This CEO had 13,000 "files"

Publicado el 20 jul 2020
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  • I would like to volunteer to light every single one of the bastards on fire and then sit with a nice tall glass of water and watch them burn

  • "I ruin my own day the moment I wake up" mood

  • The👋chair👋

  • That judge needs to be checked to because only pedophiles protect pedophiles

  • Barely 7 months in jail and 2 years probation. This justice system needs a complete overhaul.

  • I love ready to glare! She is so helpful finding cases for my criminal justice classes.

  • I say a year for every file found... 13,000 years in prison!!! Sounds good to me.👍

  • I had a longer sentence for having 3 grams of pot

  • Thank you for posting the news story. Got to the petition and signed it.

  • I think we need more of that ASMR voice in future videos. xD

  • question, could you maybe tell us where we can find this potition? cuz i have some things i need to say to this judge.

  • Petition.

  • Maybe they have 210 because, child diddlers don't last long, in prison.

  • Why! Why!!!!! Hasnt the gov or some whitehat hacker made a virus that targets CP and reports the person....

  • I still cannot comprehend how there are people in jail for years for weed. And he only gets 210 days?! He needs to be in prison. He is a danger, and his pathology shows he will never change.

  • 13,000 files should equal AT LEAST 13,000 days in prison imo. Which is roughly 35 years. Wtf is up w this judge

  • I'm reminded of that tweet that says: "How tf do drug dealers get more time than rapists? I'd rather have Pablo the plug as a neighbor than Randy the rapist."

  • Thought it said flies bruh

  • This country, this WORLD is a joke! These people get off because there’s so many stick people who do this exact thing. Tons of people in power participate in this mental hell. I want to really hurt some people right now.

  • I got 3 YEARS PROBATION FOR MY FIRST EVER POLICE STOP! I got a dui Bc I admitted to being prescribed anti anxiety medications. No alcohol, no drugs, no drug or alcohol test, still a FELON next to me in court got 6 months in jail, if he broke 18 MONTHS probation for ANOTHER SEXUAL ASSAULT CONVICTION! I’m still in shock. I can’t with this world anymore.

  • "CEO has 13,000 files" I read that flies. Like why the heck would this person have that many flies? But honestly I would have preferred that instead of this disgusting....just errrgg. Why are some people like this?

  • The law should be changed. IF a pedophile is ever released, anyone is free to call a hit on them, or kill them themselves, and they will face no charges.

  • Utah sucks, he must be related to someone in the court or in their mormon ward m and to think all our anti mask mom's have been screaming save our children this pandemic

  • So a confessed pedophile and rapist got less than a year in jail ? Lmao why do americans say america is the best country again?

  • How has no one Epsteined his butt?! Omfg... forget any long term in prison how about General Pop for a week. Zero protection. Omfg...

  • That’s a lot of victims

  • INFANT??????? i hate humanity

  • "I ruin my own day as soon as i wake up" fuckinh me too sis

  • Notice he’s getting credit for 148 days. So in actuality he’s getting 62 days. He must have something on that judge or something. I just don’t understand how these things can happen. These ppl are supposed to work for us.. US citizens. So they can lock up someone for weed, throwing the book at them. But child porn/rape, beastiality/rape, raping unconscious women AND drugs. Like wtaf? In what world is this possible... oh ours apparently

  • I just. What’s next, man? Arson? Terrorism? Hell wanna add on some armed robbery? This fucking man just decided to commit all the crimes he could before getting caught didn’t he.

  • As well as the victims, I also feel sorry for the poor people in the police dept that had to sit through countless hours of absolute filth, who are now probably scarred for life and then go to court and watch the guy get 210 days.

  • What the absolute fk?!

  • This is Exactly why the monster who took my childhood & sanity still walks free. I was told it was unlikely he'd be found guilty & Even if he did Jail Time wasn't inevitable.... Smh...

  • We should make a fake convention for pedophiles then lock them in a room and burn them alive, or lock them in a room and keep them cramed and trapped like the victims of there crimes. Comment amen if you agree

    • amen

  • I hope you don't mind me posting this in the comments Giulia! Here it is y'all sign it. I already did we have 185k the last I saw and the goal is 200k

  • They r all rape a minor cannot concent all child porn is child rape

  • California would have just given him a medal.

