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Publicado el 8 jun 2020
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  • I believe that we can rehabilitate neo-nazis by using a soft and educational method of deradicalizing them. shaming them will only further radicalize them and increase the hatred within their heart, but if we use education, kindness, and understanding we could teach them why they are wrong and hopefully they would change beliefs. Tho if they continue being a nazi after being educated it would be perfectly acceptable to shame them.

  • Ma’am, I have been watching your videos like crazy since I discovered you a few days ago. You’re so pretty and you’re attitude and humor is absolutely my cup of tea lol. Keep doing you girl.

  • Funny i was 13 in 2011 and I already new Nazis were bad and had a deep hatred for them. And i grew up with a very rascist and homophobic father.

  • OK OK SOOOOO The Link should be to: For Survivors of the Holocaust.

  • Never heard of you before yesterday. Saw one of your videos recommended, let the playlist roll and you've gone from serious issues like pedophilia to dissecting the motivation of a 16 year old who thought identifying as a Nazi was edgy for a minute until she got over it and realized it was fucking dumb. There are so many actual issues you could be talking about. This is nonsense. I suppose I get it though. When you run a gossip channel you have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find content to post regularly.

  • "Until you experience racism (which you won't because you are white)" Thats saying you can't be racist to a white person in which you can that person who said that is no better than she is.

  • Wow!!! That has got to be to fakest apology ever. At 16 I was not a Nazi, I had no interest in it I knew nobody who did... But it comes down to who you chose to associate with like you have to seek these Nazi's out... in order to join them.

  • I'd just like to say, even though I'll more than likely piss a lot of people off (and no ones gonna take it seriously because of my username), not all racism goes to people of color, white people can be discriminated against too, my mother (a white woman) lived in a town and got spit on when she got onto buses because she was white, and before anyone says "Oh, maybe she made that person mad" No, she never would've even met those people before.

  • Me getting pregnant at 16 doesnt sound so bad anymore...

  • I love your opening song and sequence

  • Everyone can change it takes time and the right type of help to get there, the big thing is the person willingness to change. Pride can often get in the way of change.

  • her apology might have been palatable if she had gone through this phase of her life when she was, like, 11 or twelve- that's when I remember being the most easily influenced- and it only lasted for like a month tops. the fact that she tries to defend it at all.. If I was in her shoes, it would just be "you're right, I was wrong, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said those things, but I did. The amount of time between then and now means absolutely nothing because the bottom line is that I gave credence to a movement that has killed people and that is unforgivable. I take full responsibility, there is no excuse." That sounds like a reasonable apology to me, idk about anyone else. The one thing I don't want to hear in an apology is an explanation to why they acted the way they did. The reason doesn't matter, because the fact that you did it is wrong on its own and you should have known better.

  • I love you Gulia! I love to hear people speak on topics like this! Deangelo Wallace and you are my favorite ESmainr’s. Speaking as a very young person (15) I completely believe that if people continue to make content like this it will shape the youth in a positive way and we’ll finally make a ginormous change! 💕

  • Just like the trendy Che Guevara tshirts...

  • Honestly, coming from a country that once was completelly facist and that actually allied itself with Nazi Germany, it's hard to me to understand how you can have a position so set on "no one comes back from that". Come on, show me a adolescent who never spoke or said stupid things to "shock" or get atention at least once. Honestly, with sixteen she almost certainlly didn't even knew what those things really meant. It's insane the level of lifelong political correctness this cancel culture is demanding of people. Had she murdered or phisically hurted someone or destroyed someone's property I agree she should pay the penalty, but presume to know what it really was and the level of commitment of thought without action of someone as a teenager and worse, presuming anyone have the capacity to judge it is, on my opinion, a sign of arrogance, honestly. You are not the 16 years old Giulia, I am not the 16 years old Marcos, she is not her 16 years old self, that is the only thing on this case we can affirm with any level of confidence. Let her current actions show who she is, not her public words when she was a hormone-full overemotional brat. I could bet you would not want to be judged by the same standards. I wouldn't. I am responsible for every action a did on my life, but you cannot pretend to begin to know the true internal reasons that drive me or how much weight my declared reasons really have on them. That's why, at least until recently, people on the West were judged by their actions and not their thoughts or the expression of them.

