him... why arent we seeing a video regarding (and) talking about M. Manson.

  • There is a line between kink and paraphilia, he gives me Ted Bundy vibes, I'm sure if he could get away with it he would cross that line 🤮

  • Not sure Michael Phelps would love his name being dragged into this lol

  • Arm & Hammer...

  • I think any proclivity that can't be carried out in real life without irreparably damaging someone needs a hard look. The people who have those proclivities need an even harder look. The desire to eat someone, to swallow someone whole, to inflate someone, to brand someone, etc., cause permanent injury or death if realized in the real world. People with a dangerous fantasy tend to live out their fantasies, even if other people get permanantly hurt or killed.

  • I just find this all so.... out of the box. Like I would have never bet this story would have come out lol 🤯

  • Arm and hammer, the baking soda brand and other stuff with baking soda in it, might be what you're thinking of. I always thought it was weird that his actual name, Armand Hammer, is the actual name of the brand. His parents must have known about arm and hammer, it's been around forever

  • So, I don't want to like make light of his very concerning behavior, nor the fact that he's clearly breached the line of consent multiple times. His abusive behavior is absolutely garbage and he clearly only sees these women as objects and outlets for his fucked up fantasies. That being said, I think, "You are the Michael Phelps of fucking" is gonna go up there forever as one of the most bizarre and corniest things I've ever read.

  • Paige Lorenz also recently went on the "Sofia with an F" podcast and talked all about her relationship with Armie if anyone is interested!

  • it may be a bit judgmental but I think it's just as disgusting that women find being treated in such a way as a turn-on... i'm fairly convinced i'd snap and kill anyone who made me refer to them as "Sir" more than once in an 8hour time-frame >.>

  • He's young enough that his career could recover from this. I'm hoping people move on from this

  • I don't know why everyone wants to kink shame cannibalism...taking away from everything else...on its own cannibalism kinks shouldn't be shamed if it's going on between two consenting adults?

  • The video of his kid....I can’t...I want to puke

  • Yea this is Ted Bundy shit...genuinely very scary

  • When I heard the name Armie Hammer for the first time, I thought of Arnold Schwarzenegger as Thor

  • do you know about @houseofeffie(Instagram)? she used to be one of his "kittens" and she posts everything about him on her story she's in a dangerous mental state rn and she said she isn't planning on living long it's sad

  • Satanic ritual abuse family Hollywood is FILLED with them And the global elite are the same

  • I clutched my ribs as soon as she said how he talked about getting his girlfriend to remove one of her ribs. Seriously, wtf.

  • I think I had a fucking stroke when I heard that he was a cannibal, not because I liked him or anything, but because I never expected a celebrity to be outed as a piece of shit for being a CANNIBAL. And then I read the other things he did and honestly I'm so horrified I don't think I'll ever recover. Whenever people even mention his name I start fucking shaking. Jesus Christ what a psychopath.

  • Didn't his aunt write a book about the abuse she experienced as a Hammer? Like crazy things in the family from her father and brothet?

  • Past girlfriend comes forward... Allrighty then. Why are women so easily manipulated in to stuff they don't want to do? Ladies start levelling up and taking better care of your own mental health and self confidence so that you don't have to be a victim.

  • I was having my coffee and when you went to the DMs i almost puked! Oh gosh...he isn't human at all. Humans can't do that! He is demon possessed.

  • Figures a guy like this would be successful in Hollywood. Tip of the iceberg. Look up Jared Leto and cult.

  • How did we casually graze over the "he plunged the knife into my skin above my vagina"?

  • The situation is getting worse : (

  • I feel uncomfortable and dirty now thinking of listening to this man’s voice for hours listening to the Call Me By Your Name audiobook he recorded. Idk it hits differently now, man

  • Is this more common than I thought? I had an abusive ex girlfriend that said the same stuff when it comes to cannibalism and stuff. Like it fucked me up. I had to get out of that relationship she did some fucked up stuff....

  • I'm into some pretty weird shit and this stuff has me like 👀

  • Ahhh Charmie fans are quaking 😫😖 I guess that ship is over 😗✌️call me by your name is my favorite movie and this is so awkward I guess we won’t be getting a second movie lol

  • oh he's one of those ppl. when i was young i met guys like this and they don't ask for ur permission. they just do stuff to you. It's really jarring and when you're young and naive you get manipulated into thinking it's okay. losers who watched too much porn. if you meet normal ppl they will ask before they do stuff to you

  • This man is terrifying. Those poor women and that poor child. As a mother, kids do weird things and it’s your job as the parent to correct them. Never would I let my daughter suck my toes... wtf is wrong with this man

  • I thought baking soda kinda stuff

  • I told my friend that the part with sexual assault is more worthy of attention or at least of as much importance as the cannibal part because everyone only focuses on the cannibalistic fantasies when the victims actually were abused. Then my friend made a meme about me that said "I excuse cannibalism but I draw the line at rape" "You excuse cannibalism??" So yeah, this is how the situation is being treated :/ I just wanted to raise awareness about the things that really did happen. Sexual assault, especially in relationships, is overlooked too often!