This Danish TV show is...interesting

Publicado el 30 sep 2020
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  • A good point you guys made is nudity isn't inherently sexual, with which I agree. I've lived the majority of my life in the EU & while the approach is not the same as in the US, I want to underline the issue here for me is mainly in the execution. Are the naked adults vetted? Are background checks done or do they just bring random people to be naked in front of kids? Are the children asked if they're comfortable with it? It's *these* issues that are primarily concerning to me.

    • Are the naked adults vetted? Are background checks done or do they just bring random people to be naked in front of kids? Are the children asked if they're comfortable with it? It's these issues that are primarily concerning to me. Yes, of course the kids are vetted, obviously the adults were background checked. This program was done by the government, an institution all us Danes trust to a very high degree. None of these kids were forced to participate, nobody was traumatized, and this show was not about proving a fact, and so can't be criticized for being anecdotal. The point of it is to move sexual education beyond a class room, where we have done what you suggest for 30+ years, that is formal sex ed by experts. We still do that, but we want the naked human body to not be a problem or a tabboo. What you want is the exact opposite it seems, so hide the body away and make sure nobody ever really sees it or talks about it, except under 2 eyes in a dimly lit room. Something as natural and normal as the human body should be okay for kids and adults to talk about. The politicians you mention in this video are far right idiots who would be akin to fox news and its fans in the US, why would you only listen to them? There has been plenty of support for the program across the country too, both politically and from other professions. You seem to also constantly suggest that the way this program is done for deeper reasons, as if you had scientific studies to back you up. Fact is, scientifically spaeking, that being awkward around sex is one of the biggest reasons why people become asocial and weird, and end up doing bad shit in life. I have the studies to prove it, i studied pedagogy for 4 years and work with kids and adults every day, and wrote a book on kind sexuality. All in all, you said a lot of really wrong and misleading things in this video, that heavily demonstrate and americanized way of thinking about sex that is super awkward, and probably can't relate to the danish mentality at all.

    • I think the next time an article like this is read, someone will do more research before making assumptions.

    • My school put on videos like that for sex ed and we were 10-11. That was in England. Not really sure we need all to learn sex ed at that age.

    • At this point you have been told the answers to your questions, been explained the cultural differences and the danish law but havent responded in any meaningful way. Put some honour into your work and take responsibility for not researching enough!

    • @boxofcare just what i wanted to comment, the northern countries in europe are faaar more open about nudity. Even germany with their fkk beaches (which was a surprise the first time i went to a beach in northern germany😂), and what i have read and seen about this programm, it seems like a interesting idea.

  • I mean when I was a kid I watched movies like Ronja Rövardotter which has multiple naked dudes running around, granted it's only one scene and only made me realize how small the peen actually is but idk. Personally I don't think people should just strip naked in front of kids but on the other hand it isn't good for kids to not know what a naked person looks like. If all they know are things from the internet which doesn't reflect well on real life then I think it would be more so harmful.

  • In Germany we had a teen magazine which featured naked people for education purposes with a text about body positivity . I turned out fine but I understand a tv show is different . I think it might just be a cultural difference between the US and Europe . We start sex ed in 4th grade .I think you are seeing this in the wrong context . We have a totally different view on nudity . You can't apply american logic and upbringing on every western culture . In Germany for example it was at least in the 90s not rare to see naked kids running around at the local lake or pool or in peoples backyards . Even I ran around nude as a little kid . When my parents went with me and my little sister to the US and I ran outside to my american family nude as a 4 year old everyone freaked out and my mum and I did not understand why .

  • I think society can and should be entirely clothing optional. Only, there's no real good way to go from having a taboo against nudity to open nudity without scaring children. It some cultures its fine and common to have public nudity and children are unaffected. But even in Europe where it's acceptable but most people are typically clothed, it can be traumatic for kids to go to a nude beach. On top of that, having kids interact with naked adults and ask questions regarding their bodies has to be awkward and uncomfortable for the kids. I mean, honestly, how has nobody considered what the kids might be feeling?