  • All the Validation you needed in my Opinion Was calling that Text "Word Salad" Lmao

  • Just because "you are a kid" doesn't make it not hurtful...My best friend is a BPOC, we've been friends since like the womb (our moms are also besties) When we were about 10 I started hanging out with this other white girl (who we'll call Nazinee) in our class, even though her and Tamara didn't get along very well I kept trying to make it happen, one day we were at the park, Tamara asked Nazinee to hand her a coke out of the cooler sitting next to her and Nazinee says "This isn't 1850 and my skin isn't black" (eww it was just as bad typing that for me as it is for you reading it), kinda shocked I laughed and didn't really think too much of it, except I quit trying to push the friendship, cause I could tell Tamara was pissed, though I didn't really understand until years later when Tamara finally talked to me about it...she told me that she had cried herself to sleep for a week, not because ol'girl was racist, we live in Cincinnati, right on the Mason-Dixion line, lots of that going round, but my laugh is what hurt her, she expected the racist shit from others but I was her best friend and it had really hurt her that I first experience with "microaggression" Also, I just very recently changed my whole ideology because I found new ideas that I didn't know existed and it took about a week...I didn't go from nazi to normal or anything so dramatic...but democrat to anarchists is still quite an ideological change...sometimes it does happen quickly

  • " the kid" excuse is stupid. legit 10 yr olds are on tik tok/fb and have access to anyone's views and misguided actions. ;-; HOWWWW have people like this not died off yet? I'm sorry but who hurt you to where you need to portray yourself like this? and proudly? yikes.

  • yknow what. im 17 right now. i grew up a small village, one with really bad views (not nazi, but racism and homophobia such were rampant) and by the time i was.. (and this is me stretching) around 11-12 i started really.. thinking? about the views of the community and why. i don't see any excuse for a 16/17 year old really, she had social media obviously. the info was buttons away. this doesnt sound like an abusive/cult-y situation (sometimes nazi groups or similar ones will be like 'well if you leave you'll have no one, because they certainly wont want you') idk. this behavior is disgusting.

  • I'm confused. While this is bad, I have to question this: how can having gear be worse, but not having it not be less so? Also I hate the "Once a racist, always a racist?" That's bullshit. That lady said a lot of crap that makes me disgusted for being black. 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • I can absolutely see how she could claim to be a Nazi in her youth without ever actually knowing what it means, or holding any Nazi beliefs simply to appear to be "cool", and be in with the crowd that she thought was "cool" at the time. I am a Satanist. I have been so for over 35 years, and while I make no claim to it, there are people that view me as Satanic Clergy, and treat me as such. I cannot count the number of young people that I have seen who claimed to be Satanists. They had no idea what that actually means. They all had read books by Anton LaVey and Alistair Crowley, not knowing that neither of them were actually Satanists. LaVey was actually an Atheist, and Crowley was nothing more than a Spiritualist dabbling in Occultism. They claimed to be such for a time, at least as long as they saw it as the "cool" or "in fashion". They all expressed a belief in Satanism without ever really knowing anything about it, then one day abandoned that claim just as quickly as they had adopted it. None of them ever had any genuine belief or actually participated in it. It was just a fad for them. I believe it is just as probable that this tattoo girl treated Nazism the same way. If she says that she never actually held any Nazi beliefs, then I think it is best to take her at her word. There is already far too much BS being spread about almost any and everyone these days. Unless anyone can actually show that she did something a bit more meaningful than buying the damn t-shirt then I see these accusations as an exercise in futility. Nothing I have read proves to me that she ever progressed beyond anything more than using the slogan to attempt to fit in. I've found that most people have been guilty of just trying to fit in somewhere and at some time in their lives, and expressed opinions that they would rather not be brought to light. Cut her a break. Take her at her word, and one day when you have some obscure thing that you said at some earlier time, and deny actual belief in it, people will take you at your word as well. Be very careful with how you treat others, for some day you may wish for better treatment than you offered to someone else.

  • Considering one my bff was raised and raised into that ideology of being a nazi, and is no longer that way. Yes people can change and yea they can leave those beliefs behind. He did and he is a different person now.

