Troll Dolls...We need to talk

Publicado el 10 ago 2020
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  • I dont think grooming is the right word, I think it is desensitizing children to being touched and correlating it with happy feelings like Poppy seemed to be having when touched there. Definitely glad you’ve reported this.

  • wtf

  • Oh NAH. “I know some of you may think this is not a big deal.” Definitely a big deal. Completely inappropriate and disturbing. What the actual fuck???

  • I don't think any women or parents were part of the productionteam......These dolls should be banned in the stores. Good warning for parents, thank you❣ From Holland 🇳🇱

  • At first I was skeptical of the grooming but those sounds are way to intentional for it to not be inappropriate

  • You should look into LOLZ dolls

  • Thats apparently intentional. She said that the button activates when she sits down, but you have to push it in for it to work. Its obvious.

  • Yeah, that’s weird as fuck, dude.

  • If you don’t know it’s wrong why hide it?

  • Also keep in mind that "button" is a slang term for a particularly sensitive part of girls' and women's genitalia.

  • The injection molding process used to mass produce plastic products has a pretty high startup cost. Manufacturers are very careful to get the design of all of the parts right before they create the final molds for production. It's inconceivable that the troll body would just happen to have a hole the same size and shape as the button cap.

  • *comment the color of your nursery on this with a emoji of a similar color* Mine was pastel green 🧩

  • It just seems they were trying to get away with something.

  • I have a lot of old style troll dolls and I got spooked because I love the troll collection that I have. But yeah this is fucked up.

  • Wait the color of the flag isn't something I knew before, doesn't seem like another coincidence but woah

  • Didn't even have to be a button, could've been a shake sensor

  • Girl really can rock any look and any hair color 🖤

  • LOL dolls are definately sketch. I'm not surprised that this came from it!!!!! It made sense when I found the connection. they had a scandal where dolls wore bdsm underwear when dipped in cold water, detailed genitals for one of their boy dolls, and this video Just found this one too. Might need a fact check though, This is not a fluke. this company is defiantly targeted towards MAPs, or looking to sexualize children

  • "right here on her privates" lol

  • I don't see why they couldn't put the button anywhere else? The back, back of the head? Shoulder, feet, hands. I'm thinking back to my childhood toys I don't remember buttons on butts or privates.

  • Wow this is something isn’t it... planting a seed on what sounds you make when you’re touched there. This is not ok. I am not ok Can this actually blow up to the fucking point where these toys are destroyed and the ones responsible are HEAVILY investigated and dealt with (in a world where our systems don’t fucking fail us)

  • they knew what they were doing, if they didn’t it wouldn’t have been sexual noises.

  • They've been recalled! :")


  • "troll doll"....."troll"...."trolling"...THEYRE TROLLING I still find it gross and disgusting

  • When I first saw this video I commented I bet these dolls will start to be sold for a huge amount of now cannot find one under $220 online. Profiting off pedophilia...people never fail to disappoint.

  • 😕😡🤮😠😠😠

  • Hasbro: “It was a saboteur plot!”

  • Omg this is blatant grooming. Wow. Thanks for spreading awareness Glare! I remember I loved my troll dolls. These new ones are creepy as shit and not even hiding it... Except from the unwitting parents. It's actually scary people might buy these not knowing of that button. Every toy should be inspected from now on before giving it to the kid.

  • People are so quick to judge the merchant, the seller, or even the provider. This is all parents fault. Parents don't really educate their children anymore. They also have done the worst with their children. They put their children almost naked on video, they dance very sexually around their children, I don't think I need to go any further than that. This is all you parents fault. A lot of parents that don't care about the children, this is a result that you will be running into. This is why rules and regulations need to be applied in households also. A child is innocent and may not know really what is going on if the toy is good or not. This really goes to parents in general. Parents need to start educating their children the right way. And stop dancing very sexual around your children. This means to start cleaning up what you do at home around your children in general. Anything sexual your children will pick up. I tell you this because I see it all the time. Check out tiktok, ESmain, Facebook, and other social media sites where you see children almost dancing naked and videos. And all because the parents do encourage it. So don't come and be hypocritical about the merchants being this, or the merchants doing the worst. Be a parent about it and take responsibility for your actions.

