This app lead to an abandoned suitcase

Publicado el 13 jul 2020
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  • There's a gofundme:

    • I am in the Seattle area, this one really freaked me and my sister out, has anymore info been found? O - o

    • Randonautoca doesn’t work way you described

    • @LANSIE This comment needs more attention. I visited that website to report it and a lot of those videos are clearly of literal children! It's Austin Jones type shit

    • I've used the app ... it has never led me to anything other than my neighbors houses and I'm not about to barge in! Lol! It's just a joke. If you set your intention over and over and find nothing, it proves that our thoughts DO NOT create our reality.

    • Hey, could you possibly feature my fanart in a video? I had posted some on Twitter and you liked it, so i thought you would show it.. that was a couple weeks ago so- here’s the link if you do consider featuring it. it’s fine if you don’t, just wanted to ask.

  • The guy recording the video mentioned how he was laughing during the video because he was freaking out and that's how he copes i guess I dont think that's the right word but he did say that and he said that when he got home he had a mental breakdown and I just felt so bad for him. That's such a traumatic experience that will forever be in your brain.

  • Those kids are probably traumatized...even if just a little bit.

  • You're the only person I trust with recommendations of products and such. I just feel like you would never lieeee Also I LOVE YOU🥺😭😫🐵

  • Apparently the app has energy tracking power. How it's able to read your focus is a little vexing but the few times i tried it, there was a distinct correlation between the exact location and the mental focus.

  • That case would've definetly been found at some point. Wasn't exactly hidden. I would say once is a coincidence. If this happens again then maybe its a serial killer thing 🙃

  • So, I just came to say that there has been an arrest made in connection to these murders. The 60 something year old landlord who owned the house the couple was staying in has been arrested and charged for the murders of the couple.

  • IMO, there has to be another side to this app. One side is the "Randonauts", and the others are "planters" who either plant these things at the same coordinates the Randonauts are told to go, and/or they're told to follow Randonauts.

  • Because of TikTok Michael Turney was arrested for the murder of Alissa Turney, his stepdaughter.

  • The Randonautica thing reminds me of that book/ movie Nerve.

  • The creepy thing about randonautica is that it brings you to certain place points where it changes the routine in your life bringing new opportunities and steering the normal events in your life to paths that'll bring different things there for possibly bringing you new opportunities.

  • Their landlord was arrested for their murders 5 days ago, he has not been charged but they found bullet holes and blood in his apartment that he “couldn’t explain”

  • So pretty... I love your channel. The content you do is great and it’s nice to see a pretty face.

  • lmao 6:19 modem sound...genius!!

  • I can understand how a family member could be missing or killed and no one know they were missing. If something happened to me, no one would know and I have family close by. My mom lives in an apartment behind me. Right now she is away. My sister and her family are always busy and I don't see her much even though she lives just a few miles outside of town and works a couple blocks from me. Even if my mom was home, we don't see each other all the time, because I am frequently sick and she has lots of underlying conditions so we don't always visit. She would probably not text unless she wanted me to open the garage for her so she could get her mobility scooter (she has trouble walking up stairs). It would take a while before I was missed or someone came to check on me. Unless this family are super close and visit a lot, then it could happen very easily.

  • This shit happened in my neighborhood. Fucking whack. Not your normal occurrence in middle class West Seattle.

  • I'm mad there's no info on why your hands like broken or w/e

  • My only guess for why they weren't reported was cause not everyone's visiting them everyday. I visit my mother every 1-2 months because I have stuff in my own life. That's just my guess.

  • "that was my best friends mom" or "that was my best friends aunt" or "I actually knew them".....if you didn't actually know them...stop saying you did...there's one comment that I do believe did know this woman's daughter as it was very very well put. I saw someone else literally lie more than once because she got caught in her you know how hurtful and wrong it is to lie and say you knew these people?! Get over yourself... Unless you actually knew them in some way shape or form... STOP LYING!!

  • I feel so bad for those teenagers. Imagine how traumatized they are. And that one girl who touched the suitcase...

  • This is Bill's channel He does the Real or Fake series and he interviewed one of the creators Here's the link to the video:

  • It's not a coincidence Gulia It's not It's three owners that supposedly have no investors They funded their own app and project and they are all hippie dippie so they are upset at the negativity I'm not personally buy it as they is way too many similar experiences with this app I don't believe in coincidences especially when it's more than one They need ure location but the app says they don't collect any information from u Idk there's something fishy here


  • WAIT OMG I REMEMBER HEARING THIS STORY ON THE NEWS A FEW WEEKS AGO!!!! I live only a little ways away from Aliki Beach in Seattle lol it was definitely a weird and random enough case to warrant a video 😂

  • Personally I think it's priming people to look for patterns by asking their intention. It's not manifesting anything. If used it and stated my intent was free money and I found a quarter on the ground, that quarter was there already so and the only reason I noticed it now was I was primed to look for anything that'd fit my stated intention.

