This streamer needs to be locked up

Publicado el 9 dic 2020
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  • She got thrown outside to freeze, while her friend and boyfriend - continue - getting drunk and hanging all over each other all night...

  • Poverty is a part of this! Thousand dollar, in Russia!? That’s a lot of diapers my friends .

  • That's Russia... this is how law works in Russia...

  • This is very sick on so many levels, I hate it when people film other people in a bad way like a car crash or accident but the fact he did it to her for money is sick. It is murder and the person who paid the money to see it paid for her to be killed, they both need to be in jail for this. I feel sick, if he had done it as abuse and the filming wasn't happening he would be done for the murder so I don't see how he could only get two years.

  • Being Russian myself, it's not surprising he got just 2 years of prison. That's just how our fucked up law system works. You see rapists/pedos get 2 years as well

  • This is so sick! ESmain should be held accountable! ESmain should be prosecuted!

  • Let's just call it what it is... Murder. Both the man responsible.. And (especially) the person who requested it. Make an example of them ffs.

  • I can't believe how smoothly you delivered this video. I would be sobbing, this is so sad. What terrible last moments on earth for her and her baby.

  • Thank you for your channel, thank you for discussing these issues. I really appreciate it. I just wanted to add that I am a senior citizen and although we have a large age gap, I love how you discuss these issues and I am very interested in your point of view. I think you are a good person for young ppl to follow.

  • I wrote a research paper about the presence of domesic violences in Russia. It is worrying how normalized abusing a loved one is, generally the male abusing the female (LGBT is not widely accepted, which I have also done research on and is also awful). It is common for women to be abused at home and for police to do nothing. It is so sickening and disheartening.

  • Prayerfully he and his friends get sent to the worst prison in russia. And how about those sick """" sending him money for the abuse? Lock them up too. Shame on each and every one of you😠😠😠

  • 2 years. What a joke😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • What a cruel evil person...karma will take care of him and his cohorts real good😠😠😠

  • I needed to hear that it's not just me that feels like I'm in a Black Mirror episode ☠

  • Oh. No. I can't. This is too much.

  • I’m Russian and I’m super scared of this situation. it’s disgusting and extremely depressing.

  • wtf is my country famous for so much sad and ugly shit....

  • Disgusting and illegal. He should be sent to jail and never let out. This horrifies me

  • i found a video of the livestream and i am fucking devestated what the actual fuck is wrong with some people god fucking dammit this world is so screwed that poor fucking woman i cant

  • 2 years?! seriously?!?!?

  • Wait until you hear about dark web red rooms

  • This is effed up and informative but you also spent wayyy too much time expressing emotion, opinion, and talking about ethics so because of that, this channel is definitely not for me. Im just here because of a comment on a ReignBot video.

  • My husband was born in russia and his parents have both been heavily abused by fellow students, siblings, family members ... so did his grandparents. (Domestic) abuse sadly is a very day to day thing for many russians, especially women, and the government and the public eye seem to not care at all. It's one of the many reasons my husbands parents decided to leave their homecountry when he was 6 years old. It was no enviroment to raise children.

  • It baffles me that one can abuse someone for a video but a woman's breats are to inappropriate. ESmain needs to have better terms of service

  • I know this has nothing to do with the video... but where did you get your wig??

  • Pepper spray is very potent, and I'll explain how potent. Years ago one of my classmates sprayed it in the corner of the classroom once without anyone knowing, and everybody on that floor started violently coughing. That entire school floor (about 4 classrooms) had to be evacuated downstairs and eventually the source was found to be the pepper spray

  • 8:56 why would you ask government to lie to you? You dont want to know the truth? If you want to make the argument that it encourages other people copycat, its a fair point but also, if someone imitates killing, theres already a preexisting issue that would have manifested down the line, ANWAY. I cant say that for sure, but neither can you

  • 2:50 oh boy, here comes the red rooms

  • 1:58 dont you remember me telling you about the news? They only push stories that promote self interests. Its not about keeping people informed. Id say its more obvious NOW than ever.

  • 0:28 ohhhhhhh glare... you have no idea hahahahahaha

  • Hypothermia occurs in about 45 seconds in those conditions.

  • its really disgusting to me that youtube doesnt seem to be paying attention to this at all... there are other people streaming on youtube doing similar things and no action seems to be being taken

  • Now apparently he admitted to physically abusing her and medical professionals are saying she died from head trauma.... so sick

  • this is a case of a “redroom”, which is a dark web stream room where someone m*rders or t*rtures someone on camera while the audience encourages and watches

  • Yeah Just watched a couple movies where that was the theme its super creepy and scary to think about it. Saw Nerve, and Spree. This story is so messed up, I hope there is more about this in the news. This needs to be addressed and taken seriously. Btw I love your points cause this I'm sure is going to keep happening if no one talks about the moral issues.

