Veil Lifted: Sherry Shriner

Publicado el 22 may 2020
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  • She's 110% correct!You need to wake up!

  • pls collab w reignbot my queens

  • If you don't know what a Incubus and succubus is. and one day you get attacked. You won't think it's funny anymore.


  • I’m sorry, did this woman seriously think that she could quote Eric Trump and still be taken seriously? EDIT: Also, I don’t think she would like me very much, since I’m a Latin student. She would probably hear me practicing my pronunciation and accuse me of being a witch.

  • Got the name all twisted only going of someones information and disinformation lots funny sounds brainwashed but are little facts

  • She’s one of those people who says a lot meaning literally talks a lot but says nothing at all it’s all mumbo jumbo and it’s scary people believed this stuff.

  • God almighty these are the people who call everyday people sheep, brainwashed etc. 🤮

  • She used to laugh at people that called her a cult she wasn’t a cult she was just truth

  • Sherry was AWESOME 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻much loved by people that listened to her live show! Everything she said that is happening now was true anyone who says she is evil are just plain ignorant and do not know what they’re talking about. I miss her shows but thank God she left all her videos for us to watch and learn from. She still fighting with the father in heaven she is a warrior angel!!

  • “The christians have always been beat down and repressed” Bitch, what? No

  • -Claims to be related to King David -Also hates Jews 🤔

  • What’s the background music called please?

  • I can't wait to lead the resistance

  • I'm not a psychologist, but the leader woman sounds like a paranoid schizophrenic...

  • Stop putting her down humble yourselves.

  • Leviticus 19:28 BEHATCH

  • This looks like something id make when I was 11 before shock therapy. Now I'm a big brain rich memeingfull science woman haha.

  • I can understand believing in aliens. However the rest of it is wild. There’s probably a deep rooted issue and she was a speaker that people related to. Some of it may be legit in the start but twisted in her mind which is tough with the Internet. You can’t believe everything or anything from strictly one source. It’s sad for her followers and her.

  • I can’t decide if she was mentally ill or purposefully evil. Normally I can tell if cult leaders meant to do harm or if they thought they were doing the right thing.

  • This was so creepy!

  • I love that you're proudly goth. Same girl same, I'm definitely gonna check out those blankets

  • Know thyself. Ain't no conspiracy

  • Funny she spent years speaking against spiritual wickedness and now shes passed away and this wretched woman is making this video against her when she cant even defend herself against these accusations

  • Scary...

  • You would think with all that patreon money she would have a better mic I too think she had schizophrenie.

  • Sherry shriner is my. Mom outside the matrix she’s telling the truth don’t find out the hard way this girl is a witch and possessed by lilith

  • Holy shit this woman is delusional...

  • She was actually extremely on point and had previously connected numerous dots that others had not at the time, at least 5-10 years ago. It’s not shocking that most are recently starting to discredit her. Most can’t accept the truth of this world. The more “over the top and outlandish” some the info she presents typically leads the normal person to immediately discredit her, and that’s cool I guess. Truth is most definitely stranger than fiction. Nice tats though. Lol. 🤮

  • Good video, don't think she was a Jew hater, think she meant rockerfellas connections to the sabbateans now that's a cult intergenerational n some say still going 2day, I like icke (as in David) children of the matrix blew my mind, some have said it's a cult also, bite me I say, orgone is pretty deep they've done experiments, seems to work, William Burroughs had one in his back yard n William Reich is fascinating, not saying hers worked as she sold them at a markup price, but hey it's America, sheep's waiting 2 be fleeced n did u see videos of m&m spears, that gurl rapper with big ass, n morning shows Al roker, there not having seizures, palpations, indigestion, cramps or brain farts sumthings up, anyway peace n chicken grease 👽

  • what I dislike about the reptilian conspiracy is that it operates under the premise that the worst of humanity is not human, like humans are not capable of that when they are, it's a copout

  • I seriously thought there was something on my screen. Lolz

  • Its hilarious how people believe this ESmain channel. Shriner is correct this ESmain channel is twisting a dead person's words after they have passed away

  • I had no idea. I'll admit I used to listen to and enjoy Sherry. She had a way with her. Sad.