  • Honestly good on those teenagers for not showing any gore and calling the police straight away

  • What's tiktok? I actually don't know exactly. I do not feel weird because of that ☺

  • Ive seen tons of videos of randonaughting that leads people to strange places. Ive seen a video that it lead two girls to a strange man trying to chase them and i seen another that lead a girl to a dead cat in a bag.

  • My first thought was that the killer put it there on purpose, like looking up the adventure point.

  • Suggesting that the app might be run by serial killers is a bit much, this was just one incident

  • How the hell does two people fit in that suit case. Lol musta been little people.

  • maybe covid was the reason why they didnt report it 10 - 19th not too long of a timeline

  • I really hope that those kids got therapy afterwards. How traumatizing :(

  • Omg you are reaching . I like you but have you even downloaded the app? Looked at it ? Like literally it can send you anywhere.. then you actually have to look at your surroundings, be aware . The suitcase had obviously just washed up.. something you would just ignore. Uh I’m barely at 5:15 so let’s see

  • This is the second time that randonautica has led someone to something like this...One girl found a guy who was either dying of a gunshot wound or had just been shot and was down. Weird......

  • Before you go on an adventure with the app you have to set what your purpose is. ( eg happiness) They set their aim as death. It wasn’t a coincidence.

  • My friend and his brother did the randonautica thing and found a bloody rock.

  • how is there no missing report but they have kids?????

  • Sounds like something Stephen King would write tbh

  • Oh yummy, the case was found about 45 minutes away from me. Lovely.

  • It’s not a high priority for police c’mon that’s crazy. What about domestic cases, robberies, drunk and disorderly, DUI’s. Cases where people are in danger and quick responses could save lives. The police could of got to the suitcase in 1 minuet or 12 hours. The outcome would of been no different and no one could be harmed or lose lives like the other crimes.

  • My pnw Seattle ass yelling at the screen “ITS PRONOUNCED Dew-ah-mish” 😂 this case was really frightening a lot of people around me were convinced we had another serial killer on our hands ☹️

  • I heard and saw this. Now, the app, I'm sure just looks at Google maps and guess's at different locations, just random spots. And it hit a location that just happened to have this gruesome find. Or, somehow someway the spirits or souls got into the electronics somehow and had these teens find their remains so they could rest. Either way I don't do tik tok.

  • Sorry but a group of killers sounds a lot more far fetched than a simple coincidence

  • i think it was low priority because it was teenagers, teenage girls, who called and i'm willing to bet they thought it was a prank.

  • The algorithm that sent the kids there has to be tied in with the person that left them there. That's the only way the app would send ppl criss crossing behind someone else using the app as well.... that's what I think anyway. Randonautica was said to have donated towards the families reward but I don't think they donated very much which is unfortunate.

  • I love that you think like me that it isn’t innocent I can’t cope with they just happened across this suitcase thru directions sent to them by an app who is running this app and also what if it was a peado who was sending kids to places and then taking them it’s all to weird for my liking

  • I wouldn’t be incredibly shocked if no missing person’s report was entered because it’s still quarantine time? Or was at the time they had been killed? I know if they have family they keep in contact with or if they were still working it raises questions, but if they kept to themselves and were on leave from work it’s possible no one noticed they were gone.

  • the intention they set for their random point was "travel" which is why they looked inside the suitcase :o

  • they could have been on vaca🕵

  • "They weren't people who lived by their SUITCASE." The irony of that wording.


  • When “She says love you bye” that had me

  • Cover the wayfair ordeal!

  • Hey guys, mind helping me educate this guys on Instagram @caleb.m.roper for saying reverse racism exists and saying George Floyd deserves to die bc he was gonna die anyways

  • Dude I've been watching you for a lil bit nd your personality is litterally me

  • What if it was a stalker case. the person would have studied their patterns of behavior in order to establish the best time to take advantage and commit the murder. it was most likely at a secondary location where the least amount of evidence would have been traced. they should have looked for identifying marks in the suitcase to see if it could be tracked to a place of purchase. as well as it being a very high chance it is apart of the motive. post mortem care of the corpses could have been a forensic countermeasure but the use of the app ‘supposedly’ could be part of motive. the killer probably gets off on it

  • Mystery ESmainr Nick Crowley tried out Randonautica and it led him and his gf in front of a random house. A few moments later and ambulance shows up to the house.

