Things that should not exist in ~fashion~

Publicado el 19 ago 2020
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  • I’m gonna buy that fish shirt. That style is all I wear

  • Those jean shorts literally look like an adult sized diaper

  • I hate low waisted jeans

  • The strappy thing at 7:15 would make me look like a human sausage

  • Absolutely no cap, does anyone know where to find the fish shirt?? I want it so bad oh my god.

  • I've never been a fan of Kanye's clunky/ugly shoes. These two styles are particularly heinous. I actually like the fish shirt and would probably wear it as a layering piece over a white or muted color tank top. The jeans are flat out eye killing. The strappy thing looks more like lingerie that you'd only get one wear out of provided it's packaged in such a way that it isn't already tangled on arrival.

  • you're what it means to be a scorpio and i love it

  • her voice is asmr to me ❤️

  • Those dolls kill pants make me feel like it's eating the model like I can't explain it it just makes me worry

  • I'm totally messed up...i want Kanye

  • I think Jack Black could rock the fish shirt. 🤪

  • Those shoes look like protective gear that you would give to someone in a mental hospital to prevent them from weaponizing their feet

  • I'm sorry but... WTF is this 4:05

  • I would absolutely wear that bright orange fish abomination, i adore this cursed piece of fabric so much...

  • I like those armpit trousers 😅🤣 I own a pair for 1940s fashion And its lit because you dont need a bra

  • That "roller blade shoe" reminds me of a bowling ball

  • The white shoes like over-enginered tissue boxes and the last outfit looks like it belongs on a Jojo villain

  • Okay so those neon yellow boot leggings, like she said, statement piece, wear all black and then have just these bright ass boot leggings on. I would straight up wear those with this black scuba-knit skater dress I have, 1) If they made these in my size which I can guarantee they do not lol #giantsftw 2) I wouldn't totally DIE in heels being that I have dysautonomia and use a cane but other than that, solid plan

  • my biggest problem is really just how the clothes are presented for sale. realistically could see my self wearing a a few of these item, just not how they're styled in the photo graph minus kanye sneakers of course. (sorry kanye fans)

  • This was fun. I would enjoy watching something like it again soon.

  • I would love it if you did a podcast

  • The first shirt looks like that old computer screensaver from like 2006/2007 lul

  • now buy all of these

  • :-)

  • "Ascelari". Those "jersey flare pants" even sound cringey. xD Also, Kanye West should NOT be a fashion designer. Ever. X_x

  • Autism "$peak$" t shirts and Join A Weird Trip shirts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also FACKEN HELLISHLY ANGELIC JUMPAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love when you said ASCELLARI ahahah

  • The second set of Kenya's shoes remind of something a character from the DOOM games would wear.

  • i immediate thought of a music video when i saw the boot leggings too

  • I’m going to get the fashionova neon legging heels and a neon yellow shirt and be a highlighter for Halloween

  • Love the first shirt

  • With the high waisted pants, where would you put a bra?


  • I liked the janties with thigh high jeans just because it makes me think of a gay cowboy and I'm here for that aesthetic

  • girl these are NOT trends... theyre fast fashion trying to be relevant and it’s absolutely failing. nobody wears these lmaoo thank god

  • The last outfit is worn by Juicee Froot (idr the spelling) the rapper in one of her music videos. And it's just so bad in my opinion.

  • Honestly I'd wear the neon yellow boot tights for a costume, but most of that stuff was just plain ridiculous.

  • ouuuuuuu your hairrrrrrr😻i love it

  • She said part of a costume with those heel leggings whatever and all I could think of was sexy minion

  • The worst one is definitely those weird jeans with the removable legs. Without the legs it looks like some kind of jean diaper with a saggy back end lol! That said I love to see designers make a bunch of weird shit and throwing it out there to see what sticks. If everyone played it safe, the world just wouldn't be as interesting.

  • Damn, those Kanye shoes...

  • Kanye rlly decided to take inspiration from cartoons for his shoes

  • I’ve been meaning to ask, is she somewhat French?

  • 3:39 :bleached tilapia 3:50: fifth element?

  • Where and when would anyone wear those shoe-tights???

  • The jean shorts remind me of the Survivorman episode of The Office when Michael cuts his slacks and then has to duct tape them back together

  • I would so wear the fish shirt with the neon leggings...👍💗

  • If the first orange fish shirt came in a dress... I would wear it. A dress with a full A-line skirt, that is.

  • The second kanye shoe looks like a part of an alien costume from an 80‘s surrealistic sci fi movie

  • 4:57 kankri

  • I love the first shirt so much. Also those aquarium lamps were my shit as a kid. The nostalgia

  • I like the legging/heels for a night club look on a young woman.

  • 900th comment.

  • I remember those jean/short zipper pants being a thing with men in the late 90s/early 00s and to be cool you had one pant leg unzipped... Fashion does really come in cycles

  • 😂😂

  • Oh the horror....

