Veil Lifted: Dahvie Vanity

Publicado el 29 abr 2020
(more about the victims and their accounts here)
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  • ssethtzeentach

  • why’s it lowkey so funny to me that she used jeffree star’s myspace LMAO


  • Can you please do a veil lifted of ian watkins of lostprophets?

  • Man, i miss Orkut.... Also, remember that little girl who was bullied to no end, she would cry on youtube. i forgot her name, maybe she is Magan? But sadly she ended up in foster care. i still feel haunted by her cries. She was so helpless...

  • Never heard of this guy (I think), but I already hate him.

  • I M S C A R E D😶

  • Dis dood is 35 now.... he’s the same age as my mom 🤣😂

  • His fianceé left him and now he's living with his parents because nobody else wants him around. When is he just going to give up??

  • He makes me sick what a monster! Theres a special place in h e c k for him Who entitled him to ruin a childs life Who entitled you to ruin multiple kids lives Multiple young woman? This makes me soooooo ANGRY

  • Have you considered offering these veil lifted videos as podcast episodes? I'd love to listen to them offline/on the go!

  • I went to a BOTDF concert when I was 11, and he signed my left breast without hesitation. Even though I was enthusiastic about at the time, any normal GROWN ASS MAN would understand that the request was inappropriate, especially considering how young i obviously was. I'm glad i was lucky enough to not have been a victim of unwilling harassment or assault, but my experience alone lets me know that he has always been a predator and that there's probably many more people who he has victimized. The whole situation is horrific and Dahvie needs to reap REAL legal consequences for this. On another note, Jayy Von Monroe, who is now an incredible drag queen, spoke out even more on an episode of Dragula about how awfully Dahvie treated him, so there's more insight there. When i met him, he was respectful and didn't go further than autographing my friend's shirt and giving me a high five. I'm glad Jayy has earned some redemption, but the way Dahvie treated him was disgusting, and if thats how he treated his own band member, I can't even imagine what else there is to uncover. Anyways, end rant. figured i'd drop my two cents.

  • I used to like botdf back the day in my early 20's. But not anymore. After what dahvie insanity did to 21 underage girls for over a decade. I feel sorry for these women who have been through, since he bullied them, sexually exploited them online & in person, and stalking them! 🤬🤬😡😡😭💔 I hope he goes to prison immediately!!

  • Will you go for a drink 🍸 with me ready to glare?

  • Onision is free living his merry think davhie is gonna face jail?😒

  • Have you heard about the singer from lost prophet? If you think this guy is bad wait til you hear what that sicko did. I literally threw up

  • Dahvie is a disgusting creep and I hope he gets put in prison soon.

  • The most disturbing thing about him is how he continued to get away with it. I was in my early teens when these started to come out and i was too star struck and a victim of child grooming to be repulsed instead I wanted to be the next one and I know I wasn't the only one. It's 2020, I go to therapy and do trauma work for my past while he lives a normal comfortable life. My stomach churns and skin crawls, he needs to face the consequences of his actions because he shows no want to stop and there are girls who probably still exist wanting to be the next.

  • New subscriber ❤

  • Not only is he the spawn of satan, his nose contour sucks

  • i had 2 blood on the dance floor shirts in 4th grade.. :|

  • He's absolutely a disgusting creature

  • The police are known for being lacking in any sexual assault case. They have failed more women and men than any other section of crime-related reports and cases. The police don't care and as the daughter of an ex-cop, I can see the disappointment in my father's eyes as he loves telling me stories about how they caught bad guys and how the system worked for the safety of the people but this is 20 years ago. I live in a country where gender-based violence is worse than most countries and nothing is being done. It boils my blood when innocent people's cry for help and justice is ignored. It is disgusting and I don't want to live in this world on most days. Something needs to be done.

  • i so wanna introduce monters like this to a steel baseball bat...

  • These skanks wanted it. Most of them

  • Thanks for clarifying who the bloody hell is Dahvie Vanity is. I just saw art promoting to stay away from him while I had no clue what he did or who he was.

  • This man is the worst omg. What a pig. He needs to go to jail for and upwards of 25 years

  • jessi slaughter was only 11 years old when he raped and molested her, so she was the youngest.

  • I hate him with all my heart.

  • 4:41 I know this isn't appropriate, but his hair looks a skunk's tail

  • the fact that he wasn't put into jail after 1 rape is disgusting!