  • Ppl could make apps like that, users would make profiles saying their name, age and gender, and the creators could lead them to places to be killed or,, ya know. That’s fucking scary.

  • my friends took me out randonaughting the other day 💀 i had no idea what it was but IT'S TERRIFYING 😂 i swear on god we saw a man or something in the trees

  • I use the app to change up my route when I go out for my quarantine walks. People are making most of this shit up online. Not the one with these particular kids, which was a coincidence. It's a random number generator. Nothing more and nothing less.

  • the fact that their video was on my for you page-

  • Randonautica/Wayfair are tag teaming. Imma wait until this video is real.


  • Did I miss how the gal died cuz all I heard was that the guy was shot

  • I know the smell of death well.. I've found dead people and animals its unmistakable. But this is cray cray lol

  • I'm so glad someone made a video about this

  • Yeah usually if its a suitcase washing up with an odd odor, it usually is a dead body. Who stuffs meat in a suitcase then throws it into the water? Unless it was rotting meat and they didn't want the suitcase anymore?? I dunno. But its usually ends up to be a dead body, if its a suitcase washing up on shore. I'm sure people have found suitcases washing up on shore without anything in it, but if there is something in it call the police!

  • My mind goes toward, its not a coincidence. Sometimes I wonder about apps like those. I'm one not to be into conspiracy theories or anything, but things like that just make me wonder if the government is watching you, or maybe someone that helps with this app knows things. I dunno. That's just my crazy psycho mind working. I would also immediately think it was a dead body in the suitcase before even going toward it cause that's my mind. LOL

  • Oh gees!!!! Yikes!

  • Plot Twist: The TikTokers murdered and planted the suitcases themselves for views, since randomnautica is fake, as far as I can tell the nautica videos I've seen are all staged by the youtubers. They had a killer time and fame and views and an alibi all in one. Not bad. I know this sounds ridiculous but imagine, what if it's true. The perfect crime

  • Wasn’t there other cases with bodies in suitcases in the same area?

  • girl ur randonatica conspiracy got me rolling lmfao

  • Something I find really weird is the placement of the suitcase. It looked like it was thrown over the side of a dock/boardwalk onto the rocks below where the kids were able to easily see it and climb to it. It wasn’t like it was hidden under the wooden bridge and I think it was too high up in the rocks to have washed up on shore. So how come no one else saw it if it possibly had be there for 9 days? Why did it take this app leading the kids to the exact location? I wonder if it was placed there that day or the night before the kids found it because I have a hard time believing (If it never moved) no one else could have seen/found it..

  • Guilia, I saved you, please message me

  • Wayfair, wayfair, wayfair

  • I'm sure the creators aren't serial killers, I live in Africa and it's fully functional here. Unless they're international I'm sure there's no intended harm from them.

  • i tried the app twice, both times lead to places i didn’t know i even lived close to but i like the journey there it’s fun

  • Bruh, I went to look at Randonautica in the app store and I saw this review by some dude named Alan Manuel Agüero Léon: "People downloading this app fail to comprehend what this app is about, it's not just a simple adventure generator, where you get a random location and go for a ride, it's about energy, either good or bad. You manifest what you are looking for, whether is clarity, serenity, dead bodies, spooky stuff, whatever it is, it's up to you, it's like giving the universe a call for something and it providing. Obviously you are not gonna magically find a suitcase full of money or a brand new car for you."

  • *"don't sue me randonautica, love you, byeee"* ahaha ily

  • Talk about Hilary Duff possibly doing child trafficking


  • I would love to see you cover more videos on Randonautica. There are lots of videos documenting people experiences on tiktok. Also the wayfaif ordeal could be interesting to cover (as someone else has already said$.

  • That must be super traumatizing for those teens omg it may take a hike for that to set into themselves

  • I was thinking the same about the app. Serial killer scavenger hunt. I also agree with you about the priority level given to the call.

  • Personality and wig doesn't compute. Then again i live in Illinois.

  • Actually DEXTER wouldn’t lead anyone to his kills because it’s against Harry’s code... just saying.

  • I heard that it took the police up to 3 hours to show up?!?!

