This website is now down, but not for long

Publicado el 4 sep 2020
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  • i really hope i go to hell so i can freaking make predators suffer more

  • I can't find Belle's interview with that sicko, could someone tell me where it is

  • This is gross. It makes my heart just stop these men and women who like this or promote this sort of thing just shakes me up and makes me upset. Thanks anonymous for taking the website down.

  • This is disgusting, is this a legit site or could it be law enforcement tracking these disgusting people

  • Love the hair, you got a definite punk rock Taylor swift vibe going on, just started watching so not sure what the topic is yet

  • We should make a website dedicated to giving Nathan Larson a taste of his own medicine

  • it took long enough......The people who made that website should be tarred and feathered!!!!

  • As a 14 year old, I have been scared for so long of people who are like this. This makes me want to just hold on to my dad. He could probably beat this man up. And I wanna watch the showdown.

  • So, normally nobody deserves to die. but-

  • Lots of his followers are thin blue line???

  • Just how many posters wear the thin blue line???

  • this feels like the cult season from ahs

  • it’s punishment time FOR YOU NATHAN LARSON

  • Kids literally need to get off this ESmain comment section. Or just. NEVER say your age? You're commenting on a r*pe/p3do investigation video and you're disclosing your age? Good luck, I guess.

    • Especially -14 kids. Get offffff

  • I hope they tracked the IP address of all the posters before they terminated the site and did some home visits, cause that is absolutely disturbing that some of them were fathers with access to their trusting children.

  • oh hell no

  • me: one more video before bed... ... not that one

  • I don't want to be on this planet anymore.

  • The website is still up under .su !!!

  • I’m trying to get the attention of my local FBI field office, and I’m having no luck getting through to anybody. The website is still up as

  • For murderers? Call 911!!! I repeat call 911!!!

  • Hey, Nathan! Your beliefs are abhorrent! Someone call 911, literally call 911, we need the police at his house.

  • Alright who wants to go on a killing spree with me?

  • How is someone like this allowed to be a free man? He needs to be in prison

  • Unfortunately the same site is back up.

  • Keep up w what Trump is doing

  • of course, I have too look on this... WELL.. fOUNDED... JUST LOOKING ON TITLES make me sick.... fuck.


  • Just wow. I’m pretty young and if he actually becomes a part of congress you better bet your ass I’m moving to Europe. Hell no to the no no no

  • Let's turn it into a Scott the Woz website

  • Ahh yes... majority of em are men...knew it

  • This guy is sick. Great video.

  • this Nathan guy needs to be arrested and never allowed near ANYONE ever again. this is degusting, he's disgusting, he needs to be stopped before anyone else is harmed.

  • i have 2 newborn daughters. i am so terrified that i dont even post pictures of them. as a teen mom i cant even post pictures of MYSELF without men being creeps. i am so scared for my angels.

    • @Gray I plan on it. Dont worry.

    • please please please keep them safe, keep them off the internet for a while, please.

    • Hope they don't date or get married to men...

  • He is trying to make his idea more accepted and normalized. He might sound crazy now, but we still have to be careful because we wouldn't want them to have more power than they already have. Having a platform like that is already pretty dangerous in it self. This is NOT free speech, it's hate speech and it's a good thing the FBI is getting involved. Let's all not forget the hate radio in Rwanda I'm not comparing the situations, just saying that allowing this kind of discourse online is dangerous. People might start agreeing with some of his ideas, especially the ones about women's place in society and the white supremacy shit, and maybe the legal age for marriage. Ugh

  • He’s MKUltra for sure. No sane person would make these claims.

  • You are so beautiful 😘

  • Hi I have a concern that is VERY big he has made a new site that has kids who are younger than me saying that they want to be kid napped and or other disgusting things and I need to alert you on this its truly disgusting.

    • report it, deadass


  • I want to go on a man hunt. I have the ability to. But with how fucked this justice system is, I wouldn't ever be able to live a happy life as a mother and wife if I do so. Their time is coming. Someone will reap them. And whoever it is- i'll fight for your release.

    • it'd be funny if their death was from an 11 yo just a thought *coughs in this is a joke for legal reasons*

  • Thank you for covering this and helping that smaller ESmainr bring this out which is a very brave thing to do. PLEASE TELL ME WHERE THIS BLOUSE IS FROM?! Thanks so much 👽🖤

  • Okay so rebuilding the patriarchy i'm down for but everything else is a lil much.

