TikTok's lifting community

Publicado el 8 may 2020
What do you guys think, ethically?
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  • I have something even worse in my area. Theres a shop here that’s popular, but its not a big corporation in the slightest. They sell jewelry, some clothes, and home decor. Girls that are around my age and younger have been stealing expensive jewelry there. Its not like its a poor area either, i fact most of the thieves are in richer families. It really sucks because its an awesome store who cares about its customers, but these kids feel the need to steal just because.

  • I mean I knew someone who actually shoplifted because they couldn't afford clothes and whatnot and they have a family, and I could understand if homeless people did it, but otherwise its dumb as hell. You don't do that shit just to have fun and make a tiktok.

  • I worked retail and stores at least think that most of their "shrinkage" is due to employee pilferage so it's actually the employees who become the "prime suspects" for this type of loss. Corporate "overlords" have been known to come in and fire people just on the basis of their statistics.

  • what I don't get is that people post this stuff on the internet as if they're proud of it?? like, there's nothing to be proud of when your affecting employees lives with the shit you steal babe.

    • @CoolOnetwo3 yeah lifters that need to to survive are good as long as it’s only what they need I’m on this video to see what anti lifters think, and I can understand it but I still support lifters If they need to I don’t think I would ever take something, I might have at like 5 XD,

    • i uhhhhhhh... Im not proud of stealing i just have no other choice bc my parents are both drug addicts and dont buy anything for me. I'm only 13 and need to survive..

  • Finally somebody fucking says it, I think this trend is ridiculous, and the way people try to justify it is total bullshit.

  • If there's one thing I've learned about thieves, They don't care about the size of the business they steal from. Any theft has an underlying component of dishonesty.

  • wh-why am I watching this? I'm part of the community and I don't need to sit hear and listen to someone talk to me about my life choices so I'mma head out.

    • Same XD, now I half agree with this video but what do you think about it? I’m a baby “lifter” but I don’t think if ever really steal but I support it kind of ^^ I also have found no evidence that it hurts the employees unless it’s family owned

  • Shoplifters are the reason why the kroger I work at is no longer a 24 hour store so I only get an hour to shop when I get off work cuz I work late :*)

  • I keep seeing alt kids bragging about stealing from the company I work for and I always feel so weird seeing it

  • Do you realize we have feelings too? We aren’t just a community..we are real people. And little do you know once you simply take one thing it’s hard to quit. It becomes a habit. And it’s not stealing it’s not shoplifting it’s borrowing, and we never said we’re borrowing to mess with large businesses we do it because we want to. We say NOT to borrow from small businesses. They can’t legally touch us so if we put it on our body that the best hiding space. Besides we only borrow from homophobic/racist companies. Your like 25 picking on children what is wrong with you?

    • EXACTLY, I honestly do not know I half agree with thi person and half agree with the community QWQ I’m confused

  • Wahhhh wahhhhhh wahhhhhhh bootlicker

  • if the peoplw who worked in the places cared they would try to stop you. They dont give a shit.

  • Stealing is stealing. Don’t be a thief. I had my longboard stolen. People would steal constantly from my work and we’d just get in shit for not seeing it. It’s so frustrating like you don’t need to steal a damn phone case.

  • these are all privileged white girls

  • I'm pretty sure companies can't legally punish their employees/cut their pay for things that are not their fault (people lifting) it really doesn't seem right

  • people used to lift as a coping mechanism or simply just to survive the day as they cant afford things. thats why we only steal from chains because we know how much it will effect family business/ smaller business , however its kinda sad and annoying seeing that many kids are lifting / " borrowing " for clout as they think its cool :/

  • I accidentally stole a chapstick from the dollar store once. I was holding it in my hand, and it was winter and for some reason the store didn't have the damn heater on so it was freezing cold inside. I stuck my hands inside my pockets without thinking because it was fucking freezing, waited for my mom to pay for the stuff she bought, then we left without me remembering to pay for the chapstick. A week later I went into my coat pocket, pulled out the chapstick and said, "oh shit...."

  • the division 2

  • I mean... I really don’t think they’ll stop this, as long as they exist they’ll steal so I’m kind of apathetic

  • Let’s be honest your stealing because you want to But please dont

    • Guys please don’t steal

    • altar of decay and?