  • I live in Denmark and have actually never heard of the shows, it does ick me a bit ngl.

  • The fact that no other aspect of kids education would be televised speaks volumes too. It could be a team of idiots with one pedo amongst them or a whole team of pedos (or none!) but harm is still done either in obvious child abuse and more discreet harm in the form of adults who enjoy this concept getting more from a kids show than should ever be allowed. Its not about how innocent the concept COULD BE, its about how we should conduct ourselves to prevent kids having poor understanding of boundaries before they can decide them themselves and not allowing content that encourages pedophiles to extract pleasure from kids!!! Simple

  • About Peter Skaarup, in 2018 he asked the minister of defense what he was going to do about ASMR videos, wether these videos adhered to danish laws and was it acceptable that kids might find them on youtube?

  • Nordic countries.. we have saunas.. we are naked in there.. in public swimming pool saunas too.. maybe we don't look nudity the same way.. sometimes we might forget that to some people nudity is only sexual.. idk.. I'm talking holes in my head..

  • USA: *trying to normalise nudity for years and saying it’s natural” Also USA: *condemning other countries and deeming them as depraved for already having a chill attitude towards nudity”

  • I've seen this British TV show, I think it's called The Sex Ed Show or sth like that. It had an auditorium type of place full of teens. Then there was the hostess and guest speakers who were always experts on whatever topic they were teaching that time. And then on a back room, a group of adults would stand in a row naked and be human examples of that day's topic. In every episode the teens could ask questions at the end and also anonymously earlier/later that day.

  • You are not very smart.......

  • I'm from the US and I abhor the obsession here with the sexualization of everything, especially nudity. Fortunately, I grew up in a rural and relaxed area where we have our own nude beach, sanctioned by the people. People need to grow up and out of this Victorian era imperial crap. From what it sounds like, the kids weren't in danger, it obviously wasn't mandatory in any way, shape, or form, and was probably a good opportunity, I hope, for people to start talking, again, about how to approach this conversation with children.

  • Denmark is a pretty cool, liberal country and they have super progressive cool ways of viewing the world. I don't know enough about this situation to be comfortable being as outraged as you. It sounds very bad the way you describe it. But in general I just don't believe that a program that is truly predatory would ever be produced by the official Danish television station. I like Denmark allot and they take care of their poor, sick and old. They are kind of inspirational in many of their views. So hearing an opinion from a person from the USA talking and acting outraged over Danish culture is just weird to me. I have Never gotten the impression that the USA cares for their own. ...

  • I like how people on this channel claim education is so important for everyone, but when it comes to whisky educating then, fascists want to go back to the stone age to oppress their child's right to sexuality and bodily autonomy

  • I’m danish and I have never heard about this series what in the world is happening in this country. Well to be fair I dislike danish tv and entertainment in general soooo that’s probably why I didn’t know about this

  • I've lived in Japan for about 16 years now. In Japan, we have hot springs (温泉) and public baths (銭湯) where children are exposed to nudity in an entirely non-sexual way. In these areas, it's completely normal to be naked (however in "mixed" baths you often wear swimwear) and it helps with two things: there are different body type and you're not "bad" or "ugly" for having a different body type or shape, and you're going to age and grow old and here's what happens. When I moved back to the US for a while it was very odd for me to see just how sexualized nudity is in the USA.

  • Back in (i think elementary school is the us version) my day we got shown a video for sexual education which (ofc.) featured naked people(no porn). So naked people live in front of school students doesnt seem too extreme to me. Especially when nude beaches are a thing. I don't think it's the best method for this, but worth a try to teach that nudity doesnt have to be sexual.

  • This wig 😍

  • The thing is the culture is very different. Being naked isn't as sexualized or to better explain : there is an anatomical / educational way of seing it and also a sexualized when you're thinking about having sex with someone. Those two are separated. My moms family is fron Sweden and going into the Sauna naked with my family is normal! The beaches always have topless women and naked children but if you learn from a young age that it's just A BODY WITHOUT CLOTHES than you differentiate in your mind and it's no big deal at all and I think way more healthy.

