This couple locked their kids in the basement

Publicado el 5 jun 2020
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  • Links in relation to justice for George Floyd & BLM more generally as well (such as Homeless Black Trans women fund): Good starting points (include more links within/phone numbers/etc): Petitions: Donations: Homeless Black Trans women fund: Mental Health help: Breanna Taylor: Cariol Horne:

    • “black trans women fund”


    • ...Am I the only person who only _just_ realized the dialogue in your intro theme is from Roy's monologue in "Bladerunner"?

    • Thanks for the links to help others too x

    • We have felt awful keeping our kids in lockdown away from school... not having them around extended family or friends... and even losing my patience with schoolwork sometimes... I truly feel like I am a sub par parent as a result and to hear THIS??? Jeeez I know I am not perfect but I don't think a lot of us have anything really to worry about in the grand scheme of things... this is SHOCKING. Those poor kids. I am astounded. The remaining ones can at least have freedoms and support now. The most sincere wishes of peace for any who didn't make it out 😔😔😔

  • A girl “around 10” surely you know when you gave birth to your child. When we gonna just go by an eye for an eye... lock the fuckers up and starve them to death. They ain’t even good enough to be buried beside farm animals tho... maybe fed to them 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Why didn’t they call 911 at least once?

  • 👨🏻‍🚒👨🏻‍🚒👩🏻‍🚒👩🏻‍🚒🟥⬜️ Fire Rescue 👮🏻‍♂️🕵🏻‍♂️👮🏻‍♀️🕵🏻‍♀️🟦⬜️ Police and FBI 👨🏻‍⚕️👨🏻‍⚕️👩🏻‍⚕️👩🏻‍⚕️🟥⬜️ EMS 👨🏻‍🔬👨🏻‍🔬👩🏻‍🔬👩🏻‍🔬🟧⬜️ Medical Examiner These are probably the people who responded to their house.

  • Wtf I live right next to Knoxville and don't recall hearing anything about this

  • My father isolated my sister( we were also homeschooled)and I so much that we didn't even see the ocean until I was 8/9 and my sister was 10; he was forced to take us out when his friend wanted to take me out to Spur for my birthday. Her exact words "Is that the ocean!?!" He was really faced haha asshole

  • They should get ten years for each year a child was in their basement. There is no excusing behavior like this

  • I fell that if they go to jail and people hear what they did to those kids they might be beaten and or worse because believe it or not those people don't take kindly to child predators and abusers.

  • This is terrifying, I live in Johnson City, (less than a half hour away from there) I remember when it was first going around the news I was about 14 and it was really weird because it really felt like something from a tv show because as cheasy as it sounds we lived in a TINY city literally one super market and only the 4 schools (Elm, Middle, Intermedet and high not like 4 high schools) Knoksville was were we went to the orthodontist or to get our hoco dresses and to think something could happen there was terrifing. Also as for the neighbor thing if it was not in the main part of Knoxville and it was more towards Johnson city or kingsport then it could have been more rural and been on a large plot of land

  • There’s a lot of places in Tennessee where the houses are few and far apart

  • I wouldn't and don't care if they changed, they killed and tortured their kids so they should lose their lives.

  • I think its fascinating almost how they both ended up being that batshit crazy. Maybe they both wanted to overpower each other and then just had kids so they could like put them down toghether instead of each other. Weird way of bonding with your parntner but ok

  • Execution by hanging by the neck until dead.

  • You made a really interesting comment about why "killing someone" is one of the first things these people do. I always wonder if that animalistic side of our brain is really gone. Many animals will kill their young if they don't think they can take care of them. Why don't they just abandon the young, why kill? When I owned gerbils the mother would eat a large portion of her babies, why though? They had all the food in the world, a large tank, water...yet she still slaughtered most of them...

  • If they knew they didn't want children, why didn't they have their tubes tied in the first place or at the very least give their children up for adoption?!

  • I don't understand why ppl who don't want to be parents don't just give their kids up for adoption? I'm adopted, my brother's adopted, one of my friends, an ex, a classmate, my mother-in-law... It's just a better idea b/c then the child will go to a home where they are WANTED and the person has their freedom. Also don't be afraid to get your tubes tied if you know you don't want children. If you feel you want kids later can always adopt!!