    • - Charlie no, if you steal you’re a criminal

    • Well it depends on the store, don’t steal from small business

  • My friend is a kleptomaniac and every time we go to stores she steals. I was very angry about it but eventually gave in because I forgot to do my full research. She was saying how it didnt affect the employees themselves, blahblahblah. I stole pins from five below and sprays from trader joes because I accidentally let my morals slip. After doing more research and rewatching all of these types of videos I have remembered where my heart lies- the employees. I feel extremely guilty about stealing those things. I did when I did it and I do now that I have. It was selfish and stupid. I should probably stop hanging out with that friend.

  • love watching these stealing tips as a retail worker and giving my manager the latest techniques to look out for

  • Privileged people (usually skinny white girls) shoplifting vs poor minorities. Before you call racist I am a black minor and it’s tempting asf. People do it for different reasons, most to resale the items or for self gain.

    • @I'm litreally just here what?

    • @I'm litreally just here yeah qWq

    • @•lps noka• Meant more online, in most fandoms I’m in nd on most websites like ESmain people at least started putting us in a lot of gacha things and animations, severely stereotypical or not

    • @I'm litreally just here ? Don’t know where you live but I’m America our rights to marry have been discussed to be illegal just three months ago and we might loose it. Not even going to mention all the discrimination Also only thirty countries out of the world have legalized gay marriage and again discrimination is so likely and happens every day. I’m sorry if I misunderstood you or something 🥴

    • I would say straight but at this point people of the lgbtq community like me get more than equal rights

  • I think that it's ok to steal from big companies lmao. Just don't steal from small family businesses. A lot of sh1t is overpriced for profit and some companies are just f*ck1ng disgusting and support child labor. And I empathize with people who don't have that much money and resort to borrowing because I myself wasn't raised in a wealthy family. And if you think you're hurting the employees when you shoplift from big companies, no you aren't, it's the person at the top that has the fault cause they're the one with thousands, millions, or even billions and still won't pay the employees enough.

  • It bothers me so much when people are like “hehe gonna go steal from walmart fuck capitalism” but then be like “oh nooo don’t hurt the family business, they need the money” like yeah sure, but stealing is stealing, people are gonna be affected by it no matter what

  • I’d like to point out that, no, you can’t eat makeup palettes. You can sell them though. Poverty is a systemic issue and blaming people for shoplifting isn’t helpful.

    • Are you kidding make up pallets are tasty af XD I’m sorry I had to

  • People constantly steal our tips, like wtf you know you're just hurting the employees

  • I stole tampons fairly often when I was struggling

  • Most big stores use the franchise model. It's local owners that get screwed. Corp already made their money from royalty fees or the local store buying the products you're stealing.

  • When ya rip off a big store it doesn't come out of corporate profit. The theft rate often affects staff bonuses on a location by location bases. So if a store has high theft, that yearly bonus could be halved. And when I worked at Wal-Mart that bonus is how alot of people recovered from winter debt come April. So yeah, ya ain't "stickin it to the man". You're rippin off students, parents, and people just tryin to get by with what work is available in the area.

  • Stupid criminals post their deeds to the internet , good ones don’t

  • Stealing from chains is better than stealing from a mom and pop shop but it’s still bad

  • i’m surprised you didn’t bring up kleptomania

  • i haven't seen that much of this community, but the one person i came across talking about shoplifting seemed to be a literal kleptomaniac. they were talking about how their mom made them steal things (i think? i don't remember perfectly) and that they felt they had to steal whenever they were in a store and at that point...posting "borrowing tips" on tiktok is not the way to deal with that.

  • I hate how they treat this as a personality trate. Like honey no, stealing dont make you quirky, it makes you a criminal

  • Im fucking depending on McDonald's wifi rn and these stupid fucks are stealing for fun. God I hate tiktok and the younger generation, behavior like this is unacceptable and there should be some form of consequence

  • I'm from Poland. An ex-communist country. DON'T FUCK CAPITALISM. Fix it. But oh god do not fuck capitalism.

  • I've only ever lifted for food and even then, it felt kind of scummy. Generally because I'm not that kind of person, but at the time I was financially, well, financially what? I didn't have anything at the time. Fortunately, it didn't last too long this way and I'd rather not spike my adrenaline about "getting caught".

  • if its chain its free reign.

