This TikTok trend is...unbelievable

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  • Unrelated to the video entirely but many asked about my sweater. It’s from here: This link is not an affiliate. I don’t make any $ off anyone purchasing.

    • Okay thank you

    • Can I just say, I adore your braided pigtails. They remind me of Wednesday's. Just loving the entire outfit.

    • That sweater looks cozy.

    • I love that sweater. I still have my original one from TrippNYC. So glad alternative clothing brands are a thing again.

    • I was gonna ask...

  • You look like Wednesday Addams and Steve from blues clues's love child

  • This is mockery. The death of empathy and respect.

  • Why would Jews be talking to Jesus in the afterlife y'all 😳

  • This is sickening. Just imagine how harmful and traumatizing it would be for an actual victim to see what these people think is ok to do. Those people are making it seem like some Hollywood movie that they are cosplaying. I have no words for how disgusting it is.

  • "Biff is up to some shit"

  • this made me choke on my candy corn... and proceed to lose my appetite

  • I hate it when people use “It’s for awareness and education” excuse when they’re doing something as horrible as this

  • that sweater gives me spooky vibes🎃😍

  • „We didn’t fit in” That is so extremely simplified, I can’t even-

  • i live in israel, and we have a holocaust day and every year we talk about it in school and sometimes invite survivers to tell their stories. and the holocaust is truely the most horrible thing iv ever heard. i cant even describe what im feeling hearing about so,e tiktok usuers making a fucking tiktok out ot it. like wtf fing something alse to POV not a horrible event that happened to REAL PEOPLE.

  • no one mentioning how the host looks like she's ready to blue-skadoo?

  • These kids are morons tbh.

  • If the clips you show represent most of the kind of stuff TikTok brings us, then TikTok is worthless.

  • I remember my dad once told me a story about how his uncle's wife came from Berlin. Her father realized what was going on and despite being semi-wealthy he dropped everything to take his wife and children away. After awhile they made it too an American base and ran passed the barb wire. I don't remember the full story but I think I remember the aunt telling me that there were guns going off in the background... I was seven or eight at the time. Huge history nerd even back then always listening to family stories. I didn't really comprehend it until years later though. She lived a long life had children and grandchildren and her father even remade his wealth in America.

  • im so happy i wasnt on this side of tiktok lmao

  • I'm shaking a little bit, because of this "trend". I don't like this "trend" it's not funny, it's not cool, and Definitely NOT Educational.

  • I have asked this question several times and no one has been able to answer it so far. Can anyone tell me what the intro voice is saying? It sounds like "Oh my lost in time", but that doesn't make sense because it doesn't sound punctuated as if the person is exclaiming "Oh, my" about being lost in time. Is it from a movie or a song? Subtitles just say "music" when it's playing. I honestly do not know why it drives me crazy not knowing, but it does. Help?

    • maria Thank you!! I am familiar with the movie. That was making me nuts. I have some deafness from years of ambulance sirens in my ears, so can’t make out the first part at all. I appreciate you telling me!

    • It's from Blade Runner (a movie) it says "All those moments will be lost in time"

  • Clout is one hell of a drug.

  • Look, if i ever get a ship to leave this planet, you can come. I will not charge you anything, you deserve it.

  • Beyond fucked

  • When you think about it, isn't this the same thing as the Cuties video did? Tried to show why sexualizing minors wrong by sexualizing minors.

  • This is all for attention. The way they look at the camera is "notice me, do I look good?" It's so effed up. I thought I was a out of touch teenager back then

  • and yall wonder why Trump's banning tiktok 🙄

  • Feels bad when you get a tik tok ad when watching this video :/ tik tok needs to die

  • Lol God: "oh what the fuck happened to you"

  • Most of these kids "acting" have probably never experienced anything truly bad in their lives. This is why children shouldn't be given phones. Smh

  • my great grandpa died because a fucking nazi shot him in his sleep. are these kids like actually on planet earth mentally at the moment?!??

