Veil Lifted: Michelle Carter

Publicado el 25 mar 2020

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  • If you’re struggling with suicidal thoughts please consider calling one of these hotlines.

    • They were so rude tbh, the lady told me to stop sobbing

    • Twiztid YourNutz dont! You have so much things you need to do before you go. You need to see 1000 fireflies! You need to walk across a field at night with the stars above you! You have to plant 1 million trees! You need to pet every dog in the world! Don’t go yet, we still need you.

    • Twiztid YourNutz me too.

    • anyone suffering with suicidal thoughts don't let negative people and things take over your happiness you have to keep strong no matter how hard it gets

    • go to a therapist it's better

  • i've never really been super into this case, i've known about it but had differing opinions, but seeing conrad's text that says "where do I go? :( " is honestly so heartbreaking. he's so alone even with family surrounding him. bless him and his family, he was so lost :(

  • the fact that you use km rather than miles, thank you

  • If it's illegal to shout FIRE in a closed and packed room, or words that "incite violence", I don't understand why her words are not categorized as such. She was inciting violence in someone else against themselves. This isn't some anonymous shitty comment from an asshole. This is a disgusting, personalized mental attack on a young man who was struggling to stay alive and find a reason to keep going. He loved her. She is an evil... many things.

  • Having been one that has had her gullible nature taken advantage of to the point of being brainwashed since birth, Carter's text messages scared the shit out of me. I am at high self-esteem and can meet you at your infuriating level. At my low self-esteem level, I might die if my significant other was pushing my life in this way. Holy Shit! It may be why God doesn't allow me to have a lover when I get to those levels. Idk. Anyways, 11 months for that behavior is really short and I am not judicial savvy, btw.

  • It was a cry for help

  • This girl is 100% at fault. 12 months is nothing she deserves at least 15 years so she can sit there everyday and think about her mistakes. She is so manipulative and we don’t humans like that in the world. We need people who truly cares not one that wants to see them fail.

  • As a psychiatrist, I find the argument that Celexa is to blame for such a profound lack of empathy, selfishness, and manipulativeness absolutely laughable. This is Cluster B personality at its finest.

  • I know that mental illness is not always something a third party can save u from like it's something to easily fix, I say this from personal experience, but I do think u can push someone in an already vulnerable mindset further into a dark place and encourage their harmful ideations... this honestly breaks my heart. You can see in the texts though he talked about suicide he did show signs of apprehension and cited reasons to live like concern for his family... whether her intent was to 'help' or not the end result is the same. Her behavior pushed him towards a tragic end he probably would not have gone through with it if she hadn't been there, and he definitely would not have died. He tried getting out of the car and she forced him to get back in for fucks sake. My heart honestly breaks for him. And if she really loved him or even cared for him she wouldn't see his death as some kind of solution, any loved one of a mentally ill person could tell you that.

  • ill never forget watching this on the news when i was in 7th grade and never could understand how a human could have such a lack of empathy and care for life

  • It can be really annoying and wrong when the media blows this kind of thing up but.. in this situation I'm really glad they did because parents and other kids need to be aware of this kind of thing! It really isn't safe like anywhere 😕

  • What a purely EVIL.human being she is.

  • She legit bullied him into it making him think he had to do it

  • Reading her texts shows she's a sick b**$$

  • She should have served so much more time. His death is completely on her hands

  • No disrespect but is it me or does Michelle looks like Android 18 from Dragon Ball z.

  • She’s disgusting. She needs to get evaluated and put in jail. Why would she think it’s ok to do? I doubt the medication did anything. I wonder if she got off so easily because she’s attractive. She’s a manipulative idiot who deserves to be locked up for life.

  • I honestly think she served such a short amount of time in prison because she's a young, white girl. If it had been the opposite and her boyfriend had encouraged her to commit suicide, he'd probably still be sitting in a cell.

  • This case still makes me so fucking mad

  • Charles Manson got life in prison for telling others to go out and kill how is she any different she’s fully to blame and needs to be in prison

  • I honestly don't understand why would she kill him.. Like what was her motive? Could it be a possibility that she wanted him to feel better at first? Like maybe she thought reverse psychology would work? It might have fr a while... But if she rlly wanted the best for him.. Wouldn't she have motivated him to keep on living when he visibly gained a little hope?