    • Your culture was very weird...I thought only we Indians had some weird cultural things but turns out its even in europe

  • I'm from Denmark, and I've never heard about this tbh, but the thing is, in Denmark, most people think that nudity is not that bad, (not showing it around ofc) but more like accept urself, I don't get why children have to do this at all but we have a television show called "date mig nøgen" which translates to "Date me naked" where a girl or boy has to choose his partner on their body type, which is pretty popular I would say, for me, I think that the thing about children being naked with adults they don't know, makes so sense but, in Denmark nudity and the whole sex part is actually pretty normal on television. especially in Reality series

    • I am not able to see your reply completely..please post it again..its a glitch i reckon

    • I am so happy I grew in a country more conservative in this aspect

    • Ohh woah look at you defending pedofilia

  • I think parents should be topless etc around the home so that it removes the 'sexual' feel to nudity and that the child grows up not viewing nudity as sexual u know? plus parents are the adults that children trust and love the most so it will be a much more safe way to help the child learn. I don't think looking at diagrams is good at all, I saw a diagram of a vagina as a child and wondered why the clitoris was placed different than mine and was really upset for a super long time until I saw pornography where the woman vagina looked just like mine and I felt so much relief you know? I think looking at real people naked makes people so much less insecure. another example is, I have hip dips and on the diagrams there was no hip dips and I felt really bad but then I saw real people naked that had hip dips and felt normal. Seeing real naked people is way better to understand yourself, diagrams can make people so insecure.

  • Danish subscriber here; I'm not going to defend this in any way, because I haven't actually seen the TV show, so I don't know how bad it actually it. However I can explain from a Danish point of view why this thing might exist. First of, nudity is very normalized in Denmark, which is perfectly fine; nudity doesn't equal sexual. Second, the age of the children exposed in the show, according to this article, is the age that we have sexual education, so I guess if we can teach children the same age about sex, we can also teach them about their bodies as well(?) Again, not here to defend, I haven't seen it. But with my own culture in mind, I can see how this went from boardroom idea to on screen disaster.

  • The reason they used people instead of a diagram (I think) Is to show different body types idk And the person themselves could be able to answer as a person cause sometimes medical professionals and teachers talking about stuff they haven’t experienced is super annoying (Teachers being like “people are actually depressed don’t joke about it” when I’m pretty depressed and using it as a coping mechanism like sure not the best but it feels so demeaning) But yea I think they could have done it better where they just asked the adults anything instead of stripping. Or have people send in questions? Idk I don’t really care like as long as everyone’s ok with this in the show and it’s like actually helping the kids then idc

  • Wtf?

  • I dont think there's anything inappropriate or sexual about nudity. Especially if no one is sexually engaged or making sexual advances. I think I could have benefitted and many other children as well by being exposed to nude bodies and learning we are all different. Every labia. Every skin fold. Every size and shape of breast. I think it's great. And education about bodies, not sex, needs to be discussed bychildren. I think it could really help with self confidence and body shaming and even with children taking their lives over bodily confusion and or shame..

  • This reminds me of Brave New World, a “utopian” novel that’s actually dystopian in which children are desensitized to sexuality and nakedness by engaging in mandatory “erotic play” in their education. To be fair, nudity doesn’t HAVE to be erotic, but there’s something that doesn’t sit well about desensitizing young children to naked adults.

  • It’s just the normalization of depravity under the guise of “education”

  • I can only speak for myself (swede) but from my experience nudity is a lot less stigmatized in the nordics. We have a lot of places where we see naked bodies from a very young age, like for example saunas, changing rooms etc. I too am worried abt the SAFETY of the children when it comes to ill willing adults, but getting trauma from seeing naked bodies at a you age I don’t think is very likely for the participants. I think your take on the education aspect is valid but I don’t think it was the point of the show. It seems to me you’re supposed to be able to ask personal questions rather than factual, which will be hard to do in a classroom setting. The show definitely can and should be improved, but I truly don’t think the intentions were as bad as you might think.

  • Who pitched this tv show and then who said aw yes! That’s a golden idea ! Let’s do it !

