This pick up artist advice is...a lot

Publicado el 14 ago 2020
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  • ' Lesbians are "individuals" ' to me that sounded like a sort of text from a wildlife book 💀

  • I gotta say, as an asexual lesbian, the article about getting a lesbian to sleep with you if you’re a guy just made me so uncomfortable. I don’t understand what it is with straight guys and wanting to try and “convert” lesbians. I just find it incredibly disgusting.

  • Im so glad I got recommended your video lolmao! You made my fucking day. “Quirky granola bitch...” 😂😂😂😭😭😭💀💀💀👻👻👻 Im so glad I watched. Question: are they really interested in lesbians themselves or just the fetishized/porn star “lesbian”?

  • The sexual thing I get. I found a lot of people i had dated assumed I was open to threesomes because I'm bisexual. Like no, I dont like sharing my partners.

  • I'd suggest having a dude and a lady co-run any "gender mind" page for like, translation.

  • I came from the second video and my brain is amazed at how insensitive and dumb this fucking website is and the same goes the actual creators of it too. I feel bad for whoever they're dating or related with now.

  • Lol, don't have relationships with girls with pills and problems. You mean, literally everyone. These people sound like the same people who fetishize trans people. I'm a mostly female leaning panromantic asexual. Meaning, I prefer women. I am not sexual at all. Lol


  • This guy says that lesbian sexuality is “celebrated” literally *while* being homophobic towards lesbians, I can’t

  • So THIS is the guy who made the "I like girls who like girls" song from tiktok, yup, makes sense smh

  • I’m a dude who is in an off and on thing with a girl whose ex was a girl. I had no plans to make a move until I got *very* clear signals. By *very* clear signals I mean we spooned in my bed for hours watching movies and then again while we slept and I didn’t try kissing her until the morning after she stroked my face as we looked into each other’s eyes. So yeah, I thought that warranted a move and I still asked if it was okay to keep kissing after I landed the first one in case I’d somehow misjudged all of that. Some people might find that kind of hesitance a turn off but if she was a lesbian I didn’t want to ruin the friendship. I didn’t really think about her sexuality until a while later, and when I did I thought “I guess she’s bi”. Still, there was a toxic narcissistic thought in my head that I couldn’t get out for a bit because of this “conversion fetish” thing embedded into our culture. I thought: “Maybe I’m just really really ridiculously good looking and everyone wants to sleep with me”. That’s a fucked up thought that I am in no way proud that I had even in passing since I’ve always hated the pick-up artist view of sex and women. I’m bisexual myself so it was even weirder that I had this thought at all since I should know better than most that bisexuals are a thing. I also hope the extreme hesitance to make a move I described early on shows I’m not the kind of guy who’s into a PUA view of women. The point I’m making is that even though I’m bi and I have a pretty respectful view of women by most accounts, this idea of “converting” lesbians was still pervasive enough to be lurking in my brain. It’s fucking messed up.

  • These creeps think they know everything about lesbians more than actual lesbians do smh.

  • As a lesbian, i am physically uncomfortable

  • You're hypocrisy is out my mind wow why not talking about those lesbian who wanna sex with man

  • **laughs in asexual lesbian**

  • "I don't understand how men could look at getting laid as some kind of achievement." - We'll just chalk this up to female privilege and leave it at that.

  • You don't understand it because you clearly don't have the same challenges as a lot of lonely men face who can't and (many times) haven't gotten laid in their entire lives, not by choice. To those men, a guy who can get laid, especially by women who normally seem completely out of reach to them, is a legend and they're living vicariously through them... hence, the type of writing you see here.

  • he's at the lesbophobia. he's at the bi erasure. he's at the combination lesbophobia bi erasure

  • Where did he confirm that the yoga teacher was a lesbian? Did he ask her? Did he know her before hand? Did she mention her girlfriend at one point? How do you make that many sweeping generalizations at once

  • can men FFS leave lesbians alone istfg

  • *"How to have sex with Lesbians when you're a Guy"... whEN I TELL YOU I LAUGHEDMY FUCKING LUNGS OUT someone tell homeboy they are LESBIANS for a reason.*

  • 2:02 mr struggle aka cody ko and noel miller

  • I'm just jealous of her style....that's all😏

  • “But I didn’t adopt this incredulous attitude. Not I, Colt Williams.” 🙄🙄🙄😂😂😂

  • As a wlw, absolutely not ❤️

  • the article kept saying “only do it if /your/ comfortable” and it seemed like the woman’s comfortability wasn’t important

  • Love your editing on this one 😂😂👌👌 the music combined with the ridiculousness of the article is seriously cracking me up

  • This guy is so stupid, I got a headache

  • This whole article just gives me predator vibes. So gross.

