Veil Lifted: James Arthur Ray

Publicado el 6 may 2020
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  • I really hate these church people who use mind games to get money. Its gross. Thats why I dont have a religion.

  • The heating lodge just makes me think of one room in Roman bathhouses. I can’t quite remember what that room is called, but it can be translated as “the hot room” or something like that. People would need to wear sandals specifically made to handle the intense heat of the floor. If you fell, you were probably moved to the next room, the cold plunge, immediately.

  • Whenever I hear there were MLMs involved, I know shit’s about to go down.

  • It seems that he had a long history of lying about his life. That is a huge red flag right there that you're dealing with a sociopath/psychopath.

  • Amazing how he took the deaths of three people due to his negligence as a "lesson from God." He's just a sociopath with a god complex.

  • I remember the news when this happened, those poor people were just lost and looking for answers. Unfortunately they ran into this guy

  • I'm sorry did you say Red Pitch Fork Church of God?

  • This is my issue with the belief that one must meet some "higher being/self" While it's great to improve and grow, it's usually extremely dangerous when we seek that under the "instruction" of others. Cults (rather based in western, eastern or new age philosophy) are always the same. Manipulative, cruel, destructive etc. Many focus on the organized religions... But all are deceptive cons that use the human need for answers to unknowns. I grew up in a cult. I'm probably biased but I know the end result. It's never good.

  • This series is super underrated.

  • girl he got his 10k did he really need to force them to stay

  • Is it just cuz I'm high, or does this spiritual awakening pyramid (idk if I call it that, sorry I'm a foreigner) sound like from a video game? To me that is an extra thing that...idk scares me a lil? The thought that people go to such length for something so...unreal I guess?

  • Here after 4 months.

  • Great report! (I have done many sweat lodges... Never, ever should they have plastic...yikes)

  • I would LOVE more of this series, I’d 100% watch a new episode of veil lifted in a heartbeat

  • The irony of a Tony Robins ad playing during the video.

  • I need this background music. So pretty. :( Anyone have a name or a link to it?

  • lol i have no idea who tony robbins is if youre expected to shave your head suprise suprise its a cult i'm talking to u americas next top model

  • Here's the mind blowing fact: To this day, we can't prove archaeologically, where Mt. Sinai is. i'm sorry, but as an Egyptian, that particular part jaded me a little. Then the shaving of head, my friend's in a cult and she shaved her head too. And then to see he twisted a Native American ritual, okay, i've never been this angry on a cult (and i've issues with cults on another level).

  • I feel like he could have paid someone to say that they couldnt sing, and then do it, to hype the crowd up

  • That hair is 👌👌👌🔥🔥🔥 gorgeousss

  • TWO YEARS!!!!!???? WHAT??!!! am I hallucinating or did you just say 2 years....

  • Dude I had an ad in this video for a self help group... I don't know how to feel rn

  • I’ve done a traditional sweat lodge in a program in my school we had two First Nations leaders and they made it very clear of you feel like you can’t go back don’t and if you need to leave they told us a phrase that was respectful of everyone to use. This is a truly evil man especially because he said people should keep going past there limits and he killed people

  • The dude may be greasy but I blame the grown ass men and women that paid that much money for a self-help seminar, shaved their heads, and stayed in a 200-degree sauna for that long.

  • this gives me HUGE mcamey manor vibes

  • If any of you are ready to take a deep dive on this POS Ray, then I highly recommend listening to the podcast by Wondery called "Guru". It's deeply disturbing and to this day, that asshole has never apologized to anyone involved in the "sweat lodge" experience. Indeed, he himself was so nonchalant about what was happening to people that he took off in his car to go and eat. Also, in the actual "sweat lodge", he was sitting closest to the opening flap of the tent that he could get fresh air any time he pleased.

  • Oh that explains the episode of Arrested Development. 😁 thats fucked up! Sad!