  • A parents most important job is to protect and take care of their children, these people deserve to die in a small cage starving to death just like they did to their children.

  • electric chair

  • I doubt the neighbors even knew they were there

  • As someone who has tried for 11+ years to have kids, I can’t understand why people like this get to have them.

    • Same. I can't have babies and I've reconciled myself to that sad fact, but I would not hesitate to give a child a safe and loving home.

  • Here is something wholesome, I have a friend who is taking care of a baby boy who is not even her own, he is her second cousin, she did not have 9 months to prepare, the parents were negligent, the baby was just dropped into her lap. She took him in because she did not want him in the foster care system.

  • God I have no words for this. I hate that this happened in my state!

  • How’s this different from Lori and chad daybell wtf

  • humans are animals too, nothing bad on bury her with our fellow animals.

  • Please do an update to this

  • What i don't understand is that these mother fuckers actually have children only to kill or torture them, while there are people (like me) out here who desperately want children to love them, and be a parent, *we never get the chance.*

  • wtf is that wig though 😭

  • These scum have lost their knee cap privileges

  • 💙🖤💙💙🖤💙

  • This is so heartbreaking!There are so many people who could have given them a good home! Instead, they were treated less than the animals they had! Horrible!

  • Bro! Someone in my hometown just murdered his girlfriend while her children were there sleeping. Then he drew a pentagram in her blood on the wall And wrote “I’ll be back”. Look it up in Newark Ohio

  • They should rot in jail. Abuse, sexual predators and murders doesn’t deserve freedom wha two ever.

  • There is a natural instinct that you don’t hurt children, even accidentally you know it’s horrible. People who intentionally abuse children can’t be fixed. They were born with a certain evil that can’t be changed.

  • People do a lot of horrible things for money, they probably did it for child support benefits from the government. I don't know of any other reason why you would bother to have children if you hate them so much. Unless you're just downright psychopathic and sadistic. It's a shame that the worst people in society prosper so much. The most elaborate sex trafficking scandals are always celebrities, they seem to get away with it far too often.

  • Inmates always get together for crimes against children and usually end up killing offenders of such crimes. I think they'll be fine in jail

  • No living thing deserves to be treated like this. No person. No animal.

  • I think that they should get a 30 year sentence

  • the fact that the child was horribly punished for “stealing food” from their own home disturbs me deeply. in my house I’m completely open to simply walk into the kitchen and grab whatever I want as long as it’s not what we’re making for dinner. even if I stole healthy food from a grocery store I don’t believe my parents would be horribly mad, they would likely be concerned and buy me more healthy food instead.

  • This is my home state. I am appalled.

  • Soooo beyond sick! How can a parent do that to their child! I feel bad putting my kids in time out! But I know I'm raising the next set of adults. And its my job to make sure my kids are ready for this world. I could never not feed my child. Lock them in a basement! Maybe they should have to live the rest of their life the way their children had to live!

  • Sailor Moon vibes ftw~ 👌🏻

  • GODDAMNIT don't show me shit like this unless your giving them to me! ... As a gift ... Ya...

  • I mean my immediate reaction is the death penalty but I think that’s too easy.

  • I think this is obviously going on before 2016, they should really check out the place where they previously lived to gather more things against them, if they are that old and willing to starve a child to death, they have obviously done that before

  • Execution is the best way

  • Shouldn't they be charged with animal abuse or neglect too because of the hamsters poop was overflowing the cage?

  • My question is, how do a 63 year old and 60 year old parents have kids that are minors ? 🧐

  • We had a “kid fridge” in our basement / garage when we were growing up.... it was fair game to kids when we were growing up. Mostly “healthy” things, like water, juice, fruit-cups cheese, ect.

  • The parents were in their sixties....?

  • I hope (and mean this will full offence) that these people die a very horrible , painful death because it’s exactly what they deserve xox

  • Late comment but my hippie dippy narcissist mother who didn't homeschool me because it didn't suit her lifestyle but running around oh what an intellectual she was. Oh my! Tosses me straight into 3rd grade and there is such a thing as math panic I have. Fortunately I read at an 8th grade level. So lack of schooling is really damaging.

