These influencers...A rant

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  • The fact that LA and Hollywood are so infected still shows that celebrities and influencers can't stay out of each other's asses long enough to help end the pandemic. I heard it ended up being such a problem they have to cut off the water and power to the house for like 72 hours if they get caught having parties like this, these people are repugnant.

  • I'm honestly just waiting for one of those influences to get seriously sick with the virus and everyone else falling in a fit of panic cuz they've been at the same party and then maybe some of them also getting infected etc. cuz I feel like only then will they realize it's SERIOUS and DANGEROUS

  • 1:11 to 1:15

  • I don’t know why all these ESmain/Tiktok people are called “Influencers”. Other than teaching some people how to put on makeup, all of their ‘Influencing’ has been completely negative. I don’t know why people sponsor them or buy their makeup with fluff and mould. If people want that much drama and false apologies, get Netflix. At least when the actors in those programmes cry, they actually have tears and are believable. It’s probably way cheaper too. Why are people paying these idiots to act as if they are gods and immune to the normal rules of society? They have shown time and again they only care for money. Maybe if they get cut off for a while, they might come back down to earth and learn how to think about others and have a little humility.

  • What's worse is that as of posting this comment Charlie has 80 million alone

  • All of these “influencers” should be ashamed

  • smoke your green Tana, do you. BUT AT HOME

  • & NONE of them will get sick or die🙄 these idiots are accidental heroes b/c they are revealing the hoax😉

  • Influencerers continuing to influence the stupid and vapid

  • You know why they post it on their social media? Because if they don’t then it’s like it never happens. And they just can’t stand the idea of people not knowing what their doing or the fun things they do. 😂😂 “social influencers” can’t not show people stuff. They have to post their whole life and show off what they have. I’m not surprised they posted it. It’s like they have to boast about it to feel cool. 😂😒

  • These are the same scumbags who gives fuel to the media to trash ESmain and other sites of the like.

  • Noise dampener would be awesome

  • don't worry about things like the echo. You do a great job on all your videos, ansd a little thing like an echo is not going to hurt anyone. Keep up the excellent work and just be you ......that is what we love!!!

  • Since you are talking about the Rona... I'mma just mention my little sister is 22 got sick with it and two weeks later she was already better and back at work. She works for the government too soooo.... She said it wasn't that bad like a shitty flu.... of course these people were partying. "The rules don't apply to them" as long as they pay their dues to the people in charge in someway.

  • a ton of people who attended these parties already tested positive and honestly they deserve it cause it’s their own fault.

  • before this party, i didn’t like charli’s content but i thought she was the most genuine out of the hype house because she wasn’t in any controversy like the other tik tokers she surrounded herself with but i just can’t respect her anymore. i think she’s probably just as bad as the rest of them and people are starting to see through the innocent act.

  • I had a baby in the middle of this shit storm, so my family can’t meet my child but tana can get slaughtered at a party -.- it just feels like a slap in the face to everyone that has been doing all they can to protect the most vulnerable people in society :(

  • oh the echo whaaa

  • I’m a bit late on this video but all this mess completely made me loose all the interest in the ESmain community, I still have some favourites (Giulia is one of them :) ) but overall is just a shit show where everybody says they are advocating for something but proceed in contradicting themselves over and over. I’m not an obsessive internet stand that cancels every Internet personality just for screwing up sometimes or having a different idea from mine, we are all humans, we are all different and make mistakes but these influencers had reached the peak of stupidity in not giving a shit about everything. Charlie D’Amelio doesn’t make content I’m interested in, Nikita Dragun and Tana Mongue always rubbed me the wrong way, I literally can’t stand Jeffree star, Shane Dawson and Tati Westbrook, the only one I had some faith on was James Charles because he seemed visibly changed after the massive scandal of last year but this whole party made me understand that he doesn’t give a shit like anybody else, he’s 21, he’s old enough to understand that him going to a party during a pandemic is a dangerous, irresponsible, and overall stupid idea. You can be young and naive until a certain point, in this case the point was widely surpassed.