  • I grew up in Perth WA, I moved to the other side of the country at 3o to get away from how backwards, ignorant and intolerant the place was after coming out as trans m2f. Unfortunately I do have to confirm that as the most isolated capitol city in the world, and the most toxic and insular place I know of, there was , is and always will be a MASSIVE Nazi movement n punk, metal, historian groups. there are ww2 memorabilia shops that display antique Nazi flags and souvenirs, the owners of which are in fact white supremacists, there's a lot of hared for Asian and aboriginal groups, there's huge gangs and groups of criminal biker gangs that are all white supremacist. I'm not backing this chick at all for any of it but I know the group and its just one of many. The issue here is Perth itself, it's backwards and isolated and needs a fucking nuke (Hence moving here myself) just thought I'd post this because this is a city (quite a small one) where fascist behavior and ideology is very much alive and kicking.

  • I was in the hardcore punk scene and yes the skinhead older groups were grooming the easily swayed kids.... for perspective we were homeless street kids who saw a tight group of skin heads who offered food shelter and instant family in exchange for a piece of your mind and soul. I saw kids join a group that groomed them indoctrination of hate disguised as love. It was really sad to watch and isolated those that joined from us who chose to keep living a street struggle.

  • I used to be heavily racist. Heavily. I accept that that was how I was at that time, no excuse for it, and I’m actively changing and denouncing this. I came back from being borderline nazi, but it took a long time to completely take this out of me. It took a lot of unlearning, and a lot of accepting that there is no excuse for my actions at that point of my life, and that it’s up to POC and others harmed by those views to forgive me, no one else can speak for them. I now actively champion for groups like BLM, am a feminist, and call out anything vaguely looking like fascism, because of my experience with it, I know what it looks like. I will say as an Australian, Australia is a very racist country and we do have very active white supremacist communities here, but it’s still not an excuse for these attitudes. You also accept being called out for it, you learn from it, and you do your best to make sure that you and no one you know thinks like that ever again.

  • On the one hand, considering it’s been years since her nazi posts, I’d say there is no use being angry about it now if she’s genuinely changed. On the other hand, if she still holds the same beliefs then she deserves to get all the shame and hate she’s getting. Also, “you’re two years away from adult hood” argument doesn’t mean she’s not a kid, you’re basically a kid until your brain is fully developed at over 20 years of age. You’re just not a minor, but still a kid. Also the “you won’t experience racism cause you’re white” is the dumbest thing I’ve heard. White peoples can and do get racist comments made about them a lot. And BLM is garbage, people who support it usually completely forget about minorities who aren’t black because BLM is the most loud and violent about it, but other minorities resist too and they don’t care.

  • even the germans are ashamed of this part of their story, this is insane that people in our country can be so ignorant...

  • As a gay person everyone I know pretty much is a ex-homophobe

  • when I was 16, I was dressing head to toe like Indiana Jones and "fighting Nazis" to preserve history and freedom 😂 but I'm also hella gullible bc before this I would've looked at her apology and been like "proud of all of you for seeing the error of your ways and changing". She MIGHT hAve changed.... Maybe not.... But I don't believe the once racist always racist. People CAN change..... But I still doubt she did

  • Nobody expects me to believe that there is a crowd of Nazis to follow and join anywhere.

  • Okay I agree with the person dming her but they were wrong in one part. Yes, it’s VERY much possible to be racist to a white person.

  • So, I'm German and it always disgusts me if people calling someone or themself a NAZI. as a German, I always get called that even if I didn't do anything... you tell someone you're from Germany and people are like "oh haha NEIN NEIN you're a nazi don't you or a daughter of one" - can people please stop calling others NAZI!? wtf is wrong with the world...

  • Do we push this person away and make her feel like we're not trying to help? If so, I'd say the chances of her returning to a place where she was accepted is probably higher? If we're not going to accept her and move on, maybe she'll be more inclined to return to a place of security and acceptance? I've had issue with irrational anxiety, and I've from watching some of your other videos, I'm aware you have too. If she isn't a victim of being groomed by an ideology, she's still a victim of irrational thought. I just don't want to give people an excuse to embrace a darker side of themselves. I have no idea how she got to this point, but I'm confident that ridicule and animosity aren't the best approach. I guess a case could be made for holding her up as an example, but I've personally never been a fan of this approach. At the end of the day, there are stories of world war veterans reconciling with soldiers who fought on the side of that ideology. If they can make amends and put their past behind them, then it's honestly ridiculous if we, generations on, cannot.