  • Christ taught it is a sin to be rich and that the poor will be blessed and inherit the kingdom of G-d. So I think this "preacher" is a full blown Atheist

  • and the rich shall inherit youtube

  • Is everyone else as disturbed and concerned by this situation? By this man? By what he’s done to these poor people?

  • Good job! Nice commentary at the end.I'm here after listening to the GURU Podcast with this story. Watched a bit of his documentary but all I can say is: if he trully wanted to "help" people, we would not have fleeced some of them out of 100K dollars.

  • Huh... does anyone else notice the pattern that there are quite a few problematic people who have been promoted on Oprah? Dr. Phil. Dr. Oz. James Arthur Ray. Who are toted as being great in their respective "fields" and are later revealed to be full of it.

  • As I searched for hours tonight seeking an actual Native American sweatlodge led by a healer I ran across a lot of websites that didn’t feel natural. After coming across waivers mentioning Death locations off the grid reading of nakedness growling and howling it started to creep me out knowing I’d be venturing alone then I came across this guys story Um I’ll pass now

  • Arrested development 🥴

  • my mom is native. i been to sweats as the other natives mentioned its a beautiful ceremony with people who have been passed down traditions that also have safety considered.... the fact that he made them shave their heads is fucking gross.. THEY MADE THE KIDS IN RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS SHAVE THEIR LONG HAIR TO MAKE THEM FORGET WHO THEY WERE.......... AS IF HE CARES about spirituality it was about money for this loser... clearly..... elders dont charge money for sweats. especially within the community. wanna sweat? make friends and nunderstanding of native people and the community and see how you can go to a legit one!! my persian family who want to heal are allowed to come to the ones my moms people do etc we all humans and are allowed to sweat (lodge) this guy is misguiding poepole for money and its gross

  • James ....If you wanted to help you would of been a warrior and saved the people in you're sweat lodge. We don't need you're help or you're idea of greatness. A warrior would of fell on his sword for his people you failed....and to this day you take zero responsibility for there deaths. Instead you will use there deaths to create more wealth for what you truly care about .... Yourself.

  • You'll appreciate this

  • I love this series. I don’t know what it is about hearing about these murder stories, or just generally twisted stories, but it makes me feel wiser and I enjoy hearing them, as fucked up as the stories can be.

  • Doesn't everyone run these scams oh wait yeah but they never kill people just their bank accounts he's a murderer

  • As sad as this is, the way he would manipulate and guilt his followers reminds me of the way my own mother brought me up

  • Damn well done! Glad I found your channel!!!

  • Got a tony Robin's commercial on this video. 🤣

  • Getting your hair cut by your mum and not getting new clothes is poverty? 😂 Wtf, wasn't this just most people's childhood before the 00s? My mum did a great job of my hair and our cousins hand me downs did me and my sisters just fine. There were still plenty people around us worse off.

  • 3:36 русские, тоже не ожидали??

  • These self help gurus DO want to help! ... themselves get rich and possibly even famous. Why do you need to publish new books constantly when they’re basically the same thing only with the words rearranged? Oh yeah, that’s right, if people read something they already own then you won’t get any more money from it. I like libraries. Not for self help books, but books can get very expensive if you’re only reading them once. Still have two bookcases with extremely cheap books that looked interesting as well as books that I adore. Inger Edelfeldt is just one of the most versatile authors I’ve ever seen, writing for pretty much every age group and in different formats, as well as an illustrator. Rereading her books is my main procrastination factor when it comes to reading newer books. Although I have to admit that I’ve never read any of them translated, if I know how to read a language that a book is written in then it’s typically better than a translation since things can get lost in translation. Anyway... books that might not be intended as self help might end up as such, you identify with the struggle and how they work to overcome it and that to me is more motivating than looking at yourself in a mirror every day saying some stupid affirmation. I mean affirmations CAN work, but you can get those phrases for actually free on the internet, they’re not going to magically make you rich or anything though. They can help change your mindset though. I still don’t believe in mine after even months though, and it’s just a simple; “I’m good enough to deserve to live.”

