This TikTok "couple" is CRINGE

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  • LOL goosebumps from deep cringe

  • There are so many things wrong with this. They're exposing people to their kink without consent, and they are promoting unhealthy relationships above all else. The girl wanting attention when she's getting enough, the guy not trusting her enough to have male friends... The whole thing's a clusterfuck.

  • Are men into that baby talk nonsense?

  • Omg leg reveal

  • This gives me some kind of adult baby and daddy vibe like you said.. I wouldn't be surprised if they are in that kind of relationship

  • I think they are actually step siblings though right?? For real, I think they are. But..ive been wrong a few times before. This is the idiot thats constantly hitting the air haha They are the absolute definition of cringe

  • Stress ball/mental illness comment.....totally relate 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • They are really stepssiblings

  • I don't get what she's doing and the way she whined and talks my ears wanna bleed. Who thinks that's cute baby talk? Who thinks that's likes that?

  • "I know you're afraid of the alpha!" Ever get so uncomfortable you cry?

  • That chick fake crying I wanted to smack so much

  • When she said “ I go to TikTok to watch renovations of homes” I swear thought she was about to say Renegade 😂😂

  • I wanted to burn my house down after hearing that woman make that.. sound..

  • They are step siblings but they were together before their parents were

  • Bro i talk in a “baby” voice sometimes but that one couple is TOOO MUCXH I AM UNCOMFORTABLE. Like literally I’m the most submissive bby with my husband but holy fuck I can’t with that voiceeeee!😭💀

  • i feel like in the second and third video they were trying to enforce the “woman whine only want attention” idea 😐

  • Most tiktokers and youtubers are like this. It got so bad on tiktok that I left it. Its basically like clickbait to get attention towards children and young teenagers because thats their main audience and it makes me nauseous.

  • I'm watching this video again and the whining is just so disgusting. I hope no grown ass woman thinks this is cute. I had an ex girlfriend who thought whining like a little girl was cute. I dumped her

  • I’m truly hoping they are being ironic and making fun of TikTok couples, cause it surely feels that way

  • Can one die from cringeness?

  • I think I pulled a muscle.

  • “I think I would be a great turtle”

  • What the actual fuck are we watching 😂😂 to me this is one of the lighter videos... still so uncomfortable I love it whatttt 😳😳😂😂

  • I think my eye legitimately twitched... lmfao wtf. Th3 screeching was disorienting even with a low volume. It fckd me up 😣


  • Reading the comments make me wanna die like ik imma get annoyed by this couple


  • Yeah... That's def some kinda DDLG shit.

  • Ummm nooope!!! It's not awkward or comedy, it's pure cringe in all of its glory.

  • These people give the DDLG community and lifestyle a bad name

  • "the way I process things is I let them fester until they turn into a mental illness" Oh my god.... Same.

  • I’m taking off my ears-

    • 3:42 is the reason my ears are coming off

  • I think we need an analysis of that 70s show video plz

  • Im assuming (bcuz idk these people) that they are nice chill people in real life but when she did tht abomination of a fuckin voice i felt my fight response kick in

  • 6:45 you sound like eska from legend of korra so emotionless and the way you speak

  • I've never felt so much physical pain while watching something until this tiktoks and I am 9th Month pregnant. I need cats to calm myself down now.

  • oh it's THAT type of cringe, okay.


  • While I don’t find this relatable, I don’t find it as gross as most people do. In high school, I started dating my mom’s best friend’s son. During our first year of dating, both sets of our parents divorced. After that full year, we found out that my dad had started dating my mom’s (now ex) best friend. Another year later, they got married and are still together today (this was like 20 years ago). Because we met as teenagers, and we didn’t go into the relationship already step siblings (that came out of left field), I don’t find anything perverted about it. We chose to stay together, sure. But I think most people would choose the same if you were in a committed, long term relationship with someone you were in love with (or at least think you are in love with). You can’t just turn those feelings off. Plus, do you know how hard it is to break up with someone you live with when you aren’t old enough to move out!? Our relationship eventually ended. It was weird, it confused people, it was sometimes borderline embarrassing, it was suffocating at times, and it’s incredibly awkward sometimes when your husband has to interact with your ex on holidays, but perverted it was not. That being said, I find this couple reprehensible. 😁

  • wait there’s no way this is real

  • This made my teeth grinding issue MUCH WORSE

  • im a 18 year old adult that can be very clingy and cringe but oh my god this made me uncomfy

  • 2nd clip made me realize she’s “BabYyyYyyYyy!!” And my whole brain shut down

  • all those baby ones seems like they're making fun of ddlg relationships or whatever but if they're making fun of age regressors i'm just gonna

  • I knew he was gonna pull the "alpha" card and I was still 🤢🤮

  • Seems kinda like a weird tiktok DDLG relationship 😬

  • Why do you do this to us, Glare? You need everyone to suffer as you have? Making us gluttons for cringe and level headed feedback? Jesus it doesnt matter if your volume is 1/100 that girls whining in the vids pierces the sound barrier.

