This man served 0.7% of his sentence

Publicado el 22 jul 2020
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  • Where are the 911 comments? Other than mine...

  • 1,000 - 7 + 72 + 10 = 911.

  • *Internally screams into the comments forever*

  • Yup, thats lawl enforcement in a nutshell. Pedo sentenced 1000 years gets out after 7 while some stoner with weed gets 15-life. What a joke

  • “I feel like these days we see forgiveness for those who don’t deserve it” underrated statement 👏

  • Going to jail for a millennium than gets paroled isnt this a Guiness world record or something. Insanity we continue to slide into a moral cesspool.

  • I’m scared for my life I’m only 10

  • I don't even know what to say

  • you sound like Natalia Taylor i think thats how you spell it .w.

  • People like him are let out meanwhile there's people serving 100 year sentences for self defence

  • 😟

  • Here after 1 month.

  • dude i’ve never been more terrified to be a child living in georgia

  • As a Buddhist I never believe in enacting violence on a person, and I practice understanding and peace. This man made me question my own beliefs today...

  • Anyone here know how to curse someone?

  • This is something that always confused me. How did it get until THAT many files were downloaded for them to catch this waste of oxygen? Why weren’t they able to catch him on his, at least, 10 file or something?

  • maybe this sick in the head guy has some connections or ppl owe him or shit like u see in the movies n if so..this has to stop no matter what

  • Sounds like Memo 618 to me 🤨

  • i’m from a small town in Ga and it is not uncommon for those in legal positions to abuse their power. they pick and choose who to punish and let off those who are prolific in the community/have friends on the inside. it’s absolutely disgusting that this happens, especially with this case. these small town judicial systems don’t actually care about the law, but it’s about power. 1312.

  • I don’t normally watch these videos of yours but I have officially run out of videos of yours to watch & im required to listen to you speak daily to keep my sanity in check.... well, I’m prepared to be enraged.

  • He would've got a longer sentence and no parole if he wasn't white

  • dammit!

  • Shocker he’s a white man of course he’s free 🙄

  • This screams ELECTRIC CHAIR TO ME

  • I literally threw up, this makes me wanna throw myself off the face of the planet GODDAMMIT IM REALLY UPSET

  • Yeah I like CP Chocolate chaPstick > :]

  • Besides this sicko, travesty of a human being, that wig is 💣

  • other than the fact he owns that much CP, i am quite terrified that there is that much, and most likely more, accessible CP that people can just put their hands onto. it's a quite terrifying and disturbing thought that i wish wasn't true

  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAA**starts doubting breath support**AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA**slides into the fifth octave**HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH**feels light-headed from screaming for so long**HHHHHHHHHHHH**wonders if I will still have a voice after this**!

  • Ok a bit of clarification.. as he did get the 1000 years but it also had to include the possibility of parole after a certain amount of time. And a spokesmen stated the following said Mallory actually served five months beyond the date he was eligible for parole, and the board followed its own guidelines in releasing Mallory from prison. For the 993 years left in his sentence, Mallory will be required to register as a sex offender, be on electronic monitoring ... So he simply served that amount of time plus a little so the review board released him .. simply just how the law works and why the one guy said there was nothing he could do... Still don't agree it's a good thing at all but that just sheds a bit more on the why!!

  • The issue that probably hurt them in the appeal was because of the original sentacing of the 1000 years simply because its unrealistic, because of course no one is going to live that long to serve that time . And it makes it seem excessive or harsh.***And I'm not justifying any of it .. But they prolly looked at what the general or average time people get for having CP. Which I would make a safe bet it's in the ball park of 7 years. Had they went with life without the possibility of parole or even 3 life sentaces etc .. it just doesn't seem as big or drastic as 1000 years sounds to people .. also in the end I would think that the court or law dealing with the original case did some things wrong or messed something up thus while the appeal was filed in the first place and what might have gotten him off on that .. because I don't think the 1000 years would have been enough to use to get an appeal and not even an appeal to lesson his change his sentence, but that it changed it and allowed him to be released. I deff think there is something more they are not reporting about ..

  • Maybe whatever god realised that there was going to be such a horrible being released into the wild this year and unleashed the virus to stop it.

  • This guy in NSW Australia got a 23 year sentence for sexually assaulting a 12yo girl walking to school, he was hiding in the bush wearing one of those gillie suits that the army people wear and assaulted her for an hour. His lawyer had the AUDACITY to say a 23year sentence is too harsh for “a crime that was only an hour long” like Wtf 😩 it’s still waiting the verdict of the appeal but I hope the tell him to go choke.