  • This lowkey reminds me of when my birther locked me in a room for a weekend and took my phone so I couldn't call for help at all. (Never got it back btw and I watched her sell it) I was fed lunch meat sandwichs with a glass of water and wasn't let out till it was the end of her visitation. Her excuse was she didn't understand why I was mad so she locked me in a room till I told her??? Luckily my adoptive parents took me in and I'm not forced to see her anymore. I'm glad they are in a better place and I had a similar reaction when I saw a full fridge lol. I'm still not used to it tbh Edit:sorry for all the writing

  • I really appreciate that you bring light to so many hidden topics that people try to keep hush hush. The whole MAP stuff I would have never known about. I don’t go looking for stuff like that. But I love to be made aware! And you do the hard digging to spread awareness of how ugly and nasty people can be. Thank you.

  • 6:15 2 counts of aggravated kidnapping? that also concerns me greatly, because what is that all about? does that mean they're snatching up other people's children to do this to them?

  • Society is fucked.

  • They murdered their daughter by neglecting to feed her or provide her with adequate care and nurture!! God what in the fuck is wrong with people!!! Here I am, 33 years old and unable to have a child of my own which I desperately want more than anything... and there are people like this who should have their fucking balls snipped and their lady bits taken out so they can’t breed! I’m enraged, and so saddened for these poor kids. How unfair and cruel can someone be!?! And don’t give me that “well maybe the parents had a fucked up childhood” shit... because I know plenty of people who have had unimaginable, traumatic childhoods- and they use it to better their lives and change so that their children don’t have to succumb to the same trauma they did. How disgusting !! They deserve to spend the rest of their life in prison for what they have done. They don’t deserve to have their freedom, and they certainly don’t deserve to get out in ten years or have a slap on the wrist. Those poor children 😤😭

  • Cool intro

  • k, so i’m gonna move north, cause yk, the south sucks

  • What the hell are people in their 60's doing with minor children in their first place?? They should be will past the child treating years. However long they have left on earth is how long they should be in prison

  • I have carried for several Forster children who regularly stole food and hid it. The children stole food because their parent only sporadically fed them. So they would steal food so they would have food when hungry. However the parents alway had money for alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. Food was optional... I too never understood why they had children. Yet these people claimed absolute love for their children. Some of their children were so under weigh, eg a normal size four year old weighing 22 pounds. I could could count ever rib and each of his vertebrate.

  • they should be in jail for life!! those sick bastards are worse than MY mom and that says a lot

  • Woah, that's crazy, I'm from Knoxville

  • I want to say thank you for reporting on missing children cases. There are so many videos that ESmain algorithms recommend and none of them are useful/educational. I’m praying that we can live in a future where children are leaders instead of being seen as sacrifices or dispensable bodies.

  • Not attending school is a huge problem, it's likely what allowed these people to torture their kids for years. When people are allowed to say they're homeschooling and are never checked on again, it leaves an abusive home completely unchecked. Homeschooling is extremely unmonitored in many states. These people are monsters, but had the children attended school signs would have been reported. Also, the. age of the children seems awfully young for how old the mother. is.

  • They were charged with abuse of a corpse?! Capital Murder should be added. They kept that poor child in a basement on bread and water (as per the abusers; I highly doubt they provided even that). It’s truly heart wrenching to imagine what these poor children had to endure. So much trauma. My soul aches for them. There’s a special place in hell for these two monsters, where they’ll be hand picking the biggest pineapple to have shoved up their ass on a daily basis....May they rot in the fiery pits of that hell.

  • I just wonder if they killed children in Mississippi? Why did they move?

  • Poor, poor angels. 😭💔 Ugh.

  • I think people who resort to murder to solve their "problems" comes from underlining psychological issues and human instinct to kill. All humans are capable of killing, however not everyone is disturbed enough to do it. It's like when a person murders their spouse because they don't want to pay for alimony checks; that's not a normal response to an inconvenient situation. There's something wrong with you for even thinking like that.