  • Oh great, again I’m getting mostly these “free online courses” ads... but there’s a video that teaches you how to become a guru, it’s called The Rise of Fake Gurus: The Dark Truth Behind Making MILLIONS from Online Courses.

  • Love these series, please do more!! 👏🏽👊🏽

  • I got a law of attraction video right before this video

  • If wish you were my English teacher

  • I had to read that 7 Healthy Habits book in high school! They made us buy the stupid book.

  • What i’m from tulsa and i’ve never heard of him

  • I think this is your best ever video. Or maybe just the best I have watched SO FAR. I will watch more of the veil lifted series. 🤩

  • My brother's like this guy. He spent most of his life living off our mom to buy himself nice things and has this huge obsessed group of friends who think he can do no wrong. Luckily too dumb to pull a scam like this. Edit typo

  • Let's talk about Oprah...

  • "Poor is sin" HOW WAS HE A PREACHER The bible literally says the poor man has a easier path into heaven then the rich man (paraphrased but mentioned in many scriptures.) Did he ever read the bible before he preached?

  • Oh Karen!

  • if watching videos on cults has taught me anything it is don't trust middle aged white men who say they've had a "spiritual awakening" and is "talking to god"

  • Health coach advertising for this video.....I'm dying from laughing

  • This is super weird to me. I go to sauna twice a week and have never been reborn...

  • Okay random question but what is the background music? It's beautiful

  • Okay random question but what is the background music? It's beautiful

  • I saw the episode of Deadly Cults that covered him. His whole aura just screamed "evil" to me. The audio recordings of what he said before the sweat lodge was eerie. If you haven't seen the episode and this case interests you, I highly recommend watching it. A few survivors of the sweat lodge tell their stories as well.

  • I seriously don’t understand how people fall for pyramid schemes. They’re so clearly obvious ..?

  • She is such an underrated youtuber....

  • Hes a fucking murderer. Sadistic.

  • wait, wasn't this in the simpsons?

  • ... and the Hicks was the ones who was banished from The Secret... imagine that!

  • Whenever someone in a collared shirt says "I learned this from a shaman" you know you're in for some shit.

  • Ciao Giulia! What’s the title of the song that plays at the beginning of the ‘Veil lifted’ series? Thanks

  • His last two streams have no comments and less than 150 views. It's a judgement on you, sir. Take this sign as one that you can't lead and you need another line of work.

  • I've had to take multiple Covey 'classes' because I've had employers think it was all that. The only thing that struck me is that I wanted to take a shower after each session, these sessions were bordering on the cult like, just creepy.

  • man, people will do anything to find someone to believe in 🙁

  • He or someone posing as him hacked this youtube channel called “Qoves Studio” and deleted all of their videos. I saw his live video pop up in my sub feed and was so confused and then I realized it was Qoves Studio. The whole channel is now deleted and sadly it seems like Qoves Studio hasn’t gotten it back for about a week now.

  • I’m a theology major so this affected me a lot. Part of spirituality is not just going beyond your mental limits but also respecting your current physical limits. It’s so upsetting on how he disregarded his retreatants’ safety because of his ego. He appropriated and malpracticed Native ceremony. He also put a stain on the New Age community which they’re still recovering from to this day. Kirby Brown’s family founded Seek Safely where facilitators make a commitment to put seekers’ safety first. Ray didn’t sign it after he got out of prison and that should say a lot.

  • 2 years?!!! That’s insanity, he should still be in jail. This is beyond crazy how did this even happen??

  • Giulia, Your documentaries are way better than half the shit on TV. I love this series!

  • One thing with sweat lodges is that you cannot just dump water onto the rocks. Usually we use pine tree branches, dip the branch into a bucket of water and the person hosting will throw the water on as needed. After each round we get out for about 10 mins or so and then go back, if someone needs to get out they or the host say “All my relations” and the person by the opening, to opens up and let them out and the rest continue that round. People with uteruses cannot go in while on their period as it is a very intense time where we are very powerful and that attracts bad energies. Same goes for not being sober for at least 4 days before going into a sweat.