  • I kinda have a problem with them (the people her) acting like only African Americans were affected by the Nazis, my family has Romanian gypsies that were killed in either concintration camps or bombings we are unsure. Just to be clear I am not saying African Americans were not affected I am just saying they were not the only ones affected

  • Everyone has the power to change. My mother once admitted to me that before I was born, she was very racist. However, my older brother became close friends with this girl from school, she was a POC, and my mom and dad decided they wouldnt force their ideals on others. People are capable of change.

  • Nothing good about being a Nazi. That is true. But why don't people call out the Marxists and their symbols including hammer and sickle. These people have an extra ordinary history of genocide. Actually dwarfing the Nazi holocaust.

  • the spongebob intro killed me Giul

  • So, about the apology, you did "nazi" it coming?

  • I don't agree with the statement "you're white you can't experience racism." Yes you can, If you go to Japan some restaurants won't serve you if you're 外人 (gaijin). There's so much more racist shit like that in the world. Hell, even her statement was racist.

  • most of the people saying “I don’t agree with once a racist always a racist” are WHITE or have never experienced racism. I understand people changing. but we excuse people and basically scrap people’s mistakes and that literally is the opposite of making them change. they have to face consequences! or they WONT change. therefore still (“internally” is if makes you feel better) racist.

  • "You'll never experience racism because you are white..." Yikes.

  • White ppl can *definitely* experience racism. Maybe it’s not as common, but it happens. I was constantly called an “ugly white girl” and that I had “dead skin” when I was in school, and my skin doesn’t even look that white

  • Ironic to think that BLM isn't also a hate group that wants death

  • After seeing Tana Mongeau’s recent ‘apology’. That makes Lucy’s apology look good.

  • Im 14 almost 15 and even Im not this.. whatever this is. Like even at 16 I cant imagine thinking like this

  • I agree, Giulia, that's pretty fucked up that this influenceia comfortable with posting her Nazi pàst and trying to excuse her racist past by saying she was "just a kid", I also agree that there was no excuse for this. I once saw a Celtic cross, construed as a White Supremacist symbol, which enraged me.

  • You can come back from having that ideology. There has been literal Klan members who have been reformed and made friends with black people.

  • Some people can't understand that people can change. I'm not saying she's innocent I'm saying this in general. People change over the years and the fact some of these people say "once a racist always a racist" is so damn close minded and more ignorant. Especially to say "you're white you don't experience racism" yes you do. White or not. Racism is everywhere on every side. You might not be racist, but maybe you neighbor is. No matter what color you can experience racism. People don't get that

  • Ok but like... put the wardrobe malfunction cut on onlyfans? 👀🤗

  • With the one comment about, "you can`t experience racism because you`re white, is NOT true.. :///" Im part french and I cant stress enough, how many times that people discredited me because I was part french,that IS racism even tho I look 100% white.

  • Idk if she was trying to be “quirky” by being a literal Nazi but it’s not cute, sis🤷‍♀️💅

  • "You won't experience racism because you're white" ....Sure, Jan.

  • I definitely think someone can come back from being a nazi if the nazi ideology was rooted in them from a very young age and it was sugar coated so they would accept it. Pretty much the same when german children were brainwashed into accepting the nazi ideology



  • To me this girl was just about copying monami frost. Her imagine, even her content and friend circle... After her fucked up past i am fine with her getting all the hate

  • yo the person said the girl cant experience racism because shes white. isnts that messed up as hell!?!?!?!? white people deal with some of the most racism these days I really believe that.

  • theres aaaaaalways gona be the edgy nazi teens..... but can i play devil's advocate and say some nazi stuff especially non-nazi world war 1 German gear/looks/aesthetic can be kind of cool in the goth fashion way- anything to do with the ideology is reprehensible though..

  • I am from Germany and I knew when I was a kid that Nazis and all of that was wrong. I have seen what ww2 did to people and it is just sad. Yes you can change but only because you have been called out you apologize? mhm. That she was so proud of beeing a Nazi is disgusting, this is one reason I prefer animals over humans sorry for my bad english, greetings from germany :)

  • I think that people can change and if she genuinely is sorry then i think people should be able to forgive her. They dont have it of course

  • I'm from Perth, and I can say that the alternative scene really _wasn't_ very big, back in my own youth. I do believe alienated alterno- kids _can_ make bad calls while they're still groping around for an identity. That said, if she _is_ using weasel words on any element of it, then someone ought to force-feed her a magen David from inside a closed fist.

  • She only apologised because her money is on the line.