  • 2:19 please give me a direction in what that part of the clip meant, “Should You Start Dating a Women with Kids”. This couldn’t be red flags right, like their actually isn’t a pitfall by all means right

  • I.. I just 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ I have nothing to add but that I hate men seeing lesbians as something to 'conquer' and fetishising them and those attracted to women. A deprived, flawed view of life. I have encountered many men who think I am kinky and freaky because I look alternative too🤦‍♀️

  • I cringed at the word pan

  • Ah yes, this video is posted on my birthday-

  • Yeah it sounds rapey

  • Looking through these articles, they are very obviously directed to men who would prefer to get laid rather than trying to get into a healthy and happy relationship.

  • Love to see someone taking apart misogynist bullshit like that, all while seeming pretty cool in general!

  • Dude as a bisexual WTF 😐😐😐😐 *cracks open vodka bottle*

  • As a lesbian..,yeah. Men have no shot with me. At all. Ever. The idea of fucking a man is nauseating.

  • I can’t imagine what he would think if he ran into a bi girl who was also an asexual or just rant into any female asexual in general

  • I had a guy once think he "converted" me because I had dated a woman before him. I have always been bisexual lol men will trick themselves into believing whatever their ego tells them.

  • I'm only 2 minutes in but my favorite is "how to use guilt trips (playfully)" like sir it's either a guilt trip or it's a joke that you're making to tease your partner. Theres no "playful" guilt tripping

  • I fell into this ESmain pocket a few years back. Probably 20-21 (23 now). There are a ton of lady cheaters out there. I think a ton of men are out there "level up" their game so they won't get cheated on. That's me. There are also probably many "incels" (that is "society" virgin shaming men) trying to figure out how to remedy that. Culturally enforced monogamy probably makes you cringe. If monogamy is not thought of as the norm, men will be left out, when men are left out they will try not to be. At this point I know myself better and trying to figure out how to sleep with women seems like a tremendous waste of time. That might offer some perspective.

  • I love your hair color ! Beautiful.

  • HELPFUL channel ;) keep going! :)

  • What most guys don't understand is there is no magic to seducing women. There is no psychological incantation to wow and draw ladies into you, that works. If a lady has sex with you, it is because she has already decided to have sex with you from the moment she encountered you, or any of the guys she has seen. It is not him that is in control, it is she who is in control. The reason why I know this is I have gone to many clubs with my friends have watched this game play out.

  • Annnd just like health coaches and motivational guru's they're one of the biggest frauds exploiting people's insecurities and making a whole lotta money off of it. These men rarely have wives or children to go home to, yet they advice incels on how to date a woman? 💀

  • I'm sorry but, Damn you are too beautiful.😍😍😍

  • “The female mind” cringe lol

  • Your face in the thumbnail says it all

  • . . . listening to this whole video as a lesbian is. . . an experience

    • also, i'm on meds for depression and adhd. . . i'm, like, psychologically the exact opposite of "hypersexual"

  • How hard is it for this man to admit bisexuals exist like you can say bisexual I promise the word won’t hurt you

  • did barney from how i met your mother write this article?

  • ah yes, let's go through the checklist: [x] ableism [x] dehumanization [x] toxic masculinity [x] erasure of m-spec and a-spec identities [x] boiling women down to the term "females" [x] subtle rape-y themes [x] generalization based on singular examples and last but not least, [x] fetishization of lesbians wow, this guy really has it all also, I'm very proud and open about being a lesbian, and I'm severely disgusted by the entire article. like, buddy, you sound like the guy I dated shortly before coming out as lesbian (I thought I was bi/pan at first). people like this guy are why I'm not friends with many straight guys

  • Colt sounds like a guy who's still living in his parents basement too long

  • i had to take a break from watching this video midway through because it made me so angry :(

  • why do these websites always read like something you'd see in grand theft auto?

  • When he says "lesbians are hyper-sexual" I feel like that contributes to the stereotype that "if you have any attraction to the same sex you must want to sleep with everyone of the same sex" which is obviously not true at all. (I dont know if i explains that well.)

  • It feels like I’m reading a description of how to find a rare 5% circumstance with fog pokemon encounter

  • Ok, maybe I'm missing something here, but other than the lesbian article... are they... wrong? Seems pretty accurate to me, for the most part.