  • 6:10 :c you can hear the pain in her voice as she tries to process why people would do such a horribly and morbid thing.

  • The makeup is kinda cool... Too bad no one can do it now without being assosiated with these people...

  • I just recently learned my great-grandfather was sent to a camp I visited three time with school (thank god he survived) and he was neither Jewish or gay; this "trend" fails to show how the victims came from different backgrounds. Some were Jewish, yeah, some were gay, yeah, but there were also political opponents, people who refused to obey, etc. also Auschwitz isn't the only "big deadly" camp, there was also Treblinka, and even then, there were not only extermination camps, also concentration ones that weren't much better.

  • Ya see this is why i don't own tic tok And ur hair is on point sister 👌

  • this "trend" is not it in so many ways. i hope they stop this like wtf??? its not a good thing to make trends about-- i mean i LOVE povs but like?? this?? no thank you

  • This trend is mocking and hurting so many people who either have relatives that went through this or ya know etc..Like some aren’t good and some are the ones that are giving you true facts about it you know? But the others are just wrong.

  • I mean every Tiktok user does support the Uyghur massacre going on in China ( but supports "social justice) they would be retarded enough to do this

  • did you know that biff means steak in swedish?

  • As a cosplayer we don’t accept them

  • How is this even become a “trend” like wtf

  • This is just trauma/torture p*rn. Literally. That’s all this is. It’s sick. There is something severely wrong with people who have taken part in this.

  • So glad I’m not on straight TikTok

  • Trump just banned TikTok.

  • where did you get your jumper from? it looks awesome :D

  • Honestly, TikTokers are uneducated, they can't think about what's right and wrong and just thinks that everything is fine when it's not, like they need help.

  • Lot of people will regret posting these kind of trends in the future.

  • What the actual FUCk?!!!

  • do we really need to “spread awareness “ for the literal holocaust, just donate to family’s or something

  • You are such a babe, on so many levels dude.

  • U know that second girl just felt left out one day and said, "I didn't fit, I know exactly how Auschwitz victims felt" and jumped at the chance to show the world how deep she is smh honestly can't believe how insensitive ppl can be while trying so hard to demonstrate their sensitivity... and I thought it was bad enough when the mugshot trend started at a particularly tense period of the BLM movement, but this takes the cake

  • This is disturbing. I never in my life thought ppl like this existed, or parents to these youngsters could condone something like this. Sad. That's what it is. Just...sad. Foreign adult with teens

  • This makes me sick to my stomach. I can't imagine thinking this would ever be an okay thing to do. It feels like they're trying to romanticize the deaths of these real people. I just can't with tik tok anymore. I'm officially deleting it.

  • There are also death pov's for other causes: 9-11, Famous people who died of certain causes, Black death, etc

  • This does seem a bit silly and annoying, but I don’t think it’s as big a deal as you’re making it. I don’t think it aims to be “educational,” as you assume; it’s just entertainment, just like everything else on TikTok. As for it being “insensitive,” to whom is it insensitive? Holocaust victims? They’re dead and can’t see these videos, so who cares?

  • welcome to a new episode "Americans being he grossest and most insensitive ppl on the planet"

  • My Bapcia (grandma in avi) was liberated from Dachau when she was un her late teens. I dont feel like being understanding towards these asshats, anymore. The number written on that POS's clavicle sent me over the edge. My gma tried to burn her number off with acid from the beauty salon she was learning in.. my gma would wake up screaming in her bed, shaking sweating, choking on her own vomit.. i dont see any good in these "trends".