  • The Lakota tribe sued Ray under the Laramie Treaty of 1868, which gives Native Americans the right to civil and criminal justice, carried out by the United States, against "bad men among the whites" who cause harm to the Natives or their property. The Lakota considered their traditions surrounding the sweat lodge ritual their property and Ray's desecration of it as damage to their traditions, for which they were entitled to reparations. Unfortunately, they lost their case.

  • Super interesting. This guy would have ran a cult if this hadn't happened to him.

  • Rule #1 when imparting knowledge: it's always free. Even modern infamous magicians like Aleister Crowley and Austin Osman Spare didn't charge money for the transmission of knowledge. Second, Indian gurus/yogis live 24/7 the teachings and practices of the sutras. Maybe after 50 years of practice they can slow their metabolism and control their heart rate. Why do Westerners think they can do it in a quick crash course boot camp? Here's a free advice on self-help books: it's all distilled Vedic and Buddhist philosophy distilled through Jungian psychoanalysis. I suggest the other way around: start with Jungian psychoanalysis and then build upon it with religious texts from any and/or all cultures. Or maybe Dostoyevski and Kafka makes more sense than the Bible and Edda and you build upon that. Point is, if you're looking for a vaguely spiritual self-knowledge then Jungian psychoanalysis is your thing.

  • 200°F is 93.3°C, water boils at 100°C and humans are like 76% water, you are cooking yourself at that temperature, even after you leave you will continue to cook internally. Do not do anything like this, if you want to have an out of body experience or a spiritual awakening then go to therapy or do a tab of acid (after testing it to ensure it is acid) and have a sober friend watch you.

  • That hut thing would just be a fun activity for a Finn, every house has a sauna here, and its usually over 200F


  • My mom had the secret when I was younger

  • i have a copy of “the secret” HHHH its a good book, though. it sucks this dude coaxed the author into buying into his schemes.

  • The self help industry is just as full of bullshit and excuses as the diet industry.. They're both money making rackets.

  • Love " veil lifted" 👍🖤🖤🖤🖤💜💜💜💜🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • I absolutely love the intro music. Went back to replay it several times 🤗

  • The irony that while I was watching the video, the ad for Mind Valley came up talking about energy healing. Lol.

  • You did a great job at analyzing the dynamics within a cult, led by those who know how to manipulate others. There are a lot of parallels with they dynamics being employed to move kids toward sex change in the Trans Movement.

  • I literally got an ad for guy who seems pretty sketchy and not far off from this guy just thought it was funny

  • I love it when you make longer videos like this!

  • Why is Oprah always promoting people full of shit?(Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, Ayanla)

  • Noooo. This is horrible. He really wanted to be a cult leader. Self help is so important and this man gives it a bad reputation! He kind of reminds me of the guy from Mackemey Manor.

  • 17:38 which can easily be solved by attending 1 meeting... with a gun. or knife.....or really anything.

  • 16:08 FUCK!!!! I HAVE SEEN THAT PLACE IN MY DREAMS!!!!!! look when i dream dont have those usual dreams. its like lucid "viewing" [i cant seem to willingly interact with anything but i can move around as if im just walking around]

  • When are you getting your beanie back in stock? I need one 😭🙏

  • Ok but our sweat lodges get up to 230°f in Russia. Granted, you have to be used to it.

  • Self-help "gurus" are right up there with psychics, mediums and televangelists. They prey on the desperate and vulnerable for profit and it's absolutely _sickening._

  • "It's a *sin* to be poor." Oh, really? Ahem... Matthew 6:19-21 _Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth,_ where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Matthew 19:21-23 Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect, _go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven:_ and come and follow me. But when the young man heard that saying, he went away sorrowful: for he had great possessions. Then said Jesus unto his disciples, Verily I say unto you, That _a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven._ Not a full minute in and I already can't even with this guy...