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  • I just had my daughter in January; she was stillborn. My 4 other children still mention her daily so she’s very much still alive in our hearts. I kept her with me in the hospital for about 5 hours and took many pictures with her. I have a few displayed in my room. One is on my night stand next to her urn. It’s a feeling I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy to lose a child. But I know it makes people feel uneasy when mentioning a death of a baby if they’ve never experienced it themselves. I’ve only shared pictures with my closest relatives. I find them to be sacred. I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing them with all of TikTok and making a TikTok while dancing would be the last thing on my mind but that’s just me.

  • Can you please stop waffling on so much and get to the point!!!??? For the love of pepperoni 🤨

  • i think the term trigger warning is my trigger. what kind of heads up am i supposed to get now? tf, i'm sensitive too, you know...

  • its so sad but the reason..... This is the social media generation.... i hope she gets help with her loss

  • Thanks for the trigger warning! Srry can’t watch ur video these things do get me wanting to watch but I just can’t do still borns 😭

  • I don't comment on many videos, but this one seems unfair... It's impossible to know why a grieving mother does what she does- and if you read through the comments below, you can educate yourself about different grieving processes and ways hospitals aid in allowing parents to get through such things- including allowing the parents time alone with the deceased child to hug, hold, bath, etc. If tiktok is sensoring the content, and she's not past the unhygienic point of holding her child (the "corpse" to some less-than-sympathetic commentors who care more about honesty than sympathy), then who's to decide how she memorializes that baby? Making it go viral gives this child a presence in the world that she couldn't have otherwise had. Is it kind of selfish? Sure, but the internet is inherently selfish and the news shows far more triggering topics to the general population than this mother did. With the additional step of tiktok censorship and the virility, as well as some introduction videos she made about her content, you'll have to actively choose to watch it knowing what you'll likely be seeing. She's not going against the rules, she's not intentionally harming anyone... she's memorializing her baby, and she's grieving. I hope those watching this, who see it as a problem, let it go and respect that this situation is, at worst, tragic and kind of cringy. At best- they realize it's beautiful if you genuinely just consider the idea of this mom finding a way to celebrate the existence of her child on a platform she enjoys, in a way that gives this kid a small bit of life outside of a name on a death certificate. I really, truly hope the backlash from drama channel judgement doesn't make an already painful grieving process even more unbearable for this poor family. Whatever her reasoning is- to assume she has any kind of mental issues and to assume this was some kind of cry for help seems ignorant without more information than a few sad tiktok videos. I don't know what I would do if it was my kid.

  • Okay you can tell and all of her videos that she's still actually at the hospital she may have held on to the videos and not posted them all at once but she obviously took them all while she was still at the hospital my aunt actually was having a baby for her sister who could not have kids because of some health issues when she was a teenager she couldn't but her sister could and her sister already had three kids of her own so she offered to carry a baby for her sister however at 8 months there was no heartbeat and at the time the doctors would not allow her to have the baby then they made her wait until she went into natural spontaneous labor and yeah needless to say she held her baby afterwards to say

  • I can’t understand the pain and trauma that this mother experienced and she is within every right to grieve however she needs. With that being said, this feels extremely inappropriate to post on tik tok. I don’t feel like there’s any need to do this besides clout. She’s literally using the baby as a prop for videos…

  • I would never under any circumstances try to diagnose a person, but I agree that she had a mental breakdown, and this happened to be her coping mechanism of choice. I just hope that people can realize that she isn't in her right mind at the moment, and not hold this against her. I have never been pregnant and can't imagine what she's going through on that front, but I know from first hand experience with trauma that the things that go through your head are not rational, and some of it is through humor. Though it's disturbing, I hope people can see this, and let her be.

  • This poor girl, she's obviously having a mental breakdown, it's tragic and I pray she gets help . You just do not dance with you baby's corpse on social media , it's extremely morbid and I'm surprised it hasn't been taken down. Why was she allowed to even have the baby's corpse for days and weeks to do this , where's the family, nurses, anyone!?

  • Can you cover / look into the allegations against Rob dyke here on ESmain?