  • He killed 2 humans. He should go to trial for 2 murders. Also, whoever sent the donation needs to get charged as well. God, I want to leave this planet.. Edit: TWO YEARS?! TWO F#CKING YEARS?! Russia is the worst and I’m unbelievably upset 🤬

  • IM SORRY - 2 YEARS??!??!?????!???

  • Oh okay👌 I think im pretty tough but i haven’t gotten this physically ill from listening to a story in a very long time. Gag mode stuck in engage.


  • it annoys me that none of the videos of them have subtitles I wish I could look deeper into the situation but I’m really glad this is talked about and it should be even more

  • This world is so sickening and I’m ashamed to be the same species as people like this; first him himself, then the person who donated and requested the stream, the justice system for giving him 2 years for murder, and whoever’s in control of the internet for allowing people to profit off of footage of people being killed, while banning creators for having music in their videos.

  • It sickens me that even after he abused and murdered his girlfriend that he continued to say he "loved" her.

  • She actually died bc of head injuries. He beat her on the head right before pouring water on her and pushing her outside. Always search names for other articles/confirmation

  • News: he is facing 15 years if he is found guilty,, they found that valentina had a lot of head injuries and he admitted hitting her that day. She died of cerebral trauma (sry my english >.

  • Google is keeping this under the carpet... for their own benefit. Russia doesn't want to address domestic violence, which is why no main media channels are covering it. I don't understand how the channel didn't get banned by the pepper spray incident alone.

  • They should also find the person who donated and made the request. They most likely expected that outcome and are just as accountable as the husband. Also why is he only getting 2 years for murder??

  • He was so detached from reality like dude did you not realize she would die in subzero temperatures? Or was he just stupid? Or he did know that but for the sake of money he did it. And she was pregnant too... My condolences to her family, I hope the scumbag gets the punishment he deserves.

  • the first i heard of this was from memeology 101, I shouldn't have to go to ESmain to find these stories

  • Good to know, never step foot in Russia as a woman. If a man decides to kill you, they just won’t fucking care

  • So can we pay for horrible things to happen to him?? It wouldn't be filmed, and the ones who do it, can be fellow inmates who are rightfully pissed off he would do such anything. Like how pedophiles get beaten in prison. The money can go to the inmates to use how they wish, education, a home, etc

  • as a slavic person who has Russian relatives and follows the news here and there, I want to say that the mistreatment of women if Russia is very common and very overlooked by the authorities. As for now, there are no laws agaisnt wife beating and domestic abuse (against children too). It's a fucked up place. I like how the meticulously try their best arrest and kill gay people (which in this day and age shouldn't be considered normal because that's disrespectful to their humanity) but don't give a damn about femicide, rape against women and child abuse.

  • I'd accept the donation anyway. Guy just gave me 1000 bucks why wouldn't I keep it. It's their money that they wasted in hopes I'd abuse my partner. I don't gotta do anything if you give me money.

  • If this was the shit he did to a live audience, what did he do in private? Only two years for her death is disgusting.

  • It's like red rooms and snuff films are mainstream now, and it's frightening.

  • Wow.. that is evil. He was paid to literally torture her. What a vile and disgusting person. Pepper spray will make you choke and drop to your knees in pain. (Her reaction was normal but that doesn’t make it okay) pepper spray is so much more painful than just burning or watery eyes.

  • if russia is anything like romania then cruelty against women means nothing to the public. most countries from our side of the continent are like that so i can only assume that that's the case. in eastern european countries, ex comunist countries who are heavily influenced by the orthodox church beating your wife is part of your daily routine. as a man, on sundays u go to church, pray & kiss the saints' portraits and when u get home u beat your wife & maybe your kids too if you wanna treat yo self.

  • He abused her frequently. She actually died of blunt force trauma, I believe, or something related to being hit in the head repeatedly earlier that day

  • am i crazy or are her earrings bloody cow tags? woaaahhhh

  • So this shit is okay with Twitch and ESmain but god forbid you play music and show cleavage? Yeah a lot definitely needs to be done. Holy fuck...

  • Like in south park, media is ok with violence but not nudity

  • He killed two human beings!!?! Just two years?! In The States he'd get life sentence cause it was premeditated. What a disgusting creature!

  • How do u find this shi#?

  • The 1k isnt going to be a down payment on a lawyer. What a idiot!

  • I heard about this and was ill. $1000 to kill his Gf and child... this is the worst

  • He got two years that’s the Max for his murder in Russia

  • The transparent phone is on its way. Black Mirror was an excellent series, but ONLY as a series. Shit 'Ive just watched this again and this is not on. Shccking

  • That's terrible what a piece of trash screw that dude I hope he rots in prison forever.

  • Something deep seated is wrong with that country. That's worth discussing.

  • I have gotten 2 seasons from hunt a killer. Love it but it is a lot of money too. It was on Smart news that I get from my cell.