  • love your hair style

  • They have their own flag? Wtf

  • I don't know if you have seen "Mouthy Buddha"'s research on this topic. I found it stunningly eye opening. here's a link:

  • I disagree, I think it is grooming, like the mother said in the original video. Just as someone who was groomed from a very young age, this is similar to what I was exposed to. The idea of normalizing inappropriate displays of sexuality is a cornerstone of grooming and that is exactly what this doll does. (Another major factor is systematically breaking down healthy boundaries until there are no more boundaries left, and the doll could do be used to do that, for example having very age inappropriate sex talks with a child using the doll as a means to do that.) This gives me really disgustingly vivid situations about how this doll can be used and honestly, no. So I guess it fulfills the first major criterion, in my experience, and would only need the wrong person to so easily meet the other criterion. And other important question is, why? I get their explanations but seriously, why? Every form of media that children (and others but mainly children) are exposed to is something they will learn from. Kids books and tv shows and movies can teach very directly (like "small child, I want you to learn that being kind to people is the right thing to do") or toys that teach skill sets like motor skills, creativity, problem solving, etc. There is always a goal, always something that you're trying to impart on a kid. So what are they trying to impart here? What should a child's take away from a button on the genitals that moans when you press it be? I can't think of an innocuous reason,but maybe I'm just too cynical.

  • I don’t wanna be one of those people pointing at normal kids toys and going “mmm iTs THE WORK OF SATANN-“ but nope. this is not an accident.

  • i wanna get this for my best friend now as a joke but that's disguising to put on a trolls genitals, with gasping noises? yes it's hilarious for 18+ but highly disturbing as a children's toy

  • Floor gang?

  • The fact that pedos have a flag just makes me want to nuke the universe

  • 100% child grooming, their "excuses" make no sense

  • My most generous and positive explanation to the possible reason as to why it is placed there is for the benefit of the child's own relationship with touching their own gentiles. Children use dolls as a way to explore and live out things in their imaginations. If the doll is shown to have a positive reaction to being touched there, the child may learn to not feel shame from touching themselves in such a way.

    • That would make sense if it wasn't for 4-7 year old, but that a really good explanation tbh

  • The sound should’ve been a fart 💨

  • Come on... The button at the bottom is meant to be when the doll is moved and placed to sit down, then it makes those sounds...

  • And society wants to pretend that the big companies at the top aren't pushing pedophilia

  • It could be the intention was to add this for pedophiles who may buy the doll 🤢

  • We have to never stop fighting and calling out this pedophilic agenda because they are getting bolder and bolder

  • I had lots of dolls like this growing up, and if you did touch their privates they would make that kind of gasping sound. I may be alone in this but as a little kid, it told me not to touch there because the gasping is a pain or a sound that expresses discomfort. Once I would touch it it told me touching privates was bad

  • Sorry that is projection, Poppy looks more like a pansexual flag compared to the "MAP Flag". I will not validate people if they think,do, and feel the same way as someone did to me when I was a kid. That is a monster not a person. Normal people that never went to jail dont like Murderers, but normal people and Murderers both don't like Chomos.

  • W H A T

  • I'm not really on the qanon train where they claim that kids get kidnapped by sex traffickers every day in the US. There's a lot of exaggeration going on right now. But this is just fucked up.

  • Really? It's this blatant and still people don't believe it's intentional? Do they have to say to your face "We are trying to normalize pedophilia, it is part of our agenda" so you would see it? It's not only this, they got things like drag kids dancing for adults... They're trying to push more and more twisted things into a norm in people's minds. You can choose to NOW start digging and wake up... Or then you can accept everything and follow like sheep so 20 years from now pedophilia will be considered just another sexual orientation.