  • This is exactly the problem I have with these PC pirates who espouse self-righteous BS about sticking it to corporations when all they want are free games.

  • I'll never forget the time I saw a literal child run out of a store with a hand basket of stuff... I just simply felt terrible for him :/

  • I have stolen stuff in my past and I agree with your approach to this topic. Being wrapped up in materialism is a hurtful mentality. Honestly being a grown up now and being able to afford stuff instead of stealing sometimes I just feel bad owning so much anyways. Things are really not worthy investments and just quick fixes in the moment.

  • The guy at the top of Walmart is dead-

  • I once accidentally stole a little yellow die cast volkswagon from Kroger. I didnt realize it was still in my arm crevice and i thought my husband scanned it. When we got to the car I cried and felt so terrible about that little accident, people who steal for funzies have no soul.

  • This video could just as easily be about those protestors looting and destroying stores. And yet people defend them.

  • Sounds like Walmart and these companies need to pay their employees better. I mean, companies like Walmart steal from their employees and communities ALL. THE. TIME. If we’re going to talk about consumer theft, let’s talk about corporate theft.

  • i dont see anything wrong with it, i love that community. If its a chain its free reign.

    • @altar of decay ????

    • @altar of decay you can smell the privilege from this comment lol

    • madi the ol pump and dump, that’s rough innit

    • madi whatever you say, criminal. stay mad xoxo

    • @altar of decay um??? i grew up with a single mom who only got 200 a month in a house that was literally fucking falling apart, you dont know anything about me

  • They’re clearly just trying to justify getting a stupid thrill from stealing. My other half works as security because the store that hired the security were losing a lot of money. Before that its down to the employees to look out for thieves so it comes down on the workers heads when they loose money. Investigations, greater management involvement, reprimands etc. And like you said bonuses (which a lot of retail establishments offer) rest on the performance of the store. If youre in a £/$200 a day deficit then upper management wont offer pay rises or bonuses

  • Ultimate shoplifting tip : they wont catch you, if you wont steal !

  • People are gonna steal what they want not just anything at all, the point of stealing from big corporations is to not put money into the pockets of billionaire ceos cause it’s nearly impossible to shop ethically in capitalism.

    • Corvivid Art no they won’t lmao I worked at a Sephora theft had nothing to do w us. It hurts workers when it’s a small business

    • @Isabella Schuster the workers will be harmed, not the ceo

    • Corvivid Art so people should just not get things they want cause the systems in place exploit workers ? Nah dude. If ppl are gonna steal from big Corporations to stick it to the man they’re going to and they’re gonna risk it for things they want and they can do that tf do you care for?

    • @Isabella Schuster that they don't have to put money in the ceos pockets. they can just avoid getting the lipstick altogether

    • Corvivid Art ok. What’s your point?

  • I gurantee most of the people doing this can actuslly afford to buy the things theure stealing too i gurantee theyre not poor kids like when i was a kid i stole food because i had to not because i could

  • honestly as long as its a big corporation and not a small 'mom and pop' shop I'm fine with it. these big corporations do not care about us, they will continue to make money even if people still so...... who cares tbh

    • Did you... Watch the video? That's not how it works.

    • but it hurts the employees? poorer retail workers get fired over this sort of thing. if it’s out of necessity (food, toiletries, etc) then sure, steal from a big chain. but by stealing a lipgloss from ulta because you think it’s saying “fuck capitalism”, you’re not hurting the big corporations. you’re hurting the retail workers who didn’t catch you.

  • This is why tik tok is getting banned

    • It’s not getting banned, that’s a lie that orange told us to scare us

  • My boyfriend works in a store and has to take verbal abuse almost daily because his managers ask him to question shoplifters ‘can I see inside your bag?’ etc. Shoplifting doesn’t hurt the corporation, it hurts the poor staff who are working for minimum wage and just want to work without being verbally assaulted

  • okay but now can you do a video about the weightlifting communities? lol cause i clicked so fast thinking this was that!

  • You're also hurting people who work at the corporate level of these corporations, without being the "person at the top." I used to work in corporate for one of the brands that it's now popular to steal from, and I witnessed multiple people who worked in merchandise planning and inventory management get fired or get put on performance plans because of the amount of shrink their category had over the last year, which supposedly was their fault for not keeping better track of the inventory. So you're hurting the hourly workers who get paid nothing, and you're also hurting someone who gets paid slightly more but spends 5 days/week now getting constantly reprimanded for something they have literally no control over because they don't work in the store.