  • She is pretty much a killer and he didn’t just do it, she dragged him into the thoughts of suicide and ended it

  • Guilty as a bread loaf raising in the oven, with raisins. (I didn't want to say "fuck", oh, there it is.) She basically pushed him to do it, and as someone who fights with suicide daily, I would rather her be in rehab, than out in public, edging people on to do whatever, like physical schizophrenia; Which I've dealt with that, too.

  • Having been suicidal, if someone sent me those messages when I was teetering I would definitely not be here anymore. That poor guy and his family....

  • my 9th grade English teacher actually had us cover and talk about this (because it had to do with something we were reading) and it was one of the most sickening things to ever hear about.

  • Guilty. Cut and dry. Not that hard to see. I watched this on ID it was sad to watch. I had a ex kill him self after his grandmother kept telling him too..he felt nothing would get better and had someone telling him it wouldn’t. It just upsetting

  • I think she is guilty for sure, should have gotten more time imo. I was 12 years old, just lost my father to many health illnesses... I was so depressed. I told my grandmother I wanted to die so she gave me instructions on how to do the carbon monoxide poisoning with a car. She even offered me to use her car and garage. Also kept asking what I was waiting for?.... yeah we haven't spoke now in over 2 years even though I'm 27 now, I had still tried to be in her life but that was stupid.

    • Wtf your grandma is a manipulative Asshole seriously what the fuk.

  • Glad she’s in jail.

  • What a psycho

  • This is my favorite series from you

  • Carter’s face reminds me of John Currin’s weirder paintings of women from a few decades ago. Great American painter. Am I the only one who sees it?

  • She's going to have to work on a fake accent, get a nose job, pluck those nasty caterpillar eyebrows, then grow out her gangs to hide that bigass Casper forehead if she ever wants to have a normal life again. What a vile piece of crap she is.

  • This has got to be a kink for the girl like wtf? Why would anyone do this?

  • Simply put it was her fault and she deserved way more time she was guilty she killed an innocent man and it was due to her constant messaging i am terribly sorry to all who were effected and hope nobody believes this girl was innocent

  • Me and my mom watched a documentary about this. Thanks for covering this, I love your videos!!

  • I've been trying to put my feelings into words. My feelings about how he could've and probably would've recovered and been successful if it wasn't torn away from them. My memories about the times when I wanted to kill myself, how if someone said those things to me, I would've done it. I didn't because of my family, he seemed to be too and saying they would get over it...I don't know, that would push me over the edge too. He died because of the things she said to him, no doubt.My feelings of "involuntary manslaughter what the fuck." My feelings of how anyone can believe she didn't murder him, that's like saying those cult leaders didn't murder those people, they just coerced others into doing it for them or doing it to themselves. Mostly my rage and sadness, rage at this manipulative vile woman, hell, she's hardly human, and sadness because of the loss of life with so much potential and the loss of someone who could've been saved. I am disgusted and saddened, I want to cry and throw my laptop. I hate this fucking woman.

  • Fuck her shes a terrible person

  • Wow, I don't even know what to say to this. As someone who has struggled with severe suicidal thoughts and attempted, this hurts to hear about. I never had anyone tell me that i should "just do it" or "stop putting it off". But if I did, I have no doubt in my mind that I would've done it. I think one of the worst things about this case is that she struggled with those thoughts too, but still pushed him. This. Is. Murder. And I'd like to have a long talk with whoever disagrees.