    • @LUCIDISLAND chill clown

    • @Narnia he's a man..aka monster

    • Ud rape women and children? Why cuz ur a man..

    • Or how about none of it?

  • i wouldn’t be surprised if “boys will be boys” is brought up in this

  • How does one just stumble upon websites like this?

  • The website is back up with a new domain

  • My only question is... How often does she have nightmare's that she actually found this page? I feel so bad for her.

  • they've got another god damn site.

  • Wig game crazyyy

  • t h e h a i r

  • kids can't be kids anymore how scummy is this earth.

  • This is so alarming and so scary ):

  • Oh. My. God. SHARE THIS

  • They don’t want young girls because they connect with them. They want young girls because children are easier to CONTROL than adults. They don’t like being rejected by women with brains so they start trying to get kids who can’t defend themselves.

  • 3:52 Larson says women should be “in the home under the PROTECTION of their husbands” (note the word protection) LITERALLY two seconds after he says they “should be treated as sex slaves and baby factories” So which is it? Are they being used and mistreated, or are they being protected?? 🙄 Talk about double speak.

    • @Nathan D. Larson you're not funny...

    • @Nathan D. Larson you're clearly a fake pretending to be a dangerous person. if you are the real person, *I hope you get charged with life in prison with no bail and no chance of parole.*

    • @actressbrookesingleton Why though. It's my channel.

    • Nathan D. Larson you’re trolling and it’s not funny. This is a serious issue, lose the sock puppet account

    • Both. I will protect them from anyone else's harm and not my own.

  • He has a SERIOUS problem with reality. He keeps running for office, but never gets more than 2% of the vote. He has done this AT LEAST 3 times. (Not cheap) The only was he could think he had a chance to win is if his sense of reality is WARPED.

  • has nothing to do w anything but this is probably my favorite look from you!! the bangs are so cute

  • Just hearing you talk about this website gave me extreme anxiety. I know people use the term loosely as well as “shaking” but I can barely hold my phone with my two hands. If you’ve been a victim of child abuse you know the deep scars that stay with you for life. The website should be able to track its users and eliminate them all from society. This is so sick.

  • People need to understand. THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL DISCUSSUON ANYMORE. It's NOT about left or right. We need to seriously TALK about this. This is not normal at all. Can't watch the whole video. But I pray for this... to not come normal. I'm sick. Oh my god.

  • It’s called r a p now, they changed it to a USSR domain which is apparently way harder to remove, according to reddit.

  • Off topic but this hair really suits you

  • Boi we need to fight them back by hiring people to rape them back and see how they like it then. No one likes to be raped. Especially a pedophile or a rapist. It's a power game to them. We need someone to Dexter them and make an example for anyone who dares to dare to even think about it. An eye for an eye. They are already blind of they think of rape like that. Ya know bring back stoning to death or mediaeval ways to deal with active assholes like this. They need tp be taught a lesson that people are not afraid to fight back if the juridic system won't fight for children and victims. We all should fight back. These people are loser that refuse to play the legal game. So they invented their own rules. We should just put a ticking bomb in their rectums that explodes if they try to remove it or if they try to rape someone and that only kills them. Ya know like ankle braces but for butts.

  • Its still up. There are literal "confirmed" children on that website being groomed and having their nude pictures circulated. Needless to say, I don't think I'll ever have children. Not in this sick world.

  • THE WEBSITE IS STILL UP!! It’s September 2020 and it’s STILL UP.

  • *This is exactly why I'm fine with the death penalty.* After 2 minutes in, I need a break from watching this. Holy shit.

  • Ahora mismo estoy literalmente disgustado. Volví de un feliz día escolar sólo para recordar que cosas como estas están sucediendo en el mundo. Espero sinceramente que el mundo termine antes de que la pedofilia y la violación se normalicen. Alerta de spoiler: IT NEVER WILL

  • Julia, I found the new website. Please reply ASAP so I can get ahold of you appropriately.

  • i guess it became available again as :( i dont want to be live in this disgusting world .