  • I'm being 100% honest when I say I didn't notice the problem of the video at first. My life has been stuck inside for months. I only see the masks when I go outside and I don't go outside except for required things. So not seeing them in masks didn't register to me until you said 'rona'. I feel really dumb.

  • A way of putting it that I found made a lot of sense was. These people are benefiting from the herculean effort as you put that everyone else is putting in. Like you said your mom sacrificed having a birthday celebration, your friend was trapped in her house because it was intensely quarantined. Its infuriating because we are in a way the ones carrying this heavy freaking umbrella trying to keep the rain at bay from us and the people we love. And these people are going and just going dancing in the freaking rain and then they come back under our cramped umbrellas and trying to act like 'no we didn't get wet, and I won't get you wet'.

  • agreed with this.

  • Hopefully this is a self-correcting problem with those "influencers" catching COVID (or some equally terrible illness) and taking the big dirt nap.

  • The only thing I agree with Trump on is getting rid of tik Tok

  • I can't imagine the rage and pain of people who lost a loved one during lockdown, who weren't allowed in the hospital during the last couple hours, who couldn't attend funerals, and who now have to see these privileged arrogant young adults just shitting on everything & throwing huge parties as if it doesn't even concern them. Absolutely disgusting.

  • Please please do a video about Eugenia Cooney She is dying in front of everybody’s eyes and nobody is saying anything no big ESmain is she has no help she doesn’t have Jacqueline we need big ESmain is to start speaking up

    • Last I heard she got help though

  • Man the audio...

    • It's been fixed. She was in a new space.

  • I hope you are doing better but that is for ranting on this, these people have no idea 💡 what they are doing

  • 🤔 Is it wrong to want to see the shit show this could create? If it's wrong I don't want to be right!

  • PLEASE! SORT OUT THE DAMN AUDIO! your videos are borderline unwatchable due to echos and mic pops buy a audio recorder separate and splice in the audio from that and stop recording in a bathroom!

    • k

    • She did bruh. Her audio was good before and good now, It's only for a few videos because she was in a new space.

  • i for one have been kinda thriving in quarantine but i KNOW that the whole world and population definitely ain’t doing as well as i am. i do my part as much as i can to help keep the community safe. that’s why i’m doing online schooling to stay away from so many people (plus i have really bad asthma so i can only have a mask on for maybe an hour at a time which is endangering not only me but my peers and staff too).

  • 4:42 after she says “showing no regard for anyone else’s life”, what does she say? i cat hear it well

  • Corona sucks, my family have to close down a dojo because we cant pay rent//

  • Influencers are just online models and I’ve been bored and unimpressed for too long they’re all trash

  • Preach sis these people are real life trash a lesson to be learnt by how selfish they are

  • I’m turning 21 in quarantine, Haven’t seen friends in 4 months. I’m over this y’all.

  • I can't see any of my friends. My only friend that I could see has moved away. I don't have food. I can't go to school to finish my writing career. And they're just saying "fuck you".

  • Very very bad echo today . Microphone issues?

  • Couldn’t agree more. Disgusting that ppl are getting together and not wearing masks on top of it. They don’t give a care in the world for human life. They should be ashamed.

  • Is the audio bad for anybody else or is it just my headphones?

  • I swear rich people think they're above sickness and the law. I see it everyday at my own job. Disgusting.

  • Lol maybe you should set your phone to record audio then you're filming? Just so you have a backup 😅

  • Love the music used for the ad

  • "influencer" more like ignorants 🤦

  • My father died in March. Right when everything first started in my area. We were not even allowed to have a funeral. My father was the most generous, loving, caring man. He was so loved I received over 100 calls from people asking about the funeral arrangements. I had to tell them all that there wouldn't be a funeral. It infuriates me that we were not able to celebrate the life of the most important man in my life. A man who went out of his way to help everyone, even people he didn't know. Who was so greatly loved by everyone. Everyone is making HUGE sacrifices. These "influencers" deserve what ever happens to them.

  • We're getting rid of a lot of idiots with this virus. It just sucks that they take the decent people down with them too by being so stupid.

  • What's with no microphone?

  • The only reason I care are that you can easily spread the virus to other people- when you don’t even know you’re sick.