  • Oh my, I really don’t like the jeans shorts/ 😱jeans thingy. They are insanely uuuuuugly 🤢!!

  • I got another ASOS ad before this. The were wearing me down to the point of clicking, even though I'm starting to avoid fast fashion. But I'm taking this as a warning

  • I wanted one of those fishtank things. My mom bought my sister and I two. And then they got recalled for being a fire hazard, so my mom took them back ☹️

  • Oh my god that jean diaper with the pant leg additions💀💀💀that is SO BAD

  • The last one if I wasn't so flady lol

  • Mia maple looks like your sister

  • Just found your channel I like your content ✌️Haha Kanye’s second shoe reminded me of sonic the hedge hogs shoes lmao 😂 clearly he has been watching a lot of cartoons with his kids those first shoes did look like Disney shoes look at most of the animal characters shoes that’s Kanye’s other prototype lol 😂

  • Currently searching for one of those fake fish tank lights because you brought up a deep memory from my childhood

  • The orange Kanye shoes make me think of the Pokemon Magmar like for some reason, I feel like those are what the animators made his feet look like...maybe my recall is just really bad but first thing that came to mind was Magmars feet... Ok so I googled up Magmar and...anyone reading this comment should too. 😂🤣😭

  • Imagine wearing those neon leggings underneath the last lace bodysuit lmao

  • I recently purchased platform crocs ("classic bae") because I was feeling a 90's/spice girls throwback moment. They are so ugly yet I love them lol

  • Kanye will be Divorced if he keeps pushing his fish shoes! Cos I know Kim isn't saying Oh yeah babe those are hot! 😂 We all know how she gets about fashion.

  • Kim Kardashian did NOT approve those Fish Shoes! I've seen her drag so many brands for decent looking stuff so I Kno she isn't telling Kanye' Yeah babe that's amazing'! Nah she's either being Nice or Quiet 😉😂

  • Those néon boot leggings... Its like part of a hoe-ish tellitubbie costume. Like Dipsy but hoe.

  • Kanye's shoe looks like a menstrual pad with a built in cameltoe

  • Ha ha yeah that fish shirt sure is awful... Anyone know where I can buy it? As a joke ofc, I'd never wear it unironically 👀

  • I would absolutely unironically love that fish shirt hahaha

  • Honestly, I don't really hate the fish shirt. Maybe even I would wear it and I mostly wear neutrals.

  • I would wear the fish shirt

  • "The running theme” when talking about shoes XDDDDD

  • Those Kanye shoes look like a cartoon mouse's head with a weurd hat.They look medieval!!!.NO

  • 3:51 it looks like a volcano 🌋🌋😂

  • I am in a place where I want clothing to be comfortable and functional. I can't imagine clunking around in giant shoes or sitting for long in an outfit that was just elastic straps.

  • This video brought me so much joy, you’re hilarious, thank you

  • the shoes look like dumplings

  • I think all of kanyes clothing shouldnt exist. It looks like he makes clothing for slaves which is funny cuz mostly black people buy his stuff.

  • Not gonna lie, I would wear the fuck outta that fish tank shirt.

  • It's definitely my favorite wig on you. 🖤🖤 Also, did you know that Lana have had the fish/aquarium lamp ? You can see it in her music video for the song Gramma. :)

  • I’d 100% wear that fish shirt and those trousers, if they were less high waisted.

  • You've encouraged me to wear more graphic t-shirts and gaming shirts. I'm absolutely in love with your make-up + baggy shirt look. Who needs tight, revealing shirts when you can be comfy and chill.

  • You should make a video on Unicole Unicron... Really weird girl that made a cult

  • hey! if you ever wanna talk about true crime, I would love to see you talk about a spanish case, the "niñas de alcácer" (or "girls of alcácer") I think it's a very interesting case, it even has a mini series in Netflix! I recommend it for anyone who is into that kinda stuff

  • 5:22 those are cutee

  • Junderware

  • I find all of fashionovas stuff so tacky Why do sooooo many insta “influencers” wear and try to promote it? 🥴🤷🏻‍♀️

  • i loveee the fish shirt although it’s not something i would wear and those jeans would be so cute if they were made of actual denim scraps and not print 🤢 the printing gives off lularoe vibes

  • Why do all of Kayne's shoez look 5 sizes too big?

  • "C" thong.

  • The fish shoes and underwear jeans were the worst to me. The jeans made massive camel toe

  • that is a whittled magic eraser but ok

  • I literally cannot describe the pain I am in as I sit in the Florida keys after finding out that my fiancé cheated on me with 6+ girls but this makes me feel so much better; something about her roasting ugly clothes just sits right with me.

  • I showed my mum those weird high waisted pants and she really liked the and said they'd suit me 😂

  • What kind of a moron would wear those Kanye shoes?