  • It is one thing to own memorabilia as a historian, it is one thing to own uniforms of all sides for re-enactment groups, ITS A DIFFERENT FUCKIN THING TO BE A NEO NAZI

  • Ppl need to rember that some of there best supporters an fighters may at one time have just been as racist. Until they realized or grew up out of there bubble, now there some of ur best allies in the fight. Dont make them all time villians I mean for christ sake even the bad guy will join the good guy if theres a more pressing threat. Its comic book basics

  • I am a dude, don't get into "gossip" crap but this is different in some way I watched 5 vids and found them interesting so i subbed

  • I don’t agree with ‘white people dont get racism’ I’m white and I’ve had racism directed towards me. Anyone can be racist and anyone can have had racism directed towards them.

  • If we treat former Nazis who disavow it like shit, we won't get many disavowing it.

  • People are only “sorry”when they’re caught. Period

  • In my opinion, "influencer" equals "vapid" anyway.... That being said, I'm older and my kids are your generation. I've raised them to be open-minded, non-bigoted, decent people. And I feel like that was successful as they don't appear to hold bias based on color, ethnicity, gender I'd, or religion (well....with my youngest, who's 17, I've failed to teach tolerance for people who need some kind of faith to get by). But one thing I'm noticing with your generation is a very hard edge. A kind of frightening level of intolerance for anyone who disagrees in any way with a certain mindset. A kind of "black and white" thinking, with no grey areas, no consideration of circumstances, no forgiveness. Just an eagerness to pounce on anyone who steps a half-inch out of line. It's extremely hypocritical. But when I try to explain this concept to my kids, it goes right by them. They can't hear it. It feels as equally frustrating as trying to explain what's wrong with Trump to one of his supporters. Nobody's perfect people. No-bod-y! People make mistakes. People can change their minds. People are complex entities, not permanent state objects. Also, people have a right to disagree with you, and that doesn't make them an enemy, or inferior to you somehow!! Thinking like that leads to the erosion of rights for ALL of us!! We have a Bill of Rights for a reason. All speech is protected for a Reason. In this case which you're addressing, it seems pretty clear. She was a stupid teenager and an attention whore. She grew up, learned new things, is not an extremist. She most likely retains some level of prejudice. Most people have some prejudices. I have a prejudice against Trump supporters. (I generalize disparagingly about, and disdain them). I'm also aware of it and yet I don't care (another flaw). This person's livelihood now depends on her reputation. Her apology reflected the fact that she was trying to minimize the damage, which is Normal and Understandable. Overall, she wrote a fairly reasonable apology with some minimization which undermined it. She may or may not still hold racist values. If you don't personally know her, you'll never know. My question is, does she say or do racist things on her channel? Is she recruiting followers into racism? Is she doing anything NOW that is negatively impacting people of color, besides not stretching her neck out on the block, and holding back her own hair? All of this crucifying someone for past mistakes is getting ridiculous. Of course she's going to post apology acceptances. She's insecure as hell, and scared of losing her followers. Unfortunately for you guys' generation (and for those of us who will be depending on you in 20 years), influencing, tribalism, and impossible standards are now firmlyentrenched "things".

  • She's got the goddess kali on her back. Ahaha stealing cultures and religion huh

  • I really don't know if you can come back from nazism/racism. If a kid/teenager is starting to be interested in Hitler, nazism and all that trash, they're doing it because of curiosity or for ,,edgyness" (soap made of human fat? OuO sO qUiRkYy!!). In most cases they'll soon find out how fucked that is. But I really don't know (and don't wanna know) what is wrong with people who advocate for this FOR REAL! I believe that edgy teens grow up and realise how silly and childlish they were but real ass nazis are freaking sick and I doubt that they can be heald. But I don't believe it's impossible.

  • I think you can to a certain degree come back from racism if you were conned into it by your entourage, not even necessarily your family. there was a docu somewhere on youtube about a tattoo salon offering ex convicts free coverups of some gang/racist tattoos they had got done while there, especially in some dangerous prisons where you have to pick a gang or go with the white nazis there, or else you'd be an outcast and therefore beaten up or abused.

