These two photographers are creeps

Publicado el 11 feb 2019
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  • Never liked TR's work to be honest. Too hipstery and relies on shock value. But I keep thinking, what where all these models expecting on a photoshoot with him? I first saw his work in the late 90s, when studying in a photography school, and still a teen at that time. It was all explicit, over-the-top voilent and anti-, just like the whole decade. And even without the Internet and the SNS, and being in SE Europe, we were aware that he misbehaves on set and abuses his models to 'get a reaction'. That was never a secret. Funny thing is, feminists and GLBTQ loved him, along with now major celebrity feminist icons, for being sexually liberated and raw, but as the times changed, the pancake was flipped. I find THAT quite hypocritical.

  • Vomiting

  • julia plz can you tell me about your themetune? everytime i hear it, it takes me back to some movie from the 80s and i just cant put my finger on it. ive got a feeling its your own tune but it really reminds me of something and its been doing my head in for over a year. is it weird science? i often think of btft but i know its not that. plz like my comment so julia sees it

    • no hate, just to help! Her name is Spelled Guilia and still pronounced Jooleeuh

  • I’m always suspicious of male photographers/painters whose work mostly consists of naked women

  • Uhm, can you talk about how he included pETS in the description on Terryworld wtaf

  • The Office edit at 5:33 was EXACTLY how I felt lmao 😭😂

  • Morticia Adams?!? 😳

  • 📱--->🔢--->911 (POPO SQUADRON x2) 👮🏻‍♂️👮🏻👮🏼‍♂️👮🏼‍♀️👮🏿‍♂️👮🏿👮🏾‍♂️👮🏾 (FBI SQUADRON x2) 🕵🏻‍♂️🕵🏻‍♀️🕵🏼‍♂️🕵🏼‍♀️🕵🏿‍♂️🕵🏿‍♀️🕵🏾‍♂️🕵🏾‍♀️

  • Okay, but what is this eye shadow? I've never seen such a pigmented purple

  • the creep literally admits to coercion and nobody bats an eye

  • That movie hard candy reminds me of this. The dude was a photographer

  • sorry but i PHYSICALLY gagged when the pictures from terryland came up. GROSS

  • Unrelated but I love your light! I am so here for this background.

  • It’s been a year and I’m still waiting on terry world 👀

  • Please don't buy Terryworld.

  • This dude is literally the perfect depiction of sex offender/creepy uncle. This dude is complete bs

  • Love the hair. Although I would not recommend using the teal light with it on, because It makes it look a bit messy and hard on the eyes. It’s still an amazing video tho.

  • If I remember correctly, I believe Terry Richardson's father was also an extremely creepy photographer as well. I'm also pretty sure he dated an underage Anjelica Huston, but I might be confusing him with someone else, but I don't think so.


  • I could imagine that some of these girls rationalized the pervs actions because it made them felt grown up, or cool. Hopefully these minors have some responsible person looking out for them

  • What a douchebag. Yeah, that video where you go over the book would be cool. Call this piece of shit out

  • That's very cool of you to show the job fair poster. Thank you.

  • Time to do James sarato or whatever

  • This just goes to show about how much vulgar shit goes on behind tue scenes in Hollywood an LA. I mean, this stuff wasn't all that hard to hear about and find. FFS Richardson published a book.. I have a feeling we all can't even begin to wrap out heads around it.

  • I like the built-in drinking game

  • Hey Ready to Glare, my boyfriend is asking what the intro music song is? I would appreciate if u answered.

  • You're the spitting image of Ashli Gay with make-up. Just sayin'.

  • Hahaa hey we r the same age. I graduated in 2012 too

  • Please do not spend any money on Terry Richardson - I bought his Gaga book and have regretted it ever since.

  • What about Annie Leibovitz the female version of him. She always has naked women and risqué photos of underage or barely legal teen girls. But since she’s a woman it’s all seen as art. The fashion world is pretentious and enjoys porn and labels it art. But it’s not art.

  • i’d love to see you deep dive into terry world

  • I love how easily you slip into accents. Haha.