  • noooooo not "how to use guilt trips (playfully)" anyone who views sex as a transaction or something they are owed isn't mature enough to sleep with people

  • You should make a video on that tiktoker who gives “tips” on thing she is unqualified for. I don’t know what his account is called but apparently he has a bi girlfriend so he thinks he is qualified to give these “tips”

  • If they are girls/guys that can convert younger me would want that 😂😭💀

  • You know usually I sit and watch youre videos till the end but I couldnt with this one. -youre friendly lesbian

  • im bi. theres only one straight man in this world ive found attractive. i just feel that bi/pan men are more comfortable to be around, i feel less objectified by them, less fetishized, i feel like them being part of lgbtq+ makes them understand being downgraded by society unlike straight white men who have all the rights in the world.

  • @men LEAVE US ALONE!! most of us have already slept with men, and that’s how we figured out we were gay. if a lesbian is interested in experimenting with you, SHE will approach YOU, and then it’s cool. but if a girl says she’s gay, let her be gay. thank you. -a lesbian

  • .....I'm a lesbian and this made me have a nose bleed and lost more brain cells this I already see guys trying this out

  • This made me cringe so hard

  • A LESBIAN DONT WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH MEN....that’s why they are lesbian

  • It’s homophobic the person is homophobic

  • Has he never heard the term lesbian bed death?

  • Actually for the female mind you would want a male perspective and for the male mind you want a female perspective. The simple reason of who knows and is proven to know how to manipulate each other. Because if it comes from male to male mind or female to female mind you might have a lived experience as a confirmation bias. Unless it comes to same sex relationships. I had a lesbian freind who was the best pick up artist. Great at manipulating any one to her advantage. Also I agree with you on it being a hot take on bad fetishization.

  • This guy's knowledge on lesbians is all learnt from PornHub and it shows. Especially with the fact that there was never a light bulb in his brain that went "Oh! She's bisexual!", same with the "lesbians are hypersexual" statement. YIKES.

  • I'd claim to be a lesbian if he approached me too

  • Guess someone’s never heard of the term “lesbian bed death”


  • My narcissistic ex fetishises lesbians 😑

  • One brain cell jumped off a cliff for each line of this article

  • They just want to crush some puss bro! Alpha Omega PC

  • This little boy comes accross as more of a hustler. Very young and low actual experience. Don't fret over this guy.

  • This screams small PP energy.

  • Sir, I hate to break it to you, but those aren't lesbians.

  • Is bisexuality not a thing? A lot of men and women are bisexual. Why do they specifically want lesbians? Like? Just have sex with women you are attracted to? Bi or straight?

  • People fetishize me?!? (I'm lesbian)

  • OMG the mid roll ad after she says “most lesbians are hypersexual” - just so you have time to PUKE at the clear fetishization of lesbians. Love you Giulia 💛

  • I get these "how to get girls" and "alpha male" pick up artist ads all the time and it doesn't make sense cause I am a gay guy

  • This person is using cult tactics. I bet at some point he gets people to start paying him.

  • That whole yoga teacher story was a bunch of circular reasoning. Lesbians are hypersexual because I know this one girl who is hypersexual so she must be a lesbian because lesbians are hypersexual...

  • He acts like he just discovered that bisexuality is a thing

  • As a lesbian, this article is so fucking painful. Holy fuck.

  • the thing we're all missing is: the "lesbians" he's describing are from p0rn. p0rn lesbians. that's literally all he is basing this on. it's sadder than you realized.

  • This is so frustrating to watching. I honestly want to throw my phone at a wall because of this mans obvious homophobia, sexism, and sheer idiocy.

  • And that’s on bisexual erasure

  • I'm bisexual and I've known I was since I was 12. I'm in my 30's but one of the many perks of evolving my goth fashion from hottopic to McQueen (I like to shop everywhere including goodwill I learned how to make any outfit look expensive, or tried, and I look younger than most women my age by a good decade and some change by hardly ever sleeping with makeup on, and staying out of direct sunlight without SPF 50. I also had tattoos at 18, 19, and 20 but I was a virgin until 21. I still get tattoos and I have nose rings and a tiny diamond in the middle of my lower lip and no space in my ears left un pierced. Men do find me easy, not when I'm wearing a natural looking wig and a white linen suit but they do if I'm wearing a faded shirt and old nineties raver jeans. I'm honestly the biggest prude ever and I have an engagement ring. I think more and more people and wearing rings for fashion which I can forgive but this guy is lord of all butt plugs.

  • Imagine the women who said they were lesbians only did so because they tried get rid of those idiots and now the men who they actually wanted to sleep with think they did something lol...

  • I love your hair!! Is it a wig? Details please!! 😀😀

  • She starts reading, I stop, doing... Everything because my brain cant understand... Life

  • men make my skin crawl..

  • Lesbians are encouraged to be open about their sexual experiences by straight men because it gets them off. That's the reason he conveniently didn't mention

  • Gotta say, I think this article turned me... turned me even gayer.

  • I, hereby declare, *I hate straight men*