  • as usual the body positivity movement trying to force people to look at them naked. looking for that "extra edge". guess what dumbasses,... part of the "extra edge" is "stop doing weird shit because of Napoleon complexes" trying to get laid.

  • I see a lot of people who are still bothered by exposing children to nudity because diagrams could be used, but I think the same could be said for dissections. Animals don't have to die and children don't have to witness actual gore to learn about the anatomy of a frog, shark, cat, etc. An appalling number of people say children shouldn't see nudity period, which kind of proves once again that gore is more acceptable than the nude, natural human body. As for the aspect of pedophiles potentially slipping through the radar and exploiting the situation(which is a slippery-slope argument, btw), you don't think some sick people who want to hurt others received satisfaction for their urges from dissecting animals? Before anybody thinks I'm just a crazy vegan, I was literally in the middle of eating chicken wings when I typed this. I'm not against dissections, I actually really liked assignments involving dissections, I just feel like the mental damage from exposing and removing the guts of an animal would probably be worse than the damage inflicted by seeing a naked person. Just to put things in perspective

    • @Vsauce Micheal I did not defend pedophilia, Ready to Glare clarified herself that nudity wasn't the issue, it's how the show did it. Thanks for not addressing anything I actually said and just putting words in my mouth, though

    • How dare you denfend pedophilia...STFU

  • A really easy way to avoid most controversy? Remove. The. Fecking. Child. From. The. Room. With. Naked. Adults. There, solved. Make it a video call, one way only. The child (who can't be seen by the viewers of the show) can see the naked adults in a live streaming, and send their questions via message or say to a clothed adult to ask the naked ones so they can answer. It would help the child with any anatomical doubts, and would remove the possibility of any pedophile adults to use that as a chance to get close to a child... naked.

  • There's a lot of comments from Scandinavians and Germans about the cultural differences around nudity in these countries. I do have to agree, raised in a German house, there was a lot of casual and non-sexual nudity that wasn't harmful in any way! However, this casual nudity was part of how I was sexually abused so I don't know how to feel about this. I guess I'd rather they looked at photographs or videos of these people instead, making it similar to the Bravo magazine also mentioned in the comments.

  • i get if they dont wanna use a diagram.. i guess.. but why not even like a skeleton or something like that i-

  • on another note i love the wig

  • Where are they finding these kids? The parents just sign a permission slip and they good? Like wtf, This is just weird.

  • This is entirely cultural! Nudity isn't inherently sexual. There are still cultures, where being nude is the norm. Seeing any body part or a certain amount of skin, won't traumatize a child, unless adults teach the child that they saw something that is wrong. I think thats the whole point of the show. You said "what's wrong with diagrams?", and I don't think that diagrams are wrong, but when we treat the human body as something that can't be seen irl, it just further mystifies or even sexualizes our bodies.

  • As someone who grew up in India who was once yelled at by a teacher because my ankles were visible.... 🥴

  • I am genuinely interested in whetever people are outraged by the nudity of the Koma tribe, for example. Or is it only with specific cultures?

  • Blair probably won't see this but since she's Italian or at least has heritage from Italy I'm curious about her views on Italy's age of consent and if saying that it's 13 is 100% accurate

  • U don't have to be naked to challenge different body types. Yet again another excuse to allow children to be desensitized to perverted bs.

  • Did the world end without my knowledge and we are all living on earth with evil being unleashed? Just like a pedophile grooms their victims letting them be comfortable with naked images, then games etc making it "okay". By allowing boundaries that shouldn't be crossed, crossed it's a matter of time where even the worse bs will have some sort of excuse.

  • My brother wouldnt even like to see adult naked people

  • I wanna know why the parents of these kids where okay with this

  • The whole idea and concept was more than likely made up by a pedophile... Disgusting SMH

  • THIS HAIR!!!!!!! ngl, this is honestly the RTG I see in my dreams. that's weird, I know, I'm sorry. just bein honest. It looks amazing!!

  • Love that wig!