  • I’m someone who has slit their wrist. and had major surgery to repair the damages. I cut 9 tendons, 3 nerves, and and artery clean in half and it took immediate emergency surgery to fix that, not to mention my hand will never work properly again. So when I see things like this it’s horrifying, because from my own personal experience, being in such a deeply troubling mental state is extremely painful on its own. But to have someone encourage it? Makes you honestly believe you are unworthy of life. This girl deserves fat more than a year-ish

    • I also realize this is an old subject lol.... but it truly hits hard

  • She's guilty and belongs in prison. But keep in mind he was texting her everyday for months, years about his SI and she supported him and told him he was meant to live and eventually I think the constant negativity everyday wore on her and she snapped

  • I feel like this is basically Murder by Proxy. She wasn't there, but telling someone to go back into a situation where they will certainly die should be classified as such. Some one made it clear that no, they don't want to die and you basically force them by talking to them like that. It's inexcusable and should warrant a sentence of several years. Or as we have in my country, a sentence of forced psychiatric care within a special prison system, one where you can only walk away from once you're deemed fit to return to society by several experts.

  • This is what pisses me off most, The time she served or rather, did not serve

  • I feel like I relate too much to this guy. I just got off the phone w a close friend talking about random stuff and my manipulative abusive ex was brought up. I told him I'm at the point now where I feel like I can be honest and say I'm "the one that got away" not her. I was golden. And I think it's proven by the fact that she went out of her way to go to my workplace with her new victim, yet thankfully I wasn't there. But, after watching this.....why do I still want to die? The way he called her babe so ignorantly. Unknowing of the malicious intent of the person he loves.... I feel connected.

  • The fact that Carter told her friend that-seems to me like she was fishing for sympathy. Like she was planting the idea that he’s suicidal and that it’s only a matter of time, like she’s the innocent , loving girlfriend. So to me it DEFINITELY seems premeditated- that toppled with the fact she told him to get back in the car! I think she WANTED him dead in order to get attention and to have everyone feel sympathy for her.

  • Michelle Carter in prison 2020

  • The fact that she only got charged with involuntary manslaughter disgusts me.

  • That poor boy..she should rot in prison

  • I had a friend similar to her a few months ago, when my depression had gotten to one of the worst stages it ever had so far, and i had seriously considered killing myself, i decided to message a few friends after i ODed, 2 of them called 911 and suicide hotlines, and 1 messaged me telling me it was a good choice and i did the right thing. thank god for the good ones, or i would be dead

  • It's so tragic because as soon as he starts expressing his doubts about suicide, that's when she really lays into it. He had a shot, jesus christ

  • This breaks my heart.....

  • lmao I'm sorry, I can't take her seriously as a murderer with that big forehead headass* *she's still a horrible person and I condemn what she did

  • What I don't understand is WHY you would encourage your loved one to end their life...Like, was it just for the thrill of it? I can't imagine doing this to any of my friends, and I have a lot of depressed friends.

  • She is disgusting

  • I think it qualifies as suicide baiting, in all honesty. I don't know much about it, but it really, really feels like suicide baiting

  • I never understood me being put on antidepressants that would make me more suicidal! Celexa didn't but OMG Prozac DID!! He's such a good looking seemingly good kid. Mental illness SUX! I've been suicidal for 35 yrs. EVERY DAY I contemplate it, the reasons have kind of morphed, but the original reasons from age 10 have changed a little bit. If that makes any damn sense!! Can you say TOXIC BITCH?! I think she's TOTALLY TO BLAME!! SMH!

  • Isn’t giving him instructions on how to kill him self assisted suicide? And I 100% know that, that is illegal

  • If my best friend told me u had to commute suicide when I was on the same drug I would have I Wouk have slit my wrist and drained them out, I would I ran my parents car into a tree, and I would have jumped out that window the day I came closest to death. This makes me feel ill. If anyone had told me it would be best and my family knew and was going to be ok I would be dead. This scares me because it could have been me if I knew someone like that. It could have been others I know. There’s so much similar to my worst years that it scares me.

  • Loving these Veil Lifted episodes 🖤🤘

  • I don’t believe in prison because it harms people who actually did nothing but be discriminated against by all of America and its systems so I think she should just get the death penalty. She killed him so why should she get to live now?

