This man hid in a house for months

Publicado el 15 may 2020
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  • My boyfriend isn't responding, w-what should I do? It's a long distance relationship..

  • Why every house needs a dog.

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  • Ya my kids won't be going anywhere I don't know about that's for sure.

  • ... how on Earth did that even work - did her parents never go into her room or check on her or help her clean it, etc? Oh, my head x.x Okay, so she lived with her grandparent(s)... but still, never checked on her or helped her do things in her room? And how did she get to a casino? What the hell.

  • Did the grandpa not call the cops the first time he saw him under the bead?Stupid if he didnt and just told him to leave.

  • remember kids: there is no non-consensual sex. there is rape and there is sex. no in between.

  • when I found out they were native, anyone from around a rez knows, this story made so much more sense. Its a different culture on the rez dude.

    • In a sense that, most of my friends were on at least one drug by the time they were 9. My one friend started meth at 11. The police dont care so things go haywire. Its not a surprise a 12 year old was able to go meet up with this dude.

  • I love ur wigs onlly thing that bugs me is the roots most of the time are a different color than ur scalp and face not trying to say u look bad because u always look georgous

  • This is fucked up asf And if u want to know a platform try amino

  • Seems like the "Washington man" had a person on the "inside" helping him hide under her bed.

  • There wouldn't have been a second time if that was my child, no matter the gender of the child or the creep living under their bed. The police would be finding pieces of his body in the corn fields.

  • Where I live the reservations that certian native tribes live are literally with in walking distance from their tribes casino. I was just thinking how unfortunately easy it probably was for him to get her to meet up there. The casino in my town is owned by the tribe and there is literally houses right below it that people walk too if they want. So it definitely makes sense to me

  • Thank god my bed didnt have that bed thingy and is on the floor

  • I have a huge raging dislike towards my mom and step dad. My step dad sexually abused me when I was 9-13. He also sexually abused my older sister but never went to prison when I came out and went to court about it. Not to mention my mom disowned me just so she can keep her disgusting husband. Now I live with my real dad and I don't visit my moms anymore. But my step dad is still running freely and enjoying his life and it pisses me off.

  • What tape of metal disability they saying he got i knew it don't matter not all metal disability make you stupid

  • I wonder how someone would hide under my bed without me noticing M’y bed is a loft bed and also my room is a closet

  • Wow, I’m from Portland and I never heard this story!! Everything on the news is rioting and COVID. Thank you for telling this story, as a dad of two girls it’s absolutely frightening!

  • how does an adult find a child sexually attractive they are cute but not attractive no offense

  • 8:40 ok but what was he supposed to do? he’s a lawyer. is he supposed to say “yea pls give him some extra years, what he did was horrible” ? ofc what the guy did was horrible but the lawyer is just doing their job lol

  • Well now im even MORE paranoid that someone is under my bed 😰

  • Good thing my mattress is on the floor 🥰


  • Can giulia please just say words in other languages constantly for a video, she always sounds so so fluent

  • Your explanations of really basic shit makes me feel like you’re explaining these things to an alien race

  • As a single woman in a ground floor apartment, stories like these make me exponentially more grateful for living with two dogs. Between a protective Belgian Shepherd and an angsty Jack Rusell Terrier, there's no chance anyone could ever hide in here. And if they tried, I'm positive that all hell would break loose.

  • Couldn’t happen at my house. I check under beds and everywhere because I have to clean after my kids.

  • Ha, Jokes on you, no one can get into my closet because there are too many clothes uwu

    • No one can get in my closet because my dresser is in front of it UwU my room is small as fuq

  • When you live in Washington and are around that age range 🤠

  • People are very lax around that area. I've had obviously underaged kids ask for cigarettes or pot a lot of times, usually kids from the reservation hanging out around rest stops next to the reservation. Not shocking she was able to head over to the resort on her own at all.

  • This is actually and truly my biggest fear.