  • hi I never comment but I watched this video when it was uploaded. I just saw it on my recommended again but it looks like my view was removed bc I definitely watched this video. Idk just wanted to let you know

  • People know his name and face. They can make use of that, if they wanted to.

  • Locking up _CONSENTING ADULTS_ who take drugs out of free will for 10+ years and a pedophile having terabytes of child porn and producing it doges a 1000-year sentence? Ok byee

  • Where’s a frank castle when u need one

  • No surprise that a person in government, or a wealthy person gets away with this shit.

  • I appreciate your content a lot. You talk on things I’m passionate about too. Thank you for what you’re doing

  • Or gets paroled & dies immediately after leaving prison

  • As an individual who was abused in my early teens. This makes me FURIOUS. My abuser is now dead, but I didn't come forward until after he died. Who ever approved this guy's release. They all need to be evaluated. Sometimes I'm ok with the thought of Nuclear War wiping us off the planet.

  • Can we bring back medieval torture please.

  • Why does weed get you more years in prison than raping someone or being a danger to CHILDREN.

  • Imagine if one of the victims is your own children, think about that. Stop and think about that.

  • 0:11 well that's what happens when you sleep in the woods😄

  • This is disgusting. I have mixed feelings on the death penalty, but can we please just immediately execute any and all pedophiles already? They add nothing to society and the chances that they will reoffend one someway is damn near 100%. Some people just don’t deserve to live anymore. When a dog bites a human (whether it can be justified or not) that dog is put down. But oh no the pedophile who raped and molested children gets to live. That’s excusable. No. Every human has an innate right to life, but once you hurt a child, you forfeit that human card and are now a monster. A monster that deserves to be shot and then discarded like the pile of trash that they are. Idk. Maybe it’s an unpopular opinion, but I really don’t care 🤷‍♀️ death to all pedophiles.

  • I bet you don't like judging other people's appearances lol

  • This is why I hate the world.

  • I don’t understand how someone with 1000 years and a crime of that nature could possibly get a reduced sentence at all or possible parole.

  • It's open-and-shut cases like this guy's, or throwback to Brock Turner, who really personify how much racism runs the American prison system. White person with no question of guilt who did a heinous crime? Hard to convict, if convicted doesn't get a long sentence, if a long sentence isn't given then parole will happen early. Meanwhile a black man caught in possession of marijuana serves a twenty year sentence and doesn't get parole. Anyone who says no black people alive have been slaves really need to take a closer look at the prison-industrial complex.

  • The reason why he got off too easily is because he was selling the images to the judge.

  • These men literally don’t stop either. There is something wrong with them. They don’t magically lose their urges

  • Shoulda got the death sentence. By firing squad.

  • Absolute insanity

  • I feel like throwing up.

  • Who's been here since 200k?

  • If there was a mental gymnastics Olympics. The people who made the decision to release this piece of excrement, they would be across the board gold medalists.

  • I am convinced that pedophiles have micro penis and fragile egos and that’s why they seek to rape children. Change my mind.

    • That Guy 💯 agree They’re useless brains just walking around sticking their peen into what ever moves. Like zombies

    • They are intellectually unwell and provide no use to society which should classify them all for forced euthanasia without trials.

  • If he had 26,000 files of CP then I would not be surprised if the thousands of families and friends of those victims would want vengeance since justice failed them. I’m not gonna be surprised when this man turned up murdered. Not surprised and not mad about it.

  • Me: Maybe humans are good again Also me sees this vid: There is no hope

    • Most pedophiles are misanthropes too, you know?

  • More than 26000 files of child pornography. Imagine all the lives damaged and ruined by that. This fucking enrages me so much. I just hope the children are going to be ok. Can we just... hire a hitman on this guy or something? Also, in places you sounded like you wanted to cry. I could not relate more.

  • at a point where you basically sentence someone for the time of an average human life, you should just death sentence them if they're not cooperative

    • theres literally no point of keeping them alive if they have to serve for rest of their lives, like what the hell, there is no use of them anymore so why wouldnt you give them a death sentence?