  • Once a racist, always a racist. I believe that. It’s not that I don’t believe people can change. Of course they can. We’re human. All we do is change. But what difference does it make? If someone self-identified as a Nazi at one point, why would you ever associate with them? Forget what they say or how much they give back. What could you possibly hope to gain by inviting them into your life? No, thanks. For example, my dad’s kinda racist. Not hardcore racist, just sorta casual-white-boomer racist. As a kid, I tolerated it. But when I moved out and married a POC, that shit hit different. Had to cut my ties with the old man. It kinda sucked, but it’s for the best.

  • White supremacists and nazis arent even the same thing, all of these wannabes out there would have been killed by the real nazis unless they were 100% German .

  • I think a person CAN come back from something like this. I don’t think THIS person has.

  • I'm not 16 yet. but I'm pretty sure I wont be racist.

  • Do people realize that the Swastika was/is originally Native American and all Hitler did was flip it and turn it slightly? I'm so tired of this Nazi bullshit. Can people grow up?

  • Dayum, I'm 14 and I know better than to behave this way 😂😂

  • “A non-apology and trash ideology” bars

  • Reminds me of a classmate of mine in high school who's grandfather was part of the Nazi youth. He came to talk to our class and he told us it was basically literal brainwashing. They had him think that he didn't have a choice but to join. And he thought it was his choice to join. But after the war, and when it came to light, to him, what Hitler had done, he said it was like a bucket of ice water. He realized before that the Nazis were killing people, but he thought it was justified. But it wasn't until he met a young Jewish girl years after who told him her perspective. He said, after that, it was a process of un-learning and actively fighting against those ideologies that he was taught. When he came to talk to my class, he used to travel to different schools with memorabilia from his time as a Nazi youth. He tried to do his part to help people understand that racism, prejudice and hatred of all kinds are never justified. The difference between him and this girl is that he did more than just a poorly written post on social media. That's what white allies need to do. It's not enough to not be racist. You must be actively anti-racist. Even when you recognize those prejudices in yourself.

  • I personally think people can change from being complete pieces of shits to becoming a normal, considerate and inclusive human being. Point and case, many people can move out of cults or controlled religions like jehova's witnesses or mormanism. People can leave more accepted religions as well. All it takes is hard evidence to counter a point, and if the person can cognitive and open to new ideas, it can put him onto a pathway of evidence and proofs. It can really dispel old, dated ideas that some people hold for their entire lives or are indoctrinated into when very young. If the person is really wanting to change tho. This person is on the right path, there is obviously some elements of racism there, but the fact that they are embarrassed enough to hide that being a literal NAZI!, is showing that they want to leave that behind. I hope she can change and as she put it, "i want to learn and be able look back in 10 years and be more proud of the ally I became than the ignorant racist I was". There is a long way for that to happen but at least there are steps being taken

  • so hot and cool

  • _13:34__. “until you experience racism.(which you wont because you're white.)”_ _hopefully I dont have to explain what's wrong._

  • I was a kid when I beat up my bully but I wasn't forgiven as easily as she did. Actions speak louder than words lady. If you want forgiveness you got to show them that you deserve their forgiveness. It took me 3 years to earn my parents' trust again you should try a different approach.

  • she changed from calling herself a nazi but she's still a racist. why are all the white people in this comment section doing accepting an apology that isn't for you? all the white people are saying 'i don't agree with once a racist always a racist x'...did yall not watch the entire video?? she literally called a BPOC 'your people' and said 'you prove that all black stereotypes are real', said she wasn't racist just because she was a nazi, refused to advocate for BLM by signing petitions, and instead insulted and argued with every BPOC that asked for a genuine apology and for her to not make everything about her by POSTING NONBPOC ACCEPTING HER 'APOLOGY'? what...

    • we dont accept her apology for shit. She is a racist. But the idea in general once a racist always a racist isnt true either. People can change their ideology and learn to not be racist. It isnt a defense for the girl and question. So in blunt, the statement made is bullshit, but the apology is also bullshit and the girl is a racist. I can't believe I had to explain that to someone with a working brain enough to type on a keyboard.

  • I do disagree with the "Once a Racist always a Racist" since people already said this but people do change. Plus I like how that person thinks all Blacks supports BLM which I do find ironic t=since they'll probably call someone an uncle tom, or whatever words that are used because they don't have the same opinion. Also I like how that person says that people that are white do not know what racism is like implying that only people of color had faced racism.