    • no this isn't it

  • Im not saying put a hit out on this guy im just saying we wouldn't be sad if it happened 🤷

  • Shit like this is why I don't trust anyone with my son, unless they are in that small group of people who I am extremely close with. My husband thinks I'm overreacting, and just when I think he might be right, I see things like this and realize, no, no I am not.

  • I was just thinking "man, why isn't anonymous stepping in yet?" But

  • when i saw "incest" in the website... BYE

  • Dont worry there still lots more. You know where to go.

  • makes me wonder what other sites you want taken down

  • And you wonder why us women become feminists. (not me) but I can understand now. The world is a sick place.

  • Hey QAnon people, look!.......(crickets)

  • You look so lovely today

  • Ok belle is a queen

  • Lmfaoo I hacked into a guy on that website IP a his name is Larry McReynolds on Facebook attack him.

    • the only time when I support doxxing

    • How did you hack him tho?

  • The kids man THE KIDS

  • kind of regret watching this video. people wonder why i'm so pessimistic. people wonder why i hate humanity. people wonder why i want to die. THIS. THIS is why. i firmly believe that people like this, even with fantasies and not actually acting upon it, should be killed. they are not human, they should not have human rights, they are MONSTERS. i want them dead. i want every victim to have the experience taken away from them, make it so it never happened, i want those children to have been able to live normal, HEALTHY lives. this should not exist. this is why god either does not exist, or he/she is a psychopath who loves to watch his creations tear each other apart. i hope covid wipes out the human race, i really do. we haven't deserved to live for CENTURIES, and we just keep getting worse. i literally feel sick to my stomach right now. and to think, one of these monsters is our president.

  • The website is up again, this is so alarming

  • The site is back with the domain name

  • i was eating lunch before i clicked on this and now i feel sick to my stomach and don’t wanna eat... i’m a 14 year old girl and this is DISGUSTING

  • That man is cartoonishly evil

  • Sometimes crucifixion is the answer.

  • How do you delete pics on insta?!??! I have thousands of pics of my baby sisters and me on there please help!!!

  • I just looked up this guy. So he ran for Congress as an independent in 2018, abused his transgender partner enough that after the birth of their child, they killed themselves, and currently he is (understandably) denied contact with his daughter. Is that all truth? It's amazing what we as a society let some people (particularly cishet-white men) get away with. I am actually horrified and speechless.

  • honestly feeling the new hair

  • There are surprisingly quite a number of websites that revolve around child abuse and child porn. We once stumbled upon one of these websites on a school computer called The site was basically an image board for sexually explicit imagery involving kids. We proceeded to report the website and it was taken down. However they came under a different domain as a hub for about a dozen sites that contained child porn.

    • Yeah, it's horrible. I've reported a lot of sites, like paedophile modeling agencies, that lead to far worse things and things like that, but unfortunately it's a futile fight.

  • I googled this dude.... he’s F’d up! Also.... From Wikipedia on Larson- “He admitted to raping his ex-spouse,[6][2] who was transgender and committed suicide after the birth of their daughter.” I’m confused. He wants to control women, but he had a transgender wife? Huh And he describes himself an incel at times. So confused. He’s sick in the head

  • You want this man down forever? And the website down? Action taken? Email Melania Trump about it! She takes this stuff very very seriously.

  • omg this is terrifying

  • Pay a hacker lol

  • girl hire me to fix your audio

  • Major fed vibes from larson

  • I mean what would you expect from something that's called so disgusting

  • Why do people think it’s wrong to kill predators?? I’ve always wondered why people value the lives of people like this. Pedos and predators and rapists should be guillotined at the courthouse, in public, right after trials. Fuck them, they aren’t humans, y’all value “human” lives more than the human psyche. If someone can hurt someone in ways like this they aren’t people anymore, can we please throw them in the trash?

  • Just want to let everyone know that there are more depraved things on the surface web than the deep web. Yes there is fucked up shit on the deep web, but there is just as much on the surface web.

  • its still up and active r a p e . su let anyone you know who hacks to take care of it. but regardless they have also started a dark web site

  • Its probably just a FBI plant for catching rapists real and fake incerts

  • So they took the page down but that doesn’t stop the behavior. Hunt, trap, lock up for life. Obviously, more extreme measures like cutting their balls off wouldn’t be allowed in our country as much as I wish it was.