  • Ready to glare needs a podcast

  • i don’t know maybe i’m dense or maybe it’s because i’m in it but i still don’t see much wrong with lifting a lot of people still buy some stuff they just lift too and normally it’s small stuff so i don’t see how taking a couple lip glosses is really going to hurt someone if you’re buying a couple shirts or an eye shadow pallet

    • @Maggie A yeah that’s the only really thing true lifters do, now there are lots of stores where when people steal it affects no one and lots of true lifters go to those But I’ve done my research on it and found it s good way to lift without hurting anyone Also the fake lifters are diubg something good, they are making prices for big stores higher XD which makes people go to family businesses which is amazing but other than that I have no support for it

    • @altar of decay lollll I bet your a lifter, I knew you where a troll from the beginning but your bio made me laugh out loud Mkay lmaooooo

    • @•lps noka• i mean this video wasn’t about that though, this video was about people romanticizing stealing for fun. but yeah if you’re doing it for survival that’s fine i’ve got nothing against that

    • @Maggie A yeah lifters don’t support those people, those people are not the problem on tik tok, most of them got arrested/grounded after parents found there account True big ones haven’t posted in months, we need to be worrying about the videos that are traumatizing people like the vid where the man commits Yeah it’s still not down! This video was completely stupid for not focusing on what has been going on for months and needs to be talked about

    • @•lps noka• if you’re doing it for survival that makes sense but i’m talking about upper middle class teenage girls walking into ulta and taking six lipglosses, two expensive eyeshadow pallets, and a few bath bombs just for fun

  • honestly what bugs me is that there are innocent people who have done nothing wrong that get profiled and accused of shoplifting by racist/classist staff members and customers. meanwhile these people on tiktok that brag about shoplifting $700 worth of makeup/designer clothes/other novelties get away with it free with no consequences what so ever, even when they post it to the internet FOR EVERYONE TO SEE. If this is not evidence of racism and classism still being a huge issue in our society today, then i don't know what is. Because from what I have seen, 90-99% of the members of this tiktok shoplifting community are white along with being fairly well-off financially, and they never get in trouble for it even WHEN THEY ADMIT TO IT. meanwhile there are people who get scorned at and at times arrested for something that they didn't do. If anything needs to change in retail, it's the racial profiling and the classism that is still prevalent. We need to take a stand against discrimination in our communities. also another thing, (sorry if its a nitpick) but, i hate it when people try to twist it when others call them out on it and say, "just say u hate poor ppl" when they're nowhere near poverty to begin with. Like, way to generalize poor people as thieves when they already have enough to deal with already. im sure they didn't mean to, but, they need to be careful about what they say. (Besides, these tiktok "lifters" are not even stealing essentials needed to live, they're stealing designer luxury items that they do not need. I promise you don't need to steal a $200 eyeshadow palette from your local Ulta when there are $15 eyeshadow palettes that are just as good and do everything the $200 one does) And the retail workers that are being effected by what they're doing, might just be struggling to make ends meet with the $8 per hour they make. It could be the only source of income they have available. I'm sorry for my long rant. It's just that I work in retail and it just does not sit right with me that these people are able to get away with stuff like this and face no repercussions at all even when it hurts others. tl;dr: don't shoplift items you dont need, fight against racism and classism in retail. be considerate and thoughtful towards store employees. also, you don't have to shoplift to "feel the thrill", in my opinion, bargain hunting in stores is so much fun and satisfying and can save you a ton of money. The best part is, everyone wins and no one gets hurt! The employees make sales while you save money, its a win-win, honestly.

    • i definitely agree with this! as a woc i’ve been followed numerous times in stores and i wasn’t stealing, but seeing white or those of lighter skin getting away with stealing “hauls” of items.

  • crazy how the ones bragging are white girls taking non necessity items. like of course that's what it is.

  • I get an adrenaline rush when I catch people stealing and call security over

  • ok, before i even watch the video, i would just like to say that i have seen a couple "lifting" videos on my fyp and honestly wtf is wrong with people. they say "if it's a chain, it's free reign". no. stealing is bad all around. and there was a video of a girl stealing this bike from some kids and it had almost a million likes and tiktok said there was nothing wrong with the video?? everyone thought it was hilarious that she was literally stealing from children. i remember there being a lifting community on tumblr, but it looks like they've moved to tiktok.

