TikTok's top creators are blank slates

Publicado el 28 may 2021
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    • You do realize some of these talking heads or digital characters on TikTok are deep fakes and or digital 4D cgi programming caricatures. The governments has been placing these so called “influencers” out in the digital cyber space of social media for awhile now. There are a few ESmain channels uncovering the truth and there is some evidence of this. The Katy Perry video of her dressed as a clown showing off her baby clothes is a false digital 4D image of KP.

    • Hey this has been bothering me for awhile and I feel like I might be over exaggerating but recently the male pr0n star Jonny Sins on tik tok duetted Charlie Damelios video of her 17th birthday, he basically was saying really weird things and the comments were even more disgusting. It has millions of likes and I haven’t heard a single soul speak on this. He was basically insinuating that he wanted to “phuck” and keep in mind he is a 42 year old man and she just turned 17. If you could look into it and possibly speak about it? Again idk if theres much to say but i cant stop thinking about how this went unnoticed 🙁

    • Bella’s vid also gave me Melanie vibes when I heard it!!!!!!

    • All their wines are dry, so don't even consider it if you like a sweet wine! I wasted so much money lmao

    • @al u arent the only one!!

  • Bella is a genuinely cool person I don’t particularly like her online presence, but she didn’t really have much of a childhood which is why she is so childlike and strange online. You should look into her story

  • The only big TikTok creators I like are KallMeKris and CelinaSpookyBoo. They’re unique and have talent

  • I thought build a bitch was mariana and the diamonds oh my god?

  • I personally think this blank slate behavior is a response to cancel culture.

  • I really feel like it wasn't natural that these people got so famous, I believe their content was pushed for some kind of reason.

  • I’m so out of the loop lol. I refuse to install tik tok

  • I told my neice to never get this app too much cringe and a possible cause for brain damage


  • I feel like back when social media wasn't a thing, you still wouldn't get to know too much about your favorite musicians or so on, however everything they achieved and showed the world was done through their own lives (not separately, like it is with Tik Tok if that makes sense), and to go along with that the way/reason they became famous usually matched what they did in their career.. no head bobbing or algorithms.

  • Your hair looks amazing in this video, love all the bright neon colors!

  • I'm glad tiktok got banned in my country India.

  • Blank slate is really interesting to me Is this why K-pop got big? I have friends that are hardcore K-pop stans but don't know the lyrics because they don't understand the Korean language but they mostly are attracted towards a K-pop star's looks and only watch their videos for that soul reason or sometimes their repeatative background music beats which is really weird to me because I have never understood that. It's all is kind of really shallow but then again maybe this shallow mentality is why the Kardashian are where they are.

  • Bella Poarch reminded me of Melanie Martinez too, her video also reminded me of Save Your Tears by The Weeknd & Ariana Grande

  • That music video annoyed me of Bella poarch so much like watch mrs potato head and watch hers not much difference in the intro either 🙄🙄

  • Watching Bella poarch’s tik toks with no volume is frightening

  • 💜💕🧡💙🌸💐🌹🌺

  • Living for this hair 💖🔥❤

  • I notice how a lot of people with smaller fanbases are a lot more personal. Maybe it's because they feel like they're able to get to know a small number of followers and you know most of them probably like your content and have similar views. The bigger and bigger you're following gets the more disconnect there is when you're trying to comprehend the bigger numbers. Plus, there's always a bigger fear of judgement when you know your following spreads over more demographics and ideals.

  • She's the one who lipsyncs and bobs her head. Do you have any idea how little that narrows it down?

  • As a professional actor of 17 years, I have LOVED being told that Bella Poarch would be an "amaaaazing actress" because she can move her face. I just can't.

  • What my problem with bella is that she got famous by doing child like faces/mannerisms. And nobody finds that concerning. Like a bunch of creeps are finding that attractive and its gross and wrong. And yes I will kink shame you, especially if the kink revolves around age or children

  • yulia has pretty eyes

  • I will 100% say that I would rather watch a video of a cosplayer who has put their heart and soul into a cosplay where the video has maybe 100 or something likes, than watch a video of Bella or Charlie lip syncing that has like 100 000 to a million likes... and honestly... that is what I'm doing on Tik Tok already!😆 I mostly watch cosplayers and anime related tik tok videos, with some normal videos in between. But I have NEVER watched or liked a Bella or Charlie tik tok video... or any of those types of creators to be honest...