  • i stg. all this shit happens in my state, people in tennessee are fucking ridiculous.

  • I think they should die in prison. They would still have a better end of life then the children they tortured. There is nothing more evil in this world then harming and killing children so it should also be treated like that.

  • at first when I saw the thumbnail I thought it said "bones never found" and was super concerned that it specified just bones and not bodies, as if bodies were found but they didn't have bones in them.

  • For me personally, this case disturbs me even more because it occurred in proximity to the university campus that hosts the Body Farm, an institute for the study of how interment conditions affect human bodies. It was a dream of miner to attend that program, but if I had been involved in any way in this investigation I would likely have been traumatized by the circumstances. I hope justice is served in this case. I would also like to suggest that our fierce host cover the case of young John Ryan Turner, a child who was neglected to death in military housing in Chatham, New Brunswick, Canada. The way you narrate a story captures my heart and I would love to see how you would deal with that case. Thanks!

  • Holy fuck. I had to stop at 7:04 . Just to depressing.

  • If these people go to prison, they'll still get treated better than they treated their kids. That's horrible.

  • Just because you CAN have a child doesn't mean you SHOULD

  • People dont seem to know or care that your body is able to make more people,which is your right BUT more importantly, your responsibility. In some cases they should take that right away if they ignored the responsibility. Castration and sterilisation seems more humane than what they did to their OWN children.

  • execution please

  • When you live near where this happened....

  • They should be detained as long as possible and be seen by therapists. They're dangerous, don't show any sign of remorse, they have nothing positive to bring to the world... They don't deserve freedom. We don't need more evil, they've already harmed too much people. The kids at least now have an opportunity to live with dignity... I sincerely hope that they'll be able to live normally after all.

  • This is why I think you need a license to have kids. Some people should not be able to have kids.

    • Luachite Hm you do have a point. Some people just shouldn't have children. And you're correct, the less children in the foster care system the better, it seems awful.

    • See that wouldn't work. Let's say a woman got pregnant, if she chose to keep it, but didnt pass the test, would she just be forced to abort it or it would be given away into a foster home? Legally that's wrong on many levels, so the whole licence thing would be useless. Plus, we really dont need more children in foster homes. They may even get adopted by people who would be worse parents than it's biological parents.

  • These people will not change. Call my opinion unthoughtfull, i don't care, I think these kind of people should not be alive.

  • Those parents should go straight to the electric chair.

  • Just incase you missed it, another body was just discovered:

    • Another more detailed article:

  • People like this regard children as their "property", they will never voluntarily give up their children. They are evil, plain and simple. If children are stealing food it is usually because they are hungry and not being fed regularly.

  • My only question is, are the children biologically theirs?

  • Is your left arm ok? Just noticed what looks like abrasions on the back of your left hand and possibly a birthmark on your left forearm that I never noticed before. Also, thanks for bringing this case up, keeps me looking out for this shit as I have a son and I don't want him or his friends to deal with these kinds of people. Well, any child really doesn't have to put up with this kind of shit.

  • i’ll never understand people like this. which is both a source of relief and frustration.

  • I live in Tennessee, and my parents always talk about this case, but I didn’t know how bad the details were. Wow.

  • I can’t imagine the pain and terror the child felt. It’s heartbreaking.

  • They need to go away for at least 20.

  • I remember when my mom told me about this, really fucked up stuff. . .

  • On a lighter note, love you and your hair 🖤

  • I can never eat while I'm watching her videos. How am I supposed to enjoy my cookies and cream ice cream dessert while I'm listening to her talk about skeletal remains?

  • they ought to rot in jail and be given at least the same treatment they gave their children

  • They should not be in jail. They should be executed

  • Lifelong prison sentence please

  • Does anyone know the intro?

  • disgusting

  • This happened EXTREMELY close to my house. It's devastating and heartbreaking....

  • I am fifteen years old and everyday I’m losing more faith in humanity. I know hate doesn’t accomplish anything but I have such anger for everything that’s going on today in our world. Gosh I really hate people sometimes