  • The woman needs help, geez that's so so disturbing. Shouldn't be posting that kind of videos I don't care how she copes but it's disrespectful to the dead. You are so right when you say if it was an adult dead body it would be seen slightly different I think. Hope she gets the help she needs

  • Before Wolfcub we lost 10 and our, Husbeast & I's, coping mechanism is gallows humor. Otherwise I'd have gone insane with grief and unable to pull myself out from that spiral. When we are pregnant we NEVER EVER say the name and will very rarely mention the gender. We do however call our baby "Parasite" the # of the pregnancy & if we make it far enough a nickname. Eg. Wolfcub, who's 15 mos old, was Parasite 11 THE STRONGEST CHOSEN ONE Her sibling is Parasite 12 the Slumbering proto-Wolfcub. Wolfcub had 0 food or fluids to work with as my Hyperemesis Gravidarum was left untreated (unwillingly) for nearly 20 wks. I only really ate for 6wks of my pregnancy. For Parasite 12, they're just as active & refuse to have their photos taken on ultrasounds. But they do sleep on occasion & we think it's bc I'm actually able to eat!! As for this woman, those chilled Moses baskets are such an incredible gift to those who have had a still birth or lost a child. But watching the Tik Tok? That doesn't look like processing grief, or processing the intense trauma that is a still birth. That looks like a mental break at the very least & like her Hospital failed her. I hope she has gotten the grief counseling and support she needs.

  • I didn't have a still born but I feel for her 100% I don't like that she did the dances but I know that I saw that pain in her eyes!

  • I’m a labor and delivery nurse, as well as a NICU nurse and this is very disturbing. Mental health has to come into the picture along with losing her baby. I have seen every way people mourn in 20+ yrs. I am sure the nurses made updates to dr’s as well as grief counseling. It’s just so shocking to me. Rocking, singing, even thinking the baby was hungry... all normal. But dancing on TikTok that’s a first. I really really pray this mom got the appropriate mental health help she needs 😞

  • This is very upsetting. My teens are on tiktok daily & recently lost their dad & memaw. This would be traumatizing if they came across these vids. You were very graceful & compassionate in how you reviewed this situation. 💓✌

  • I'm working on my book of death from womb to tomb, and these is a chapter itself....I always comparing the stillbirth videos of today, with the post-mortem photos of de Victorian era, many thinks that people were crazy....but looking these...the Victorian where more cautious....more human....😓

  • Dance and celebration is a large part of some cultures and their grieving process. Her tagging those things I think is a little strange, but I don't see a problem with her videos for personal use.

  • I could understand not knowing the grief of losing a child you've bonded years to decades with but, I fill like a still born shouldn't be too extreme that some one would need to make videos like this.

  • No. Sorry. This is evil.

  • Ticktock is evil. Thanks for your content.🤘🏼

  • Does anyone know her tik tok name? Its hard to see

  • My first born son was stillborn at 7 months. It was 16 years ago and that pain never goes away. I just can't with these kids and what they post now. Literally nothing is off limits. I personally would never post a freaking tiktok dancing with my dead baby. I have posted remembrance posts on his birthday but that's about it. All I have of him is like 12 pictures. My family and I were SO devastated we couldn't even think straight. 💔

  • I'm just gonna say it here, and let's be honest. People's stupidness is just spreading faster than ever. Can we literally go back to the stone ages? We need to kill the stupidness in the world. I'm willing to make the sacrifice.

  • I hope she can get the help, love and support she needs. This is a coping mechanism sure, not a healthy one though and I hope she can find a way to healthily cope.

  • Wow! This woman has more problems than the terrible loss of her infant...whilst there are many strange ways to mourn, people don’t grieve via tictoc dances for all the world to witness!

  • The videos are down and she has comments blocked 🙄

  • You can have dark humor, but not share it with anyone. It's not difficult.

  • They have since been deleted

  • She's 1000% disassociated, in my opinion. My children are 11 and 13 and if either of them passed, I genuinely would just hold onto their bodies for as long as physically possible. I would not care at all how weird it is. That level of grief and are beyond caring about judgment, it seems

  • I lost my son at 9 months in 2018, I was 22. These girls are so detached from reality, I am so sick to my stomach right now. Seeing those videos was like reliving my situation & its the sickest thing I've ever seen. They really need to have their heads examined...