  • Ok so the whole everybody else’s country is relaxed about nudity thing is fine ok we got it but this is taking it to a whole other level these adults who choose to be face to face with kids nude could be a pedophile or find sexual gratification from this.the whole thing creeps me out and is unnecessary, pictures in a school book of relatable bodies will do and asking a professional teacher questions is better

  • bless u

  • Kids don’t need education about bodies this in depth. They don’t need to learn about sexual development until it’s necessary. They dont need to learn about STDs, abortion, contraceptive measures or in-depth human reproduction etc., until they’re at an age where they could be having sex (realistically from the age of 14/15 and, no I dont agree with kids that young having sex, but abstinence is a joke and has no use for a teenager with loads of out-of-control hormones. I’m just being realistic). The adults who volunteered to do this are probably worth looking into. They’re probably in the same league as pretty-much everyone (not _just_ the men, but them too) that’s involved in those US “beauty pageants” for kids. Those things are like a sushi-bar for sex-offenders. It’s disgustingly creepy and I can’t believe they’re still culturally acceptable.

  • My cousin took a job in Denmark and once told me that he was on lunch break in the summer, near an outdoors public swimming facility. A guy rocked up on his bike, stripped down naked and had a swim. Got out, sunned himself dry, put on his work clothes and cycled away. No one batted an eyelid (except my cousin who was horrified by so much ball sack 😅) I think nudity in some European countries is not highly sexualised and therefore not a big deal.

  • Denmark and Norway are going to become havens for paedophiles. The Scandinavian countries have consistently been rated as the best quality of life for _years_ and they seem to be doing their best to make their countries an absolute nightmare for right (correct) thinking parents, or just people in general. They can’t blame the EU either, as they’re self-imploding.

    • Your just not right in Any way. The Norwegian child protection agency is ten times more vigilant and responsible then how these type of batteries run in most other countries. I mean in the UK and the USA they still consider it to be okay and completely acceptable for a parent to physically assault their child. Children are Much safer in Norway then in my own country. Do you even know Anything about these countries besides the outraged ramblings of a twenty something year old American?? I grew up in Norway and sure it was worse in the 90's but children's rights have come much further in Norway then in most other places. A parents right to their child trumps the Childs right for safety in most other countries.

  • The whole point is that it’s not a classroom. It’s finally the kids who set the curriculum but I think they could do it over zoom with people who will never be near the kids or each other. I watched a tv show much like this but it WAS a tv crew going to schools & asking what extra questions they had. There were no naked people but 1 episode featured a clothesline of soiled underwear when girls had questions about what’s normal wear down there & what should go to a doctor

  • Unrelated, but this wig is so cute 💜

  • Thank you for making a video about this!!! THANK YOU! This NEEDS to be talked about!!! Thank you.

    • So many people tried to tell me this was okay.

  • You're simply wrong in this video. You can't understand the show and it's execution from just one article. the show is educational and harmless (as other commenters have also pointed out in more detail). You would have benefited from doing a bit more research before making this video.

  • As a American I don’t really see this as sexualized. More just I would feel a little embarrassed by seeing a stranger naked. The main problem in the U.S. is that if I as a women walked on a beach naked besides the cops being called for one. People, mostly men, would cat call and say very sexual things while in other countries it’s just normal and no one says anything. A lot of American media is based off sex. So it’s not technically everyone viewpoints just big culture differences that need to be addressed. And also some people just might be uncomfortable being naked or seeing someone else naked in general. Like for example the controversial scene in Totoro, if anyone knows, when he bathes with his children. I don’t see that as sexual because it’s just a bath and not harmful in anyway.

  • Why not use sumo wrestlers. They are athletes

  • I live in denmark and I was quite surprised about their attitude towards nudity was, it was a good thing of course. But this kind of stuff is a bit creepy, they should have at least showed pictures instead of showing naked people in person to the kids, who might be too young for that

  • They could have had pictures or had the models wear underwear.