    • wingeddemigodrunner i assumed it was her little siblings or something, maybe kids she was babysitting, maybe her neighbors?

    • @Maggie A i thought so too but the kids running along behind her made it seem sus

    • oh i saw that video of the girl w the bike.... i assumed she faked it lol wtf??

  • It also comes from privilege. As a POC, I have been accused so many times, had my bags checked by security, receipts checked when leaving, and it feels so horrible and demeaning. I have never stolen anything in my life and I struggle with money. I don't have the luxury of going into a place to steal whatever I want because I am already being watched, but meanwhile on tiktok....

  • when ur favorite youtuber calls u out😗

  • Shoplifting from a corporation is a victimless crime. Your video did nothing to demonstrate harm.

  • Why did I think this was going to be about lifting weights and fitness

  • Holy crap i remember when you only had like one page of partons. Amazing 👏 😘

  • It actually hurts the customers. When a company has to cover its losses it needs to increase revenue to cover said losses and they do this by increasing the prices of merchandise.

  • don’t steal from “mom and pop” shops or local restaurants or any restaurants at that. but hobby lobby is homophobic, and i personally believe if you work there you support their morals, and you could work at micheals instead. i don’t support stealing, unless you need to to survive. but, if you “lift” from hobby lobby, and i see it, in minding my own business. sorry if people get heated at me, but homophobia justs makes me so angry and i hope to see hobby lobby shut down

  • I’ll say this all the girls that I know and boys who shoplift are rich

  • If you can only afford your lifestyle because you steal things, you can't afford that lifestyle. If you feel the need to steal to get extra makeup or whatever, you don't need the makeup

  • Hi, Walmart employee here! please don’t steal from us.

  • Damn I thought it was about weightlifters 😭😭

  • The only thing I liked about them was the spongebob music, until I realized it comes from you. Like u said but slow brain at 4 in the night...

  • i’m late to the convo but i think this is interesting i will never judge someone stealing from a store to feed themselves or clothe their children, but i have a major issue with glorifying shoplifting non-necessities or stealing from small businesses i think there is a very valid convo to have about the ethics of buying from say, Walmart, but treating stealing makeup and designer bags as cool and moral is gross

  • I find that the people who steal the materialistic things that they don't really need are typically richer and are actually able to afford the items they are stealing and just do it to look cool whereas people who steal items they need like food and regular clothing are actually in need and genuinely can't afford it.

  • Okay! Fine, I'll admit it I stole the bubblegum lollipop when I was 5. I am sorry. Put me in prison ;-; Oh and my auntie works near a high school and all the girls come from the school to steal all the makeup and steals stuff worth over 100 quid most don't get called out as they play the i am too young or whatever card. It got so bad that they would have to have an assembly every Friday calling out everybody who stolen from the shop.her By the way, plz don't come at me for this but my mum had divorced my dad and he took most of our money so we can't really afford all of our meals. My mum usually skips dinners to feed us it got so bad she had to pinch a few potatoes for her to eat before she fell ill. We go to the food bank but usually everything is took apart from tins of soup which we do grab.

  • what if they’re like homophobic -

  • I used to think stealing was completely wrong until I worked in retail. I'm not going to say do it.....but I can see why.

  • What makes me annoyed about their reasoning is that a lot of big stores (especially restaurants) are franchised meaning that you are hurting a local business owner more than any corporation. So that excuse doesn't work. Plus many people complain about "food deserts" in urban areas is because of people stealing from those places, which makes them not worth running there.