  • I thought the baby was a doll, not a real baby… poor baby I hope she gets help

  • As a mother of a stillborn that I carried full term, these videos are quite disturbing. I guess I could not imagine sharing something so intimate with the world 🌍 and still joke about it in a public way.

  • I feel so incredibly sorry for her. Such a cruel thing for anyone to go trough. The "waiting 8 months for you to come out without a heartbeat" made me tear up. On the other hand it made me appreciate the healthy little boy sleeping on my chest right now (currently 4 weeks old) even more and reminds me that it's okay to want to spend every second with him because it's not to be taken for granted that he's even here. So I really try to enjoy every moment as best as I can vicarious for all those who can't.

  • I was expecting so much worse from how you were describing it. I was thinking it was like a bloody mess or something nasty....but it looks like a doll. My take is that she probably gets most of her attention on her tic too. Maybe there isn't a supportive family or baby's father? Maybe she is getting her much needed support from the only place she knows she can? It seems that younger generations feel the need to post everything online for thr world to see, and this is another example of that. Appropriate? No way. But I don't know her mental health situation or what type of support she has in her life. It felt like she was desperate for attention, and maybe even acknowledgement of herself as a mother? Or of the baby? I guess my point is that it's not helpful to go straight to judging. This wasn't a 'clump of cells' as some put it. This was a full grown baby. So she is probably broken inside, despite how she is acting. I blame this need so many have to film and post everything....ppl will ALWAYS have weird ways of dealing with death...but unfortunately, we get more inside views, bc ppl have become much more likely to film and post their grief and/or breakdowns in the past 10 years!

  • there are so many ways she could have done this more tasteful. I lost 2 babies, not still born but one was 5 months old so I understand the need to share, but I feel like she disrespected that baby. Todays young are lost & and morally bankrupt


  • This person was pregnant, and you don't know what pronouns to use so you'll say she. Let me stop here an think.

  • when she started to talk about death and gref, i thought it would be about the girl who lost their big albino boa constrictor and cried while holding its body. that itself is pretty brutal but... never in 1000 years did i think it would be about a lady playing with their dead baby.

  • I'm in a place like, hearing it doesn't bother me, but seeing is different... so I had to scroll down while the tiktoks played. Either way, this is a very distressing topic. I know just seeing something like that could trigger a stress response from me. Glad I don't really use tiktok lol. Pretty messed up that she is promoting those videos that way, though. I saw a couple of dead animal vines once and it immediately sent me into fight or flight mode. I like to think that not a lot bothers me, but visually?? Yeah, I don't tolerate it well. Hope that this woman is getting legitimate help, tho. Can't imagine losing your child. I don't have children, but I did help raise my niece so I understand the fear of losing one. Said niece uses tiktok a lot though, so I'll definitely be warning her about these videos if she hasn't encountered them yet.

  • I do not know how to take those videos

  • This is so fucking wrong

  • I've had miscarriages, but was there when my brother's ex had their stillborn baby. It was tragic. They made her go through labor. More drugs so she didn't feel pain. What wax sad was I forgot. I forgot in the pushing and the excitement of crowning that he had already passed. I held him after Mom. He was perfect. 2 days shy of his due date. I just kept hoping he would begin to cry. I rocked him, rubbed his back, just hoping it was fake. Sadly, he had lost skin from passing through the canal after sitting in water for a day. So the tip of his chin and nose, his feet, were missing the top epidermis. I didnt care. He was beautiful to me. I helped wash him. Dress him for the photos. Took turns with her holding him. All while doing my best to comfort her. I get the pain, as a mom now, as having to rainbow babies myself. Still, dark humor or no, the almost disregard for her loss is scary.

  • There's having a dark sense of humor, and then there's someone in serious need of psychological help and having a mental breakdown...

  • I'm sure when she's older and looks back she's going to regret this because with age comes wisdom for the most part. I also know that people grieve in really strange ways that one person might do 50,000,000 might think is crazy and not helpful. So I can't help but things that maybe this is a little bit slipping from reality and checking out. If I were close to her I would be concerned like not that it's not concerning now but I'm saying that I would have watched over her and been like okay mental note I need to make sure she don't slip from reality completely. A lot of people check out because they can't handle the pain.

