Veil Lifted: The Circleville Letters

Publicado el 14 sep 2020
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  • Everyone: *Talking about who they think sent the letters* Me: I feel so bad for Ron, like knowing your wife was cheating, and just dying even tho you did absolutely nothing.

  • This is some Riverdale shit

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  • Awesome content so glad I've stumbled across your channel thanks for the great vids will definitely be subscribing

  • He could have had other inmates send the letters but more than likely they'd have spoken up by now. Rare you actually find someone that trustworthy in prison, lol. Everyone is looking out for their own skin, of course.

  • Thats some True Detective level story 😱

  • Oooooh I've heard about this, very fascinating story

  • Yay my art made it into this one 😊 just noticed this! Thank you Giulia ❤️

  • This is crazy weird : I'm from France, and we have pretty much exactly the SAME STORY that happened here, it is referred to as the "Gregory Affair". It started in 1981, in a very small French village, just like your story. One guy and his wife, the Villemin family, from the village were doing better than most of the other people (like half of the village was blood related), and some people started getting very jealous of them, especially Mr Villemin. Like in the Circleville story, some guy started writing letters to different members of the family, all living in the village, with the same type of concealing his writing that you showed us here. The journalists had nicknamed the writer "Le corbeau" = the crow, and he was mainly writing to the husband and his family, saying that he and some others did not deserve what they had and that X, Y or Z should get more than what they had. He was constantly threatening Mr Villemin of ruining his life one way or another. Three years later, the letters kept on coming and one day, Ms Villemin couldn't find her son Gregory, who was 4 and was playing in the garden by himself. A few hours later, some member of the family received a phone call saying "Gregory is dead, he is floating in the river". And sure enough, that very night, the police found little Gregory dead in the river, he has been murdered. The "crow" kept taunting the Villemin family, even through the pain of losing their only child. And after a few months of investigation, some guy, a cousin from the family that was not really integrated in it, was suspected by the police of being the crow and of having killed Gregory. That guy went through interrogations, they studied his writing patterns, etc, but there was no real evidence against him. But despite that, before his trial came, Gregory's father, Mr Villemin, took a rifle and went to see his cousin and shot him dead in the chest. To this day we still don't know what happened (Mr Villemin had to go to jail for the murder of his cousin, Ms Villemin was suspected to have killed her own son but was soon released, and the prosecutor of this entire affair committed suicide a few years later, burdened by this mystery he was not able to solve, and the many mistakes he made during the investigation.) The press was crazy about that story and talked about it for years... Even Netflix made an episode about it in English on a show like Unslved mysteries or something like that. I swear it is crazy the number of similar details in these 2 stories. I tried to sum it up the best way I could, I hope you'll read my comment till the end ! But you should go check it out, if you were interested by this story, you will also be interested in this one. I'll leave you with the link to the English Wikipedia page of this affair, if you want to go read it :égory_Villemin

  • ☺️

  • Reminds me of the movie the village. Like it`s some legend to pass on

  • Gossip Girl rural edition?

  • i dunno if anyone else ever made the conclusion since this is the first time i've heard of this case, but the very first thing i thought when you mentioned the circleville writer knew everyone's business was that a priest could be guilty. they literally hear everyone (or nearly everyone's) problems and sins. you'd be surprised of the things people will admit to a priest in order to get a weight off their chest. that type of knowledge can get to someone's head.

  • for the several people getting several letters, what if they had several people doing research and wanting to start shit and ruin things for people. and the fact that william never wrote back is kinda sus. and honestly if there were threats why not end the afair right away, like yeah maybe your in love but is that worth the death of others?

  • Small towns suck. Everyone wants to know your business and if they don’t they make shit up about you to keep themselves amused.

  • I was beginning to wonder why ESmain had stopped recommending and notifying me of your videos when I realized that I was on other account. I'm glad to be watching your videos again, even though the contents tend to outrage me.

  • Wow...the chart in the beginning was seriously so helpful. I have heard this story before and it was so much less confusing this time!