  • I need to get this out because I want to clear the air. This was my best friend's mother and there has been so much speculation and false assumptions over this. The reason there is no missing person's case is that she has been in and out of contact with her children and family, not to mention she was homeless off and on. No, they were NOT travelers. No, they were not “Missing”, they were just on their own living life. They went from city to city but stayed around the same area. Yes, I get why it sounds so odd but these facts and details are out of context, which is very understandable because the media doesn’t know her personally as I do. Yes, she has 4 children, but they are all older, my best friend is almost 20 just like me, so there were no tiny children left alone with a missing mother, as people have worried about. This news was a shock to us all as we haven't heard from her and the only contact we've had is just a few FB messages on and off. Also, I get why it sounds like she was established in her state with her job because of how her aunt described her, but that wasn’t the case anymore. She worked with disabled students in the past. She hasn’t been working. I’m only putting this out because it’s a bit hurtful sometimes seeing made-up theories about her on various apps in comment sections. I get where some of these conclusions from, but it really makes more sense when you have the correct details. Please also stop assuming something is up with the family or trying to look at them as if there is any involvement. It’s beyond hurtful to not just me but my friend who’s upset from all the theories across social media. And I also want to say thank you to ready to glare for being respectful as she always is and bringing this up in a way that is based on details of the case, it is very appreciated. This rant is NOT aimed at you, it's just to clear the air. If you have any further questions let me know.

    • Glitzed&Blitzed yes that is true. The man is under investigation for another murder which is unrelated. He’s a terrible man

    • I read that they arrested and charged the 60 something year old landlord of their house

    • Bren idk thank you! And that angers me bc idk who thinks they know these people? People really want attention and it makes me sick. It’s hard enough having your bestfriend call you at like 1am bc of this mess and being so hurt, let alone hearing people wanna lie about knowing her. I’m not even gonna tell my friend about that part

    • Wanna say, just incase you come back and look at the comments again (I personally don't think you should as it's just going to hurt you more) I commented saying something along the lines of people lying about knowing these people in some way shape or form, you're literally the only person I do believe as your comment was very very well put! I'm so sorry for you loss and so sorry for your best friend, I can't even imagine losing a parent like that 😔 keep your head up and smile because you're beautiful!

  • I saw an episode of Law & Order: SVU where some treasure hunter website lead to 2 guys finding a suitcase with a dead girl inside.

  • there are a lot of randonautica horror stories... it's really, really sketch

    • If that's the case, then I hope Glare discusses Randonautica in a separate video.

  • Is she small or is her phone just hella big????

  • No missing person's report because nobody missed them! Some people aren't close to their families for various reasons. Still sad of course.

  • technically.... it *was* a suitcase of rotting meat...

    • This should not have made me laugh, but I grew up with and am friends with people who have even darker senses of humor than mine.

  • im from seattle, there are a lot of people on heroin here and they will disappear for months at a time. This may be a reason why the family never reported them missing

  • Hopefully Native changed the wording on their "deal". The math wasn't panning out before. The code didn't take off what it said it would. I was thoroughly irritated. This was a month or so ago and I noticed it through another creators code. Hopefully they fixed that.

  • everyone from Seattle or Washington state is always excited to hear our state but this was not it. weird case. scary to know someone’s out in the lose

  • My two cents on randonautica: The app is supposed to be just a game but it is basically meant to manufacture synchronicity, you think of something and the app channels your thoughts/the universe and generates quantum coordinates to send you to find your answer/sign/manifestation. Carl Jung worked on his synchronicity(an a-casual connecting principal) theory with Einstein after an incident with one of his patients telling him about a dream she had in which she was given a piece of golden scarab jewelry... as she shared, they heard tapping on the window and when Jung opened it he found a scarab bug...he handed it to his patient and said here’s your scarab.... this cleared some kind of mental block the patient had and she was finally able to heal. Carl Jung believed the universe is deeply connected to people and our thoughts and would show up to let us know we’re not alone and otherwise encourage us through meaningful coincidences. That being said the app does seem to have some negative vibes. These folks were trying to manifest travel so when they found the suitcase I’m sure they weren’t expecting it to contain what it did. There’s also a book called small miracles: extraordinary coincidences from everyday life that recounts hundreds of synchronicity stories it reminds me of this randonautica app so much. With all the interesting theories about the app ultimately I’m glad the victims were able to be found and I hope they find the murderers responsible very soon.

  • can you make a video on Vanessa Guillen and justice for her? love your videos. 🖤

  • when i first heard of this, i thought it was like geocaching. like, users upload coordinates where they’ve hidden something and the coordinates are given to other users. but i feel like a foul smelling suitcase is something that is so so so easy to deal with. it’ll take five minutes tops to see if it’s suspicious or not. also it makes me so uncomfortable to imagine two ADULT bodies in a suitcase.