  • People might say stuff like this is a reach, but they need to remember that pedophiles are people. They blend in, they wear masks. They could be anyone. They could pick any job, they arent all stereotypes of basement dwellers and creepy uncles. They could be anyone from police to doctors, painters to software engineers, etc. The list goes on bc they could be anyone. Dont let these things go unnoticed. This went through many steps of production before release, and they need to immediately investigate and resolve the situation.

  • It was just slightly triggering for me...I just don't feel like this doll needed to be made.

  • the fact that the didn’t advertise the bottom infers they knew it was sus bc no one in their right mind would buy that

  • The button could have been on the back, the feet, the hands, back of the neck. ... You know not on the crotch

  • I feel bad for Anna Kendrick (or whatever VA did the toy noises) bc those sounds could be pretty innocent when ur recording them in the booth “hey Anna, gasp and then giggle! The doll is reacting to being tickled!” But then her voice is used in such a weird way 😨

  • I am a woman with a Bachelor's in Psych. A small child who plays with a toy such as this will likely associate their own genitalia with that of the doll....several future outcomes are possible as far as how the psyche is affected. Not necessarily all negative. I for one wouldn't offer up my child as an experiment to find out what those possibilities are, that's for damn sure! I'm glad they removed the toy for purchase because where that button was located is not ok. At all. There's no need to intentionally direct a small child to the genital area of a doll for any reason. what exactly is there to gain or teach here?? I say we just bring back the troll dolls of the 80s and 90s! I used to have soooo many...and I loved playing with their hair haha.

  • This just reminded me of a dollar store mirror going viral years ago for a photo of a girl cutting herself being behind the reflective foil, brainwashing kids is just growing more and more scary with this crap

  • I'm pretty sure the button is there so that when you sit the doll down, she reacts... but that still doesnt excuse the lack of transparency or inclusion of the button on the box. There's really no reason for a company to hide a function like that.

  • Well guys mankind had a good run but I think it's time to be hit with a big rock and cleaning the slate

  • MGA Entertainment which is a toy company that’s been around since 1979, (they invented Bratz) also has dolls called LOL Surprise where you dip them in water and strange lingerie type of things pop up on their bodies. No child’s toy needs that kind of sh*t. This is all part of trying to normalize pedophilia and grooming kids.

  • Through watching this video I asked my mom if my little cousins had that toy, she said no, and told me to look up lol dolls in cold water. What I found there I find to be more disturbing, relating to child grooming.

    • Child trafficking is real, pizzagate is not. Education has failed many 🙄

    • @Gipsy Dragon you realise that this a dumb conspiracy that originated off a prank site/forum that is right wing propaganda and is actually damaging to the organisations who combat trafficking? Utter nonsense. None of these claims have an ounce of credible evidence and it's pathetic.

    • Claudia Mooney it’s more than just that. Some get “panda eyes” which is normalizing child abuse, a slice of cheese pizza apparently means you like little girls, and pepperoni for little boys.

    • A picture of a piece of pizza?

  • Normal people: this is bad and gross, I am disgusted Me: HA HA FUNNY BUTTON PLACENENT -But nah this ain't very good.-

  • Pedo is already normalized but the collusion of mass media, entertainers//holliwood, powerful politicians and elite big business. Look at all the symbolism out there, which by the way is required of illuminati members (the prism and eye, cheese pizza, pasta, fried fish, walnut sauce, etc). You can connect a lot of the dots and find the keys to symbols and codes in Hillary email wiki leaks dump, court released documents of Maxwell's testimony and tweets/posts/graphics - hanx and glove or handkerchief projects (eg "SRC USA" next to the glove on the street, glove he says he never moves - right), jzee/perry/swift/madonna/gaga videos, hillary and podesta spirt cooking events as joe pedo art filled apartment, clinton foundation work with Haitian children, Alefantis comet ping pong pizza and ice cream shop (that removed prominent pedo code from its store sign after the FBI coding memo was released in the wikileaks dump), and the list goes on. This troll doll is just an infinitesimal proverbial drop in the bucket. Good to see though that some "wedge eyes wide shut" are beginning to open

  • “Unintentional” in a product is the fuzz and bits in the Jacklyn Hill lipsticks, “unintentional” is not the placement of a wired button with recorded sounds in an inappropriate area.

