This TikTok community is "interesting"

Publicado el 20 abr 2020
Here come the stans
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  • I don't think it's people even sexualizing murderers, I think it's them reaching for a personality trait. I promise you if any of these people were actually faced with being kidnapped and tortured, their opinions would change extremely fast.

  • No one: Me: vibing to the spongebob trap

  • Maybe they want to volunteer. Like on eBay or craigslist.

  • Let's be honest people attracted to jeff the killer are better then these people. At least he didn't kill real people.

  • Imagine being one of the parents of the true crime stans.....

  • How sad of a life are you living to actually say, "If he murdered me, I'd be okay with it." Really? You'd be okay with him murdering you?

  • They’re basically saying rapists, murders, abusers, or any other criminal is ok as long os they’re attractive to them.

  • Spongebob trap remix is my favorite sexual song

  • It was hard to take these videos serious because I was vibing with the music

  • All your points I felt the same. The only the thing I can add is there truly is "somebody for everyone." I still haven't figured out how I feel now having stating that sentiment. I don't feel wrong, but I also don't quite feel right. It's probably because I know I couldn't be in that relationship, even with understanding it this much. God must love these folks because they exist in this way. I still don't know how I can feel good about their existence

  • isnt tik tok musically tho

  • Never support killers unless it was in self defense

  • 👀👀👀👀👀👀 WTF Are they taking??? I think they maybe as scary as the killers as they may even be more insane... I can't believe this is a thing

  • tik tok kids< therapy

  • Maybe you need to kill more people. Then they'll love your appearance.

  • There are many serial killers, murderers etc that are good looking, but they should not be made to glamorize or POV because they are in the end criminals with horrendous past.

  • Psychologically, I feel there might also be an element of lusting after the “forbidden” or “unobtainable” guy. For some it may be the fantasy of fixing or changing him.

  • *electric chair*

  • How many times must I say: crushing on a serial killer doesn't make u deep and edgy, it makes u disturbed, need help (I don't say that lightly, I'm genuinely concerned for the mental health of these idiots for some reason) and disrespectful to those who have been victimized by those specific ppl or by similar criminals. And those monsters wouldn't love u cuz ur willing to be raped, they wanted fear, they wanted pain, even if u think "I'd be ok with being raped" they'd just adopt another form of torture, honestly they claim to love true crime but clearly don't understand the crimes and psychology behind it... I honestly fear for them if they ever make contact with a real dangerous person. And those idiots saying "if ur not dead I don't want u" there are plenty of other dead icons to idolize, thought at a certain point it can become unhealthy, who weren't murderous, violent, abominable ppl, jesus christ y cant u jus fawn over cobain like a normal "not like other girls" girl wtf

  • That flute music tho

  • I feel like liking a morally wrong fictional character isn’t a bad thing from a show/media Just liking them as a character not for what they do Because they’re not actually going around hurting/breaking the law Now liking real serial killers and romanticizing it Now youre fucked

  • I'm a CRJ major and volunteer anywhere I can for experience and I'm 100% invested in this field. It is HILARIOUS when these fan girls confuse me for one of them. No, sweety, I'm not deluded and I don't care for the criminal, I'm here for the case law and societal impact these cases had. I want to put these monsters away, not screw them 🙃

  • I’m a one direction Stan and I thought we we’re crazy but these stans are INSANE

  • do my account next 😋😋

  • He’s not even hot! He looks like a creepy uncle! wtf go outside and you’ll see 7 people that look like him if he’s so hot.

  • any anime lovers thinking 'oh shit' rn?

  • This is when it's appropriate to legit say are these people mentally retarded??? They have to be mentally delusional That or are some sick f**** who are potentially desiring to be murderers themselves like those sick lunatics who kills then post pic on social media How delusional to think it would be different if the killer met u. Sadly this is where we are in reality when shows glamorize there evil ppl vs the victims

  • These individuals are in jail because someone unfortunately DID see beyond their charismatic facade. And once they go to trial, have to do an interview, etc., that facade goes right back on as easily as putting on a mask.

  • holy hell now it infested tiktok??? first tumblr then Instagram now TIKTOK???

  • i personally think you can only obsessed over a killer if they are fictional. as long as they aren't real, it's alright.

  • The spongebob music made this whole thing seem even sillier

  • I like serial killers, as in I like to read and learn about them but I don't stan them, what they did was awful and they deserved to go prison and get executed. Now I don't find serial killers attractive at all.

  • just went and commented “electric chair” on tons of their posts 😌

  • just went and commented “electric chair” on tons of their posts 😌

  • just went and commented “electric chair” on tons of their posts 😌

  • Bruh I'm really starting to believe that humanity it's fucking devolving, we really going backwards

  • Well your thumbnail me to click on this. Keep up the good work 👀

  • This hair on you is gorgeous 😍

  • Nobody: Yoshikage Kira stans in the back: 👁👄👁 Yes, this comment is related to JoJo. Don't put any "THATS A JOJO REFERENCE!!!!111!!!!1!!!11!!11" comments in my reply section, thank you.

  • imagine someone made like edits for donald trump--- LMAO

  • It's like the creepy pasta fandom but worse. Instead of glorifying fictional murderers, they're glorifying real murderers

  • Anyone else low key listening but also staring the crap out of that weird hair thing going on, like the, umm...... messed up curl. I had to think ĆHÍŁĒ

  • Love your hair like thisssss

  • Ted x electric chair

  • I’m not like other victims

  • She reminds me of Laura San Giacomo

  • This is just distasteful to the victims... I'm sure those victims would be traumatized to see people idolizing the person who ended their life. Those victims shouldn't be seen as "lucky to have been killed by him"... that's disturbing.