  • I mean im certain she's struggling a LOT however she is aware enough of what's happening to caption the videos "viral" and "fyp" which makes me doubt the whole psychosis thing. we need to acknowledge that while people have certain coping mechanisms, it doesn't mean they are right and definitely doesn't mean they should be shared on an app full of children and other mothers who have gone through this. it is very triggering.

  • Dead bodies do not pose any health risk to the living...the aren't breathing/ bleeding so they can not transmit anything even if that is how they died. (Before decomp obviously)

  • The ones where she's standing looks like she's holding a doll

  • Maybe she didn't really want to be a mom this isn't dark humor this is kinda like a relief for her

  • There is a photographic service that sends photographers to hospitals or homes to photograph stillborn babies as a memorial for the grieving parents ( They do their best to make tasteful photographs with or without the parents present. Photographs of the dead was a big thing in the 19th century well into the early 20th century. Sometimes, being photographed after death was the only time a person had a photograph taken. I guess after all the deaths in two world wars memorial photos of the dead fell out of favor. Everyone grieves in a different way, but I think this woman was trying way too hard to make it appear she was over it.

  • How has the baby not decomposed after all this time?

    • Dead babies usually start to rot and mold at 2/3 weeks after dying, she didn't kept the babie's corpoise for more than 5 days, soo thats why it wasn't rotting

  • so this what people mean when tim tokers are getting "too comfortable"

  • Different strokes, different folks. Everyone's mental fortitude is different, and yeah, people handle stress differently. Remember Logan Paul who was absolutely CRUCIFIED for giggling/laughing at the dead body he found? Yeah, I pointed out for folks to not judge him so harshly because a LOT of people deal with stress/extreme situations with laughter. I tend towards this as well. .. This lady has the unfortunate problem of having a cell phone and a Tik Tok account. Remove those and it would be one of those stories that only a handful of people close to her might have heard about. But we have those things. And the internet never forgets...and people on the net are more "harsh" than normal, because they are, or feel, more "anonymous". .. Me? I didn't watch it, but from the clips you showed, yeah. I can see a lot of folks loosing it over this. I think it's in poor taste and shows her lack of intelligence; anyone with half a brain would have realized, even if they were grieving, "Dancing and lip syncing while holding my dead baby might be seen as a bit...crass. Also, once it's on the internet, it's on the internet forever". Then not done it. .. This lady can pretty much kiss her entire online presence goodbye for a few years, as well as getting invites to parties and bbq's. Her best bet? Move, remove/delete all online accounts/emails, start over.

  • Is that really her stillborn bby, this is crazy!

  • Her acc has been banned on tiktok now

    • Thank god her babie now can finally actually rest in peace

  • I saw this TikTok also and I has in disbelief. After thinking about it, I think the poor girl may have disassociate after the tragedy happened and this was her coping mechanism, she had the trauma of losing a baby and could have also had post natal depression. I just wonder where her support system was?

  • is it certain that isn't a doll? my niece passed at 6 weeks old and we got to hold her after the funeral before burial and she was not for lack of a better word, rigid.

  • it looked like she was trying to preted her baby was still alive atleast for some of her vidios

  • RTG, check out some Caitlin Doughty vids to learn more about death stuff! Some of your talking points are a lil wonky.

  • The world is a dark, disturbing, insane place...

  • I just want to say, as someone who has lost a child, it puts you in a different mindset for a while. For me personally I didn't really care if I upset or grossed people out. I didn't get to see or hold my child but no matter what she looked like or felt like I think I probably would have gotten lost in weeks of holding her if no one stepped in. Men, women, theys, and everyone in between PLEASE check on your grieving birthing people. It's so easy to slip into a place this woman has slipped.

  • Prayers for everyone who has lost a child. 💔🙏

  • Subbing to you today...I've never come across your channel unfortunately, but I'm glad I did. Also, the tiktoks are horrifying my God

  • I’m an MSW and I am in no way shape or form diagnosing anyone here, but there is a disorder called Postpartum Psychosis, it often resembles something like a manic episode with impulsivity, disorganized behavior, disorientation, erratic behavior, and psychotic symptoms like delusions and hallucinations. It seems like she might be suffering from this, and instead of vilifying this woman (as I see some of the comments are) its important to simply understand that ones own experiences with loss and grief really don’t have anything to do with how someone else experiences loss and grief, specially if a disorder like postpartum psychosis is involved (which it may be, we don’t know). This woman may not have been capable of understanding the implications of her actions, and may have wanted to express her grief to as many people as she could in that moment of loss and desperation.