  • Smh this is why I don’t use “TiCk tocKkKkKK”

  • I'm actually ashamed of what trends this generation has made

  • There is certainly a way to portray the Holocaust in a "historical story" type way, there are many plays about the Holocaust, movies etc. However the intention matters a lot, and to make a production such as those take so much time and effort that one's true intentions are always reflected on and taken into account. With one minute videos, it's easier to do things without deeply considering them. I'm sure if some of these Tiktokers had a chance to reflect on these things before hand they'd want to make sure not to be offensive, or would perhaps decide not to make those videos or to make them a different way. You made this point but I'm just agreeing and reiterating, I'm sure the intentions weren't bad but this is a lesson in intentionality in art and moral consideration !:)

  • I appreciate how well you speak and your vocabulary! You always sound logical it's such a relief from the other kinds of testimonies and videos on here and other social media sites

  • I'm with you on wanting to flee the planet to get away from the horrors of overwhelming human stupidity.

  • The holocaust ghost says "welcome to Heaven" so I don't think the purple POV speech is God but a newly dead person who has just arrived at Heaven. Still stupid though.

  • People are showing how selfish and self centered they are. I feel like they think that they are important enough that they think they will bring this huge awakening to the world... I think all sane people know terrible and sad and evil the holocaust was, we don’t need these YA or teens role playing for us to understand that...

  • You have a story based on something? Fine. You educate people on something? Fine. But a POV? That's just.....fucked up. My half-siblings' great grandmother escaped from Germany during the Holocaust and came to Canada and one of her sons died as a baby for reasons I don't know. She just died a couple years back at over 100. She was an incredibly strong woman from what I hear. She was German too. So sad to think they couldn't even live in their own homes thanks to some psycho murderer.

  • as a german, i visited a the KZ Dachau in 10th grade in the course of our history class. i remember very clearly standing in one of the gas chambers in which hundreds of thousand human beings have been killed. watching this i had tears welling up in my eyes, because this is the most disrespectful shit i have ever seen. THIS IS NOT SOME STORY, IT IS REALITY. THIS IS NOT ABOUT ‚FITTING IN‘ THIS IS ABOUT THE MURDER OF INNOCENT PEOPLE.

  • I *literally* almost threw my glasses on the ground in anger but I stopped myself knowing I need them People like these need to stop or need to *be stopped* Making a trend with such a tragic historical event is like making a trend about rape and killing babies; It's not good, it's not funny, it's extremely disgusting and it's terrible To the person who started this "trend": What the ever loving heck were you thinking!? I'm starting to question how old these people are. Are they, like, what? 10? 12? 13? If they really see this as "educational" then something is wrong with how they are being educated. Just, please stop this a horrible "trend" I don't even know if you can call it that

  • I visited Auschwitz a year ago with school and it's an experience I will never forget. It was traumatizing to walk around a place where so many people were tortured and mass murdered. This trend truly infuriates me and I can't find a logical reason for why these people thought that it was a good idea to make this kind of content.

  • People will do anything to be a victim today won't they?

  • Love the sweater

  • Someone should do the same to Chinese Landowner or farmer during the Chinese Cultural Revolution being drug to a square and screeched at by 100+ people (Struggle Sessions the OG cancel culture) and either beaten to death on the square or sent to the camo for slave labor and eventual execution. Or don't do that, and just read or watch historical documentaries. Spread the word, knowledge is power

  • I'd like to remind people, the NAZI Party wasn't as discriminate as you may think. It was practically anybody who could be inferred as "Enemy if The German State and of the National Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei" which was A LOT of people. Just want to give those victims a shout out too, the umbrella of enemies if the state under the Party was a lot more than people teach.

  • Tik Tok is gross.

  • There is a company called AK Interactive, they sell scale modelling products, who released a book trying to cash in on this too, with concentration camp dioramas

  • who would dislike this video honestly

  • absolutely unrelated comment but your look is giving me slight wednesday addams vibes

  • uhh...

  • i’m so disgusted, i have no words.