    • What’s California have to do with this other than being part of an unwarranted rant by an authoritarian psycho? Have a seat.

  • We really need to bring capital punishment. These types of animals don’t deserve to breathe our oxygen

  • I love your shirt!!!!

  • Half a year? That's it?? I would've preferred 210 years or a death sentence.

  • Did you catch the part about "credit for time served". It is not even 210 days from sentence. It is 62 DAYS from sentence. "Disgusting, disturbing, and vile" can not even begin to describe this whole fucking thing. Also, apparently meth is cool if your a CEO. Neat.

  • Are we not going to discuss who this man's lawyer was? Orrrr...

  • Bless the minds of those officials who had to go through every single file

  • In Canada the law would give him 10 to 14 years from my understanding

  • The system is fucked🤦🏻‍♀️

  • I'm assuming he got a low sentence because he was honest and maybe because he's not responible for making the vids, i assume....

  • SOME OF THEM include rape? i think you mean ALL of them include rape

  • The thought that some poor groups of people had to REVIEW 13,000 cp and beastiality videos almost makes me wanna puke

  • I'm on Team Electro Chair for both him and the judge

  • Find him Bind him Tie him to a pole And break his fingers To splinters Drag him to a hole Until he wakes up Naked Clawing at the ceiling of his grave -Mariner's Revenge

  • We need to get rid of this judge and this man. I’ll sign

  • I feel like crying. Like fucking bawling my eyes out.

  • I’m sorry but this dude made a cryptocurrency company??? Presumably so him and his creep friends can pay for disgusting things involving children??? And a judge saw that and just didn’t care??? This judge is 10000000% corrupt

  • Fuckkkk I hate watching these but I wanna hear you talk & I’m totally all out of videos to watch of yours 😭

  • Omg that Bernie rally is at Brooklyn College!

  • I take at least a little comfort in the fact that a lot of prisoners have kids and therefore have very strong views on pedophilia


  • People get life for weed,but this guy over here barely getting any time for 13,000 cases

  • Whoaa. I need to let this out. Child Porn is an addiction. We need to study the paedophiles and understand and see if we can rehabilitate them.

  • 13,000 years in prison or electric chair? How about every day he's in prison, he gets a shock from the chair. Not enough to kill him, but enough to hurt him like those babies were hurting in those disgusting videos.

  • The rich can get away with anything!! But yeah... I knew my boyfriend's half brother, he was found with child pics too and he only got 2 months jail because the cops said to him "there's too many people in prison already, there's not enough room."

  • Glare angry asmr 2nd channel please

  • 48 months of probation is somehow the same punishment my mom having possession of meth and a rich pedophile rapist who owned tens of thousands files of child rape and bestiality got. Wow i hate pigs and this fucking justice system on a whole new level🤗😌😍💗💞❤

  • Though I am disgusted by this case, I’m not that surprised by most of it. People are terrible and the law doesn’t apply to rich people, but what kind of “computer genius” gets caught committing one of the easiest online crimes to get away with?

  • WTF?!!!! A woman got 5 years in prison for saying her kid lived in the wrong district.

  • Here is a petition for his case, maybe consider signing in y'all

  • Let's tie him up in a warehouse, and cut him up into 13k pieces. Too much? I didn't think so either.

  • Maybe he'll get shanked by the prison code "kill on sight". So, just getting him in prison is actually a death sentence .

  • I remember commenting on one of your videos that reminded me of this case. Im so happy that you brought this up and made more people aware of the poor abuse those children, women, and animals endured. Its completely disgusting how utahs judicial system works. Utah is so lenient on child sex crimes it blows my mind how a judge could even fathom such a short sentence for the crimes that man did..

  • Another example of rich people getting away with doing whatever they want and not having to pay for the consequences.

  • It sounds like a psychopath who's learnt what needs to be said to look good. No one changes that quick, specially considering the circumstances of 13.000 files. Sexual offenders are usually psychopaths or have traits that are very close to that which is why therapy just doesn't work. If you only worry about yourself, you'll never connect with a therapist and allow any kind of improvement. He's just learned that by saying he's sorry and he's disgusted by himself he might look better for some people and they'll redeem him.