  • So you're shaming this mother for something the hospital encouraged her to do? Hospitals even make special beds that are refrigerated for stillborn infants. It's encouraged for them to take photos and make good memories with the baby, it's a part of the grieving process for a lot of women. Many will throw a birth party with family members, balloons and gifts for the baby. It's normalizing. This mom clearly does TicTok stuff, it makes sense she would share it there and in that medium. It makes perfect sense. Do people need to watch it or like it? No. I do think there should be a content warning lock on her posts, so minors can't see it and people know what they are going to see if they proceed.

    • @Birb Alert i do not support posting online videos and photos your kid because it violates their privacy. But posting your dead kid is also wrong,like, i get you are sad because your poor kid never got to live, but there is no need to share it online

    • @hell ño✔️ unlike posting of alive children it won't haunt the rest of their lives and violate their privacy. Who are you to be the arbiter of what is and isn't sick. Or how people should grieve?

    • I can understand taking photos or videos of your stillborn baby, but posting them online is just really wrong,like, its actually sickening, talking about it online is 100% ok, but posting photos of videos of your dead child is just wrong

  • I think she's probably in shock. The gravity of everything hasn't set in. She's not hurting anyone, I don't really see the problem tbh. She can talk about her own pain however she wants 🤷‍♀️

  • I just really hope she is getting help.

  • Seems like postpartum psychosic and an intital trauma reaction / initial PTSD.. I don't understand it. But I did lose my boyfriend to overdose and my mother to cancer months apart when I was 21 (3 years ago). Trauma and grief are so hard and can make your brain go insane. I wouldn't do anything like this but I did kiss my boyfriend's body a lot and I cuddled my mother's body (she died in my arms) and for some reason I used to do something very strange where id take a tiny bit of her ashes and hold it in my hand and talk to it.... Grief can really mess your head up. Also I can relate to feeling so desperate for attention of my grief bc (for one I barely have family or friends) but also everyone is there for you (or at least some people were smfh) in the beginning but then no one wants to hear about it anymore. But you don't move on and you want to talk about them all the time and your grief and their memory. And it makes you feel oh so alone and also sometimes like you're forgetting them. I acted out in a lot of strange ways on the internet in my grief and most traumatized state. Not anything like this but I'm just saying trauma changes your brain .. Also i have a 7 month old son and I can't even imagine having a stillbirth. I think I'd probably hold the baby for a while too. But I wouldn't do tik tiks.. But I do think maybe this is her cry for help

  • Oh my this is so sad... First of all I wanted to say that I find these types of videos of yours very interesting and you handle the whole topic and debate respectfully and reasonable! I definitely do agree that we shouldn't tell people how to grieve (esp when it's something horrible as losing your child) but there seems to be something wrong with that woman. I hope she's getting help and healing from her daughter's death as much as possible - she probably thought that these videos would be a good idea. As sad as the situation is she probably wanted to have something to watch to remember her like others do with happy memories - maybe she thought of wanting to dance to fun music along with her baby if they had survived - but this is a very private thing that has to be handled carefully. Of course it is her beloved daughter but it also still is footage of a woman dancing with a dead baby and an app like TikTok just isn't the right place to put it. Aside from potentially being triggering and disturbing to others the comments and odd humour + filters she used in the vids are probably the woman getting her grief and frustration and anger out in a personal and cynical way but it can come off as disrespectful, creepy and exploitative to people who don't recognize this behaviour as a mom's coping mechanism. I doubt that she's in a well enough mental state to realize this (esp if there are signs she might detach from reality and nobody can blame her for this bad state) and she might get hate, threats and regret posting these videos and worsen her mental state. Those vids definitely seem like she's "seeking attention" (which I know is used a lot in an insulting way) and hoping she'll get people to react and possibly help, more subconsciously I believe. I sincerely hope she does get professional help and support - her videos might be nice for something like a Stillborn-Mom-Therapy-Group though to share her feelings. TikTok just seemed like the first and most comfortable thing she thought of but footage like this shouldn't be uploaded there regardless. May the little baby rest in peace.