  • I think someone who made the doll probably rigged it.

  • So coming from a design stand point, I'm a graphic design major in college and I have thought about going into toy designing. First lesson they teach you when learning the basics of design is how the general public will perceive things and to make/adjust your designs accordingly. My professor put it best, "People are stupid. If there's any room for misinterpretation, assume people will see it that way." So even in the best case scenario that everyone in the process of making this toy overlooked this and didn't think people would interpret the button as creepy and weird, they should have assumed otherwise; because that's just what designing everything is about.

  • i was horrified when i saw this and when i thought i couldn’t see anything worse i saw a tiktok about the LOL dolls that have lingerie appear on them when they’re submerged in water

  • I don't have children but this is a big deal, it is creepy.

  • That's crazy, WHy? Just WHy?

  • I just think it's weird and sketchy they would put the button there and not advertise it on the box at all. Like they knew what they were doing was weird so why market it??

  • Another deliberate attack on the children. Kid-hating toys. This means WAR Hasbro.

  • The sounds that are made are disturbing, especially the surprised gasp. It is the sound someone would make when they are unexpectedly goosed. That was no accident.

  • I was so so SO ignorant to the prevalence of disgusting company practices, and the sexualization of children through toys... and Im ECA now for years and I never thought about the potentially insidious things being sold to kids as “toys” - I’m so glad I found this channel

  • I love your blond wig 😍

  • Sorry.. I can't stop staring at your hair it's really pretty!

  • They could've put that button anywhere, hell, even on the doll's back or in the middle of it's head! But no, they NEEDED to put that there with THOSE sounds? It's definitely suspicious.

  • U should talk about the lol doll scandal its kinda worse than this

    • @Local Clown just look up "the lol doll scandal" on youtube and it will come up

    • What happened???

  • The fact that there's a paedophilia flag REVOLTS me! Nauseates me infact!🤢🤮🤮

  • dolls have had "butt" sensors on dolls have been around since we started USEING eltronics in dolls nothing new

  • idk folks, its a CARTOON troll, were we KNOW from the movies that the lay eggs from the HAIR to make babys so they CLERLY dont have nothing tween the legs. and if you look at the feet this doll is clearly made to go with the ballon toy so to make sounds when sitting in the air balloon. and really ANYONE thats thinking its sexual yall NEED help

    • There's a button between the legs of a children's toy. When it's pressed the doll makes a giggle or a gasp. She also sings a song about having fun. How is it not sexual? I don't get your point. Can you explain more in dept?

  • this is like that wand that everyone was in an uproar about

  • I had a troll doll like this You know, It makes noises sings songs and crap like that. 5 year old me thought it was okay for buttons to be on the *_breasts_* and guess what noise it made YOU GUESSED IT!! Weird giggles and this weird m*aning sound. Its Hasbro

  • lmao was anyone else confused by the title?

  • One of the weirdest parts to me (other than the obviously disturbing stuff) is that there’s no indication that the doll does that stuff on the box. Also, as a mom of 2 toddlers, I’ll be thoroughly examining every toy they get from now on.

  • Why is there a pedo flag?! Our society is so f-ed.

    • Because they wanna normalize their acts by using the excuse that they're part of the LGBTQ community. They scare me. 💀

  • i believe the button was added to the bottom as a sensor to see if the toy is sitting ! its really an unfortunate thing, lots of toys have them INSIDE

  • Was it supposed to be if you sat her down she was supposed to act like she was falling down? Wtf?

  • im scared for the future :(

  • 😐😐😐p-p-poppy...y-you ok...

