Totally rElAtAbLe annoying habits

Publicado el 29 may 2020
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  • Ayyo is this the burger that killed the health inspector in Spongebob. Shit looks like a trip to the ER

  • All this shit applies to me, but it's misophonia, and really makes social interaction tough. Basically, small sounds overstimulate and make me irrationally angry. So the way someone is eating would bother me based on the sounds. Footsteps, random shit makes me super angry. Makes me not wanna go anywhere lmao. Cuz then I'm angry for no reason and then have to not show how aggravated it makes me. My sister's chewing is the worst. It's normal chewing. But it aggravates me. So on top of being angry, I have to act like I'm not angry lmao

  • help i thought i was the ONLY one who ate a burger like that. like genuinely i always take out the pickles cucumbers and lettuce and eat it like a salad especially at subway bye af 😭

  • I eat the outside cookie of the fig nuten and then the inside jam sometimes...

  • At 6:19 I always do that with popsicle that have chocolate on it and I do the same thing with cookies . When I eat I have a habit of eating one thing first and then going to the next . I can’t help it and I don’t care . I felt attacked too for some reason 😂

  • As soon as they mentioned the laundry detergent I smelt the EXACT same smell and was like WOAH WTF then I realised my step mum just filled up the rooms automatic air freshener 😂😂😂

  • That’s exactly how I eat candy and candy cakes. The chocolate is overbearing, so I either pick it off or bite it off if it’s too much. I peel the waxy chocolate off of Swiss Rolls too :( And I did pick my fingers until they bled, until I started seeing a mental health professional. It was disgusting and my classmates and teachers were really grossed out by it so I had to wear bandaids all the time like Juni from Spy Kids.

  • The shameless advertising and product placement in the troom troom video is making me sick!

  • Is this video from another dimension? I feel dumber by just watching it. These annoying habits seem like they only come from annoying, gross people. What in the actual f****?

  • people actually share drinks and food even when they had their mouth on there before??

  • I have this memory from like 20 years ago of my little nephew eating string cheese then backwashed it into his water bottle and I wanted to die. I’ve never forgotten it, it literally scared me for life 😂😂

  • I sometimes eat my burger like that if I don't feel hungry but I know I have to eat...

  • I thought it was going to say the chip chewing was annoying and then they pull out the most exaggerated backwash ever and it made it unrelatable again.

  • I lost my brain cells😕😕

  • What in the world??? who is eating soap omg

  • Do the people who write the troom troom scripts have more than 7 brain cells? I feel like all the writers were dropped on their heads repeatedly as kids? 😂😂

  • I think channels like Troom troom have got to be self aware and know that they get more views from being a laughing stock than a serious life hacks/crafts/whatever channel would.

  • why does it sound like the lady is fucking screaming into the mic

  • I actually eat candy bars like that

  • Are they porn stars doing these videos? They look like that...

  • this is just Giulia being personally attacked

  • Wow for me there were more ads than video

  • That’s the most foul looking burger I’ve ever seen...

  • The chips one made me say out loud "Who the f*** chues with there lips?"

  • "Tried of eating-" Ad interrupts Me:Yeah i'd rather not.


  • This one with smelling chemicals and soaps is actually a bit relatable, for me they are absolutely amazing and I love going to beauty/cosmetic shops and being hit with the smell of shampoos and soaps. But not eating them. No no.

  • tbh troom troom’s content is perfect for adult swim

  • my first thought with that burger was disordered eating. it set me on edge more than it "annoyed" me

  • I feel attacked too! I totally eat my Milky Way and 3 Musketeer candy bars like that! Lmao 😂😂

  • I also disassemble sandwiches all the time, also from my bulimic days. But also that burger looked disgusting, makes me glad I’m vegan, lol

  • The voice of the narrator is insufferable

  • Who takes a drink of water before finishing their chips?

  • This is so weird! I went to the channel and they have 19 million subs! I can't tell if it's supposed to be lame & cheesy or if it's unintentional.

  • I just hate when I catch someone eating the soap😂

  • OMG, I recognize that bottle! OGX is amazing, especially the Biotin and Collagen shampoo

  • The narrator makes me feel like I'm watching an episode of Dora the explorer

  • 4:31 Snort it. Then you'll be smelling it all day.

  • 💀😂😂 When it cut back to you smelling random shit.