  • 😡🤢😡🤢😡🤢

  • Actually he was born in 1984.... Lol

  • It's horrible how all these perverts can get away with taking advantage of people. I remember coming across a video where Mark McGrath from sugar ray admitted his preference was 11 to 17.🤮

  • Elite hair God? More like janky ass wig bitch

  • I refuse to believe this little bitchboy is 35.

  • Speaking of old social media- DOES ANYONE REMEMBER BEBO?!!!

  • Wow, this is particularly disgusting to me because I distinctly remember Blood On the Dance Floor being considered cool in middle school. His primary audience was underage kids anyway... Grossss

  • This guy is nothing short of repugnant. It’s almost criminal how he’s avoided addressing the allegations for so long. This caustic behavior is never ok

  • Every time I hear dobby

  • All girls view these videos and still head to him so these females are asking for it .if they just learn to stay away from him and ignore him he might stop but possible he wont because perverts rarely change in life.

  • You look extra stunning in this video, and I'm absolutely living for that dress!!!

  • The description of what he did to Megan made me feel sick. There is a lot going on with him right now and it's about time. With Chris hansen interviewing victims or witnesses and now the fbi is involved. He will be put away. It's crazy to me he is still walking... im glad I never heard of this band.

  • Thank you for this video 💚 I've been hearing about this case a lot but nothing like what you described.

  • On a good note: I love you shirt 😍

  • Dahvie for electric chair 2020!

  • I just wanna share this because it's been in my head for a while now. I didn't know the concept of pedophilia when I was 13. The age of consent here in our country is 12 and my abuser at that time was 19. People wouldn't think it's a big deal here because.. I 'allowed' it. I always thought it was natural because my abuser was also a close friend of mine and I liked him in a way because I also looked up to him, so I let him do whatever he wanted with me (it thankfully never went all the way though, but it nearly did). It's just now that I realized, after watching all of these videos about the victims (who were also young girls like me) and getting abused by this monster that I had been too naive to realize what I was doing and what I was getting into. I was actually shocked to see how bad it actually is now that I'm in my 20's, and these were things that also happened with me and my abuser. People could easy blame the victim but at the end of the day, kids under the age of 18 aren't mature enough to consent and understand what is being done to them. My heart really goes out to the victims. They didn't deserve to go through that.

  • You look so fuckin cool

  • I don’t like to say I hate people i don’t know personally but I genuinely hate and despise this man

  • This willy wonker looking fuck needs to go down!

  • What the fuuuuuck. 😶

  • Unrelated but you look gorgeous holy shit

  • He was born in 1985. It’s said that at the same time that some young girls were looking up to Taylor swift, others were being groomed by Dahvie.

  • Using this youtube channel to replace my social life.

  • What is wrong with America? The police etc have ample proof yet do nothing!

  • That should literally be a crime against humanity and the arresting officer should lose his pension, fuck that! sorry but for real

  • I seriously hope those police officers feel bad as hell.... i can not believe,... those poor girls. I dont really wanna say i could understand them lettin dv go if it was just a misdemeanor or something, but my god ..... he committed a felony against a child. Smh, like I dont have the capability to understand how another man especially a policeman could just let him go like that. Should they not have some kind of consequence. Like legit, that mom should never have been given the option to let that go being as it was a muther freakin Felony, with a child victim. Are they serious?.... 🤦‍♀️ horrible

  • I honestly can't deal with this at all, it's so horrifying. I wish nothing but the worst things imaginable to happen to this creature.

  • My brother used to listen to BOTDF and would tell me that black veil brides was bad and I should listen to BOYDF I told him BVB are good and not creepy like BOTDF.

  • Where were the parents, & why are they not trying to help their children get justice now. I don't understand.

  • This is a disgusting display of a perverted obvious child predator. His day will come. Whether it be in a court of law or struck down by god or man. Karma or cause and effect is real. I hope he burns in fucking HELL.

  • Fuck this guy, and fuck blood on the dancefloor, and fuck scene kids in general

  • Are you a JS supporter?

  • I’m so happy he said “I’m not the same person I was 12 years ago” and got away with it because that means I can basically perform an aggravated assault on his body, release a similar statement and stay out of prison.