  • Pedophilia is never ever ever gonna be normalized as long as this fucking species exist thank you for coming to my Ted talk

  • It’s just a button placement. Stop freaking out/sexualizing this kids toy

  • Fact Check USA Today......all you need to know

  • I think it's alarmist to automatically think this is some sort of nefarious plot to groom children sometimes toy companies are just idiots, Mattel has a pretty extensive history of questionable products such as Growing up Skippy where if you twisted her arm back and forth she'd grow taller and develop breasts, or Magic Earring Ken who was a bit in the gay community because with the combination of his vest and the necklace he wore looking like a cock ring they were there for the unintentional representation, and the collaboration they did with Nabisco, the Oreo Barbie, alright in concept but they released both a white and black version all decked out in Oreo gear, the white version stayed around for a bit but the black doll was almost immediately pulled from shelves for reasons that should be glaringly obvious, because sometimes they massively fuck up in ways that aren't unintentionally sexual. But it gets even worse when any toy company is putting out product to take advantage of a sudden craze, as with Trolls World Tour, the craze won't last forever before kids are on to the next thing so toys are rushed through production with very little oversight lest they arrive late to the party, sometimes that just leads to overall poor quality but sometimesthe mistakes are gloriously stupid. Take the vibrating Harry Potter broomstick that your were supposed to ride like in the movies, why did it vibrate? I don't know but it was an instant success among adult female fans and if i could get my hands on one it would probably become my new favorite toy. Then there's that Tarzan toy where he violently swung a club up and down while screaming loudly when you press a trigger on his back, the problem there was the positioning of the arm as if you took the club out of his hand and pressed the trigger it seemed like he was enjoying himself on an extreme and hilarious level. My point is that shit like this happens a lot, people get all up in arms because they think these companies are out to sell their children into sex slavery, then the companies pull the offending toy from shelves and soon after people forget all about it and go on to be outraged by the next thing. It's a predictable, boring cycle, and especially right now there are much bigger things that we should be worrying about, especially here in the US

  • Western values and culture is getting even more interesting 🤔 😳.self indulgment, pornography, violence, normalisation of paedophilia, ....and that's just the beginning.

  • As a person who makes and customizes dolls I can tell you that there are much better places to put buttons. Yes sometimes if the doll has very little clothing and has features on the back, the crotch is a good place to but a button or switch. For example, I had to put a switch between one of my dolls legs because he had such large wings and designs that would make the switch obvious, but HE ISNT FOR KIDS. It is just a switch to turn on lights not moans and gasps. With the Poppy doll she has cloths that could easily cover a button on her back. There are so many other options. Like her nose, hands, feet, her belly maybe. I even think that her nose as a button would be super cute! Like you give her a little boop and she giggles? That would be cute! But no they had to go with the crotch option.

  • I wanna know what pedo was bold enough to be like "it's a sexuality" and make a flag. Like... No, a sexuality is different from a kink and your kink is wrong. Your kink is a mental illness. I don't often kink shame, but things change when there is no consent and children can't consent.

  • Disgusting... I’m probably going to check all of my kid’s toys when I have kids just in case. It would be SO easy for a predator to buy a doll like this and ask a child to find its “special button” and make her laugh and then copying that behavior on the child and making it into a joke. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was an actual thing that has happened with this specific toy and that is horrific that Hasbro has made it easier for pedophiles to prey on very young children

  • What the child will learn from pressing that button in that spot and from the doll making those pleasured noises is that 1) it's okay to touch that area on other people, 2) it's okay to BE touched in that area by other people, and 3) "Touching that area is enjoyable to Poppy, so it will be for me, too!" That's the 1+1=2 logic that that teaches. Also, fuck Hasbro's "we recognize the placement of the sensor MAY be PERCEIVED as inappropriate." No, it's not that it "may be" that way, it's not that it can be "perceived" that way, it just flat out IS inappropriate. Accept responsibility for your actions and stop trying to make other people feel like they're the ones who are being weird for calling you out, Hasbro.

  • Its really disturbing

  • This is disgusting and absolutely frightening. This was definitely done on purpose, no doubt about it. There are pedofiles who have power and they have an agenda and they want to condition children to think that this is okay. This is fucked.