  • So everyone ignored that girl was being abused in the streams until one of them killed her ? What the flying fridge ... I don’t even want to know what happened off camera

  • First I saw of this story without the names censored.

  • i dated a guy from russia who was entirely Not into me in the slightest and i think this story really makes me happy that i left him when i did. he thought that the fact that i was sexually abused as a kid was funny, he openly didn't like my skintone (i'm native american, i have a dark skin complexion) and admitted once that he thought that i was unattractive, he told me all the time how much he hated spending time with me, i didn't find out until after our breakup that he's extremely far right, very pro cop and extremely racist. on top of all of that, i've known before we got into our relationship that he had a lot of anger issues and he apparently boxed(?) to control his anger. even though he clearly did not love me at all, he'd constantly tell me that he wanted to marry me and he always tried bringing up the conversation of me moving to russia to live with him. maybe this is a stretch, i don't know, i am somewhat androphobic, but i can't stop thinking that he might've wanted me with him so he could've abused me, especially now that i know that domestic abuse is decriminalized in russia this poor girl, as well as every other woman in russia, deserve so much better, women are just as human as men are. this is truly terrifying and heartbreaking

  • I do not know why you are so surprised. I'm not. I mean hell, look at what is available to watch in the MSM and TV...oh and Disney and so on

  • I wouldn't be even surprised if the streamer moved along with "anyway guys, be sure to like and subscribe" or shoutout donations cause this is jaystation type of low

  • This guy: *abuses his girlfriend* Streaming sites: i sleep Somebody: *plays a Nicki Minaj song* Streaming sites: WOKE

  • If YT and IG and FB are enabling domestic violence and the P word then it is time to throw them all in the trash

  • That is a typical reaction to pepperspray, which makes it even more egregious & mind boggling that they would do that to her in the first place

  • Ahhh Lordy I wish I had ur beautiful hair 😍

  • Guys like this are why I'm not against the death penalty.

  • holy.... shit

  • Unfortunately the women's rights situation in Russia is not good. Russia actually decriminalized domestic abuse a couple of years ago, and many people defend abuse claiming that it's a family matter.

  • “Reeflay initially appeared tearful and remorseful about what had happened, but later declared, ‘What is there to regret? I didn’t really do anything.’” Found this in an article. How disgusting if he truly said that....

  • Live streaming lets the wrong people get a power trip over seeing people do what they tell them

  • Imagine murdering someone and only getting potentially 2 years. Absolutely disgusting

  • The woman did this voluntarily and picked this man to be her partner staying with him after being maced for money?

  • A Russian posted the update: It was revealed she died from a traumatic brain injury because they had a fight before that so it’s odvious he killed her. It was confirmed she was abusice and The pregnancy was not confirmed.

  • There was an update on this not sure if you seen it. Apparently the official cause of death was craniocerebral trauma. The girlfriend suffered from multiple bruising on the face and hemorrhaging of soft tissue. And he could face 15 years if convicted. I seen the article on fb news so I'm really hoping the sentencing is correct and that they do charge him.

    • I read that he literally admitted to hitting her "several times on the head" the day she died. This is so fucked.

  • the news is no longer the news, especially when it comes to anything that could make any of the big 3 social tech look bad

  • He must serve a 20 years sentence period

  • Sounds like a red room to me....poor soul i hope her and her baby are in peace

  • I'm from Russia and judicial system just doesn't work here. We have a lot of horrible cases like this

  • Not to sound sadistic, but closing him on the balcony with only his underwear on in subzero temperature for a few hours would be the most fitting punishment for him. He's frontal lobe has already developed, even if he gets out of jail, he's probably gonna be an abusive a**hole anyways.

  • the fact that he got 2 years is honestly better than i expected. in russia, domestic abuse is decriminalized so im surprised he got anything besides a fine (which he could easily cover with that donation and have change left).

  • 3:52 I don't think it has anything to do with the streamers in these extreme cases not realizing they can do real harm. These are sociopaths who want to do harm and who cultivated a following of people who would reward the behavior. I also don't think it's new, as before social media it was mainstream media and the direct to video market that took part in such activity for profit, and before technology it was circuses, sideshows, and bloodsports. This has sadly always been part of humanity. Regarding him continuing to film even after he realized she was dying was likely him trying to show on camera that he was concerned and tried to revive her so that he could play it off as an accident. Killers do this when they know they are caught.

  • That is MESSED UP 🙁🤦🏻‍♀️.. Love your work! Your honesty & not fluffing around topics is the reason I admire you so much. Thank you for being a reliable source of info on this otherwise deluded platform ✌🏼

  • psychopath coming out of the woodwork at an alarming rate

  • What the actual fuck?! I can’t believe shit like this is real.

  • Seems like the the line between the dark web and the regular web is becoming muddled.


  • Me alone in my car YEAHHHH ITS MA GIRL