  • "Do the zombies have names? Do they have personalities?" Me: *starts feeling anxious because that's a rly deep question* •_•

  • Why is this so revolutionary? Don't get me wrong, I agree that there's nothing to relate to, but was there ever? Even when celebrities show us their real lives, lord KNOWS most of us can't relate. This is just honest. And, hear me out, maybe even a bit less toxic than old school hollywood tabloid culture? 🤷‍♀️

  • Interesting concept. I haven’t studied much about the development of literature or plot. Some exist to project while others are truly a character of substance. Although, I wonder what sort of person will be presented on the reality show. It’s going to change her public persona. It’s giving me Lindsay Lohan vibes

  • came here because tiktok just showed me @carolines_music. no idea whats going on but im very alarmed because her last post was IN this hospital (with mom softly teleprompting in the BG) but currently shes on LIVE at home in bed talking in circles.. this feels like a gypsy rose situation but who knows maybe im assuming the worst. she has said that she has mast cell activation syndrome and is allergic to everything, but im having a hard time wrapping my head around how her medical providers and family are letting her live like this.. and nobody else is worried idk IDK

  • I think this probably is a one size fits all type of thing and that's why it works so well. There isn't really something to like, but also nothing to hate on about those creators.

  • I heard that she was at one point in the military, but I’m not 100% sure

  • When she says "concierge" properly 😍

  • We were talking about this with my friend who is a designer. He was angry that there are no longer interesting cars. Every car looks pretty much the same and has very similar advantages and disadvantages because nobody takes risks. And I theorised with the fact that in order to be marketable and to sell as much as possible you need to be conservative with your design and nobody has money and time to take risks. I think this was going on for some time now even on YT and in real life. Due to plastic surgery ppl tend to look very similar no matter the gender. Many big influencers tend to look alike and they copy from each other to be safe. My theory is that under rapid capitalism there is no place for diversity there is an only "attractive" middle because nobody wants to risk their money on taking a risk.

  • You mean steal dances....not come up with dances.

  • this is a bad take

  • Great topic

  • Yooutube recommended Build a B*tch to me and I didn't even realise that was by her. I liked the song so....

  • Giulia hello! If I get time I will make some fan art. Liked subbed. I can’t believe I’ve been watching you all this time and you are only 27!? You have a wise head. Really enjoy your content, really like you. Best wishes from the UK xx

    • You always remind me to be cautious and to think before I act.

  • s far as the DiMilio family goes i feel like fame is just being pushed on them n they r accepting it cuz im sure it makes em feel special. Charlie was just being a typical teenage girl. Seems like she has a nice personality compared to other teens, healthy self esteem, shes in shape, likes to dance n she just wanted to do what teens these days do. Attention is addicting when ur so young. She wasnt striving to be famous. I have a feeling the fame being pushed on her n dixie will burn em out. Now! , This girl right here...has some actual goals n is going about getting a good start to a real career the best way possible. Aint saying im right, im saying this is how this is all coming across to me

  • I'm sorry but, Tik Tok has a bunch of mediocre dancing and lipsyncing people that are somehow famous for being boring, pretty or plain looking, and dare I say it?....white and/or privileged. The most annoying thing is the fact that they legit steal most of their ideas from others like the renegade which Charli "made" famous and somehow got away with giving no recognition to The actual creator while being interviewed by so many platforms about it. These people are stealing others work pasting their names on it and getting Idolized by others and they are annoying AF IMO.

  • Forgive me if I'm wrong - I actually watched Bella's video after seeing this, but I feel the whole song was based on romantic partners and had nothing to do with expectations everyone else placed on her. I don't think she was contradicting herself by showing little personality online and then singing differently, I think she was just specifically speaking about romantic relationships ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Blank slates, I have another name. These people example dimelio have ZERO talent. I come from a time, when social media didn't really exist. Honestly I think most things on tiktok are just awful and not good, especially for impressionable children.

  • I am reminded again of how low-to-no effort you can get away with your content being... if you're pretty enough

  • Me listening to Build a bitch after watching this 😁

  • Why can’t I be rich just for lip syncing

  • We forget that, just as with Hollywood and music, social media is now controlled by top corporations whose job is to sell us products (including human products, such as artists). The reason we don't know much about these influencers that came out of nowhere is because they were launched into stardom suddenly for a reason, differently than what we are used to (normal people going viral and then becoming influencers). There are companies whose purpose is to recruit talent to then make into a product. Hence, "Build a Bitch" could very well be a representation.

  • This is such an interesting discussion and you made some very interesting points. As someone else mentioned, this seems like an after effect of cancel culture. These kids have grown up watching people get decimated online just for breathing a wrong word. That has to affect the way you learn to navigate the internet.

  • I feel a large amount of people relate to the “blank slates “, as they are as well. I feel along with social media where to have a successful channel you need something different or individual to hold an audience, tik tok is just the opposite.