  • How does she keep her hair so good btw

  • I don’t think the girl was scared, she met with him and brought him to her house, I’m not saying that this was ok but that girl brought it on herself

    • Lavender Blossom im not sayin that he’s not a monster but parents tell their children that people like this exist, I’m a minor and I understand that this is wrong, at 12 yrs old I knew that adults talkin to kids and trying to meet me was wrong, she litterly brought him back to her house, she wasn’t afraid, she trusted him, I’m saying parents need to do a better job.

    • you are literally blaming a child what the fuck is wrong w you

  • I have a 13 year old daughter. How could you not kill a man in that situation? I might

  • Dude I literally just watched "the boy" where some guy is living in the walls

  • How in the fuck does this type of shit happen? It's next level nightmare fuel. Seriously, I need to know. How?

  • Imagine being a lawyer and defending a rapist. Who is completely okay with trying to get a rapist off?

    • Many lawyers get stuck with people they don't wanna defend

  • Oh great. He’s gonna go to AA too because that’s where all sex offenders go. Of course.

  • I’m guessing grandpa had a little dementia

  • Anyone know Zacharias Adrian Cavasos' date of birth? (That's the perps name)

  • So you find a grown ass man in your 12 year old grand daughter bed and you let him leave???? Let alone leave alive just to come back again a week later.

  • This is so scary. I’m almost 30 and this would scare me knowing someone is hiding in my room let alone sexually abusing me. I hope the young girl can get help and know it’s not her fault.

  • Yo I live 45 minutes away from there

  • i feel sick

  • Lemme just go check to make sure there are still only drawers under my bed-

  • He likely convinced her that they were in love and coached her on what to say and do to get away to meet up. She likely isn’t afraid of him, she probably thinks she’s in love. That’s how they work.

  • I was about to be worried of anything under my bed, despite not being a "little girl", until I realised that tons of clothes in long boxes are under my bed.

  • kind of disappointed i didn’t watch this earlier, this is near my hometown (pronounced you-ma-till-la) and it’s super scary knowing this is happening so close to home...

  • He was intelligent/aware enough to literally remove slats of the bed to hide under it though 🙄

  • I'm close to her age, and I'm not allowed to go anywhere without at LEAST telling my mom (though my dad used to let me take the bus across town without any supervision)

  • I absolutely agree with everything your saying. However, no matter what you feel/believe about the guilt or innocence of your client, it is illegal to not give the best representation for your client & if a lawyer is suspected of not being the best lawyer possible, bc of personal/factual beliefs of guilt,bit is a federal crime. i.e. Ted bundy's lawyer had to respresent his client as not guilty, per the plea Bundy made. If he was suspected of any wrongdoing or not fully representing to the very best of his capabilities, the lawyer is fraudulent, breaking his oath, and many other charges for not attempting to get Bundy off/out of the multiple charges he had against him, regardless of the fact that the crimes were heinous and everyone knew he was guilty, but because his lawyer was picked to defend him, he had to attempt to prove bundy was in fact innocent. Just wanted to make sure everyone knows that this lawyer representing this under the bed guy, it doesn't matter how he feels about the client orhow it makes him feel inside, both havingto go up against this poor girl, & having to defend this sicko, he must defend him as any client deserves to properly represented, or he has multiple federal charges brought against him & he loses his license to practice lawbever again. It would ruin his life to not defend him properly as shitty as that is, as despicable as that may make him feel about himself having to publicly support this pedophile psycho

  • Wow! Even your worst nightmare couldn’t come up with something so weird, dangerous and paedophilic! My daughters are in their 30s now but when they were 12 after I’d had custody I changed their beds and did their laundry when the went to their mother's for her turn. Why wasn’t he found then? I used to work in a forensic service for adults with learning difficulties here in the UK. This is something America leads the way with and our service was one of only two in the UK at that time. Much of the training was provided by Americans . The present best practice is for the perpetrators to go through the judicial system the same way as anyone else. It’s what happens when they come out of prison that matters as many people still need monitoring some 24/7. Learning disabled doesn’t mean stupid and it’s amazing how cunning someone with a mental impairment can be, as obviously demonstrated here.

  • My heart and prayers to this innocent child.