  • When it's ur SO pressuring u it has more impact. Because he had strong feelings for her he took her words to heart. Free speech has a limit. When u push someone one to suicide. Isn't it also illegal to hire or encourage someone to murder? Liike... That's speech. Manipulation. What matters in this case is her intent because free speech is not an issue. Not here. The limit to free speech? We're there with this case. I know meds affect people differently but I was on Celexa. At first I felt super Mellow and happy. No anxiety or depression. I also felt tired, stoned, sluggish. As time went by I kept feeling more out of it, more brain foggy and felt grpggier and groggier without the happiness. No matter how they upped my dose. I also felt dumber and simple minded. I dunno how these two felt on Celexa. Clearly it wasn't working for Roy. He seems not so lucid in the texts. Or just "in love" with Carter and at her mercy emotionally. Carter seems more manipulative so was she more in control despite meds? I've taken Prozac, zoloft etc. None affected me in the way Celexa did. I'm on Lexapro: Celexa 2.0... It doesn't make me groggy and does nothing for my depression. So. We can't know how either responded to their meds. Imo what she did was criminal. Her intent is unclear. But seems sinister. Sad case either way. She should be in a mental hospital for the criminally insane though to protect others.

  • This is just a sad case

  • It's like one day Michelle realised that she could project her own suicidal idealisation on to Conrad. She already knew that Conrad was vunerable, a vulnerability she could relate to. So it's like she was thinking about suicide but was too scared, so she got to live out the act of ending life through someone else, Conrad. And when he was having second thoughts, she didn't like it. This to me just proves that her own selfish fantasy took priority, in her mind, over his life! She used well known abusive and manipulative techniques to get Conrad to kill himself so why is there SO much speculation on her mental state. I understand in court cases we need to look at everything but when do we let someone get away with shit just because they too are struggling mentally?! Just because someone is also feeling suicidal, it doesn't mean they can't also be a calculating and manipulative piece of shit. And that's what she is. Also, the argument in her defence that he was suicidal is no longer valid when he first talked about living another day. And it sure as hell is not valid when he stopped his own suicide attempt! No sympathy for her. Bitch is a disgusting monster. Gives the five head community a bad name.

  • this probably isnt anything somebody was looking for but the veil lifted intro music is following the falcon by David Celeste

  • If she was a man she would be in jail right now

  • in my opinion what she did is kinda like pointing a gun to the head of someones children and saying you can only save them if you kill yourself, and then later saying "oh, i didnt kill him, it was suicide"

  • As much as feeling down, he was needing her attention. We can see this when he even inadvertently winks at her in his recording. She just got bored with him, as psychopaths do. This is a tragedy.

  • Sorry, I pressed the send button inadvertently as I was starting to write

  • In his recording, he even winks. As well as feeling down, he also needed attention

  • Wait... I'm really stuck on the part where she said anti-depressants make people more suicidal...? Wtf?? Is that true? What's the point in them then?

  • she wanted to kill him . it's very clear.she backed out from her own sucide so she kill him.

  • This is disgusting. She makes me want to throw up. She was a manipulator, she drove him to suicide for her own amusement. She deserves to be haunted with her crime for the rest of her life.

  • I remember this. God I fucking hated her

  • I can't help but feel like this was a it of a fedish of sorts for her

  • I almost wonder if she could be charged with domestic abuse since this is verbal, emotional, and mental abuse?

  • Guilty af! I hope her scary eyebrow, receding hairline havin' ass is reminded of what she did and this is never forgotten by anyone she bumps into

  • I had a friend who’s uncle served 5 years in prison for non violent marijuana charges, BUT Michelle Carter got 11 fucking months for this ? what the fuck.

  • Okay well it’s already been written into law that cyber bullying and telling someone to kill themselves is illegal harassment and if they do lull themselves you can be liable for manslaughter. She completely cyber bullied him and disguised it as concern. So it’s simple to me she’s responsible and a bully.

  • Just bcs you have free speech doesn’t mean you are exempt from the consequences of what you say. What this girl did was vile, and I think she knew that it was wrong.

  • This definitely her fault... I can relate to Roy on whole new level.. even down to the first attempt... If my boyfriend started pushing me to do that during a low, low time... I would 100% listen to him.. dude it sounds so dumb saying right now..

  • 19:39 I literally just thought that about myself. I totally relate. She's guilty.