  • Sherry Shriner claims to have conversations with Lucifer. Beware of false prophets. And the speaker on this video is selling blankets with skulls and the third eye (pedophilia code). Hello?

  • Basically it becomes synonymous; whenever *SHERRY SHRINER* gets publicity, so does *JOHNNY DARK SPEAK* #TruthCement

  • She kinda sounds like Donald Trump

  • How does this even exist? Haha sounds like schizophrenia.

  • Lies lies lies!!

  • I read republicans instead of reptilians lol

  • i did not expect a take as hot as jesus is satan that had me unprepared for the question of aliens being different from reptilians and luciferians??? huh????? i would blame the cult for the murder, i imagine he felt trapped between being loyal to his leader and being heartbroken to have been involved with her a luciferian or he has to believe his girlfriend is not the enemy but his leader and beliefs are unreliable... very stressful, i hate that the best i can say is that i expected a murder-suicide so her in jail where she could be deprogrammed is a good outcome :/

  • Sherry speaks the truth wake up humanity

  • RIP Sherry. They killed you and now smear you.

  • LOL orgonite was invented by a new age hippie for benign meditating reasons how did she get this... from that? lol

  • i definitely thought you said worm people, and I accepted that as normal.

  • Reminds me of 12 Tribes a little

  • You're a witch and you bear false witness and will pay the price unless you repent

  • Sherry was right about Rogers..ur clueless. Sherry tried to warn Mineo and he wouldn't Mineo paid the ultimate price

  • You're clueless and have no idea what your talking about...probably a witch! Sherry was a true prophet and daughter of will have to pay for your slanderous statements and malevolent intent..

  • I listen to these, not watch them so when I looked my phone my dumb ass freaked out and tried to put out the fire.

  • Remember: don't use people like this to demonize schizophenics.

  • Interesting. Not sure if you have a video about this topic, but I think you should do a video about The Cannibal Club, a restaurant that serves human meat and flesh. Ya, wowza! I think you would do a great video on the topic. Love to hear your take on it.

  • Dang your so cute! She's gives me a dark MARINA type vibe

  • This lady was born same year as me 1965 this lady sherry as very interesting things to say godbless her and r I p sweetheart

  • Shiner was almost certainly an untreated schizophrenic, IYAM. I've got two good friends on that spectrum, who are treated, and my younger sister wasn't. While a lot of untreated schizophrenics can have a sort of logic to their delusions, that's obviously not always the case. The conspiracies she's concocted remind me a LOT of Francis E Dec, Esq., who was kind of famous for this sort of thing in the pre-Internet days.

  • they all go crazy in the Shriners to advance you have to shave her moles and light her cigar butts let alone contort your hands by shaking

  • Apparently she is dead and I think that pic is her like twenty years ago

  • Wasnt she Trump's spiritual adviser!?

  • I listen to what these kinds of people have to say with a grain of salt, but its fascinating to hear these kinds of rants and what they contain. The brain makes up some pretty abstract nonsense!

  • This was super interesting but i spent a lot of the time wondering if im a reptile.

  • I'm too superstitious and stuff and I can trick my brain in like a second, so when she said: "Jesus was actually s**an" i got really heccin scared

  • The modern left is a cult 😁

  • this gets more disgusting when you realize that “reptilian” is a code word used by nazis/anti-semites to mean “Jewish”

  • She talks the truth

  • Wow...all this from a cult based on the ramblings of a clearly schizophrenic woman (Sherry). It's very sad. Her beliefs, behaviors, everything..I've seen schizophrenia at work with people I was very close to, and people don't understand how intensely it twists the mind. She sounds like a classic case.

  • what a fruit loop

  • She sounds like trump.......... That's not an insult to either person. She genuinely has his speech patterns.

  • Fun Islam fact: Sometimes animals are jinns (jinns are fire creatures god created). Angels also come to earth as humans. Sometimes they marry Muslim woman/men.