  • They claim its "educational" however they don't even know that Auschwitz isn't the place they are referring to, it's called Birkenau. Birkenau is the extermination camp which you see in all the movies. They call it Auschwitz all the time. That's not the name of it. Auschwitz is a 30 minuet drive from Birkenau and they are completely different places with different things occurring (All awful things). I should know because I've actually been, and trust if they go themselves there's noway they would ever say anything disrespectful as honestly it's so awful. No birds sing, no wind, it's just still and silent. It really annoys me when people can't simply can't educate themselves. It's not hard to do. All the information is right there.

  • This isn't really related, but how does everyone feel about (some) animal rights activists comparing the holocaust to animal agriculture? I've found an article about Alex Hershaft, a holocaust survivor, who notes the similarities between animal agriculture and the holocaust. "I noted with horror the striking similarities between what the Nazis did to my family and my people, and what we do to animals we raise for food: the branding or tattooing of serial numbers to identify victims, the use of cattle cars to transport victims to their death, the crowded housing of victims in wood crates, the arbitrary designation of who lives and who dies - the Christian lives, the Jew dies; the dog lives, the pig dies." There's also this article that talks about some of the problems with comparing the holocaust to animal agriculture. And this video explains why (some) vegans comprare these atrocities against other humans, to animal agriculture. So I dunno, what do you guys think?

  • Didn’t even know this was a trend till clicking on this video... This is why I stay away from POV Tiktok(the “serious” ones at least) it’s so fake-deep and cringy.

  • No worse than Twitter, allowing #wehopeyoudie to trend on their platform, which is in reference to the 2 cops that are fighting for their lives, after being shot at point blank range, while they were just sitting in their police SUV, not bothering ANYONE. #WEAREPRAYINGFORTHEIRLIVES

  • You are so beautiful 😩

  • wow people love attention

  • the WHAT

  • Nothing connects in their brains.

  • That one clip didn't look like a young person at all. She either doesn't age very well or she's like 30.

    • @DustWitch and sorry again for the long paragraph hope you read everything just get back at me and just like him being 25 and then still making the same exact excuses at 27 and he's almost 28 about him getting to ask me how he was driving a dangerous motor vehicle looking behind him and not really focusing on the road and he smashed into other cars cuz he was trying to get his pill stashes in responsibility when I was 25 or 24 I would never do something like that I would stop the car and get what I need to get and you wonder why everyone's unresponsible and don't want to own anything when you're around that age like I said you should already know better and what Society thinks of you you can't tell me you don't know better that's why when I was telling the truth to him or telling the truth to people similar that's around that age range or older they want to beat around the bush or get mad and angry stay away from me after I lay down the facts or get mad and get belligerent and throw other stuff that has nothing to do with where talk about because they know what they're doing and they know the truth so obviously if you done something like that to somebody that's way younger like 5 or 8 they will get mad or angry because you're telling them what to do and they don't like Authority but when you're older and you're acting like a child and your big fully grown adult that's a different subject.

    • @DustWitch so for someone like him to do asinine shit and he's nearing Thirty it's stupid. And anybody that sees something like that with thing to do is childish and needs to grow up especially we're living in the world where men don't want to give me money and it's hard for men to get help financially from other men and you're telling me you know all this and you can't pay somebody back just for the fact that they had your back and did all these things for you.? And you're going to have to come over and then go to say you're choosing money over friendship and knowing it's the other way around I just want to throw that out there that this is similar to the people that are doing stupid stuff on Tik Tok everybody wants to act like children and think oh just because I can get away with this and that's not how the law looks at it you can still getting deep trouble for doing stupid stuff and you hardly know better now I could see if you're a teenager or in your early twenties yeah but that's something different it depends on what gender you are in depends on the particular age as well.