  • I think a lot of important cultural details are missing. I'm Denmark children are exposed to naked adults already in other contexts, like if you're going to the pool, there's communal changing areas, where children and adults shower together and such (though most commonly separated by gender, which raises some other issues), so it's not completely new to the children I have not watched the show, but I actually think it sounds like it has been done in the only way it could've to get the point across. Now for the legalities: As some people have mentioned, when working with children a background check has to be doer, and all children have to consent to be a part of these sorts of things, as well as their parents have to consent, so it's definitely not something they are being forced to do. Regards to sex education in Denmark it is something that is being taught in school, on an age appropriate level all throughout the school years. As some people have already mentioned, there's an entire week dedicated to sex education each year. Now back to my point that this is the only way I can imagine this show being able to get its point across. In Denmark we grow up being naked in front of others and having other people be naked in front of us, when we are changing in communal spaces (divided by gender). Before and after PE in school children will change and shower among each other, and if this has not changed since I was in school, the first couple of years children will be doing this boys and girls together, and later be divided into different changing rooms by gender (before puberty). However it has been an increasing national issue (especially for females) that they skip the shower after PE, to not have to be naked in front of each other. This also means that they will participate less in the PE-lessons, as to not sweat and therefore not be able to skip the shower and continue the school day. I think this programme is among to de-mystifying the human body after puberty, and to show that there's no right way for a body to look, and in that way make children more comfortable with their own body before, during and after puberty. I think the best way to de-mystify something is by being able to ask questions, and I think the fact that the adults are naked tells the children that they are free to ask absolutely anything, as it's the adults that are in a more vulnerable position. A great contrast to the teaching scenario in a school, where the teacher is in a position of power, and also typically someone the children will be educated by on other topics as well, which can make asking those kinds of questions vulnerable, as one does not want to be remembered (by the teacher) at "the one that asked that question". This dynamic in some cases might also make it so that there's some questions the teacher doesn't want to or feel qualified to answer (I remember a few questions from the class being dismissed during sex education) About the show being anecdotal, I think that is exactly what Danish children are interested in, as the factual and scientific parts of sex education is taken care of by the school system, so I believe the children might feel that the anecdotal conversation-styled learning is what they feel like they are lacking

  • From glancing at the thumbnail I thought this video was about something Missguided did.

  • I'm curious to know what made their parents feel comfortable with that. No judgment; just curious. Okay, SOME judgment 😅

  • I do get the point of being a naked person, it's supposed to make them confront stuff. it's saying to them, this is a body, this is how it looks like, and that is just a person, you should not feel ashamed to have questions, they are just people and are here to answer and educate. It's a brave stance, to be honest, i just feel like the age range is not ideal, maybe 13 to 16 year olds would be better, but i do see it more as a positive than a negative, because it incites dialogue a lot more than a diagram, and in my humble opinion, the more well educated kids are about their anatomy and in matters of acceptance, the better. However, i can see why people would be shocked and why many have such a strong aversion to the concept. It's a very bold approach, obviously not for everyone, but i do feel like we need to end the taboos about teaching kids the human anatomy. Teaching them about this while young makes a huge difference on stuff like teen pregnancy rates, std infections and, what is really sad, encourages kids to not be upfront with family. If the kid is afraid, hunged up, feels shy, feels like the subject is a taboo, then they wont ask questions, they wont open up, they'll be sneaky, they'll hide their intentions and actions and that can be not just detrimental, but dangerous.

  • Or perhaps it was a guided attempt at miseducation.🧐🤔

  • Could you please talk about r/inceltear? It's very creepy and pedo AF to tell it softly. Please warn your audience from that tipe of people.

  • Crazy that it takes a "right wing" to explain why this is bad. This being bad should be the norm. What is wrong with the left?

  • Sounds pretty degenerate to me.