  • Im kind of grossed out by this by this guy hes creepy and his hair is awful. I don’t see anyone can relate to him. At all. My space was a weird place man. BUT I’m so surprised to see a clip of George Stroumboulopoulos on this channel! Canadian Love 🇨🇦

  • How the fuck did he keep getting out of jail like WHAT THE FUCK DUDE

  • I'm curious, I still like the music and hate that I do, if i listen to it it's never on an official account of BOTDF, should i feel as guilty as I do. This man is fucking disgusting.

  • Wait...the police let this guy go TWICE! How?!?

  • My god , MySpace is just a blast from the past .

  • I wanna use the YEET CANNON on him

  • He's disgusting and dangerous! Plus, their music sucked and none of them could sing for 💩!!!


  • Funny how his real name is Jesus, cause he does so many things that are against Jesus' ways!

  • Okay so I know this is a serious vid, but literally all I can hear is Dobby, instead of Dahvie, which has led me to picture this sick asshole as a house elf. I won’t say it helps but it’s certainly interesting.

  • Just like Ian Watkins

  • Some men get away with it so easily, 21 victims and still they don’t take them seriously! We live in shitty misogynistic world

  • Simply, gross

  • Chris Hansen on the prowl hehe.

  • I really love your channel and plus ur outfits in em is so cuute, you should make a lil vid abt ur wadrobe haha Anyway, i really appreciate how your channel helps to start a conversation on certain topics etc.😊 it's been really fun here 💕

  • Why are we not doxing him, yet we dox Onision? Why are we not harassing law enforcement in states he's being investigated in demanding answers as a community, yet we waist time watching youtubers waiting for answers we want to hear a reality?

  • These scumbags made the worst “music” in existence. It was always utterly worthless trash, even before we found out they’re sexual predators.

  • Electric chair. 🪑

  • Do we know that the cops didn’t try to convince her to press charges? Or is that just what you’re assuming ?

  • You wouldn't believe, there are still people who listen to his music and wonder where he went. Even after him making a "song" BULLYING one of his victims, (a slapdash creation made only to call her a whore) they won't put two and two together.

  • It makes me physically sick that I was one of those teens who was obsessed with Blood on the Dace Floor. I realized I needed to stop listening to it when my father was driving me home from school and asked if I wanted to play one of their songs. I can’t believe Dave is still allowed to even breath. 🤢

  • Growing up my best friend was a huge fan of blood on the dance floor. She discovered them when she was 13, she defended dahvie and went to as many shows as possible. She got a bit famous on social media and was publicly a fan, so that caught dahvie's attention and they started talking when she was 16 or 17. He tried to get her to hang out with him at the mall next time he was in town (knowing she was underage). That didn't end up happening and I'm so happy she never visited him. I think he had been making her uncomfortable with flirty/sexual messages. She could've easily been one of those victims. My heart goes out to everyone who did end up being manipulated and assaulted by him. He's an evil human

  • Great job! Once he's taken care of can ESmainrs turn their attention to Evan Rachel Wood's accusations against (presumably) Marilyn Manson?

    • Prescilla24 what did Marilyn Manson ever do?!!?!?!!!!

  • If someone tried to do that to me I would off them. How could...?

  • Huh..... I usually see every video or get notified/recommended when you post but... this one was completely hidden from me? Hokay.

  • Surprised Jessi Slaughter wasn’t brought up

  • maaaan id punch the fuck out of his ugly ass

  • This was heartbreaking. Usually I ended up disgusted, but now I just feel sad about all these ruined lifes.

  • Pedophiles are some of the worst human beings to exist. I hate the law isn’t doing anything to punish him.

  • I was in the emo scene on MySpace when I was the age of these girls and I loved blood on the dance floor. This makes me so sick and it makes me realize how vulnerable we really were back then. How has he not been prosecuted??

  • Woah. Really forgot about that guy.

  • Off-topic. Your wigs are so cool. Is there a place you usually shop for them?

  • I say we get a bunch of dudes to kidnap him and repeatedly rape him without him knowing who they are or what they look like. When he's raped for a long enough time, we release him back into the public somewhere super far away from where he lives. Give him a taste of what it's like to be violated in every way possible. Make him know what true fear is. He has to know what it's like to be a victim.

    • @no. why is rape awesome?

    • that sounds awesome where do i invest 🥳🥳

  • I hate the fact that I listened to his music and supported him in my emo days...what a creep