  • Had absolutely no idea this was such a popular thing (dont have tiktok tho if that matters). I'm from Germany and have only been working at fashion stores and everything you're saying about these people basically fucking over employees and not the cooperation itself is so true. Every few days we find out things that have been stolen and everyone of us had defenitely gotten in trouble for not being able to catch the thiefs. We also don't have any cameras, security in our mall doesn't really give a shit and we are just understaffed all the fricking time, so I guess the people stealing know that by now. Sadly I'm not even joking when I say I get yelled at every few days because of someone stealing and me not noticing it. It's just NOT possible when I have to do a million other things, being at the cash register and also talking to customers who need help. We get yelled at all the time, our christmas bonus for example and similar things always get cut off and just going to work every day in fear of getting in trouble again for something other egoistic people did for fun, is not great at all. I hate it so so much

  • as some who used to steal and never took pride int it and is fully ashamed for what i did i dont understand how some could take pride in it its honesty fucked up (i dont steal anymore if your wondering and you dont have to lecure me on it because i know what i did was wrong)

  • I don't think that the lifting community thinks they're doing something "good for the community". You can clearly see that is only for personal benefit, because they do keep the shit that they steal.

  • I hate people who steal (except poor people who steal food to survive, pls donate to them), like I work hard so I can get stuff I like and you just out there stealing??? (I also dont care about capitalism, but as Ready To Glare said, it hurts that one shop more than the person at the top) I hope these poeple get caught

  • I’m sorry but anyone who thinks shoplifting or looting is ok is dumb as shit.

  • I mean... a crazy concept but if you don’t like big corporations, buy from small companies. Shop local, support family owned business.

  • lipstick it to the man

  • Same Ppl who notice 3 dollars extra on their Walmart receipt, then they freak out asking the Cashier why she charged that extra 3 dollars, yet they stealing 1,000s from stores everyday! Hypocrite losers!

  • These r same ppl who call Police when a man walks to close to them & when they lost an item after a friend comes to hang out, they end up accusing that friend of stealing it! When they just actually lost that item to begin with. Same hypocrite ppl that steal stuff from Walmart!

  • THey're like "well it's not our fault the companies dont dig into their own deep pockets to still give their employees earned money and just eat the profit loss. It shouldn't be that way!" YEah well it fucking is. No amount of shoplifting is going to make a company change their heart and start to eat their loss and use their excess money to keep paying employees instead of covering their losses.

  • I‘ve been working retail for a few years and actually got to do some important stuff like chosing pricing for products, and one of the things that comes in mind when i calculate a price is theft. So if any theft happens the damage will be covered by the product. Which in the end means that if people start stealing more, i‘ll just raise the prices and so unfortunately the honest customers will have to pay for the idiots that decide to shoplift.

  • Another way this could fuck with the employees is with paperwork. I’ve never worked a job where shoplifting could occur, but I’ve heard from other people that when people steal things if they do get caught employees just have to deal with all this paperwork about the stolen item and it’s just a huge inconvenience to their day. I guess that’s not as bad as money being taken from them, but still. They’re already working hard enough or probably not enough pay, do you really need to risk making them have to deal with you if you get caught and just ruining their day?

  • I dont mind when people shoplift from big chains and homophobic etc. Places. But it's not good to encourage it and "give tips" for other people because it is really dangerous and can fuck up your records. Basically, if ur gonna shoplift, shut up about it and keep it to yourself instead of encouraging an obviously dangerous habit. Edit: btw i am not a shoplifter, i used to be but i learned about some of this around a year or two ago and stopped immediately ❤ Please dont shoplift, if u do dont brag about it.

  • I love your videos!! Can you do a video on the "me vs the girl he cheated with" tiktoks that are popular. I find them disgusting

  • i have a question. is swapping earrings to pay for stuff legal. by this i mean there is two sets that have similar earrings and you swap one for the other (not swapping ones you own with store just store with store) legal

  • try doing this in the middle east, and you will have a permanent reminder of why stealing is a bad idea

  • Coming from someone who was a borderline klepto until I got caught aaaand arrested, this isn't cute. This isn't sticking it to the man. I was lucky enough to get a diversion (first offense blah blah blah), but not everyone is. I was a privileged young while girl who stole because I wanted to. I didn't put in much thought. But these people are fucking idiots.

  • I was told by the store supervisor where i worked once that it also causes the rise in price of products. They will rise the prices of things ever so slightly to make up for the amount of loss in thefts, as well as possibly having to give less hours to hourly employees or even let go of some, sometimes so they can try to hire people at lower wages.

  • Big companies have insurance I've never had nor have I met anyone who's pay or hours have changed negatively because of stealing N those people range from fully Corp stores and ghetto stores

  • The amount of TikToks I’ve seen on this is just so disgusting. There is a lot of kids on that app who are being influenced by it