  • I have friends on TEN year probations for first time non violent drug offenses... the world is fuvked

  • Is there an update to this bullshit? Can't fucking believe the world we live in.

  • thank you for always calling out bullshit when you see it. Not enough people bring attention to these topics & you say it like it is

  • I'm sorry if he would have been black and poor he would have gotten a LIFE sentence

  • I'm sorry, but how the heck is this a thing? I get it, America's justice system is all kinds of screwed up, but if there's one thing we kind of collectively hate, it's child porn. Or I assumed so. That judge deserves to go to jail too, after setting a sick, disturbed man like him loose on the world. I'm a victim of rape, and I know the feeling of despair and horror upon knowing the man who raped me, and other girls (I was underage at the time) wouldn't face any time whatsoever, and could act like he was normal. My case didn't even get past a detective looking into it. There weren't witnesses, no camera footage, nothing. So the fact that this man had both incriminating footage of him raping multiple women, and illegal videos of minors, and STILL got less than a year in prison? It makes me sick.

  • "I ruin my own day the moment I wake up." Girl, are you okay?

  • Where’s a guillotine when you need one? Side note: I love that you mentioned a Bernie rally

  • Watch Cecil McFly's documentary about the zoophiles! It's disgusting and I'm so happy she made it because I would have never known

  • 210 days- I’m personally offended considering those woman will Be affected their whole life and we have no clue where those Children are - if they’re okay - in therapy, dead /alive ? Like are we fucking serious? This is the stuff that makes me loose hope . He deserves life in prison

  • So the lesson here is if you want to sell drugs, try also raping women and watching as much CP as possible in order to get your sentence drastically reduced

  • Maybe the judge who sentenced him is in on it or also a pedo. Sometimes these criminals have the law in their pocket.

  • My choice... E L E C T R I C. C H A I R.

  • Meanwhile, people get years in prison for weed. The more I hear about violent and sexual predators getting DAYS, the more I believe that the main focus of our criminal justice system is exploitation of slave labor.

  • What messing me up us how they always have so much then to be like it started with just 1 fam how you jump from 1 to bout 13k their was one dude had 53 tb like how do you even get 1 tb let alone 53 its just wow

  • Not even a year?!!!! I’m enraged to the max

  • Umm I’m sure judges that do this are pedophiles themselves

  • I live in utah about 20min from Sandy. I've seen many people go to jail or prison for just having pot in their possession, but this oerv gets a sweetheart deal. Sadly I'm not even surprised. Welcome to Utah where the church runs the courts, government, and everything else.

  • Pedophiles dislikes. That's why I say this people need to die just give them rat poison because, they're always saying that it's too much money to kill them, but the truth is that if they kill a lot of this pedophiles the jails would be almost empty so not many jobs for the police officer and wouldn't get much money from the government. This men needs to DIE how the heck he's getting out of jail that easily child porn,rape,animals women???? Oh... But it's nothing let's leave him he already "apologized " yeah Also because it wasn't the judges kid in those files. I swear laws NEED to change why not burn them like they use to do back then , when people use to suspect if witches. Let's see if this changes anything.

  • Jail isn't kind to folks like him...I wish he could suffer in there forever. Jesus.

  • Hi, Alex. I'll take "Wealthy person pretty much gets away with it, like always".

  • It’s absolutely pathetic, _disgusting_ , *offensive* , and utterly abhorrent that he got such a light sentence for that .... 🤢🤮😥🤬 LESS 👏🏻 THEN 👏🏻 A 👏🏻 YEAR 👏🏻 BRUH 👏🏻

  • But Pablo the plug gets more jail time

  • Yep. People with money and power get away with aloooooooooot

  • Where did you get your shirt, it's amazing

  • Hi! I am from a little country: Hungary. We had a case now with a goverment politician who had in his work computer 19000 pedophile abusive picture and he had only amerciament for it. You should make a video about it. His name is Kaleta Gábor, you should check it. Its unbeliavable for me.

  • I like when you whisper

  • He faced 1 to 15 years, but didn't even get full year. But if that was my child, I would want him out and at an arms reach also.

  • you know, ngl if you did a whole video in asmr i wouldnt complain, youre better at it then some of the other videos ive seen

  • Good bye genitals, then a few years, then electric chair