  • She never grew out of her toddler head.

  • She was telling him he needed to do it and he wouldn't have if it weren't for her. How can it not be her fault?

  • He seems like a really sweet & intelligent guy 💔 I hope karma takes that POS female out!!

  • The Netflix series blatantly showcases days before he committed suicide he pleaded with her to commit suicide with him....

  • this made me want to hug my bf so tight. how could someone do that to another person? humanity is so fucked :(

  • theres a shitty bella thorne movie about this and it was filmed at my high school

  • How do you go from "don't do it" to "you're just putting it off"? Woah. Why would she think to look up information about generators, unless she already had some idea or knowledge about what could happen? The answer is, to cover her butt.

  • We all know that he didn't want to kill himself anymore, but due to his mental health, she manipulated him. My theory is that she wanted pity from her peers as she is also mentally unwell as well, and tbh wouldn't even be surprised if she had Munchausen syndrome by proxy.

  • She's the kind of person torture was made for

  • this is manipulation. she’s using his love for her to kill him.just because she’s a women doesn’t mean they have to give her less than what a man would do if he was in her position. this is disgusting. hope he’s in a better place.

  • Could you do the case of Sandra bland

  • I'm not sure how one person on the same drug as another can be considered not responsible for his actions and one person considered 100% responsible for another person's actions...

  • This made me shake so bad i hate reading this

  • The fact that some people in the comments are saying it wasn’t her fault and not even trying to understand the pain and regret this poor soul felt before he left us truly hurts me that some people just suck, she manipulated him into getting back in the truck after he had thought of something to live for.......he found something in his final times that gave him will and she clouded that with her harsh words and twisted reality, she took his last hopes away from him with her empty words

  • This story reminded me of Brady Hartsfield from Mr Mercedes (Stephen King's book), who was manipulating people into killing themselves. He was definitely a murderer and so is this woman. Period.

  • Omg... He was so handsome... His eyes...His voice.. Its a shame he didnt realize many would have SEEN him... Really seen him....many feel his pain.

  • I dont know how to word my opinion. I feel she isnt a murderer, but I also feel she is directly responsible for his death. To me, she added herself to the hundreds of voices in his head that were already telling him to kill himself. When you are that low, all it takes is one voice to pull you out the tiniest bit, to think clearly enough a moment to see those "brighter moments" he talked about. This is the danger of teens trying to save other teens from suicide, they feel it is their right to save their friend, which is dangerous. If your freind is suicidal, be there for them, but please tell thier parents, or, if they are untrustworthy, call the police or anyone reliable (I had a great relationship with my school counselor and directed my friends to her when they needed help). I personally led my friend to call the suicide hotline, even though it was a good day, and they directed him towards an online counseling site where he talks to others and is helped. Through that site's encouragement he talked to his parents and they eventually got helpful medication, that's really helped him find a peaceful way through life day to day. So please, it wont fix everything, but it can help them to a place where they can help themselves, tell someone. Telling someone saves lives, the lack of communication with those struggling with suicide is why it is so hard to help some people.

  • She wanted to be the girl who lost her boyfriend to suicide, she wanted ATTENTION. not getting into it but this case hits home in many ways for me & I think someone should’ve beat her ass in jail🤦🏼‍♀️

  • The psychiatrist was probably just trying to make sure he wouldn’t get any blame. Which double fuck you to him and I hoe he gets investigated. The fact that she told him to delete the texts and then tried to play a victim about it... she wanted to be a victim. She wanted everyone to feel sorry for her because she was his girlfriend. Honestly it’s horrifying that she didn’t receive a harsher punishment. Absolutely disgusting

  • The "promise" part always makes me feel sick, my best friend is suicidal and I had say uncountable times "promise me you'll stay alive, it's a promise, you can't brake a promise" almost the same words but I was begging her to stay alive, and today she's still alive, it's a war but I'm with her. This girl just crave for power, I'm so sorry for him, he deserved help, something in his mind wanted to live and fight he just needed a push, she pushes in the wrong direction, this girl had really kill him, she deserved more time in prison!