  • I feel for the mother so much and am sure it’s a coping mechanism. That said, many people have problems with seeing deceased humans in video/film. Especially when they don’t have warning that it’s coming. I hope she saved the videos for her own and that she gets help from someone irl, but I also hope the videos are removed by TikTok to protect others. I would’ve freaked out as a kid if I saw something like these.

  • Having had a miscarriage, these were all at the hospital within 24 hours of having the baby. It's not uncommon for a grieving parent to want to form memories. it's more along the lines of getting selfies with the deceased at the funeral. I get why some people are weirded out by this but people have been doing it forever. It's just the first time it's been on Tiktok. I see people finding it uncomfortable but I don't see it as even out of the norm. Please don't talk about things you don't understand and make this woman feel bad, people have been taking pictures with the deceased since cameras were invented and this is really just a continuation of that. Women who have had miscarriages and still births are common and out of shame they try to hide them. There is a movement to normalize talking about it. I clicked on this because i thought she was doing things after she got home but this is just a woman who was grieving and spam took a lot of tiktoks and pics of someone she spent 8 months with and never got to meet and like you kept saying but don't seem to get, its really not your place. I do mean this with respect to you and your content but you know nothing about the mourning mothers community and its not like dancing with a grown corpse of a loved one. She never got to meet or make memories with her baby and you clearly don't understand.

  • That is psychotic

  • This is sick. I hope she doesn’t have children

  • Voyeurism

  • Oh fucking hell not the pronoun nonsense here too!

  • My mom has been through several still births. Strongest woman I know, it’s such a terrible thing to happen to a mother. I definitely don’t understand what this woman was thinking posting graphic images like that but honestly I don’t know what’s going through her head. Its such a dark thing to go through and I just think its very unfortunate that she is trying to cope in such an unhealthy way.

  • as someone (me!) who is childfree,i actually feel sorry for this woman,But i really hope she gets therapy :'l

  • To all the women and parents in these comments I’m so sorry for the loss of your children, I’m reading all the story’s and cannot fathom the pain you and the woman making these tiktoks feel, I’ve read arguments (if you could even call them that) about other cultures dressing up their dead, that is 100% okay, cultures are amazing and shouldn’t be shamed, however, I don’t think it’s okay to post videos of your dead child on tiktok for other children to see, some children don’t even know the concept of death (even though they shouldn’t be on tiktok), these videos can scar and hurt children, I’m not bashing the mother for mourning, the way she did it however could be harmful to her and others, I really hope she gets mental help, I cannot imagine torment she’s going through mentally, I just hope that she privates those videos or finds someone to talk to about her baby, the name of the baby and what she hoped they would accomplish, I really hope she gets the love and help she needs. I feel for her and all the other parents and mothers that have gone through this.

  • Do we have an update on this story?

  • All of these videos were clearly made while she was in the hospital because you can see the hospital bed behind her, I'm going to have to agree with the previous poster on that. Also holding on to the baby's body for just a day isn't unhygienic. If she were actually hanging on to it for as long as it took her to post all these videos, then yes. But the baby isn't showing signs of decay that you would typically see over the course of a few weeks. You're not saying any indication of purge fluids or anything like that. So I think she made all these in the hospital for the day that they allow the mothers to say goodbye and to recover from giving birth and then just posted them over time. I DO think that it's exploitative though. Trying to use your child's death to go viral is pretty disgusting.

  • I'm all for Death positivity and the family taking care of their dead buuuuuuuutttt... This does seem a bit exploitative imho. #viral? Yeeeaaaahhhhhh.

  • WTF?

  • People in the comments acting like this is a symptom of social media and how we have to put everything online are conveniently forgetting the whole Victorian era where postmortem photography was exceptionally common and natural and that this is still practised to this day in many places outside of America; the funerary practices along the Gange river in India for example. The modern american west has grown too uncomfortable with mortality and death.

    • Maybe it's just a part of history that was conveniently omitted, but I don't recall seeing any Victorian postmortem photos of the bereaved mothers dancing provocatively with their dead infants. I don't have issue with people photographing or even videoing their stillborn babies - I used to be a photo lab technician back before digital cameras became the norm, and I developed a LOT of films for bereaved parents. However, none of the parents were posing in skimpy clothing, clutching the baby like a doll.