  • "why are you taking it apart?" "It tastes better this way" she says as she enters it in MyFitnessPal to count the calories

  • "oh, sorry, I didn't see you there..." 🤣🤣🤣

  • 5:08 I am crying

  • I like smelling things but I don't do it in other people's bathrooms like wtf no one does that

  • that. has to be a troll. that is too silly please tell me theyre not serious like its too much i cant compute it otherwise.

  • Everyone make sure youre still subscribed, I just came to this video and it didnt show me as a sub. I look forward to giulia's posts every Monday Wednesday and Friday, make sure you dont miss out

  • Medicine Cabinet Snooping: A Solution- I come from a large extended family and we used to have large (75 +) BBQ parties 1 or 2 times a year. People using the inside bathroom would become a problem sometimes, even with a nice outside *designated* BR. Mostly it's just annoying- tracking dirt in and out of the house, medicine cabinet snooping etc. , usually due to guests of guests/family. So my Uncle invented a clever deterrent and a way to find the snoopers... Filling the cabinet with marbles. Empty the cabinet and fill it generously w/ marbles using a piece of cardboard to keep the marbles in until you can close the door. Ours closed with a little magnet, so the door would stay closed. There was usually at least one person in the kitchen to hear that unmistakable sound of marbles hitting the hard floor bouncing and rolling, followed by the undeniably awkward silence of the cabinet rustler, who has to come out of the bathroom and face the truth at some point. It was even funnier at smaller gatherings with everyone in the house to hear it. We usually laugh it off as a "welcome to the family" joke, saying "everyone does it"... knowing they'll probably never do it again and that actually most people don't "cabinet snoop"... not around here anyway lol

  • that burger genuinely look uncooked, wtf are they pumping these poor girls with

  • that bathroom lady has bathroom fetish

  • I am fucking dying and I’m not even half way through! How is that video real???!!!

  • i've never heard of this channel but it sounds like a couple aliens trying to pass off as human

  • Imagine being these poor actors who have to be in these videos. Also the narrator doesn't even sound real; they sound like a cartoon character.

  • Just passing by the laundry detergents section in a store makes it hard to breathe. Okay now that was uncalled for with the picking apart your food to eat things separately. I’ve always done that and while some people say it’s weird most people are just fine with it like oh, okay, each to their own. It’s not like I’m trying to force my own eating habits on people so they don’t really care what or how I eat. It’s my food and not theirs after all, theirs is not mine either. The only thing that seems to upset people is that I don’t eat sweets because I don’t like them, there are people that seem to take it as a personal attack that I’m either not eating desert or have a piece of fruit instead. I don’t like the taste sugar and that can sometimes be highly offensive to people but it’s like... I’m not going to bring up the most likely reason for it with someone that apparently sees it as some sort of a personal attack that I don’t? It’s not like I’m skinny either so perhaps they’re thinking it’s an excuse for being on a diet or something? I really don’t get it since they just go on and on about how delicious it is and I should just have a piece if it’s a so I just try to excuse myself as soon as possible. It’s just not worth it for me, the taste of sugar just brings back way too many bad memories. I hate it and that’s why I used to eat it. I’m trying to be a little bit nicer to myself these days and not hurt myself or do things that I find disgusting and degrading. And now I’m rocking back and forth again, don’t think about it, don’t think about it. Fun. I was going to do something fun. I need my sedative before this goes out of hand.

  • I actually screamed and jumped in my seat when she ripped her skin off

  • The only thing I care about with the bounty one is that she’s enjoying that bounty. Ew

  • That is the worst burger I have ever seen.

  • The crumbs in the bottle is something toddlers do. They are the only acceptable group of people to do that. Everyone else should rethink their life choices


  • That first video is some Black Swan shit 😐

  • That’s how i eat kit-kats, bite the chocolate off around the sides and take the wafers apart. It’s always cool when they come apart in one peice

  • "oh MAN!" XD wtf!!

  • I wish you could be my English professor :((

  • Omg that very first clip is basically like the “dramatization” image that pops into my head every time ppl pick at their cuticles. And oddly enough the voice message one is how I feel about my mom texting me. Instead of using punctuation to separate her sentences when texting she just sends a message for each sentence. It got to the point where I had to nicely tell her to never text me again. Only ever call. 😅

  • That’s how I eat too... but I struggled with ED through my late teens and a couple years of early 20s plus OCD, have to have symmetry, can’t have different foods touch and incredibly picky 🥴 might weigh in

  • Where do you get your wigs?!?!? 😍😍🤩 Does she have videos about this anyone can direct me in??? Thanks!