  • God, every time she does that stupid "baby talk" bullshit just makes me wanna either laugh or hit my head because I pulled off my earphones more than I should each time I hear it and it just... Ugh.

  • Charlie (penguinz0) also covered them. He fuckin hit the nail on the head 😂

  • A lot of sexist woman in the comments.

  • "It give me that vibe." Lol

  • I am going to pull all of my teeth out if I have to listen to that godforsaken noise ever again

  • I need to speak with all 26 ppl who had the audacity to thumbs down this.

  • Barf.

  • Ew she sounds like a baby🤮

  • 6:55 I'm not sure if this pedophilia comment is in reference to kink/ddlg considering it was mentioned earlier, but I kinda feel like it is. Ive been watch RTG for a few years now and that's kinda :/// ya hate to see it

  • damn that baby voice really makes the idea of scissors to the eardrum a not so bad idea.

  • When you can’t cringe any harder so you recoil your head into your neck like a turtle 🐢 Edit: OH my goshhhh she made the same type of comment about being a turtle 🤣🤣🤣 (I wrote my comment in the beginning of the video not after)

  • Oh my lord, I would throat punch someone if they made that noise around me! I expect that from a toddler, not an adult! Kink or not, smack that chick!

  • At first I was like, okay it's not that bad. But each clip just kept getting worse omg

  • So cringeeeeeeeeee

  • That highlight turns your nose into a tiny purple pearl 💜

  • For. God. Sake.

  • Just the fact that they are STEP-SIBLINGS is personally kinda disgusting but like go off "alpha"

  • She sounds like Princess from OG Powerpuff Girls

  • Just... ick. I will never understand the baby / adult kink. It's basically along the lines of pedo stuff. I can't. Also, that acting is horrific. lol

  • Me: mom can we have clueless? Mom: no we have clueless at home Clueless at home:

  • Oh it’s this couple

  • If my gf ever did baby talk like that unironically I would uh. Rip someone's head off 😌

  • ughhh this is so uncomfortable.... i get the feeling theyre probably into DDLG too.

  • This legitimately made me gag fam 🤢😵

  • 3:53 RIP AND TEAR!!

  • I still have not dl tiktok...

  • Well that is 10 minutes of my life ill never get back.. Who actually watches this ?!?! Well besides us :-)

  • Even someone who baby talks in a relationship this was just...too much

  • incest is morally ok as long as it's consensual and they don't reproduce, that being said, it's weird as hell

  • What the hell did I just watch....

  • You could never be cringe Giulia, you're amazing! 💚🖤

  • What a screeching banchie that girl is!!!


  • Oh no not 'the alpha male'

  • 😬 omg I will never be the same. 😂

  • Thanks, I hate it.

  • She sounded like my toddler 🙄😬🤣🤣

  • I feel like Micheal Scott yelling "NOOO!! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! CRINGEEEE AGH EWWWW

  • Good gods... the baby talk thing is like rats gnawing at my brain.

  • They're not posting their own kinks. If anything they're trying too hard to make mean parody crap about dd-lg dynamics, cuz no one fucking acts like that in such a weird random inorganic forced baby talk bullshit way. They just look like two rich assholes who think their doing comedy but are never actually funny but get attention because they're rich and she's pretty.

  • I.. don't think their message was "we're step siblings" rather that their message was "when you're making a dorky video that's suggestive with your bf/gf and then your mom/stepmom and her young kids walk in and everything's kinda embarassing and awkward for ten minutes."

  • Me: “I wants hug. May I have hug?” Gf: *hugs me* Me: “Thank ya boo”

  • What I find the most disturbing part of all of that is him calling himself "The Alpha." That suggests a very controlling dynamic. And when it comes to young adults I feel that sends a very bad message. If it were me I would run far away from that person that says no guy friends and I'm the Alpha. Warning flags all around.

  • It should legally be considered self-defense to throat-chop anyone who deliberately talks in a shrill, whiny voice.

  • 3:42 Yeah I wanna cry too

  • You need to watch the ones where the guys punching the air. He says hes an alpha more like omega

  • If my girlfriend made that noise i would kill myself

  • I love her baby talk is somehow more disturbing than the step siblings possibility

  • I’m your favorite step sister 😂

  • 😂😂😂😂😂 this was so good

  • Ugh, I had to skip most of that chicks sound clips. Worse than nails on a freaking chalk board. She sounds exactly like Brittany from Daria, only 10X worse, which I never knew was possible....

  • WhAt aRe yOu dOiNg sTeP bRo!?!

  • I think the perception of age difference comes from her acting like a baby in some of the clips