  • About the literary thing. . . I swear the ‘blankness’ and your ability to project yourself onto the character is why so many ppl, including myself, loved twilight back in the day. Bella is so blank.

  • I absolutely love the hair and makeup combo!! 😍

  • between your merch and your sponsors, girllll you are gonna have me broke! lol i love all of what you suggest and sell!

  • I'd love to see a grwm while talking about the video topic of day. Love your hair & makeup.

  • That description of Bella was shade filled and I’m here for it.

  • I always thought Beyonce was a blank slate 🤔

  • I don't know but could it have something to do with the rise of wattpad y/n stories?? Because they are kind of the prototype of the blank slate y/n protagonist

  • Wait what is your degree in??

  • You need to stop closing off your nasal passage when you speak, its make a distinct difference in tone and your making your voice deeper(most likely on purpose) stop.

  • not to belittle the young woman who are the top of TikTok, but they feel like they came out of a machine. They feel interchangeable. IDK if that is because of how they produce and release content or if it is how they are managed, but there seems to be no spark or charm to any of them. (Harsh, I know.)

  • It's dumb that people get famous for nothing more that moving their heads and looking pretty 👁️👄👁️

  • Honestly, I think it's strange to critique people for their fame. Fame is something that is earned regardless of the means, because it is something subjective that is born outside of themselves. I had not seen or heard of Bella Poarch before this video; so, I decided to listen to Build a B*tch. I do agree that it is very very similar to Melanie Martinez's style, but I also won't act like people have not been expanding off of and more or less "copying" some ideas (to some extent) from each other's styles in music and in art for generations. I don't personally see anything wrong with what she's created. I was really impressed by the video and concept, and it felt like a parallel take on Melanie's style, which was interesting and somewhat refreshing given all of the drama and energy surrounding Melanie in recent years. I don't see a problem with people being given a chance and a platform by TikTok to create something more, at all.

  • I wonder how long a lot of these TikTokers' careers will last tbh. Like look at Musical.ly stars now for example, they're already becoming irrelevant. I see some of them that have well over a million followers, but they struggle to get even 15k likes on their videos now. Just a couple years ago, they were doing entire tours. It's crazy how anyone can be an influencer for doing nothing these days, social media is oversaturated with them imo

  • Yeah, I prefer some personality and flare.

  • I really liked Bella's song and when trying to learn more about the story behind it I realized that, as you mentioned, she doesn't show much of herself. I thought it was weird, I don't use tiktok so I didn't know it was trend. I found the topic fascinating.

  • Her wigs are always so gorgeous

  • She’s cracked the code by completely objectifying herself. There’s soooo many pdos and abusers in this world and they love content like that.

  • Its better to be private imo, because it protects the person from their lives being constantly nitpicked or their careers being canceled for things in their private life

  • When you say that all we know is that she can lip-synch bob her head and look pretty I feel like she probably can’t do much more than that I know that sounds horrible and I don’t mean it that way but some people just look pretty that’s their talent and I feel she’s one of those people and it really is sad I think that’s why her only Condon is this blank slate stuff there’s nothing beyond that in her lifeOr she thinks if you see what she’s really like people won’t like her I mean there’s so many sad reasons but I think if she had an interesting life she would want to show you It’s sad that these are the kinds of things that kids look up to maybe I’m just being cynical but that’s how I feel I only really watch prison TikTok because I feel like it’s the only real TikTok not putting on a show They’re not making it up they’re in prison and its how their life is

  • ok but build a bitch SLAPS i’m not gonna lie

  • Bella Poarch is soo annoying omfg why is she famous she deserves nothing

  • I think it's so obvious, as soon as a famous person shows some personality, people start judging them, and I think that hurts even more than being judged by our bodies. I myself am trying not to show too much online bc I wanna be famous and I'm working on something behind the scenes. So I totally understand why celebrities are scared to show themselves on a deep level, I wouldn't wanna offend anybody either...

  • they are just models, loved by appearance, but not known about

  • I love your hair and how your makeup matches. 💚🖤💜

  • I love your hair and how your makeup matches. 💚🖤💜

  • FUCK girl your hair 🥺💕

  • I find it interesting that you say “the people I enjoyed had a personality I could relate to or hook on to”, but did you really? Or was that actually your personal projection onto them? Because I’ve seen fans of these same tik tok stars say the same thing. As a sex worker myself, I try to be very open about who I am as a person, but I still have the majority of my fans project onto me what they want to see. I don’t think these people are “blank slates”. I think you’re just not the target demographic. We all form parasocial relationships with creators, and project what we want to see. It’s no different with these tik tok stars. (I’m not a fan of them or anything, nor am I arguing with or attacking your video! Just my point of view on it ☺️)

  • My guess is that the weirdos who are really into looking at these young women for whatever reason don't require more. Then there's children who want to be them. I can't think of anything else.