  • Thank you for making this video. I can’t believe they had the gall to showcase their party for the world to see. What inward-looking, irresponsible idiots (I was going for an alliteration there - I live for literature).

  • Why is the audio doing that. It sounds like the alien voice filter could barely hear a thing

  • the fact that i lost friends over this makes me wonder why i wasted my time with them in the first place

  • These people will get Caitlin Doughty's funeral services swamped.

  • This made me mad too- I’ve been doing the same, observing everything- Missing work, staying home, only going out for necessities. Orange County doesn’t seem to be observing any safety laws right now and many people are traveling back and forth. We might be about to lose the extra funds that are making it possible for the very many unemployed people here to be able to live during the pandemic. This behavior is absolutely selfish.

  • These people have something in common *cough * *cough* racism *cough *cough*

  • Girl, that wig looks amazing on you though.

  • I just noticed your Marie tattoo and I'm living for it. Underrated GEM of a movie right there

  • Imagine preferring to spend your birthday partying and possibly not seeing another one (or spending the next one on oxygen from damaged lungs) rather than having a quiet birthday at home and waiting for the big celebration when it's safe. and by waiting, increase your probability (and others you love) of seeing many more birthdays. I guess some idiots can't see past their moment of instant gratification. And in doing, they're dooming us all to longer quarantines and their families to higher risks. The entitlement is just stupid and bewildering.

  • There is a special place in hell for all those people

  • Getting into the mental state of young 20 year old me, I would rebel. 30 year old me, responsible and respect other people’s comfortability level. Look people can be dumb if they want to, we can criticize them for being dumb but we cannot control what other people do or don’t do. We just have to let that play out. Advise them to do better.

  • Hi Glare, love your videos, but as someone with sensory issues, the echo makes it hard to hear and listen to the words being said, and sometimes the audio spikes hurt my ears. I know you didn't mean to make it this way, but could you please add some subtitles in English? The auto-generated ones are in Portuguese for some reason.

  • This video has so much echo and reverb in it.

  • This is the reason why the US still has so many cases, we could’ve been done worrying about the Coronavirus if everybody who is so entitled would just stay home or took the right precautions. We never had a true lockdown and that’s insane. Other countries have been done for like 2 months already, if we just had an actual quarantine then we could be finished. I’ve been staying home almost everyday since the beginning when there are people who are always out and don’t even wear masks. It is selfish.

  • I think the gain on your mic is a bit up It's peaking a lot

  • 👏👏Go off 👏👏

  • I love how youre wearing your rage wig...

  • it's funny, I was gaining respect for James due to how he treated last year's drama and the anniversary of said drama, honestly disappointed in him.

  • I dont understand why you never talked about all the shane dawson stuff. It seems very suitable for the subjects you cover, people would have valued your opinion and the video would get lots of views, and it would be important for you to criticize big youtubers. Do you feel threatened? Are you afraid of getting involved?

  • 0:15 Why does it sound like you are in a stadium?

  • Tana is such a pos I can’t understand why people like her

  • Some people were saying they’re doing this TO get covid and have content 😳🙄 can you imagine putting your life and others’ life for content 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Just gonna throw this out there but, I recently (pre-pandemic in America, just to be clear) returned from living in South Korea for 3 years. Korea was one of the first countries outside China to get the virus and they were doing great at controlling the spread but then one woman literally infected basically the entire country. She is known as 'patient 31' I believe. She was in a cult and attended the funeral for the father of her cult leader. At the time she was not showing any symptoms. A week or two later there was like more than 10,000 cases that could all be traced to this one woman and the region of Daegu, where this woman and a lot of the cult's followers were from, was basically quarantined because it was spreading so fast there. I think that should serve as a lesson to everyone that it literally just takes one person to make things A LOT worse.