  • this is so sick if they let him out he will DEFINITELY NO QUESTION RAPE A CHILD and why wouldn't he? he already has a thousand year's I don't think he'd care for a few more

  • So...before this guy was arrested for, not just owning but _producing_ child porn, he was a county commissioner and owned an independent tv station. Suffice to say, the guy had money. There’s your answer. We all know the US has two different "justice" systems. One for rich white people and one for everyone else. If this was a black man or a poor man (or both) they’d have sentenced him to 1000 years _with no chance_ of parole and thrown away the key. Oh, and they need to search whoever sits on that parole board’s computers. Because I _guarantee_ they have child porn on them. They’re all a bunch of pedo sympathizers.

  • Welp, there goes my faith in humanity

  • preach it tho girl wtf is going through their mind to release him....


  • I need a petition to get him back into jail. This is gross.

  • This is why citizens should be allowed to serve their own justice.

  • In the UK you get more time in jail for fraud than you do for being caught downloading CP

  • If u think that's bad then u have not heard of Peter Skully... 🤮

  • *Screams into the void*

  • You remind me of the SNL skit Debby Downer and it’s iconic as fuck.

  • WWTTFF!! Clearly there's no logic in this.

  • There are so many known pedos in positions of fame and power and it's honestly so disappointing. Worldwide children and trafficked, eaten, abused and tortured all for the entertainment of those in power. Pedophilia is the most disgusting crime and should be punished accordingly. It's a worldwide problem and it needs to change. Children should be loved and protected not raped and tortured.

  • Why even fucking arrest people then. If you're not going to enforce punishment at all.

  • Omg I thought you were gonna cry 3:23

  • the only reasoning i can think of is that if he is the most prolific nonce then he must know people in power or at least be affiliated with them in private

  • Thank God he didn’t touch kids or rape them. Hopefully he pays for sins & helps the poor & volunteers.

  • Blame the Parole Board in Georgia. They have final say over who gets it and who does not. This is why the D.A. is powerless. Why those idiots though this thing deserved parole is beyond me.

  • I'm a victim of CP and that shit is scary enough. And thankfully they guy is still serving time but holy fuck imagine being one of his targets and knowing he had 1k years and he only serves seven??? Should have let him expire in prison and leave his bones in the cell until after his sentence is up

  • my grandpa cant even change the tv volume how do these old ass men find child porn 💀💀

  • Solid video! Thanks for finally getting it done...keep doing this's important! God bless you and America. And also ... you're killing the Nordic Goddess look :)

  • Hello! I just feel like I'm going to comment this story because it's similar to the topic and is not quite known internationally, but I'm from Hungary and our lovely ambassador Gábor Kaleta owned 19,000 images of cp. He literally just got suspended for one year and had to pay 500$. First the government wanted to keep in in secret and move him to another city, but the media found out about it and oh well :). Everybody is talking about it rn. Just felt like sharing it because not many people know about it other than Hungarians and it made me really mad. I really like your videos btw, keep it up!

  • Man, as soon as the charge said child porn that’s an instant prison sentence, NO QUESTION!

  • We need you to become a literal judge.

  • How does this shit happen? He now is put in the position where he can spread it, keep gathering, producing, and much more, not to mention people like him are very likely to go out and commit these acts against children, traumatizing them and potentially making a profit out of all of this? He should rot in prison, how the hell did he get out of that

  • Where is Dexter when you need him? 🤮

  • Unsure why youve deleted your italian videos. Why are you ashamed of your heritage??

  • Can someone or something out there put a curse on him? Please and ty 💕 Seriously, this man deserves to be fucking locked up, but if even that didn't work out then I hope he suffers as much as those children did...

  • This wig is giving me impeccably good vibes

  • I really want you to become a judge in these types of cases.

  • Wait till Epsteins girlfriend talks, he will take this guys spot as the most prolific.

  • I’d love to see you talk about pizza gate and Jeffrey Epstein’s parties

  • I hate when people try to normalize it like a 19 year old dating a 16 year old. I legit asked my mom if it was acceptable for me 16, to date someone older like 20 something and she said it was alright she just needed to meet them:/

  • There's this woman who recently divorced her husband and married her stepson she helped raised can I get your take on this

  • This is so disgusting it makes me want to stab holes in the wall! This guy deserves the DEATH PENALTY!!!

  • Time to throw the whole state of Georgia away

  • All governments r prob filled with pedos... thats why they don’t stop it. Truly disgusting

  • You were the person who introduced me to setting spray as a piece of makeup kit. I think it's time for a holy comeback.