  • I have so many questions. Like, was she aware of the abuse at all or was she asleep while it happened? If she was aware, did she know it was him and that he was living there, but was too scared to tell? Plus, did no one notice the possible missing things or noise he was making while living there, let alone abusing her?? I'm very concerned.

  • When i was in insta i just started., the next day i woke up to a notification, it was from insta, apparently i was invited to nudes group AND MULTIPLE ASS MEN WHERE THERE LIKING THE NUDE PICTURE, IT WAS HER NUDES, I HAD ASKED WHY I WAS INVITED no response., i had deleted the group from my messages but i dont remember the acc that was sending nudes, but if your invited to one of these, REPORT EVERYONE IN THERE!

  • People are so weird wtf

  • I’m trying to piece together why a 12 year old girl would allow such an older man to come stay in her house.....

  • If he's capable of planning all of this he's capable of facing the consequences of those very actions

  • my uncle is mentally ill and he acts younger than he is but he's still a good guy and he doesn't go around raping people, so that isn't an excuse.

  • omg in my language there is this little poem about a kid who doesn't want to clean up his toys and just shoves it under his bed until he wants to play with them again and it has this little line in it that translates to. 'there is no such thing as a monster or a creepy man that can fit under the bed with all those toys.' but never EVER do you ever think that the creepy man under your bed is anything but the imaginative boogeyman that many children believe in. I can never read that silly poem in the same way again. omg. that poor girl.

  • So just added context here, The grandfather and daughter live on a reservation and are part of a tribe, they do not involve police unless it is a last resort, and even then due to the way reservations are set up the police are unable to intervene in most cases. Those on reservations have their own 'government' everything is handled within the tribe. So he probably did not contact the police the first time. Those on reservation aren't as disconnected as the amish but they do have their own way of life

  • Mental health issues? This whole thing was premeditated

  • Now I know why my parents don't let me stay at friends houses without them. But seriously I would beat the crap out of a person waiting to meet me from social media. Disgusting.

  • The police doesn't help indigenous people they kill them.

  • As terrible as this case may be, a lawyer's job is to defend their client. Regardless of how horrible the client's actions were.

  • Nobody: Glare's phone battery: *ight imma head out*

  • all the people with a mental disability who are very much not commiting crimes are enough proof that it's not a valid excuse imo

  • Wtf I came here trying not to be scared than this happens on the freaking reservation RIGHT NEXT TO MY TOWN

  • I refuse to have space under my bed. I’m 51 years old but don’t need the head trip of fearing someone is under the bed. I tell people I don’t have a bed frame because I don’t want the dogs to have to jump.

  • I mean don’t blame the lawyer dudes just doing his job, I don’t envy his position of trying to defend this monster

  • The lawyer: "Your honor, she was 12. He was 21... can I make it anymore obvious?..."

  • Also to think that once she realized the evil person he was... it was too late to say anything. Having to explain that she talked to a stranger online, met him, and brought him to the home would subject her to likely getting in big trouble and as a kid that seems like worse than just baring with it :/ idk but that would be my thought process as a kid

  • Defense lawyers will say anything to get charged dismissed. Just as prosecutors will do in vice.

  • Im scared for my daughters. This world is going to shit. Ill kill anyone who dares touch my children. I dont trust anyone with my kids im so paranoid at this point. I useto get hit on by old men on the internet when i was in middle school highschool. I started putting everything on private and blocking people i didnt know. My parents didnt get technology so they really didnt know how to protect us. I had firends that got raped by older guys in high school that they meet on myspace and facebook. My kids will be lucky if they get a smartphone before they graduate

  • This guy is a total scum bag and so is his lawyer .

  • Wait why isn’t anyone talking about how it looks like he has hickeys on his neck? Or what on earth are those markings.

  • Me: * reads thumbnail * that’s creepy

  • Maudit! Il y a du monde sauvages! What the Hell IS *WRONG* With People, today? & Then; NVM The 'People' ... WHAT Up With that Attorney, too? There are days; I Am so glad to be 'Retired'! Then when I 'Hear' about Cases like *THESE* Well, let's just say ... I Wish I could throw on a *UNIFORM* & Just get back to work!⚖ 😉x 🧸

  • The title gave me chills

  • lol, mental health is not an excuse for such things. Everyone these days pretend to be mental after they get caught.