  • Circleville native here 👋

  • I think it was a priest

  • i feel like it was possible multiple people were telling one person about what was going on and they would write the letters and send them out

  • are you wearing a wig?

  • ohio sucks :-| i hate it here

  • Native deodorant is actually super good.

    • 🙌😊👍

  • Why is it always right by where I live? Lol. I live in the area right now with my mother in law where that whole family was killed in Piketon, which is right by this town you mention. I travel through here all the time because it’s about half way or so between where I live right now and Columbus where I’m from. 👌🏻😫

  • Ohio, the Alabama of the north.

  • Veil lifted is literally why I followed you so excited to see you post one it's been awhile

  • I would buy the book if you wrote a psychologist thriller, and see the movie ;)

  • This reminds me of the Watcher case. The "Watcher" sent similar letters to a couple and made comments about there children as well. Same sort of scare tactic.

  • Can you imagine spending 10 years in the slammer for this BS! ?? Then when letters keep coming , people STILL blame you so you’re put in solitary !!!!! INSANITY!

  • Hey! So I just want to say Thank You! I go to infusions at mi hospital and when I do I typically plan what I’m going to wear, drink and watch (it’s about 5hrs) and omg I picked your channel. I typically watch with a few nurses since I’m close to the desk and hahaha this literally freaked them out. I ꨄ this segment so much! From everyone at 2A they love your channel and style ! (I’m already a sub so I told them too) So know you made a lot of smiles yesterday!

  • I think the initial letters were probably 'stalking' by the jilted guy; with a lot of the following letters being copycats and it taking on its own life like memes. If any survive I'd expect that DNA from the back of stamps and letter flaps could verify or rebut that; perhaps even produce a suspect.

  • Deff the sheriff it’s not far fetched at all for a small town sheriff to kno everyone’s business

  • the letter the show got was obviously from the sheriff I have no doubt about that. idk about the others.

  • Plot twist ; it was the mailman !

  • Remember, in the old days there were "Party Lines" meaning shared phone lines. My grandmother ise to listen in on everybody's private business. Lol

  • Oh, I remember this... this was a very odd and crazy case. I couldn't even begin to imagine how terrifying this is, especially in such a small town like this 😱

  • I used to go to circleville all the time (: I’m from Columbus but I moved lol. Time to get into the video!

  • I wonder if this inspired stephen king's Needful Things

  • I was born in Circleville!

  • *Wow, finally, Ohio is interesting*

  • Well that's close to me....

  • It truly was a shitshow, great video though :-)

  • Omg is this the inspiration for Gossip Girl

  • O-H... !

    • *patiently waits for "... I-O!!" response* 😅

  • My theory is that it was a mob mentality situation. I think it may have started with the initial suspects, but I also lived in a small town for most of my life and I know once there is gossip people run with it. I think once people realized you could get some sort of anonymity and also air your grievances with the people around you, they probably ran with it. I think it started as one person but it went on due to people who weren't involved and that's why the case was so hard to solve.

  • Ohio gang 😂😂

  • I literally drive through this town all the time

  • I love this segment. Why are we so fascinated by cults? It’s like a morbid curiosity.

  • The amount of ads your videos have is just rude. makes me not want to watch your videos anymore..

  • Lots of small towns are horrible and make you feel trapped, I don’t recommend moving to one at all

  • Did you just describe a town of 14000 as small? Holy crap. My town has 200 people...

  • I think initially there was one person, then, when people started discussing it, others wanting to get revenge on people in their lives thought it would be a good scapegoat to hide behind....?

  • You should do audio books your voice is so engaging

  • I’m from Circleville. The police are corrupt, crackheads and heroin addicts everywhere,

  • Maybe someone working at the post office at the time

  • Ive always found small towns creepy, and a place where people talk behind each others back at all times. I have never thought they were calm hahaha

  • The original Regina George turning everyone against each other 🤣

  • i live 10 minutes from circleville😀

  • I live 47 mins away I kinda wanna go

  • aw poor guy locked up for all ts

  • 😳😳😳

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  • Girl you can talk👏 From Holland 🇳🇱

  • I am sitting here in Columbus, Ohio and I have been here for going on 20 yrs. This is the first I have heard of this. Couldn't ask for a better messenger!