  • well..... whit a diagram they dont she the truth! that all bodys are diffrent! and in Denmark nakedness is realness! to be naked should NOT be a sex thing as we have ben brainwashed it to be! and ho the f are u to day how things are better done! you dont even understand the concept when saying a diagram!! and again theres NO sexy in the program! its like when peole paiting naked people!! the more used to the naked body. the more normal it is. like nudist.... and its not like u see naked people in swimmingpools showers! and kids look and observe! so only good they have a healthy place to ask! instead of the fake internet!! but yes. u just need clicks

  • I understand that this may be an unpopular opinion but after thoroughly reading and researching about the show, I'd personally say that the concept and show itself is safe and very educational. The children are constantly asked if they feel comfortable--if not they return to their teachers, and consent is given from their parents for them to even participate. As long as the nude adults are just standing there and aren't in close proximity with the children(which they aren't) then I'm good.

  • Without watching this show I can tell you I think it's completely disgusting and wrong! I'm a mother of four, two of which are grown and I still don't want them in a room with a stranger that's weird and naked!

  • The one time you mention my country and it’s this.... goddammit

  • I feel like putting them in the same room with naked adult strangers only normalizes being around naked adult strangers. I think a much less confrontational way of addressing this is showing children _pictures_ of typical naked adults and being allowed to ask questions.

  • denmark was under fire a few years ago for a different show with naked people- one where a lineup of men would judge naked women on their bodies. i think they’re on an entirely different level over there, lmao.

  • Idk, all the situations made kinda sense to me 😅.

  • Personally I don't give a shit about casual nudity. It pretty gross to see a cats butt hole but it's not really predatory for them to have their tail up. I think it would be a little tactless to get up and go to the restroom without putting clothes on if you have other people in the house or to take a shower in the backyard with the hose but again I don't think either one is predatory. But it being a focal point here where you're very directly putting the child in a situation where you know their gonna get an eyeful of junk. By all means let them satisfy their own curiosity but this doesn't seem like their curiosity it seems like the curiosity of whoever's pitching the show. I don't think pervy is the right word more like buzzfeed teir. You know those British reality tv shows where the bossy short overweight middle aged woman with a very particular accent and raty bottle blond hair tells everybody what to do while being very expressive with her hands. Because apparently those are the only kinds of shows that certain producers/networks will greenlight. It's that plus the idea of either controversy or sex sell without actually being controversial or sexy. I guess Denmark didn't get the memo on the controversy being fake part.

  • Some british show (I think embarrassing bodies??) did this, except it was done by school and the naked bodies were either video recorded or done remote digitally. And if the feed was live none of the naked adults saw the kids. It is a good idea and shows kids how bodies vary greatly (instead of looking at a diagram). The far west you go the more nudity of any kind becomes sexualized, and its honestly way more harmful than it is good.

  • Did anyone else have that American girl book about girl puberty that had suuuuper simplistic cartoony diagrams about boobs and how to put in a tampon and how shit works?

  • *me being Danish* *...hahaha...* Edit: I didn’t watch the video before I commented, but I have bad news... *i literally used to watch that show, when it was still on television and not just on the app😳

  • As a Dane, I would like to apologise on the behalf of my entire country This is nasty a f omg

  • There’s a similar Uk show called the sex education show on Channel 4 and it’s gotten multiple seasons without uproar. The difference might be in the execution though 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • As a brazillian, the non-sexual nudity is very common, I grew up seeing a lot of semi-nude people on TV, I live in a country that can reach 116.6 °F in some areas, and all native people of my country walks naked, nice to see how another countries treat this topic.

  • Jeffree Star Can't Get Out of This One: Multiple People Come Forward with Claims of SA & Pay Offs. Oct. 1st, 2020

  • If I was watching a movie with my dad , or one of my brothers , and any nudity came on , sexual or non- sexual... we would both die 🤣 I’m a 43 year old , Irish physiotherapist 😆

  • Being a dane... i really dislike cuties being mentioned as an equal to the tv-show. The kids are not grinding the floor or sucking their fingers looking "sexy" (for the record... i do not Like cuties!!!) Nudity isn't equal sexual conduct... Many people are so scared of the naked human body, that i can see why bodyshaming are a thing... And trust me! Danish laws are very strict when it come to who can work with children!