  • Rad hair

  • I totally understand what your point is but I don't think Bella Poarch hides THAT much. It's pretty easy to see that she has shared a lot. She was born in the Philippines, adopted, had a hard ab***ve childhood, was in the Navy, was bullied as a kid, and has wanted to make music since she was a child. I am not a follower or fan of her. All I knew before one google search was that she was in the Navy....

  • i kinda disagree with kat’s main points in this article, yeah bella of course puts her favourite parts of herself on the internet and the parts she thinks will be accepted, we all do. we aren’t all okay with sharing all our flaws to the world like that. don’t say her song is like, idk, not justified, or hold it against her for that. maybe it’s because i found bella through valkyrae and 100T so she was in more personality based content but i don’t have an issue with what she does. some people enjoy those celebrities so like who cares.

  • This is such s good conversation to have about the darkness of this new generation of fame that is actually just as illicit, if not more than the paparazzi was for the early 2000’s fame. Things are sneakier now, and the effects will be studied. Also you look GORGEOUS, as always :)

  • Oh this HAIRRR purrrr as u should

  • I love your videos, you bring up very interesting views.

  • Very interesting

  • white mediocrity at it's finest

  • Omg your hair is so gorgeous!

  • It is no longer a question of imitation, nor duplication, nor even parody. It is a question of substituting the signs of the real for the real. Our reality is now a simulacra. 50 internet points for the person who first identifies the quote.

  • that hair is a fucking sunset on Jupiter

  • I just found it funny that in the music video the women all had the same body type and met modern beauty standards - so much for the message lmao

  • I didn’t know Bella made “Build a Bitch” and I thought it was Ava Max or Melanie Martinez lmao

  • I think it has a lot to do with cancel culture, people are too afraid to be too much of one thing, or to have an opinion. Having an opinion is going to offend someone, and if that someone has the ability to cancel you, they will!

  • The blank slate thing definitely helps but I think I still feel that popular tiktok people are definitely famous for way more sinister reasons. Especially the side of tiktok that has just lipsyncing/barely dancing to songs, colloquially "straight tiktok", most of the huge creators are/were teens during their rise to fame. They oversexualize themselves hard-core and constantly thirst trap for both the predominantly child audiences and ALSO the pervs that are attracted to children/teens. The pedos take advantage of how the popular people are attractive blank slates making qeasily replicable videos and that being such braindead content that kids like it enough to constantly and repeatedly watch it. In the case of bella it gets iffy because she very much looks way younger than she is. Thats not to say she is doing it maliciously or that she can't express her sexuality because she happens to be a petite younger looking woman but she very much is playing into and profiting off of the fact that she looks young and the crowds it attracts through tiktok. Children might be the biggest part of her audience and that of the other teen/early 20s thirst trap dancing tiktokers but they're not the ones giving them money. Through views maybe but I'd bet money on a large portion of those views still being pervs, any merch or actual music sales being them too. Bella plays into her youthful look A LOT: super oversized clothes, the pig tails, cutesy songs/sounds she uses. There are a number of times where she accentuates it and overtly sexualizes herself. It honestly reminds me a lot of the other popular Bella from the internet that does the same thing. Its tough to bring it up that they're obviously playing into and profiting off of the pedophilic sides of the music/influencer industries because it comes off as trying to police women's bodies/sexuality just because they happen to naturally look younger

  • I think the thing is that maybe we dont want to consume hard to digest and "deepest lore" content when going through something like tiktok, sometimes you just want to relax and consume stuff that you dont have to think too hard about and that's okay too... p.s: Bella has more content than just "bobbing her head to the song" she can actually sing very well (acapella stuff)

  • Your hair🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Industry plants.

  • we r making people famous for stupid reasons..m

  • Tik Tok, stupidity at it's finest

  • I like it when you go all nerd and philosophical. Great video 🥰

  • I LOVE this wig

  • Of course I looked up to my role models because of their personalities first and foremost - that’s what made them good looking in my eyes.

  • This is a great topic to discuss. I love when you tie in what you explored in school to your videos! Everything we learn and experience can be interconnected in a lot of ways. I’m studying sociology and oooo boy I can’t wait to write papers on things like this. Already dreaming of maybe writing a thesis on parasocial interaction when I eventually go for a masters. Love your content, Giulia!!!♥️

  • The lip syncing and dancing is what I hate about tik tok 😂 feels so fake