  • its funny how influencers say the fight for and protest for black lives and everything else, but when it actually comes to taking responsibility for other people lives, they choose to endanger hundreds of other peoples lives so they can go to a fucking party lmao

  • I wonder how many times Tana will get away with saying "What I did was wrong and I need to do better" before all her fans finally realize that when you use that same line over and over it means you aren't remorseful or going to "do better". She's been using that EXACT same "apology" since 2016. If you were going to do better you would have done better. Hearing the same half dozen or so same influencers constantly fuck up while using the same apology over and over is making the word "apology" lose all meaning. An apology isn't an apology if it's not backed up by actions; it's just empty words.

  • the fact that i've not left the house in around 10 months now but "influencers" are going to parties really grinds my gears can we call influencers "influenzas" instead please & thank you

  • you are so beautiful i love your hair in this vid!!!!

  • This video needs more attention!!

  • I really really appreciate that you don't talk about Corona on your channel but I also appreciate that you talked about these irresponsible influencers.

  • I wanna watch this but I can’t because the audio :/

  • Lol the echo jumpscared me outta nowhere lol

  • Everyone in that house party should be arrested for public endangerment.

  • Does this sound really echo-ey to anyone else?

  • The thing that worries me the most is how many people they can possibly infect if they're carriers (which according to elijah daniel on twitter there are already a couple of influencers who went to this party that have tested positive and haven't told anyone else that was there). Yes if you're a rich influencer you can pay for the hospital bills but what about all the people that come in contact with them that aren't rich? All the bartenders at the party, their personal chefs and maids, and all the people who were out in the street actually following guidelines and trying their best to maintain social distancing? They don't have that kinda money... This is just extremely selfish it's awful.

  • ❤️🤍❤️🤍❤️

  • Did you do something different with audio

  • in conclusion: cancel the party or we’ll cancel you.

  • I ate a burger while watching this it was good but a bit dry overall good snack, would recommend. Great video as always RTG

  • My friends’ mom passed away of COVID, she took precautions, but her son brought it home from prison. Ugh this whole situation just makes me nauseous.

  • Tana, honey... the fillers. You look 40. The only funny thing about this.

  • I live in Germany and while our situation here isn't as terrible as in the US there are still so many idiots here. My parents are in a high risk group and I still want/need to see them so I cut down all other contact to people (I'm in the privileged position that I don't have to leave the house for work). I didn't see any other people since march! I am honestly slowly going insane and it takes a huge toll on my mental health. I already had ptsd, depression and anxiety before and it's only getting worse. But guess what! I still manage to wear a mask when I have to buy food, I still stay away from other people, I still don't party or go out. So many of my friends are acting like this is all over while the second wave is rolling in right now. It makes me angry because those people are the reason this will take longer for ALL of us

  • charli has 75 million followers so yeah probably more than 150 million followers

  • This echo makes it almost unwatchable ahhh

  • love your vids but im gonna have to skip this one bc of the audio

  • There was a 2nd party since that one & this one is 2 girls, I think Nikita Dragon & Tanna Mojo? In this one they’re cuddling close & smoking, saying “We don’t f*cking care!... sorry”

  • I wouldnt recomend doing audio like this again, my ears are bleeding

  • The echo really hurt my ears and probably my speakers, but I really wanted to hear what you had to say.

  • hear ye hear ye! these influencers could've passed a great message in favour of wearing a mask such as "do your eyelids like I did and look fabulous while keeping yourself safe" and it would've been a good PR move. or show off their houses like they do anyway while holding a party over zoom. yet here we are. and you just know the vast majority of their followers don't have enough functioning brain matter to process why what they did was wrong. and for people who say that it's hard to breathe in a mask... bish. I ride subway 10 times a week in a mask, am 200 lbs and a heavy smoker + the temperature outside is consistently 30 degrees Celsius. I have literally no trouble breathing in a mask.

  • Influencers should have never become a thing.

  • Let’s say it together everybody: Everything you post is subject to criticism, and if you’re doing something stupid people are going to call you out for your stupidity

  • All of these influencers and people who just refuse to follow the mandates just have the mindset of “everything is ok as long as it isn’t me” legit if these people or people they loved came close to death they would have a different outlook on this situation. I’m not wishing this on them, mind you. I’m just saying that they have no disregard for anyone’s safety and makes them even more scummy than they already are

  • Influencers are the joseph goebbels of corporations