  • Growing up in usa I went to a Japanese spa and was low-key traumatized by the nudity lol. I now live in france and still can’t go topless and get uncomfortable around naked people there. I’m super confident in my body too. No matter how « normal » i try to make it for myself as a child and adult I find it super super super uncomfortable. Like I’m the weird one here in france haha

  • “No criminal record” can also mean “just haven’t been caught” ... also I reckon the tv show was probably going for the shock value (in terms of show publicity and advertising) by using real life nudes , rather than using diagrams , medical dummies etc .... although tbf , whatever about female paedo’s , how likely would a male paedo’ , who hasn’t been caught , and knows he has urges , risk getting aroused because he’s naked in front of kids , on tv?

  • Oh hey, my Dad got some Harry’s stuff for free (somehow, idk) and tried giving me the body wash, but then I gave it to my boyfriend ‘cause the scent was a bit too masculine for my taste 😅

  • Please help me to denounce two Facebooks groups, it's an open group, they share child pornography, both groups are called gay madem or gay nadem i can't remember and I don't want to search it up again.

  • this is mostly a cultural difference issue i think

  • Why can’t we all just learn about sex from our dads old Playboy magazines? Maybe it’s more my Gen X upbringing but good try dad, turning the magazine upside down lol 😂

  • living in Cph for a few years I have seen lots of people skinny-dipping in the canals which are located in very central areas, where anyone can see them briefly, just to give context to what a child could easily see when "going at the beach", so nudity is a bit more tolerated in that context

  • Is no one going to mention the tv show sex education? That show does such a great job teaching about these things

  • uuurgh

  • you can teach anatomy without being nude, its ridiculous. unless you're a fucking idiot.. tbh even then you can still look at a picture and be like "oh! i have that too, i understand" edit: nothing is wrong with a diagram, its the safest way for a child to learn and once their brain is developed and can understand if they even want to learn about anatomy, they can go deeper into the subject as an adult.

  • I dont anything wrong with this. Society really need to get over this hang up it has about nudity.

  • Have these idiots ever heard of ANATOMICAL MODELS??? When taking college A&P 1 and 2, we either used baby pigs for a live look, or we learned anatomy by using anatomical, full body, models. We had one real skeleton we could touch and look at, but it was only a skeleton, not a single naked body was needed. When I was a kid, my folks just told me "boys and girls have different parts. Boys have a penis that sticks out, but you have a vagina that has a hole in it instead. You have breasts, but boys do not." The talk wasn't weird, my parents just flat out told 10 y/o me what was what. They then went on to make sure I knew it was EXTREMELY important to tell an adult if anyone touched where my bath suit covers, because a kid can grasp that concept instantly. My folks are conservative Christians, however they know that giving your child that information, lessens the desire to hop on Google and see Lord only knows what. After that conversation I never got an outright "sex talk", instead I went to a Church event called "Silver Ring Thing". It is about purity, but they also took time to explain why waiting until you're older and more mature, is important before having sex. They then would take the parents in to another group, to help their teens in learning about sex and anatomy - and explain that not explaining to us about contraceptives can negatively impact the teens. Their mission was honestly a very "holistic" approach, and it helped me to be in a room of other teenagers, instead of a bunch of adults, because you feel like you have a safe environment without wanting to sink into the seat and die for 2 hours while sex is being discussed.

  • THAT WIG THOUGH. Unicorn vibes so hard

  • I don't think it's bad tbh. Nudity is not sexual itself. In europe for example nudity is natural to see on TV, in magazines for educational purposes etc. The prudish way Americans see it has nothing to do with reality sometimes. Implying the naked people could be pedophiles sounds a little rough.. I love your videos normally but this feels like a culture clash kinda thing 😂

  • I think the intention is really good and i really do believe it is an important lesson to learn, and i think if we ever got to a point where our natural bodies were more accepted, it would be good. The thing is though, that nudity isnt viewed as natural yet, as sad as that is.

    • Maybe they could instead have differently shaped people come in and have an open discussion in bathing suits or just clothes idk, i think the intention was good. I think the reason they're naked is to remove the "taboo" or "awkwardness". Denmark is a lot more liberal than most of the world which is important to remember