  • Binge watching your videos YOU ROCK 🖤🤘

  • her voice is terrible it’s not what i expected for a cult leader

  • did she really just say Christians are repressed basically

  • If audio books were recorded by you I’d listen to all of them your voice is soothing to me

  • These comments are baffling. It's amazing how quickly people will dismiss things that they know nothing about, and can neither prove or disprove.

  • She really said Christians are oppressed. *cries in 🕎✡️🇮🇱*

  • Best video I have seen in a while

  • Anyone know the song used in the video

  • sorry i fell asleep listening to your videos on autoplay but like i had a good sleep so thank you

  • The only shadow government are the corporations that actually run everything.

  • so much she said is truth , but some of it was totally crazy , i can see it

  • Her teachings were the ramblings of an untreated schizophrenic. I used to have extremely similar delusions and hallucinations, I thought I was one of gods angels sent to save the lost souls. I got treatment, got on meds, and now can pretty accurately point out my fellow schizos haha. She 110% was one.

  • My 'Understanding' Is ... #READYTOGLARE; "SS" ➡ *ISN'T* Deceased! ✔ She's actually *ALIVE* n Well! ⚕ Living 'Under' a *NEW* Name!🆔 In a new location, as well!🌎 Hence, how her Website continues💫 To Function 'n Run --> Raking in 💲 *"FUNDS"* 💲 VIA Her continued Alien, Argon👽 & Lizard-🦎-People 'Babble' *"FOR SALE"* 😉 💗x 🧸

  • lol,lol,lol these albinos are mentally challenged.

  • well she may have started a kookie cult but she's not wrong @12:12

  • LOVE the intro music!

  • If you are anti pedophile, anti scum banker, anti genocide in the middle east, pro free speech, anti monopoly, anti usury, anti pedo ring, anti black mail ring (Epstein), anti pornography and against the degradation of our women,....If you are against these things, or even some of them, welcome to the club of Anti Semitism. "The nose cries at in pain as it strikes you"..."An anti semite is not someone who hates Jews, it's someone who Jews hate"...

  • Duuuuude, this one could be from a novel by Dan Brown!

  • When I saw those blankets I feel absolutely in love! They are perfect! :) I was in desperate need for new blankets for my bed. I just bought 4 of their items. Thank you so much for introducing me to this company

  • Her voice reminds me of if Trump would be a girl lmao

  • Can anybody tell me if they think I'm a Shriner? There is a lot of truth and it's all hidden, that's why it's called the Occult. Even ReadyToGlare is blind to the power of witchcraft and symbols because just having those blankets with any kind of sigils will attract the supernatural. Such an ironic way to begin the video, really

  • No it was definitely clone, it was obvious

    • They're the kind of conspiracies that reveal the truths of the world

    • Oh now I see why you're trying to twist the truth and making it out as a cult, look at those tattoos and nails, pretty much satanic symbolism

    • Died from natural causes? Lol you've got to be taking the piss

  • funny cause that’s what Q anons say

  • thanks you for distracting me from my own horrors

  • When the orgon was brought up, I just looked over at the orgonite cone I have on my nightstand that has not only the things in Shriner's orgon, but several other "ingredients" (??? it's 6 am idk) including my own hair to connect it to me jghkdfhg

  • Her rants are very reminiscent of the manic episodes that my bipolar relatives experience. I'm not saying that her rhetoric isn't harmful, or that she didn't take advantage of people, but it's also clear that she's very sick.

  • She sounds like a QAnon

  • I think she was probably schizophrenic or had some other psychotic disorder.

  • If this wasn't a cult, it could be a fun writing/world-building exercise. Teenager me would've totally read young adult sci-fi fantasy novel about reptilians controlling the government. I'm sure the cover art would be sick!!

  • Well apparently I’ve been soul-scalped. Sorry conservatives and my fellow lizard people. I done been soul-scalped.

  • This is just tragic.

  • She sounds drunk and schizophrenic of her meds.. I can't believe people actually fall for that 💩.. I believe in alien life, but this 💩 is waaaayyyy out there.. ..a demon, vampire and a witch etc.. so being a reptilian wasn't bad enough.. I feel sad for the people who have messed up their heads (even more) with this..