  • I’m sorry, but if a grown man was found hiding in my twelve year old’s room, that man would get shot in the face. Probably not the best thing, but it’s the truth. Also, there’s way too much of a culture of taking all responsibility away from people of any level of intellectual disability. He understood to hide and not to tell what he was doing, so I think he’s capable of facing the consequences since he at least had that level of understanding. And a freaking twelve year old was raped, pretty important to get justice for that.

  • This doesn't even sound like a real story, it sounds like a bad Family Guy joke.

  • This honestly makes me appreciate how strict my parents were back then. Yeah I didn't have alot of freedom, but I was safe and didn't have to go through traumatizing events. What's even justice anymore

  • By the way, Umatilla is pronounced with regular English L sounds. Not with the "y" sound as in the spanish language. Sorry for the nitpick.


  • To be fair with this story, the "sex" was "consensual," in that she was inviting him in her room, not that she can consent (it's still rape) and he was kicked out two or three times by parents. Finally the grandparents had enough and called police

  • Does anyone else wanna hear her speak her first language? Her voice is so beautiful

  • French Canadian???

  • I've never loved having a small closet and no bed frame more

  • Why would she meet up with a 21 year old anyway being 12 years old ?

    • It’s called grooming and manipulation.

  • To defend the lawyer, at the end of the day what the client says goes and if they're hellbent on going with the defense he went with the the lawyer's hands are somewhat tied. They can try to direct the client to something different but other than dropping the client (which in a case like this is harder than you might think) that's all they can really do.

  • It kindve sounded like she liked him.and welcomed him in..but it doesn't matter...he knew how old he was.and he took advantage of a kid.fuck.

  • people are so sick. I honestly can’t believe we’ve got to this point. Come on, it’s fucking 2020

  • That blue hair is so dope it looks real good on u

  • This is why you have to be 13 or older to have Social Media. Like, you are 11 when you go into 6 grade, but just no. You still a child.

    • @Gena Crespo Yea, But at least they meet the requirements

    • 13 is still a child. 14 is a child. 15 is a child. 16 is a child. 17 is STILL a child.

  • I thought the title said that he hid his house

  • Well then- Imma keep my windows locked cause I exist in Oregon and although this is old news imma keep em l o c k e d

  • Shame they didn't have a Rottweiler or something. What a nightmare situation!

  • Wtf kind of story is this?!🤬🤔 I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that her grandfather either has dementia or he's hammered EVERY SINGLE DAY. like how is it possible to NOT KNOW THAT A 12 YR HAS SOMEONE LIVING IN HER ROOM?!!! LIKE HOW!!!? this kid had A FULLY GROWN MAN LIVING UNDER HER ROOF WITH HER & GRANDFATHER AND HE DIDN'T KNOW?!? fck no. I never use all caps but I'm GENUINELY perplexed by this. that kid needs to go with a suitable guardian that's aware of what's going on in their own damn house. The fact that he was able come BACK AGAIN, is giving me a migraine.

  • A bit late to the party, but, living in NYS, something occurred to me, and I was right. . . The casino was on the reservation (I assume like NYS until recently all casinos were on reservations because they were otherwise illegal). So she probably didn't even have to mention she was going anywhere to anyone to meet him, nor would they have needed a ride back from the casino to where he lives. Which means initially getting to meet her was probably very easy even with an attentive guardian. Also Native Americans are THE most likely demographic to be sexually assaulted in the US ( meaning statistically she's more likely than most to have been sexually assaulted by someone else before, which may have unfortunately made her more likely to quietly "accept" (not that she's able to consent, but you get what I mean, yeah?) this man's abuse. Frankly, considering how obvious those two facts above were to me immediately, it seems likely to me that he had considered those things, making this exceptionally calculated. If he does some how have a "disability" it seems to have not been a hindrance here.