  • Racists can change. Nazis can change but can take a while for them to change. Sometimes it’s in late adulthood, sometimes it’s young adult. I was raised by a psychology teacher, I’ve been seeing videos on Nazis and neo nazis and racists my whole damn life. I know how they go after teens around 16 and convert them, they admit to doing it, they are usually kids who feel like they have no one and I also know how they can change. I bet there are none of you who know of the band Prussian Blue. They were a racist band, these twins were raised by neo Nazis, their parents made these little girls mascots of the white power movement. They started a band called Prussian Blue sang about racist shit during their childhood and teen years. They are now adults and speak out against that shit. Another former racist was recruited at 16. Was a higher up KKK member. Had kids. One day his kid was watching tv said “look dad a n*****” woke his ass up and denounced it. Another time a skinhead beat up a gay man, went to jail for it, got out, ran into the gay man denounced his ways and they now speak together. To say once a racist always a racist is VERY wrong especially for those who are thinking of getting out. I am a black trans Jew, who has been treated like shit for the color of my skin, I’ve been beaten, sexually assaulted and abused for it. I’m named after my grand dads cousin who the Nazis burned alive, most of my family did not make it out of nazi Germany, 5 did the rest were murdered. I’ve been affected by bigots. I know though that they can change. Whether this woman has or will who knows but don’t write people off. It’s my BIGGEST issue with cancel culture.

  • I don't know if it's because I live in Austria, but the teens I know are all strongly against Nazis and they range from the ages of 13-16. So I don't know how her being 16 excuses that. Again, maybe it's because I'm a native Austrian and H. is from Austria as well.

  • I cant get behind "youll never know racism because youre white". If you grow up in a lower economic setting amongst multiple other races then you can experience racism but its also common not to.

  • NAZIS WILL NOT EMPATHIZE they only respond to a bullet

  • 16 here, can confirm, but I can see some of my peers falling for this.

  • I believe that people can change, but she has not.

  • it’s so insane to me that she was so proud of being a nazi that it seems like it was all a joke... i guess growing up, learning about the holocaust you learn how awful hitler was and how bad nazis were. it’s so hard to wrap my head around this because she is clearly open and proud but i just can’t imagine that someone was actually like that, especially at her age at the time.

  • Unfortunately, I don't recall the thoughts of yours, as a couple of other things distracted me.

  • Not defending her I just feel sorry for her... People can come back from being a Nazi I have seen documentaries on these people. This "Nazism" is really a cult and the members that in these cults get groomed from a young age and it takes years of therapy to get out of that mindset. It's really sad and these cults still exists to this day...

  • I know this is NOTHING. To do with the video. But can you please make a vidoe about all of your tattoo??

  • Well, if she really was sorry those posts and comments wouldn't be there at all. I used to be ultra-catholic, really conservative, annoyingly pro-life and homophobic. I LOVED to post on facebook, shame people and argue with them if they didn't fit my own standards. Fast forward two and a half years and I'm not that person anymore. I went through a lot and all those kinds of people i hated (atheists, pro-choice, leftists, lgtb people) became really good friends of mine. I am fucking ashamed of my past and of how hateful I was because I didn't know better. So a few months ago I sat with a coffee and my laptop and spent FIVE HOURS STRAIGHT deleting all those awful things from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It doesn't reflect who I am anymore so I deleted it. Why couldn't she do the same?

  • I know a guy who use to be a literal nazi skinhead when he was in his late teens/ early 20s. He's in his 50's now. He was (and still is) in therapy and working actively to put that part of his life behind him and become an ally to the people he hurt..... that being said he has never once in the time I've know him acted entitled to forgiveness. He tells people all the time "words mean nothing, I just have to use my actions to show I've changed. I don't blame people who knew me before not forgiving me, because my actions were unforgivable. I just need to keep moving forward."

  • 13:29 I see people talking about the "once a racist always a racist" but not this ofcourse black people can be racist just because you are black doesn't make you a saint

    • i halfway agree, i mean i think that you can be black and racist, but not to the point of the way white people treated POC. white people aren’t getting lynched. i will say that trans people need help against transphobia and they are getting lynched.

  • When I was 14, I was into history a lot, the problem was that I was very misinformed. I wanted to show off to my German aunt, so I'' learned '' how to say hello in german sign language. You can probably guess how I messed up. My parents pulled me aside and taught me why it was wrong. That's messing up Now what she did, that isn't just being misinformed, she went on to be a nazi for years, and use the excuse '' I was a kid''. Being misinformed and seeking attention are two different things!