  • This intro makes me question existance

  • I think this wig is my fave out of all the beauties you wear, the colour is gorgeous on you

  • eLeCtRiC cHaiR

  • O_O ....... this is ...... SICK!!!! And it's so insulting, degrading and disrespectful to Ted's victim :O

  • To people who find ted hot Who hurt you

  • Whoever has this Bundy account sounds like some edgy teen that doesn't know any better

  • Oh no, a man broke into my house and murdered my family, every single relative I have is gone in a bloody mass murder, chopped into tiny pieces in a horrific massacre But on the upside, the police showed me his mugshot and not going to lie, his kind of hot, I wonder if his single

  • mentos illness

  • Electric chairElectric chairElectric chairElectric chairElectric chairElectric chairElectric chair

  • I may be rude, but I wish that stuff happened to them

  • I'm not certain those people know what they are talking about...I don't think I want anyone I care about associating with any of those people...

  • In my opinion, it’s fine to think a criminal is attractive. IT IS *NOT* okay to try and defend their actions.

  • I was going to say they're sorry for the victims? How SORRY could they be. Like, that guy in The Princess Bride movie says "that word doesn't mean what you think it means."

  • I was talking out loud and I kept saying "ma'ma that is a serial killer" those people are crazy

  • I just watched a tik tok that joked about rape. I hate this world

  • I don’t get the appeal looks-wise. He looked average to me.

  • animal fyp users RISE UP

  • Having the SpongeBob trap music behind pictures of Ted Bundy just makes him look so derpy xD I can't help but laugh

  • Tick Tock is actually, that is how it was named first

  • And to think I thought my friend was creepy for calling Abraham Lincoln hot...

  • I remember I used to feel like this for some serial killers because I always felt sorry for what they had to go through.

  • “Your soul will always in our hearts” *I never heard something so stupid in my life*

  • He’s not even hot or cute or anything

  • Fantasist to an extreme level and I would consider it a form of mental illness. Because a normal functioning human brain shies away from things that harm. On an animal survival level its an absolutely crucial thing ! their psychopathology has overridden that.

  • These people are ones who treat serial killers like Yangire(at least Yandere) waifus/husbandos. Fiction can look like a reality, but it will never be an actual reality.( Predictions in animations are just coincidences)

  • I hate tik tok but this made me hate it even more

  • I can’t watch your video about the animal abuse. I’ll get so angry and just sob and cry. But you get them Glare! We got your back hon.🙏

  • i love you in plaid sm! it seems like the opposite of what you would wear or usually wear, but it looks so good on you! :)

  • I'm sorry, but seeing a serial killer walking around and sitting in court while spongebob music plays is hysterical to me

  • I am more disturbed daily with the state of humanity

  • That's like the teenage girls that are in love with jeff the killer but just more sick

  • I've always been interested in murderers and whatnot, but not in a way that I'm attracted to a killer. I enjoy murder documentaries and podcasts, not the murderer themselves, innocent people are tortured in terrible ways. And if I have to give up my documentaries in order for people to stop killing one another, I'd do that, but that's not how this works.

  • Your hair is so powerful here

  • Consider "vicarious" approach to danger

  • I dont understand how girls can be attracted to these people, the only kind of man I find attractive is the kind of man who can provide for me and helps me feel in he can PROTECT me from THOSE kind of people!

  • This rlly makes me want to download tik tok again and spam electric chair in the comment sections of these posts lol.. just wanna see

  • “Tik Tok is kind of like” sis, THEY’RE THE SAME love you but that was funny and i felt the need to correct you ☕️

  • How is “electric chair” even a slur?! A slur is a hurtful word to punch down at oppresed minorities, and it’s a word directly refering to the person The N word is hurtful towards POCs The C word is hurtful towards women we’re not calling serial killers “eLeCtRiC cHaIrS”, are we?

  • Didnt ted try and murder his girlfriend?

  • Please make an asmr video, that whispering was just amazing

  • This is all Wattpads doing.Stop making Mafia romance stories and shit like that!CRIME IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ROMANTICISED!

  • **Slams hand on table** Electric chair-

  • so i remember being recommended a ted nation account because i was/am interested in the case. God they were so delusional. I remember talking to my girlfriend about this and it was so funny. But they were pretty rude because i was telling them ted wouldn't care. In my opinion, they are disrespecting Ted. I understand Ted is horrible, and i agree. He is bad. But they shouldn't be acting like this. I think Ted Nation should get therapy before things get worse. Im sorry to come off rude, im tired.

  • I think that Ted Bundy is a very attractive man and that's why he could lure so many women, but I think it's wrong to praise him and idolize him because he's attractive. He was a very vile man so I think it's fine to say he was attractive once then move on because he should instantly become unattractive knowing what his crimes were.

  • Haha electric chair go bzzzzz

  • LOVE the hair!! You look stunning, as always. ❤️

  • The Ted Bundy thing is kind of weird because these people who are head over heels for him are the exact type of people he targeted.

  • This is why incels exist.

  • Who can i love. I need you to guide my heart.

  • What do you think of places like the Museum of Death?

  • I think it’s in the fyp because they put tags like “#foryoupage” and “#fyp”

  • these people obsesses over real life killers like some people obsesses over fictional villians maybe these Stan's tend to forget about how the crimes committed by their favorites were real maybe because of how extreme they were and instead see them like a fictional villian that's my guess

  • 4:54 when u finished reading and put the phone down and your facial expression made me chuckle