  • 5:02 my secret shame!!

  • Burger 'puzzle' or not, I always remove the wilted lettuce and the one or two token slices of limp dollar-store-caliber pickle. 'Double dipping' is uncouth, too. If your celery stick or taquito is long enough to require two plunges into the dip or salsa, break it in half first. Bite germs are nasty!

  • That’s how I eat my bounty’s!!! I feel attacked!!!

  • Your hair is fucking perfect

  • My mom ate irish spring when she was pregnant with all three of her kids 😆

  • I'm a person who finds eating deeply disgusting done by anybody who isn't my bf with whom I live and even I don't find it relatable Edit: but I relate so much to eating seperately because of eating disorder so at least that's something

  • I think the girls need to listen to the messages RIGHT AWAY is a bigger problem than the girl sending them.

  • I actually use the same purple hair conditioner :D

  • Oh, ugh. Troom Troom. Danny Gonzales has also done videos about them My face hurts from cringing. And the narrator lady is annoying af

  • As someone who eats a lot of things in a weird way, I can attest that A LOT of people care 😅

  • i am the bounty girl (but with tim tams and mint slices)

  • I remember one time my friend kept telling me to try the tea she made and I was like “hold on I don’t wanna put my food in your drink or something” so I started to chew my food in silence-

  • I bought 2 Casetify phone cases because of your sponsorship and I love them, they’re so much sturdier than what you usually see on the market. Thank you 🙏🏻

  • Military grade drop protection- so... so they won't fire a round when you drop them?

  • She looks like Michael Jackson

  • Im so distracted by the dude in the first video’s Garfield sweater

  • As someone with autism I can't handle mixing textures and flavors while eating, so I always eat everything on my plate separately Ik troomtroom is not supposed to be taken seriously but I feel like they haven't considered that some people just NEED to eat or do things different ways but oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Some of these look like they would be the start to a weird porno...

  • This channel kicks ass !

  • i was making lunch during the burger part and the burger looks so fucking disgusting that now i don’t wanna eat my sandwich

  • I'M THE SAME WAY WITH EATING! none of my food can touch each other. I eat a burger regularly but if everything's all on the same plate, I have to space them out so they don't touch each other

  • Girl, you've got a beautiful smile!

  • I too huff the laundry detergent I keep by my bathroom sink and eat complete bars o soap.

  • Can we talk about how disgusting that burger patty looked? Didn't even look cooked

  • Okay hun, that bottles yours now 🤢

  • This is why we can’t have nice things. This is more cringey than 5 min crafts 😂

  • Hi, I've been wanting to ask this for a while now, but I'm shy lol. .... I DIG the outro music, but I hate that it gets cut off because I want to keep listening to it sometimes (E.g. when doing uni work)! So, if you or anyone could let me know the name of that song... It would be greatly appreciated!

  • Idk. If you’re messages while you’re in class or at work maybe.....ignore it?

  • Your videos are always so entertaining to watch

  • Okay the disassembling burger one just pisses me off more than it probably should. I've got Autism and, of course, the heightened sensory that comes with it. So certain foods I have to eat in weird ways elsewise it *physically hurts.* I'm much better with it now and it's mostly things like bacon or pickles in burgers that come out entirely instead of biting off that screw me over, but I honest to God used to eat burgers bit by bit because that's the only way I could tolerate them. I know I'm being way to sensitive but, to the extent in the video, it feels like an attack on people like me, I guess? Imagine a kid with Autism finding that Troom Troom video only to be shamed for a behavior they can't help. Again, I know I'm being sensitive, no need to point it out, but I just had to mention it.

  • You gagging over the chips reminded me of one time when I watched a guy accidentally take a sip out of his “chew bottle”, a bottle full of used chewing tobacco and saliva, and I actually almost threw up at the thought and the visual of watching him do it

  • ťŕõöm ťřóōm

  • One of the things that grossed me out was how raw that burger looked when she disassembled it

  • The narrating voice is driving me crazy omg. It was still a fun video though

  • that first one had me cringe. like. OW

  • in all seriousness tho, I NEED that pink "future is now" sweater from the bathroom scene