  • Did they talk to the barber?

  • you need to a wig sponsor

  • I live near Circleville, and, as a journalist, covered bits of the story- every year, the case is reevaluated. You did a far better job than I ever did. Thank you.

  • I live in Ohio about an hour or so away from Circleville... I am shocked that this is the first time I have heard of this case 😳 sh!ts wild.

  • It was the sheriff

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  • god i hate when i get the native ads like idc if my friends in garland are using native

  • Ah, Circleville! I miss it! Can't wait to go back and visit my grandma. ❤

  • I think ( key word THINK) a lot of places in Ohio have a high crime rate. I used to live in Ohio and like 30 minutes away and had a really bad crime rate. Like 2-3 murders in a weekend. I moved somewhere else though now. :/

  • Oh my god...what a mess...

  • Someone had to know something or hear rumors about who was doing it. Maybe it was a kid, or a teenager who was bored. Like many of the trolls today online. On another topic, can I just mention how cool the Ice Truck Killer manicure is?

  • Wow didn't know she was married! I wish you 2 the best!!!!

  • When did you come to the U.S.? Your English sounds so normal. You and nikkietutorials

  • It so confusing it sounds like a psychological experiment

  • Jeez it’s like PLL come to real life

  • I was exposed to a cult at a church camp that came out of Circleville in the 80’s. Same timeframe. It’s been years since I thought about this. One of the cult’s members who organized the church camp that year started writing me after camp, inappropriately. It was discovered and stopped. I remember hearing about some of them being arrested a few years after, but this is all in the haze of my mind at this point. The guy had a very curly ‘do, was attractive, wore short shorts. Paul? Common name tho. If I find the letters (currently cleaning out my attic) I’ll update this comment, I guess. Not that it matters, I guess. Just a strange coincidence is all. If anyone remembers the cult name, please respond. Driving me nuts. What is wrong in that town?!

  • 14000 residents is a major city here lol. There’s 2500 living in my village

  • So, basically the plot of Pretty Little Liars. Got it.

  • 7:48 Oh shit....I've never seen that before! That one's going in the "esoteric knowledge leading to life-hacks" bank

  • Damn, shout out to your editor, the B-roll on this was awesome

  • The only thing that Sheriff is guilty off is OVER using that smoothing filter on his photo

  • i love the music in the background! very relaxing

  • I love ur outro Glare. Great music. This is an interesting case. But very confusing. Still good job presenting it so even my demented brain could keep up.

  • you're going to reach 1million subs by 2021

  • Mi love dis channel uwu

  • I love veil lifted

  • I’m watching this video as I’m typing This and it kinda reminds me “ Secrets in a small town.” It’s an LMN show about a basket ball going missing and a bunch of a ladies around

  • This sounds like the shirley Jackson short story the possibility of evil

  • this is like in real life pretty little liars if anyone has watched it just less dramatic


  • God I hate living in circleville

  • This is like a game of clue it was obviously the sherif he would have connections with anyone, he is looked as the "good guy", he obviously wanted that position, and he pretty much told on himself by acting suspicious on multiple occasions

  • Woah so weird, I went to Circleville for the Pumpkin Show years ago as my boyfriend at the time had family there. I never knew of this story until now!

  • [sighs] So many people get this wrong. Polygraphs are admissible in a few states still, and are considered a legitimate tool for indicating whether a suspect should be pressed on and investigated more thoroughly. While no one is convicted on a polygraph, if they are seen to be deceptive in either their actions during, or their results following, the test, this tells investigators they need to lean into the individual more, and can even obtain warrants based on the results.

  • Who would know more about people’s business then the sheriff 🤔🤔🤔

  • Weird that authorities didn’t take these thousands of letters and do handwriting comparison / analysis to see if if was all one person