  • calling this creepy fucks losers is offensive to my boy Loser and they are unworthy of sharing titles with him let's call them baby fuckers

  • I wouldn't put it past him to be threatening to black-ball people. ( which is the act of spreading bad reviews on a person between people who are hiring so that no one will hire the person, which would be an end to a dream for most people trying to break into the entertainment industry. just for the people who weren't aware of what 'black-ball' meant. ) Also, I love all the purple and black look in this video. they're my two favorite colors. c: the neon sign is pretty kool too.

  • That green light on your face is so creepy though.....

  • My laptop had water on it so I'm using my iPhone, even though I hate IPhones. I just wanna watch ready to glare

  • Jesus... 😳😳😳

  • The veterans thing was ace. Thank you for being compassionate and mindful of others in need x

  • I’m getting a look of Ultimecia again.

  • These guys are as creepy as hell.

  • This is do not related to the vid but omg I love ur shirt where can I get that 🗿👀

  • I would be extremely interested if you were to make a video on terryworld

  • I always got major creep vibes from Terry. Not surprised.

  • Lana Del Rey had so many different names hahahah shady bitch

  • I love that you say words with the right accent

  • ... He does look like the Guy Who Drives a White Van... Is that a subconscious choice he made? To groom himself to look like the stereotype because he is that? Must be. Hmmm nope. Ew. I hate this man. HHHMMM someone drop kick him out of society. HHHMMMM NOPE. His photos arent even that good quality. I can take better photos on my ipad. And the second guy is also creepy asf. The fact he goes after minors are even worse. Just, no. NO. Also. The fact they get away with it, makes me want to commit not alive. Because that destroys my faith in humanity. Even more than it already is in anyways. I hope those models are okay and go far in life. They didnt deserve all that sh-.

  • Do you speak French? The way you said "Marie Claire" was spot on. And thanks for all the exposé you do.

  • If you buy the book, get it second hand so he doesn't profit.

  • Please don't buy the book, it'll be like if you were supporting him (I know you don't, but it'll count as one more book sold)

  • When you live in yamhill county 😎

  • please get the book and continue to expose disgusting worms like terry richardson

  • Don't buy it. Grab it from the library.

  • omg WHERE can i find that SHIRT!!! You are rocking it

  • Never trust a man who says he's a photographer. They're all perverts.

  • Wow they got amateur porn in a gallery. Sacha Cohen was right.

  • Where can I get that shirt!?

  • I think we have just riched that point well we have to ask ourselves what is art. Those sexual photos he took could have been taken by anyone. Damn, search through any couples whatsapp messages and you will find way more erotic and artistic photos than the ones that creep took. Things arent art just because you says so. I think that guy could shit something and label it as art and think about a confussing concept to justify his stupidity, and even more stupid people would believe its art just because he has name in the industry. This rich people last common sense.

  • While I agree with like 99% of what you said here, some people change their names / give themselves aliases to avoid danger to themselves. I had a stalker for around 3 years- thus I changed my alias because I didnt want him following me around. In these creepy guys cases its bad, yes, but I don't think you should always assume "alternate names = bad" yknow?

  • Please make a video on Terryworld

  • I have the Terryworld book and I like it. I was fond of his snapshot style in the 90s, it was different, and bold at that time. Fashion photography back them was very technical, glamourous and his job looked very fresh at that time. The allegations of abuse made me stop looking for his work since they appears. David Bowie was also a perpetrator of sexual violence, we have to stop listening to his songs? John Lennon addmitted that he hitted women! He said to playboy magazine in 1980: "All that 'I used to be cruel to my woman, I beat her and kept her apart from the things that she loved' was me. I used to be cruel to my woman, and physically - any woman. I was a hitter. I couldn't express myself and I hit. I fought men and I hit women." There are many other artists that are called genius that have very bad personal behavior. I believe that there's a distance between artists and the work they produce in anymedia, but it doen't excuse their bad behavior, of course. What's the ethic line between liking a good work of a fucked artist?

  • Are you trans? Serious question

  • The clips from "The Office" here and there are exactly what I need to get me through these saddening topics

  • You should timestamp which episodes of the office you’re referencing because I’m just getting into the show (ik, ik, I’m late) and they seem hilarious

  • I feel so sad for these girls really. I think you're showing abuse of power and abuse in general very precisely in this.