    • @DustWitch and sorry for the long paragraph I'm just trying to get my point across like you might have some 20 something year olds that act childish that doesn't necessarily mean that they're too young to hide behind their age they're still fully responsible and should be held responsible if they are a man and they're over the age of 25 if there a woman they should be held responsible if they're over the age of 21 it shouldn't hide behind their age they know full well what they're doing once their cortex is fully develop the cortex is deplaning meaning you're able to plan things out better when your cortex isn't fully develop your planning isn't good and that's what makes you do stupid stuff

    • @DustWitch he was just trying to use me which I knew he was trying to do that all alone but he tried to act like he wasn't doing that so I was playing along with him and let's say. Instead of him being a man and owning his faults he went to act like a child you're not a ten-year-old and you're not a 15 year old and when you're 27 or 28 years old or 26 you look old yourself you look about 30 so you don't look young someone that looks really young that can hide behind their age is someone that's like 18 or someone in their early 20s when I was in my early twenties I looked 17 when I was 18 I looked 12 if I shave my face

    • @DustWitch and then when you get on that particular person about it he flares around act like a child and then he be like oh well he be saying stuff that doesn't even is about the topic that were talking about like I'm talking about me giving him money and he was say something about I told you I need the money for gas and reality his tank is full and he'll go straight to the gas station and buy some cigarettes you're practically almost a 30 year old man so you should know right from wrong and him bringing up something that has nothing to do what I'm talking about or him getting upset and then talk about how people not paying him money and I'll people don't give him money and I've been nothing but responsible and gave him money when he opposingly when he needed it which he never really needed it hand quotes

  • Omg, people are so so sick. What is wrong with people? Unbelievable😔

  • My great grandfather, who is still alive, actually survived Auschwitz and he actually found this disgusting and not much genuinely makes him angry but here we are

  • German here. I visited Israel on an educational exchange program back in 2014, visited the holocaust memorial center (Yad Vashem) and talked to ACTUAL holocaust survivors and this trend just makes me feel sick to my stomach. I had to partially skip the tiktoks in this video because it just felt so damn wrong even just watching them. Even if they didn't have bad intentions making those videos, it feels like a complete mockery of what happened and it's so disrespectful and makes me so angry I can't even put it into words.

  • It really offends me because my great grandma nearly died in one of them camps (Srry I cant spell it) and the fact people have the audacity to make this a trend - it’s not even educational too, they’re also treating trauma as a joke:/

  • Not to mention, and I'm totally judging a book by its cover here, none of those girls looked like the Holocaust would even touch them had they been around at that time.

  • Giulia: Pitter patter Me: *thinks of Letterkenny and starts giggling*

  • This is just sad. Geez I only have one question why?

  • Deadass I started cry-laughing. Like not “laugh so hard I cried”. Just. My brain doesn’t know how to deal with this tf. I’m glad I never ran into this videos, people are so tone deaf

  • I don’t know what happened with this Timeline but it’s a complete fail. We need a new / better one.

  • and some pro china foreign girl only think tiktok/self-media video is for watch handsome boy from china, and fairy girl from countryside. they don't even watch the world political news, got no sense what just happen at outside world, country decoupling china for reason.

  • New parenting goal: don’t raise my kid to be a fucking dumb ass.

  • that "thank you and smile" in the first vid is repulsive. Second video I watch from you and I really like the way you think and express yourself but this channel might be a youtube rabbit hole that is too depressing for me to dive into. I am so affraid that this kind of behaviour is not a momentary lack of judgement from these people but a deeply rooted, complete shift in what society accepts and promotes in general.. and it makes me profoundly sad (as you have said as well) for there to be any need to explain wtf is wrong with this disgusting "trend"..

  • This is sickening. This is disgusting. I’m a history teacher and I spend so much time when I teach the Holocaust on empathy, social responsibility and the gravitas of the subject in question. This needs to stop, now.

  • If you want something that you make to be "educational" don't you have to be educated on the subject yourself? idk anymore

  • The cosplaying and acting out of a traumatic event really reminded me of when my high school history professor made my class ACT OUT AND DRESS UP FOR a re-enactment of the Kent State Massacre. It just seems so wrong and tone deaf. Like I could kind of see maybe what they’re trying to do but they’re really missing the mark.

  • Oh _ew_