  • I agree with Hulazeb's comment, she mustve posted these videos over the course of time. My only concern is, why make it public? It's a dead child, we are seeing a real corpse. I think, personally, it's disrespecting mothers who have lost their child as it appears she doesn't care (im sure she does, but dancing around and posting it online for the world to see and gain popularity makes me go "eehhgg), but more importantly it's disrespecting the deceased child if that makes sense. Youre dancing around with it and basically parading around "hey my child is dead! #viral #fyp!" It might go deeper than that. I dont know her personally, i have never lost a child for i am not a mother, so i wouldn't know her situation, but i feel as if its better to keep that to yourself, or among close friends and family rather than strangers on the internet

  • I feel so sorry for this women's loss, videos have the appearance of postpartum psychosis. I really hope she has support through this tragic event, and moving forward in time.

  • im sorry but dancing with a dead baby and putting it on the internet..dont do that. just...dont.

  • Please tell me this woman got some help. I’m saying this in the most genuine way.. this is terrifying.

  • So, I want to start out by saying I do not judge this woman in any way. Post partum depression and psychosis are real things, and taking photos and videos of stillborn babies and treating them like they're alive is a legitimate coping mechanism. I have nothing but sympathy for her and I really hope she's getting the help and support she needs. However, I do think her account should be banned and all the videos should be removed from social media. This is not something children should have to see, and while I understand Tik Tok has a wide demographic, no one can argue that minors make up a large portion of it's users. I've seen Facebook groups that cater to this type of thing, and I find that a much more appropriate place to post this content. Designated spaces specifically for grieving parents that have clear warnings about the content are good places for this. But not on Tik Tok where anyone could stumble upon it.

  • There was a pampers ad before this video, ESmain needs to chill 💀

  • Hope you’re doing okay

  • So, are you gonna talk about CreepshowArt harassing Emily?

  • She’s in grief 💔 I can’t see anything wrong with her TikToks Bless her heart ❤️

    • @Kanaka Okame I’m so sorry to hear that. People are really mean on the internet it’s a big problem unfortunately 💜

    • @Quinn Violet Olivia yeah,everytime i mention that i have a disability and i Have trouble communicating i usually get Beaten with harsh comments. but you seem very nice,and i do thank you for understanding my view ^^

    • @Kanaka Okame you have every right to share your opinion just like everyone else and if people don’t like it it’s their problem not yours ❤️ but I understand why it scares you, the internet can be a cruel place sometimes 🙏🏽

    • @Quinn Violet Olivia im glad i didnt offend you ^^ as an Autistic person (me!) i always want to engage in conversation and share my opinion to other people,but its seems scary for me to do so tbh 😅😅

    • @Kanaka Okame you didn’t upset me at all and don’t be scared of sharing your views 💜

  • “Just because it’s a coping mechanism, it doesn’t mean it’s a healthy one that should be encouraged”

  • She has a disconnect? U wld too. Js. An adult corpse is different bc they got to live their life, they got to experience things, the baby never got a chance.

  • My freind from elementary school had a baby a few years ago that was still born. The doctors encouraged her to dress him up and cuddle him and love on him and hold him as long as they wanted. They took was beautiful. This is not disturbing to me at all, she wants proof her baby existed and was qld b disturbing if she was tossing the dead baby but think about it. When my mom died I still held her hand I still kissed her cheeks and talked to I wldnt even speak on this at all bc im not bothered what so ever

  • Personally I think she was using Tik Tok to escape reality. Living through a screen it’s easy to pretend it’s not real. I feel like she was having a hard time accepting it and was trying to work through that

  • Welp, this was so out of left field that it just left our atmosphere.

  • Fuck... I usually am not bothered much by stuff. But I saw my baby. And I cannot imagine showing it to everyone else on the internet.

  • I felt so emotional coming across this video being currently pregnant but I wanted to comment that although it’s uncomfortable and inappropriate for her to post these TikToks, I can see she might be going through a psychosis episode, I know I wouldn’t be okay or normal after something like this. Not trying to diagnose her, I hope she gets the help she needs to heal 😢