  • you’re the most common sensed ESmainr like ever

  • read that book and suffer for us please

  • @readytoglare Please check out Dov Charney the founder and former CEO of American Apparel. He was accused of sexual harrassment multiple times. He was also said to be a huge influence on the creepy underage vibe of their models and media campaigns. Another weird one is Harmony Korin who is revered as some supercreep edgy hipster version of Wes Anderson. He directed Gummo and Kids and he has a Terry Richardson vibe. Idk if Richardson was involved with Korin or not. But he's been involved in some questionable shit involving sexualizing children in films.

  • Terry Richardson is the skeezy high school janitor who tries to gets girls to smoke weed w/him in the basement.

  • “Peens” 😆

  • Terry's photos suck

  • Been telling people about Terry for years

  • You’re stunning! Love the hair

  • Your setup is absolutely oozing good vibes, I love it.

  • I know this is irrelevant and not the place but may i say 😱🙄 J'adore your french accent 😍?

  • Thats the fucked up thing about it is that a ton of ppl see these creeps abusing their position and just shrug their shoulders like its normal behavior because they have "power" like the child stars in the 80s who ended up abusing drugs to deal with the trauma they had to endure back in the day

  • As interesting as it would be if you reviewed the book I don’t think you should get it. He’s a vile person and you’d only be putting more money his way.

  • Ughhhh I love everything about you...

  • do the book!!

  • I don't think you can underplay the role Richardson assistant played in enabling him to do what he did. This is a woman who would not just stand by and let manipulation happen but play an active role in the manipulation while taking the pictures. You say a warning sign is when they tell the model not to tell anyone about the picture, I would say another is when the "Photographer" inserts himself in the pictures instead of taking the f'n pictures like!

  • 12:09 well at least he admitted to taking pictures of underage girls so he's going down for that for sure.. Probably only because the feds founds those pictures first so he had to and that was his DeFeNsE but at least there's that against him.

  • Richardson is a father of twins now.

  • Can you please do a video on all of your wigs??? 😍 i want all of em

  • someone bring in fucking chris hansen

  • You’re beautiful on the inside out ahh 😭💜

  • Aside from the absolutely creepy topic of the video, I am living for this look tbh. The purple is everythinggggg

  • Girl, one of the penises wasn't censored D:

  • 🌈 tErrY WoRLd 🌈

  • All of Hollyweird is sick!

  • Hi,im a Porn Star (i have been for 5 years now) cant speak for everyone but no, real porn photogs no matter how lewd the shoot TOUCH YOU! omg! ew! Now ive heard of verbal sexual assault on set and obvi there are the fake "casting" videos but the fact that this predator would bring the industry into his unwarranted molestation, as some kind of excuse is just sick and harmful to sex workers and the sex industry.

    • sorry, i just needed that to be said. this entire situation is completely sick and my heart goes out to all the models that had to deal with these monsters TRULY!

  • I would love a video on terry world . Love your content so much btw💕💕

  • A guy that went to my rival high school did the same. He was good friends with my best friend and even tho he gave me weird vibes, I trusted her so I went along with it. A couple months ago (years later from when he was weird to me), a girl in our town outed him for trying to pressure her to do nude photos and everyone shared their stories and turned out, it wasn’t just me but ~200 girls in our city. If y’all get weird vibes, TELL SOMEONE. All of us though we were the only one so we didn’t say anything but learn from our mistake!

  • I still can’t figure out what the last word of her neon sign says

  • Don't buy the book. He doesn't deserve the money and honestly it'd just be a super damaging experience for everybody.

  • Omg, you pronounce Yves Saint Laurent so well! I was shook!

  • don't buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! find it @ a library!

  • All of his fans on his social media except twitter doesn't seem to realize how much of a fuck up terry is. It's disgusting how easily he can get victims.

  • don’t buy the book, you don’t deserve to torture yourself like that

  • If you were yo review the book make sure you buy it 2nd hand so you don't give this creep money

  • This is my favorite video youve ever made. The way you take about the purity of a young hopeful girl trying to make it encountering a fucking creep. Similar things almost happened to me and I have seen terrible things happen to other girls. I have seen girls younger than me who are completely naive given drugs and turned into prostitutes and there is nothing I can do to help them. A few years ago I made a Facebook Page called Stop Creeps but it was sort of a joke and I took it down. Anyway, I think its great you expose creeps. Awesome videos, awesome style, awesome opinions =)

  • never thought possible underage porn would be a thing i would encounter on your channel.